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AI: Summary © The importance of providing resources for the community, including Islamic Center and community support, is emphasized. The need for regular training and data training for employees to improve sales and customer service is emphasized. The CEO of Epic discusses initiatives to train and support employees on Islam, including a eight week course and a sister course designed to serve as a home for reversion to Islam after the sale of the product. The course is designed to serve as a home for reversion to Islam after the sale of the product and to filter employees into the Dawa and DAO programs. The importance of being involved in the data programs and outreach is emphasized, along with a biweekly course for attendees and weekly training in cooperation with wire.
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You know, one of the things that I had always talked about when I had come here, and you guys know you've been seeing me for almost a year, before I ever decided to come here full time, I had always impressed upon you guys here at Epic with all of the amazing resources that you have, that this message should be a service to the community around it. That I've been telling communities this for over a decade, that if you have a masjid if you have an Islamic Center, and the community around that masjid or that Islamic center is not being serviced and is not better because of the masjid than the masjid is disservice in the community, it is actually doing an injustice to the community

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around it. Everyone around or at least a mile radius around this building should know what this building is about. Know what we do here. Know that if they need help, they don't have to go stand in line all the time downtown Dallas and get food stamps, they don't have to always, you know stand at the soup kitchens that if they need help that the Muslim community is here to support them and help them that a single mother if she couldn't pay her light bill this month, if she was having trouble putting food in her children's mouths right here in this trailer park next to us that she should know that she could walk over here, walk into this front door and ask us for our help and we are

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obligated, obligated by our religion to help her and assist her in any way necessary with no strings attached. That is Islam. That is Islam that is service to the creation which becomes servitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala part of a burden to Allah is servicing the creation. This was the sunnah of our Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam helping where he could be of help. And we need to make sure that Epic is known for this in sha Allah Jota Anna, it should be known that the community around Epic is better because of this building. And that is a goal in sha Allah Jota Allah also the core goal of outreach is to call people to the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that has to be the core because

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this is what that was about their our is to call people it is our electoral hate it is to call people or to invite people to the debate and Allah subhanahu wa to Anna. So along with that we will beginning initiatives very soon in sha Allah to have regular data training, regular data training. There is an eight week course coming up in partnership with wias them where myself but if I had test teams, Chef Yasser Sheikh Abdullah

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aduro is coming, we have a sister who is going to be teaching about hijab and modesty. So please make sure you register for that inshallah. It is on the website. It has been sent out in the newsletter almost every single week where you can register for that course so that we can know how many people are going to attend. And then after that eight week course we plan to supplement that here at Epic with myself leading weekly Dawa training weekly training for people who want to be involved in the field of Dawa, who want to be involved in sharing the message of Islam, to learn how to do that in an efficient and proficient manner in sha Allah hooter, Anna, so that when you go out

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and share the message of Islam, you know what you're saying, you know what you're doing, and you know, the reason why you're doing it. We also plan to re initiate revert support, making epic the home of reverts for the United States of America by not only helping bring people to Islam, but also servicing them after the sale. I've said this so many times, that as Muslims, we have very good we have a very good sales pitch, because it's not our sales pitch. All we're doing is repeating the words of Allah subhanaw taala, and the Tao of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that is effective. So we're bringing people to Islam, because the sales is perfect, the sales pitch is immaculate, but

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what's happening is after they accept our product, Islam, after they accept our product, and they need customer service, yeah, they misunderstand the product or they're confused or they don't know how the system operates. There is no one to reach out to there's no customer service. Our customer service is deplorable, at very best at very best. We need to revamp that in sha Allah Who Tada we need to change that here at Epic that when people come to Islam, we are here for this service, an intake process we find out their needs, we find out their different situations we find out how we can service them, we get them into regular training, to connect them to Tahiti to connect them to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, to connect them to the Salah, connect them to the IBA of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then filter them into the DAO program itself, filter them and the DAO program itself because nobody understands non Muslims like someone who was just a non Muslim. Nobody understands Southern Baptist Christians like someone who was just a Southern Baptist Christian for the most of their life. No one understands Hindus like someone who spent most of their life as a Hindu. This is why the companions of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam were so proficient in their Dawa especially towards polytheism especially towards Christianity, because they came from

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these lifestyles they understood the mentality. I've said this for so long that people who become new Muslims who come into Islam and take Islam holy, they become the best do art because they know what it's like to be locked.

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They understand that concept. When I am talking to someone who is interested in Islam, I not only see a person who can be a new Muslim, but I see myself. I see myself, I see myself in 1997 last looking for the truth. So I reach out to them with the same earnest that I wish someone would have reached out to me so that I didn't have to walk into the masjid and think that I was going to get murdered on the first Juma I ever attended. So I try to have that same concern for them. So we try to filter them into the Dawa. My goal inshallah hooter, Anna is that if we have 100 new Muslims within the next year, that within that first year, we still have 90 of them in the masjid, and 50 of

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them are involved in the data programs in sha Allah, that's when I know that things are becoming effective. But all of that is going to take support of the volunteers here at Epic, we need your support. So if you want to be involved in any of the data programs, the outreach programs, the civic engagement programs, that will happen here at Epic, please send an email, an email to outreach at Epic outreach at Epic You will receive in return a

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link where you can register for the dela programs, you can give us your metadata so that we can contact you and then you can also choose services that you wish to be involved in, in sha Allah, where it's the general gala with their civic engagement, whether it's epic cares and community support, outreach and revert support, we need your help, I need your help. It cannot happen as a one man show. It has to be the support of the community. So the more people we have, the more able bodies that we have, the better that the programs will run. Also understand that this is a obligation from Allah subhanho wa Taala to be involved in that we're in some form in some form,

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because Allah commands us or He commands us with the command tone, or Oh, Elizabeth, Rebekah will heck might call into the way of your Lord. So honor that servitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala by helping the community here at Epic send us an email at Outreach at Epic Masjid that org and we can get you the link to where you can

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get your data so we can keep you involved in sha Allah Who to Allah and we can find out what best way we can use you in the outreach in sha Allah Who Tana my voice is completely dying for some reason.

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So I'll leave you with that in sha Allah hooter. Anna next Thursday for those who want to be involved in the core outreach team. We will be meeting again on Thursday after salata, Maghrib inshallah upstairs in the upstairs multipurpose hall. And then after that, we will establish regular weekly meetings with the court, our outreach team, that all of you are invited to attend, and starting in inshallah Jota Anna in a few weeks, we will have the eighth week. Now of course, if you want to be involved in that, please go to the website. Click on the link it is in cooperation with wire slam. Get involved it is a biweekly courses. So it'd be every two weeks in sha Allah Jota Anna,

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and then we after that we will have regular weekly that we're training in sha Allah BarakAllahu fee comm Jimmy I was salam or Aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh