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smilla rahmanir rahim Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Karim

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Sina, Mohammed bin Abdullah? Nasha Annabella risala

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Amana wanna Sahaja oma worker Shalom wotja hydrophila hapa jihadi Hata Holly again, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam one of the things that Islam taught me

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Islam has enemies

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and I must identify the enemy of my D

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I must know

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the enemy

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of my faith.

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I must know who are my enemy? I know is not my enemy.

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And one of the first enemies of our Deen

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is greed.

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being greedy,

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I want more. You may think this is not an enemy. Of course, you don't think that way. Set an obvious enemy. But when you become very greedy,

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then you will live

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a life that is full of filth.

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Not a pure life. You will not care about anything but yourself.

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And the day that you overcome this is the day the evening.

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You Free yourself. The data can be useful Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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whoever gifts for the sake of Allah withholds for the sake of Allah loves for the sake of a law hates this like for the sake of a law. That person completed the perfect faith, Eman.

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Now Subhan Allah,

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listen to a man

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who gave up everything for the sake of Allah.

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And then who was able to overcome his selfishness, while the Messenger of Allah is sitting,

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a young boy, a team

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comes to him

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and tears on his eyes.

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A young boy chasing tears comes to the messenger of a law law was full of mercy and a loss and arsenic in mutton in an amine. And we have not seen you on Mohammed except as a mercy of all mankind, and mercy for all mankind, not only for Muslims, of all mankind.

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So long while he was sending them had very soft, tender hearts. Anyway, he saw this little boy crying, and he said What is wrong in

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his era sobre la.

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When my father died, I wanted to protect the privacy that my father left behind for me,

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Yara solo law I wanted to erect build a wall between myself and my neighbor, so I can maintain my land.

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While I was building out a pseudo law,

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it was this tree that was part of his garden, but also the only obstacle that I have for erecting that wall.

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So I went to my neighbor and I said, Melanie,

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I said to him, give it to me. And he said, No, I don't want to give you my tree.

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I said to him, and he was selling to me then he said, I'm not gonna sell it to you. And I said, Well, I I'm gonna take this matter to the messenger overlong and then my neighbor he got upset and said, we'll take it to the messenger over law.

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Law, asked him to give me that tree. I like to build on wall between myself and him.

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And the messenger over law called us hobby.

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For hada funan ofan.

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Give him that tree. And Allah will give you a tree in Jannah Allah,

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Allah low

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a tree,

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give them that and in return a low will give you a tree in general and if you have properties

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In general, you will never go anywhere else.

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But the man was so upset. And they say How could this young boy complain about me or buy my own property? It is my happy I'm missing your overlong I will not give him my tree. And he left one of the Sahaba who was sitting there

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by the name of a Buddha. He went over this Sahaba. And he said, yeah, if we learn

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most of them now out of the scene, away from the messenger of the law. He said, Yeah, food on Oh, food on

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coffee. Oh, was Danny.

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Do you know my garden? He said, yes, you do have the best garden in the city of Medina. And it had over 400 trees. Some of them went as far as 600 trees, and some of them in the middle. But let us assume he had 403, which is the smallest number.

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And he said he didn't know that garden. He said yes, I know who doesn't know. It produces the best date in the city of Medina. I would said

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it is yours. If you sent me that tree.

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It is yours for the price of that tree.

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And so have you said are you fooling? Are you walking while you're making fun of me? He said,

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for that tree. I gave you 400 trees. And then he looked, he looked around. And he realized there are people on with this and he said take it now hifi take

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it take it kid, there's no hate in this treat. I was brought to the Messenger of Allah because of it. I don't want it.

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Went back to the Messenger of Allah. And that young boy still crying? Pokhara sola, sola, Yara Salalah. If I give him that tree,

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well, I still get the same reward having a tree in paradise. And our solar said, of course. He said, Oh, young boy, go build your wall. The tree is yours.

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He got up

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and he walked towards his garden. And at the gate, he called his wife on Monday. He said omega omega omega, she said,

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Yaba, he said, Oh gee,

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oh, gee, get out of the garden. She said Why?

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He said, we sold it. I sold it the omega and the communicating from distance, nursing a phase of one another. And she said to room, who is the new owner of the garden. He said, I sold it to Allah and His Miss.

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And the woman said he hadn't been there.

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cabbie Halle Berry.

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What a wonderful transaction. What a successful transaction. Yeah, about the law. And she took her children. She did not take anything from the garden. Not her quote, nothing. And at the gate, she started searching the pockets of her children, taking the dates from the hands of her children, saying to them, it is no longer ours, my child.

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It is for law and his message. So Panama, look at that wonderful wife. Look at the level of her Eman. She never blamed her husband for giving up wealth for the sake of the law. She never discouraged him. But she said this is what it is. On the day of

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the DA was kill. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looked at him and he said, Now we are about the how many brands of dates do you have in paradise? Glad tidings to you. This is for the filler as what I have to say fight greed. Don't let it consume you. And inshallah I will tell you one more enemy from the enemies of this Deen after short commercial Isha smilla Rahmanir Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim you

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Good to have you back brothers and sisters in Islam. And as I promised, we will go over one or two more of the enemies of Islam.

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Second enemy of Islam is the Muna Thea tune.

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The hovercrafts

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on the moon Africa is a person who conceals Cofer disbelief.

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But at the same time out of the claim that he's a Muslim, he conceals his disbelief in his heart. And when he is with the Muslims, you say, I'm a Muslim, and he repeats the Shahada. But in reality, he disbelieves everything that he that she had it stands for, and some Hana law, nowadays exist everywhere. What a human law hustler Masri

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may Allah have mercy on hustle and bustle when he said

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and hustle mastery is one of the students of the companions of the Messenger of Allah

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who was raised in one of the houses of the Messenger of Allah

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and he said

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no, can I live Muna Filipina

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must apartment I'm sure

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if the Muna 15

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the hypocrites

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if they have tells you won't be able to walk through the streets of the city because of their large number Subhanallah and that was at the time of Sahar

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imagine now una feel

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the Muna everywhere.

