Abdul Nasir Jangda – Paths to Peace #19

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The history and significance of the Battle of butter is discussed, including the significance of the victory it gave and the importance of remaining grateful for God's presence. The success of Islam in winning a fight against enemy weapons is also highlighted, along with the importance of staying connected to Islam even after the fight. The history and potential consequences of the 2016 Korean Exodus are also discussed, including the loss of peace and the transition to "anythood" mode, the transition to "anythood" mode, and the loss of peace and the transition to "anythood" mode. The speakers encourage attendees to participate in upcoming month ofhair and support the programs.
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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marina Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Inshallah continue continuing with our series here in the month of Ramadan paths to peace where we look at the ayat of the Quran that talks about peace and tranquility and serenity.

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In an effort to be able to better understand for ourselves, how we can acquire greater tranquility and peace of mind and peace of heart during this blessing month of Ramadan.

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What we're going to talk about today

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pertains to something that happened 1442 years ago,

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it was technically the 17th of the month of Ramadan today was the 18th. So it would have been yesterday's day, the commemoration.

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And that is the greatest victory that this OMA has ever been granted.

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It is the most

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underdog story in human history.

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And it is one of the most pivotal moments in the history of humanity. And that is the battle of butter.

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And the battle of butter

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is, as I just commented is a very, very significant moment from the life of the prophet to Lolly, Silla. What tells you everything you need to know about that moment

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is that there is a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari in which the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked Gibreel Alehissalaam

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the Archangel Gabriel Alehissalaam. That, what is the status

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of the angels? Who came down to the battlefield the brother? So the angels of God, the melodica, who came down to the battlefield in the in the Battle of Brother, what is their status amongst all the other angels?

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How do all the other angels view those angels that took part in the Battle of butter?

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And Djibouti rallying Salem responded by saying that they are considered the best of the angels, the most noble of the angels

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said the same for us. The same for us, meaning that the Sahaba the Muslims, the Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 313, who participated in battle of butter are considered as hobbled but then they are considered the best of all the companions. They are considered the most noble and prestigious of all the companions. Because of how significant and powerful this moment was. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Surah Ali Imran,

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in verse number 123, will occur the nasarah como Allahu be bedded in, were unto Adela

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that indeed, Allah helped you at the place of birth that even though you were helpless, you were weak, you are frail, you were helpless.

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You were defenseless. I did Allah. But Allah helped you there. fliptop Allah, Allah, Allah Quintus Quran. So be mindful and conscious of God so that you may always remain grateful. Don't ever Don't be deluded into thinking you won this battle.

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Don't ever let anyone delude you into feeling that this was your victory. This was Allah's victory. Well, my Romania is Ramita well I kidding Allah Allah. Allah tells the prophets Allah, he says, You're not the one who launched the arrow when you physically launched the arrow, but it was actually Allah who was striking the enemy down behind your physical arrow

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that Allah subhanaw taala is saying here, always be mindful of Allah so that you remain grateful

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if to kulula Meaning, remember that moment when you turned to the believers, and I'll talk more about this in just a moment from Seurat and fall, but here's sort of tell you I'm wrong. allah says remember Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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And when you turned to the believers, and you said a lady yet fear

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that they were feeling overwhelmed, they looked out at the enemy that outnumbered them three to one. They looked at this enemy that was armed to the teeth, armored from head to toe, sword and shields and bows and arrows and spears.

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And you meanwhile the Muslims were there some Muslims didn't even have shoes on.

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Most actually did not have a weapon. They were looking for sticks that they could hold in their hand.

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And they were standing there out number 321 Completely outmatched.

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And some of them, were starting to get nervous shaking.

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I mean, you're staring death in the face. There's nothing cowardly about that. That's just sensibility. This is logic

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and the prophets, allotting some turn to them.

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He said, pull yourselves together. And then yet fear

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is not enough for you. And you will come Rob buco. Your Lord is coming to your aid. Allah is with you.

