Abdul Wahab Saleem – Wisdom’s of Early Female Worshippers – 1

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The worship of Islam in women and men is discussed, including the use of "we" in the past and the importance of scores in winning awards. The speakers emphasize the need for a balanced life and avoiding steal of success, as well as the need for privacy and privacy in the culture. The importance of worshipping Allah's name is emphasized, as it is used to admonish people and encourage them to want to "gear their head."
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And the topic, the topic is a such

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we know that

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worship is not limited to men. Okay? A lot of turnover data in the for art, he teaches us that

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the women happen to have the same sort of attachment to a lot from all angles as men do. Okay? Alexa, turn on data tells us this quite clearly in

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verse number 35, when he says in that muslimeen, when schema

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Muslims, male Muslims, and also female Muslims as well. But hopefully Nina will moving on, indeed, male believing men and believing men and also believing women as well.

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One party dinner party does, and so forth. So much data. Along with every act of worship, you mentioned that you also mentioned the female as well.

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But it's interesting that we find that often the

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the traditions that are related from the early setup, they happen to be traditions largely off of men. So if I give you some names, for instance, in here, these names and you immediately recognize them. So if you are a Marine, so if you have to throw the Abdullah Balak, and so on, and so forth. So even all of these early, great, pious predecessors, which were, of course, wonderful people, but they all happen to be men. But the reality is, if we look into our tradition, we have a tradition of female worshipers as well, in the early generations, and also in the later generations as well. If you look at your life today, you know that around you happen to be many women who are very devoted

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to Allah subhanaw, taala, perhaps even more so than the meals in your family, right? Maybe your mother is the one that is always sitting on the masala and she's the one praying herself to watch regularly on top, and she's the one encouraging everybody else in the family to do that. Maybe she's the one that's waking up with 100 100. And nobody else has that same sort of zeal, right? Maybe it's your wife, maybe it's your daughter, maybe. So we see this sense of, of worship within women all around us till today. And same goes with the wisdom sometimes, we often quote from our mothers, our, you know, females within our lives were special. And we say she was a very wise woman. And she used

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to tell me A, B and C often from the mothers, right? We are the grandmothers or the elderly women within the company. So if that's the case today, then it's only natural that it would have been the case also in the past as well. Right.

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And when we do explore our tradition, deeply, we do find that that is in fact the case. There are a number of very, very famous, prominent worshipers. I'm not talking over here about scholars, that's a different discussion. I'm specifically referring to those people who happen to be keen worshipers of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we have, of course, this particular, we have males as well who happen to be very keen worshipers of Allah has an ability, and

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Newland, Missouri and many other early scholars, so one of them happened to be a woman by the name of Roger. And

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you must have heard this name, some of you at least. And this woman happened to be from the people of Alaska.

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She was born in the year 100. And she died in the year 180. So she's very, very early, of course, after the interlocal Kazuma.

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And so we're in 1441. So she's, of course,

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very early, about 100 years after the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And many of the early signs of some of the names that are even mentioned to you already, they used to go back to her for her wisdom, they would go back to her for advice, they would go back and listen to her admonishment that she would make and say, one of them was a man by the name of soufiane 30. Okay, so if you haven't told he was a regular person, he would go to around the area and he would ask her questions, he would go talk to her he wanted to do it whenever he would seek wisdom, she would be one of the people that he would go and seek that wisdom from, right. And even though By the way, so

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CRM authority is actually older than Raja, okay, is about three years older than RBI. But even then, he would go to this woman was actually younger than an age and he would go and seek advice from her. What to a degree that one day, Jacqueline happens to the man he mentioned that susiana thought he took my hand.

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He held onto my hand and he took my hand and he stopped

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To say to me mcquoddy diva, take me to the diva.

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diva means the one who will discipline okay.

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In the past, they used to use the word well I did for teacher basically, because the teacher disciplines you, he teaches you, it gives you guidance, and so on and so forth. So, commonly today the word God is used, or also, at times, not always the standard as well, sometimes the word was done is used for male and female. But

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in the past, they had this tradition of deep or avoid divorce. Okay, so severe disability as a, as a man was full grown back and said, take me to my diva. And normally this term is used for the teacher who teaches people within the young age because that's where they need to be disciplined later on, you don't need that much discipline, you need information, right? So you need a lightning. You don't need that one.

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But he's saying, Take me to the table, because every time he would be there, he would feel inspired, and he would feel it will do feel touched. And then he said, admitting that he do need

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to take me to the diva, the one who I don't ever feel at rest whenever I'm away from her, and that is

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an adult.

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So Jackson considered a man he says, When we got to them, when we got to

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raised his hands. And he said, a lot of Indians are Luca Salama, Oh Allah, I seek from you, security, I seek for you to secure me. So at this job,

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I began to cry. And we've been to tears. And of course soufiane and Jacqueline, even city manager looking at her and they're saying, Why are you crying? What? What's making you cry? All I said is, oh, God give us security. So she said, how would you do? How do you dare even think of getting security when

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you know that true security is when you leave off the dunya and disconnect yourself from the Juliet and you will Sophia and Sophia is one of them. Great early scholars from the web, you also see how it happened to be completely indulged and occupied within the demand for this soufiane of course, became strongly touched. And of course, the Xian repeatedly tells us of the stories of how touched he was by a lot of the art that are deleted. But this again is just one one woman right. There are many, many other and

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she was a very wise woman. So one of the wisdoms that we can take from her is in the following story when they are walked by in Buffalo that is a shoe also known as

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One day she walked by a man who was penalized for a for a crime that he committed, okay.

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So, normally, when people are penalized for a crime that is been committed, and you may not be able to understand this completely, except with some background information,

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sometimes, within the Islamic system, penalties are done

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publicly so that people are aware that if you do such such and such a crime, then such and such as the penalty, okay, so people are seeing this person being penalized. So she walked by him, and she said, May my father be ready

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for that town of his even though he's a sinner, and he's being penalized.

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So people started to look at her and say, so

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you're talking to a man who's being penalized before us and he's being humiliated. And here you are saying that my father the rents, and for this whole idea of me and my brother be reading something about father, the ransom is just a week of shopping, just a gesture within the Arabic language of respect, and the glorification of some capacity. So maybe my father would be ransom for this individual who has committed a crime.

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So she said, at least to us to say that in that time, it means to us to say there is no god worthy of worship with that time. So when she's trying to say is no matter how bad a person gets, at the end of the day, they have some degree of goodness within them. At least they say, bla bla bla, right. And this is the worst

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wisdom that we need to also incorporate within our dealings with people as well. And what is that? That is that

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when a lot of our Buddha is at what john is prepared to accept people into agenda

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is they end up scoring within their scale of good deeds above a 50%. That how do we scold and repeat group review and ridicule people if they end up scoring a low number, but above 50%, you understand what I'm saying? A loss of turnover data accepts people into jedna, so long as they get about 50%, a lot of dollars.

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But when the bullets revising who

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whoever is skill of good deeds have happened to be harder at the weight in the scale, when the scale of the goodies and the baddies are being weighed, the good deeds outweigh the bad. And those are the people who will get salvation on the Day of Judgment, that those are the people who will get will be saved on the day of justice. So that means if a person scores above 50%, for a lot of religion, to enter into gender, this is a pass.

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But for us, sometimes we end up ridiculing and rebuking and disdaining people just because of a slight mistake they've committed, although they may be completely right in everything else they do within their lives. So a lot of you have seen this man being penalized. And she wants to remind people that Yes, he's being penalized for one prime. But remember that he still says that in the law, and that is going to have some degree of that will save him on the Day of Judgment, as the profits on the long run, he told us about the people towards the end of the days in which by the way, some people may not be aware of these, they may not be aware of what a lot is, they may not be

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aware of what CRM is, they may not be aware of some of the major obligations within the religion, but they will know that a lot. And as

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to G now

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that the law will save them from the fire, and it will enter them into gender

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or gender.

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by the name of Satoshi Moody, he came to also wrote the article that we had, and he said that, and he's saying a good comment, which all of us will deem good. And he said, but

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you stuck with me forever, not the door quite often. One day or another. Someone will open that door for him. Right? Whoever continuously knocks the door one day or another, someone will open that doorframe. Right.

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she took some

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time to ponder this event, she said,

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she said that the door is actually open. You don't need to wait for a dope.

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What he's trying to say is when you knock the door of a lock, open the doorframe, okay? You go and knock the door of the law, you worship a lot again and again. You come back to a lot and you return to Allah, Allah will open that door says no, no, no, no, you don't need to knock the door. It's already open. and

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whatnot in the shed, feeling that the door is already opened. But what matters is who wants to walk through that door.

