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The importance of learning faith and fasting is emphasized in the first few lines of the Quran, as it is a natural faith. The segment also highlights the importance of disengaging from behavior and making up for others, as well as the large organization that provides free work for eligible people. It is important to not be disengage while making up for others.

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Mr. Lincoln Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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insha Allah continuing with our series paths of peace, where we are looking at dimension of peace and tranquility serenity in the Quran, and reflecting on how we can incorporate and achieve greater peace and tranquility within our own lives

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in certain Farrakhan

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at the end of Surah Furqan surah number 25. There is a very famous a very well known passage of the Quran

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that is typically referred to as above the ramen.

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There are certain passages in the Quran that

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are very important when it comes to certain concepts and certain teachings. And there are certain passages in the Quran that have been identified as part of the core curriculum, about learning faith. Learning believes learning eemaan learning how to be a believer, a devout believer, and a devout servant of Allah.

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This passage and Sunnah number 25. suited for Python is one of those passages. And it begins very famously in Iowa number 63. With the phrase where a boggle rock man

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and the slaves of the Most Merciful

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and in this end up from here, Allah lists

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many, many qualities and characteristics of these slaves, and the servants of the Most Merciful Allah.

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And Allah ends and concludes by mentioning their reward, which we'll talk about in another session.

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But in the very first verse, the very first quality and characteristic that Allah shares with us about the people whom he refers to,

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very lovingly, as the servants of the Most Merciful,

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He says, they are a Lavina, they are those who Yom Shuna, Allah or the Honan.

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They walk on the earth with humility.

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They walk on the earth with modesty, humility,

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what either heart of whom will die alone.

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And further Allah subhanaw taala says, And when ignorant people engage them, when ignorant people confront them, when ignorant people address them.

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Aalu Salam,

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they say peace,

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meaning, they give them salaams salam Wa alaykum and they move on their way.

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They go about their business.

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So there's many, many things that Allah mentioned here. First and foremost, Allah reminds us of the fact that we are not the servants of just any lord or master. But we are servants of the True Lord and Master who one of his most important and significant attributes is how merciful he is. How extremely kind, forgiving, benevolent, compassionate, and merciful he is.

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Now, the second lesson here, Allah talks to us about they walk on the earth Honan softly, gently, with humility, with modesty. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in another Surah Surah Tilly Surah Surah number 17 What items she fell out of the Mara Hannah, don't walk around in the earth with arrogance.

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With arrogance with conceit in nickel and

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you do not have the ability to split the earth open well and W well gee Bala Tula nor are you as tall or as big as a mountain. So what makes you so arrogant? You can't split this earth open, you're not as big as a mountain.

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Then why are you full of such so much hot air?

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And so Allah subhanaw taala talks to us about walking with humility. And the ultimate role model. The most beautiful example of this is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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because it describes the way the prophets Allah. He said, I'm used to walk as a NEMA year in Khartoum in suburban men Suburban. It was as if the prophets Allah ism, looked like he was walking downhill.

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If you're going downhill, how you walk very gently, slowly, carefully, and you kind of have yourself lowered, you have your shoulders kind of hunched over. That's what the prophets Halabi some look like when he walked, you know, walk arrogantly with his, you know, chest stuck out and staring people down and yelling and screaming at people and, you know, waving his arms around that people

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know, but the prophets a lot, he's looked down, he was quiet. And he would walk in a fast face, kind of almost like hunched over. Even though the Prophet doesn't normally add amazing posture. There are narrations that described his posture that his chest would always be straight, and his neck would look long. When he would sit, he had amazing posture. But when he walked amongst the people, it was almost like he was hunched over, out of the sense of modesty and humility that he had.

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And so that's the first that's the second attribute, or the first attribute Allah tells us, of these people, is that they walk with humility. Now, walking with humility also means you are not walking around picking fights with people, you're not walking around looking for trouble. You're not walking around, staring people down.

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And being rude and obnoxious and confrontational with people. You're not doing any of that.

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But as we know, how the world works.

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It's inevitable that somebody's going to somebody's going to do that with you.

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You cannot be looking for any trouble. But inevitably trouble will come find you. That's just the Sunnah of Allah. That is how this world works. That is how Allah created this zoom. Yeah.

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So when it comes to trouble finding you,

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what do you do in that situation? Just like the Hadith about fasting. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mala Mia the Arcola sudwala, Amelie Biggie, Felisa lelaki Hajah. And yet a Yoda. Sharapova who was

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that someone who does not stop engaging in evil speech and behavior in the month of Ramadan

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doesn't stop being evil doesn't stop evil, conduct evil behavior,

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then you know what? The prophets Allah says, Allah doesn't need you to starve yourself, to deprive yourself, eat and drink whatever you want, then because you didn't get the point of fasting,

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right? So he's talking to us about the meaning behind fasting. But so the prophets a lot, he was saying, you don't cause any trouble when you're fasting. But then you know what he says, for insight but who hadn't? Oh, Katella, who, for your call me, sorry. But then the prophets, Allah, He said them said, however, once again, it's inevitable, somebody's going to come pick a fight with you.