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And how is Allah going to be with you here in this battle? Be Thalassa T I live in Milan, Milan at Monza Lin, Allah is sending down 3000 angels from the heavens. But

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of course that is enough, but rather in the spirit of what a taco but if you remain strong, patient, firm, you don't run and you remain connected to Allah keep your mind and your heart connected to Allah, even though physically you're standing here in the battlefield across from an enemy that is thirsty for your blood, but keep your mind in your heart connected to Allah. We got to come in 40 him harder.

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And then Allah will

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come to your aid.

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How will Allah come to your aid?

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That when the enemy attacks you, at that time, you didn't come Rob become your Lord will help you become Sati Allah femminile Mala Ekati Musa women by sending down 5000 Angels into into the battlefield sending down 5000 angels that will come down in waves upon waves upon waves crashing down on the enemy. And then an ayah number 126 Allah says while Mr. Jia Allahu Allahu Allah boo sha Allah.

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Allah did this, to congratulate you, to confirm you, to console you that you've done the right thing. You believed in Allah when everyone else rejected this belief. You follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when everyone called You foolish for doing so. You sacrificed your home in your lives in your properties and your businesses and even your families for Allah and His Messenger Salaam. He said I'm for the Quran for Islam for the truth. And everyone called you crazy.

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And everyone said that you were possessed and you had lost your mind. But Allah did this for you here today. Was should Allah come to let you know? You have not lost your mind. You have not gone crazy. You have not gone astray. You are not diluted. You are not a fanatic.

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But you are doing the right thing. Well, he taught me in Nepal lubricant v. And Allah is strengthening your heart that there's that word again. It's me none. Allah is providing stillness and stability, calmness and serenity. Confidence to your heart through this moment, woman Nasu Illa Amina in the local Aziz al Hakim, this help this aid. This victory didn't even come from these angels. Because even these angels are just a tool of God. They are the army of God, why am I limited? You know there are bigger Illa who they got to the army of God, this victory today belongs to Allah. This victory was given to you today by Allah. And Imam Razi Rahim, Allahu Taala explained

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something very powerful. It's a classic question, right? Because the Quran says either around the shape and your hula hoop. Farrakhan when God intends something to be then he says Be and it is that's it? Could Allah have not just commanded the enemy to just fall dead immediately in the battlefield? And they would have all just fallen dead and it would have been over? Absolutely. Then why did Allah send angels into the battlefield? And he said, to demonstrative ly, to to demonstrate to establish the victory of eemaan. Over Cofer, the victory of light over darkness of truth over falsehood to demonstrate it by sending down these remarkable beings of light these creatures made of

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divine light these angels into the battlefield for the reboot focal are now coming home what removal Lebanon that's a strike down the enemy in the battlefield.

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Because of what that would show and what that would prove and what that would establish very similarly, just to kind of compare, you know and contrast in Surah TL, and file surah number eight, Allah subhanaw taala also talks about this moment, where Allah subhanaw taala says, Come on, Raja caribou comin, bakeable Huck, waiting for the communal meaning ALLAH carry Han. Allah made you get out of your home, he forced you out of your home. But there is a day's journey away from Medina. He made you leave your home, go out there into the middle of nowhere. And there were a group of the believers that we're not sure about this at this moment. And that's a very human emotion and

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reaction. You judge the Luna can feel happy about the matter. begginer got under my user Puna Elon motiva Holmium drone, they were very uneasy and nervous, even though they knew what is right and wrong. It was almost they felt like they were being dragged to their deaths. While they could see death waiting for them. What is your ideal Kamala, who is the thought if attain and Allah promised you would get one of two things either you would get the caravan or you would meet the enemy whatever do not unafraid of that Ashoka teeter cannula calm. You were hoping it'd be the caravan and not the army where you need Allah. But Allah wanted you to face the army why? What Allah wanted was

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a you hit Calaca. Allah wanted to establish the truth, becoming mighty with his word. Were yet Fatah, wa al Catherine, and Allah wanted to you to teach these enemies, a lesson, new heckle hacker, so the truth could be clearly established, where you will feel about the law and falsehood could be completely obliterated. Will Oklahoma GD Moon no matter how much his enemies disliked that? Is this the reason?