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But the door is already there for you. It's open. And this is their wisdom that you know a person sometimes people need to be invited, right. So when you hear the door already been closed, and you have to knock it and regularly knocking. And then finally you will open. Some people will already feel this interested, they will feel invited. So she says the door is already open. It's about who wants to walk through it now. Right. And this is one example of an early female worshiper who had wisdom as well, another one. And there are many, by the way, but we'll pick up select some today. And then some words won't be in the later. Another one is a woman by the name of Miriam, and mostly

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yet also from Mozilla. And in fact, she lived during the time of Roger as well. All the people that are mentioned are all within the first four centuries. I won't go beyond that. So

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another woman by his by the name of burial in Bosnia, she lived around the time of Roger as well. In fact, she used to also

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she used to be among the companions of labianca was a really famous speaker. That's why it started off with this particular figure. And then and she not only

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was a companion of her she would also serve her and help her as well. And she would speak a lot about love about love have a lot of publicity was

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one of the things she said is that it's Pamela this type of power, sometimes you can see it within women, when you talk to them, women were connected to Allah subhana wa Tada. She said that I've never ever thought about my

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marriage to business. I've never thought of mine. I've never thought of my sustenance, I never thought of my provision. And I've never felt tired. In seeking that particular provision of my IEP, I take the means, but I don't want to, you know, work too hard for why

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she said, because a loss of tournament data told me in the bar was this summer it is

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in the heavens happened to be your is your provision and everything that you have been promised. And we have

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a lot of a lot where it was said look, that left a motor nursery.

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That is so will never die, until it ends up completing incidents, until it ends up for all of that is that it deserves and ends up using and usurping all of it. Okay, so many times you recognize this. So she would take the means goodness, but she would never some people some kind of luck, they end up occupying themselves completely with the means. Right?

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Now, there is an opposite as well. Let me stop at this and talk about with a little bit of detail. Okay. So

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in the past, we used to have a group of people who had completely neglected the means. So they would sit in the masjid all day long, or they would sit in there on Sunday after their places of worship, or their homes, even perhaps, and say, a lot has already decreed list for me is coming to me, I don't care to search for it. Okay. So because of that, the scholars would always tell us and remind us that

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a lot has decreased the list that we have to take the means a lot has guaranteed or some things, but we have to also take the means as well.

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In our times, it has become the exact opposite. Because we're living in a very strong materialistic culture. And everybody knows that they must take the means for everything, right? That's part and parcel of materialism, that, you know, it's all about the means. Without the empirical, everything has to be empirically if it cannot be y equals mx plus b, it's not going to be right. There is no divine

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you know, intervention in anything, there is no decree, there's none of that, it's all means everything has to be if I do this, I will get that. All right.

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So sometimes some kind of law in my opinion, some teachers they make a mistake, and they remind us of this problem, not recognizing the state in which we're living in

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what am I trying to say in the past there was a problem of some people neglecting the means. So, some scholars, they try to cure this problem by saying that you have to take the means as well in order for you to attain whatever objective you're trying to join a team now is today everybody is all occupied in the means, and we still continue to remind them you have to take the means are we during the problem that people are going through? No. So we have to start reminding people that guests there are as Bob but there is the will somebody will have to stop there is the one who created all the means as well. There is a lot of evidence that he went General, okay. So she says I

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never became occupied by by this meaning completely occupied or

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completely engrossed within this idea of searching, seeking out mine by listening and never did I exhaust myself in search for it. Because I knew that loss of Hannah Donna said in the bar was this summer it is

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so seeing the means but before you seek the beans seek the one who created the means as well. That is a lot of diversity with

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another woman

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who was from the early generations as well.

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She goes by the name of Miranda bins are the last

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and she was also from the time of the earth as well. This woman she was so shy, have lots of head on with it.

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That she would find it difficult to raise her gaze to the heavens.

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out of her sheer shyness, when we make our we look up to Allah Subhana, WA tada in this way, and she would feel extremely shy, because she would not be able to raise her head.

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she wouldn't eat in the morning time, meaning she would fast on a regular basis. That's what that means. Okay, on a regular we're all fasting today. So this is something that you can relate to. So she would regularly

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and for the better part of the night for most of the night, she wouldn't go to sleep I should be doing. Now, in reality, most of us probably are not going to sleep these days, if you're coming for the lobby, you can just get home to your bed before you know it. This already is the code time, right? So you can kind of relate to this, she wouldn't sleep the night and she wouldn't eat in the morning. So people said to her, you are hurting yourself, you don't sleep the night The night is a time where your body needs to rest. And the doctors will tell you that you need to make sure that before midnight, you end up getting yourself some hours. And then after that you carry on with your

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sleep for your health to be in its optimal state. So people at that time also knew that through experiential evidence, like through their own personal experiences. And they said to her on TV that secure hurting yourself, right? So she said, No, what I've done is I've delayed the task of one time to another time. Okay.

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I've taken my sleep, and I've kept it for the morning. So I go to sleep in the morning, and I've taken my food and I've placed it in the event.