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How do you you know? Allah said what authority from the home feed

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and you will recognize them by the tone of their speech.

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You know, he's a Mona, by the way he talks a lot Sarah By the way, he does Akira la Hawa Ishmael poo leadin Allah Yamuna era. He said when Allah alone is mentioned, the hearts of the disbelievers, the hearts of the munaf you can become very tight

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and this can

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vary displays were either located under the name in dooney, either homiest have shown and if the others other than a law are mentioned.

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They show satisfaction because they don't want this.

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You know if your brothers and sisters are the worst enemy of Islam,

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Allah when he was describing them he said men Rue Nina and Mr.

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Curse, whatever phone they are curves, whatever they go. But look at the description. Allah said

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what he thought IE g mukajee sama whom when you see this one I feel pain.

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The way they look in purses jasola pleases you You're so impressed the way they look. What either item to redeem occur at sama home, the way they dress, their physical appearance, they big a strong, take care of themselves, wearing your photo test smiling hone in on when they speak.

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You listen to them.

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Look at you and I when we see these people who are saying Clermont

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is speaking on behalf of Muslims, especially the wolves that we have in North America, some of them plainly and clearly of fighting, openly fighting Islam. No, you shouldn't be known you're up. It should be no. It should be no surely our ruling is snom should be liberal. None of this massage should exist. The Harada should not be taught in Islamic schools. They are fighting open Islam, when you see them to democratic samloem. You may be impressed with the way they look

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in your own eye when they talk and they addressed immediate that he for the simple people and even people some Muslims, they listen to them.

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They hear them talking. So hon Allah.

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Allah described them and they said yes, everyone upon

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him. They think every crime is against them. Somehow, every time they try to collect a new car.

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Something is unacceptable in the society.

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in your community, they assume that you're talking about them. Yes, I'm gonna call this a common

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law. A law said

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they are the enemies. Be aware of them may Allah destroy

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por todo la casa Houma la they are the enemies.

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Allah gave us a description gave us what they look like how they talk. What do they do on a law also set in the Quran gnaeus Khurana law in Canada, they don't remember a lot except

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small amounts. And some Hannon law, then will not fit in Luke with the iPhone or the law on halifa.

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A man in the messenger over the last 13 glad tidings. You are one of the people who would enter agenda. And then he says why you're a solo law. He's a because you will go through a trial. And this Have you said and handed in? Welcome what Allah decreed for me. And this man sitting in his house, he comes to the house of earthmoving

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and this man is reading the moose have reading the must have the Koran, oh, men with gray hair, wait beer, and he's reading the book of a law. And that man John's on Smirnoff kicks on. And he said, Stop stopping smoking off.

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What What do you do this, because he wants to destroy he wanted to destroy Islam from inside. So the number of neurons in this oma are countless.

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But you can only know them as a loss at what at home feed.

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And you will know them.

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And you will recognize them by the way they talk.

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Some of them in the West,

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they would always praise the enemies of Islam. As a matter of fact, one of them was very offended. very upset.

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Because a hottie said in the hood, what's in Juma Allah, this destroy the enemies of Islam.

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And that man, he became very upset.

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And he said, How dare you? Pray to your Lord, pray to Allah to destroy the enemies of Islam. Subhana Allah, if that is not an indication that he is a Mona, I don't know what Mona is, you will find them if What if you learn all over the place? You will find these people left and right.

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The data can be a solo lohani he was selling them. He said

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when he was giving a description of Luna.

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And I'm not gonna say in order. But he said some of the lorawan He will send them

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When he speaks, he lies

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And this is a G Yeah. And this is from the merge is that from one of the signs that the mission you have a law is sent from his creator from a law because when he gave that clear description of them would have been either had a kid

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when he speaks or writes, he lies with either one or the other.

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And when he promises he breaks his promise

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to me, not Han and when someone trusted him with the trust,

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I think keep this for me, I'm traveling, Keep this money, because I can't trust my house. And then you come back where is my money? What money? You never gave me anything? Do you have witnesses?

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Well, you know, to Mina Han,

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and he said,

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What either ha sama fudger and when he is debating with men, what is the painting with men? He exceeds the limits. When the messenger over last said

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the worst of all mankind. And the costs

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are the one that is

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in his arguments, the limits of the Sharia, try to collect faults from the people from this person from that person and collect the force of the individual to expose them. So canon law, this is one of the signs of the monaca pain, he is an enemy of a law. And this animosity is in the Muna 15. And until they repent, the attitude would not change. regardless how many times they fabricate on they lie and they come to our massage and that's what they do.

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When I wouldn't just like a Muslim would talk like a Muslim would be Muslim gatherings. And why would he become a munafo

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for a worldly gain? No Muna would come on with nothing unless he has something to gain out of being a monarch. They work with that secret agents. They work with the enemies of Islam, because they fund their organizations. They fund the association. They spend their claps, on so on. So some Hana law minus c how to you as be aware of those. And don't listen to anyone who talks. Anyone who coats is in a hoodie, but stay firm on the shirt on over law, and forget about these people because of our law and no matter what you do. You can never please them. And may Allah protect us from the enemies of Islam. Saira Malik?

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The patient

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Oh, oui, oui.

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Oui, oui, those who never let go of.

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When calamity strikes, it's another testing.

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So take one day at a time, but never give up. Never give up even when he says