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You may do it your Lord, oh Allah please help us. First a Java calm. Allah answered your DUA be unnamed. When we do come be alpha men, Allah Timo to defend by sending down 1000s of angels into the battlefield. While Maya Allahu Allahu Allahu Shah, while he taught my inner be he could overcome. And Allah once again did this, to console you to comfort you to congratulate you that you made the right choice. And Allah provided calmness, serenity, stability to your heart, by providing his help and his aid. When when nesu Illumina in the law Hill as a woman as Willamina, in the law, in Allah Aziz and Hakeem and the help came only and solely from Allah, because indeed, Allah is almighty, and

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all wise. So this is the battle of butter. And this is the turning point where Allah subhanaw taala showed us that light always prevails over darkness, the truth will always prevail over falsehood. What is right, what is correct, will always come out on top at the end. And what we have to learn the lesson is that the Sahaba when they were going to the battlefield, they were shaking, they were nervous, they were anxious. The Quran talks about this. But the moment they arrived in the battlefield, they were willing to go and stand there for what was right. No matter how daunting and overwhelming the odds were. That serenity washed over them, that calmness and tranquility from Allah

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came over them. And Allah subhanaw taala literally tells us in the next verse, is you Hershey kimono

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means that they such a serenity and a calmness washed over them, that they started dozing off and falling asleep standing in the battlefield,

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falling asleep or standing

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and then falling asleep while standing in the battlefield.

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Like it hasn't even possible. I could probably pull it off. But how's that even possible? But that's for different reasons. I can pull it off for different reasons. Right. But why no see all seriousness, right? How is that possible? How was that possible? That's how powerful the peace and tranquility from Elias. Meanwhile, you could be lying in the softest bed in the most comfortable home possible,

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unable to sleep and rest. Because there's no peace and tranquility. Because a peace and tranquility has always been found solely and only in devotion and dedication to Allah to the Messenger of Allah and to the truth.

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If you tell the truth, they always say right, you told the truth you can sleep well at night. No matter what the consequences you told the truth. There were some tough consequences but you know you'll sleep good at night. You lied. Inside Out backwards forwards you lived your way out of a situation. Okay, there were no immediate consequences.

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But you lose that tranquility. You lose that sleep

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And that's what Allah is teaching us here in the Quran. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us committed to the truth. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us steadfastness upon the truth, and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us peace and tranquility. I mean arable. Alameen Subhan Allah who will be handy he Subhana Allah Humby hammock Nashua La ilaha illa Anta Misaki critical wanna a two week break? Just a quick reminder and while we're posting the reminders online as well, as we are approaching the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, we have Inshallah, a lot of very, you know, the programs that have been going on regularly are obviously going to continue but we're also going to be adding some

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special programming during the last 10 nights in sha Allah, there will be a nightly Cleon program here in the masala where we will have a lesson a dark kind of a lecture, if you will, followed by Leon prayers led by many of the seminary students so inshallah plan on that and we'll be posting and sharing the information online so you can take a look there. And at the same time in sha Allah on the 25th night of Ramadan, which will be Saturday, we are going to be having the annual colloquium, the bigger Korean program that we do all night long with all the different scholars and teachers from Kalam inshallah sharing thoughts and ideas and reflections. So plan to join us for the whole

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night program on the 25th night. And then on the 27th night which is Monday insha Allah we're going to have the completion of the recitation of the Quran insalata Torah we, we will be having a dua as well an extended to iron sha Allah because it's a time of acceptance of prayers, the 27th night, the month of Ramadan and the completion of the Quran. And we're also going to be asking the community to support in sha Allah kolams programs and specifically the campus the building for the coming year on that night. So please, plan to come with just a little bit of patience and a lot of willingness to give to Dr. McLachlan Baraka Luffy come salah they cannot

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