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And when they do, come pick a fight with you, then you just say, I'm fasting, and you back away. Similarly, here, Allah has said, the true servants of the Most Merciful Allah, they are those people who walk with humility in the earth. They don't cause trouble, they don't go looking for trouble. They don't make trouble.

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But sometimes trouble comes in finds them.

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And when trouble comes and finds them will, either hot or broken, will jog alone.

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And that trouble comes in the form of human beings, Allah tells us

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that when ignorant people come and confront them, or Lou Solomon, they see Salam.

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And so there's multiple lessons in what what their response is, number one, they did not engage, somebody came looking for a fight. They said, You're barking up the wrong tree.

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You're not gonna get any kind of engagement from me. Salad, an outside door,

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just like that. So that's the first lesson. Do not engage. No good will come of it. No hay will come of it. Do not engage. Number two, we're not engaging.

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There's also a choice to be made on how you disengage.

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Right, because one way to disengage is cut back Allah.

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Right, you're

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right, there's there's one way to disengage, and that is to curse them. May God ruin you, you ignorant fool.

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Right heathen?

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Right. That's one way to say like, I'm not messing with you. Why shaytaan

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but you know what you did? You at some level did something worse than what that person was doing.

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Because Allah describes that person's action as Jehovah ignorance,

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part of ignorance is they just didn't know any better.

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They didn't know any better. That's how they were raised. That's how they were conditioned. That's all they've ever known. So that's how they acted. What you did is so much worse.

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Because you

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basically spoke down to them.

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You think you're better than them? You talk down to them. That's given.

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That's given.

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The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talks about the fact that Allah does not love

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Kulu or to Linda while they mistake Pierron

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Allah does not love arrogant people.

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Allah will forgive ignorant people.

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But Allah does not love arrogant people.

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Ignorance is a condition.

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Arrogance is a disease.

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It's a problem.

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It's a bad habit. It's a terrible decision and choice.

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And so that's the thing one can say, Oh, well, I didn't engage with him. But you disengaged, while being arrogant. There's no good there's no hate in that.

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And the third thing is this.

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If we are truly ambassadors of this deen and this religion, we've been talking about it up till now this whole month. This is the religion of peace. This is a religion of tranquility. This is a religion of serenity. Allah is a Salam Allahumma Anta Salam, O Minca Salam, O Allah, you are the grantor of peace and from you only from euchems Peace.

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Well, Allah Who yet there, oh, Elijah is Salam. O Allah is calling us to the abode of peace. The prophets Allah the son of his Rama till Allah Allah means the mercy for all of mankind in humanity.

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So if we are truly ambassadors of this true religion and the revelation from Allah, the Quran and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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then we need to even when this engaging from someone who is behaving ignorantly, even in that we need to be merciful. And so you disengage while making dua for them.

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As salam Wa alaykum. Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you, may the Mercy of Allah descend upon you, and May the blessings of Allah be with you.

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You make to offer the person

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and what makes somebody really truly special is not only did you disengage while making dua for them, Salam.

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But later on that night,

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when you take our time to make dua to Allah, maybe before you go to sleep, or when you wake up in the morning, or when you're having your suit, or whenever that moment is, you remember that person and you make dua for them at that time.

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And that's who the prophets Allah Islam was. And that's what the teachings of our dinar so talking about peace and tranquility and mercy, that the way to acquire Mercy, the way to acquire peace and tranquility, is to conduct yourself in a dignified manner, in a compassionate, respectful way. And the more you

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make dua for Allah to grant peace and tranquility to others, the more you will be able to achieve it. And may Allah subhanaw taala make us all amongst the ranks of the servants of the Most Merciful are above the Rahman Ameer Abdullah Al Amin.

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Inshallah, before we get started, again, just another quick reminder that ahamed Allah, we're being visited, here today at the campus by a really

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amazing organization that's doing very important work in Syria. You know, as the new cycle moves on from things, the people that are there, the people that are suffering, the people that are struggling, they don't get to move on. When we change the channel, their lives still remain the same. And so for the last 12 years, this organization has put 1000s of people on the ground over there to serve to work to help the community over there, and hamdullah they're continuing to do good work. All of their work is a cost to eligible. So please stop by the booth. Find out about the amazing work that they are doing, donate and give generously. Byculla FICO solid economic Labor

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