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Because during the nighttime, she will of course not be fascinated. So she's gonna, she's going to enjoy her few food during that time. So this is what I want you to do. By the way, these are some of these are personal choices. It doesn't mean that this is how you do it. Okay. But I'm going to mention it just like that Uncensored, people have different choices they make. The point of this is to show the type of love that people have for their religion, women specifically, in early times. This doesn't mean that this is the best way of doing right. The prophets have a lot more it was something he said that I

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I'm married and I

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said, I stand the night, and I also sleep during the night, I passed. And I also eat and I and you mentioned a couple of different things which showed that he had a balanced life. And then he said, Whoever leaves Masuda is not properly. So what we're trying to say here is that the best person that is the center of the profit center, but this definitely shows us how to this one woman was on on the worship of a muscle. Okay. And sometimes the loss of such people unless I know what that gives them a special state in that they're able to survive on very little amount of sleep, for instance, and very little amount of food.

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I know people personally who went on years on it, without being very, without being severely physically harmed.

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with just two hours of sleep a night, for three hours or even less sometimes. Personally, I know people that went like this for many years, because they had the ability they had the spiritual strength to be able to maintain that. So when I give this example doesn't mean that everybody has to implement it. But if there is someone who has the ability, and has this physical and spiritual strength, that

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these are examples for them as well.

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Another woman

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a woman by the name of

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and she was the wife of a man by the name of users uses even as well. Okay. And she used to say to her husband, now we know that sometimes some husbands they're sucking because they end up becoming ATM machines.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:41

Every single time they walk in, there's someone leeching off of them, either the children or their women or someone else and when they get to the rescue of the masjid everybody just needs right. So

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this woman's account a lot. She instead of teaching she reminded him of a loss of eternal darkness. She said that Allahu

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Allah is going to ask you of me.

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

A lot is going to ask you on me learn it.

00:25:01 --> 00:25:04

Do not see me except for the head on.

00:25:06 --> 00:25:56

And do not ever extend your hand towards anything that has a doubt within it because of me, right? Sometimes the man has to be the breadwinner of the home. He realizes that I've tried everything and there's too many demands, and there's too many needs, I have to maybe, maybe go towards something that has some doubts about will forgive me because I have a family to feed. This woman is reminding her husband, and she's saying to me Do not come home to me with any food, that is how do not really accept allowed to this house and do not because of me, extend your hand to anything that happens to me, that happens to me, but even doubtful, let alone right. And this is the type of piety that we we

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need within our women

00:25:59 --> 00:26:00

are preserved under me.

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Another woman

00:26:07 --> 00:26:10

who was within this pious tradition as well,

00:26:11 --> 00:26:20

is a woman by the name of Omar Abdullah been spotted in in, in in Madame so don't know her exact name, but she's known as Omar Abdullah. Right.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:42

And one of the statements that we have of her is that she said no do unto the large data zeroni agenda, Mr. To electricity Harlan was admitted, if I knew of a certainty, if I knew of a surety that Allah azza wa jal

00:26:43 --> 00:26:56

will enter me into genda. I would not increase myself except in HDR, I will not increase myself except in more worship of Allah publicity, which I

00:26:57 --> 00:27:42

accept in exhausting myself even further for the worship of a month. I'm going to recently with john, and except in serving the causes of a book, what does this mean? She's saying that if I was to be given a shorty that I'm going to gender, somebody tells me definitely you are already in gender, all that you've done for more abdillah that's enough for Allah subhanaw taala to enter you into gender, you're already from the people of gentlemen. She says, even if I were to be told of this, I would not cease to worship I would rather continue to worship and become even more stronger within the worship of Allah. Why would that be like? Because the thing is, we have a different upon that

00:27:42 --> 00:27:44

worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:27:45 --> 00:27:59

All of us, most of us, I would say, worship Allah subhana wa Tada. Because we want to go to gender, which is great, which is great. And this is mentioned in the Quran to be among the reasons why a person should worship Allah.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:14

But there are some people worship Amar even after they've been guaranteed jedna knowing that any gender is of different levels, the Knowing that Allah is deserving of, of worship.

00:28:16 --> 00:28:19

Allah is the most worthy of all of worship.

00:28:20 --> 00:28:35

Allah Himself is a being by His Majesty, by his the Netherlands by His glory, by our laws, supremacy, by his dominance by his power, allies deserving of worship,

00:28:36 --> 00:28:40

by the sovereignty of a lot, a lot of necessities that we worship here.

00:28:41 --> 00:29:07

If we recognize Allah subhana wa Jalla. Truly. So she's saying, even if I were to be given a ticket to gender, because I know a law is the law is the supreme because I know a law has all sovereignty because I know the dominance of a lot in the dominion of a lot is above all other dominion, I will continue to worship Him, just because easy is because a lot is a lot of publicity.

00:29:09 --> 00:29:09

It must

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allow us to understand

00:29:13 --> 00:29:13

a lot more every now.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:21

Another woman, from the early

00:29:24 --> 00:29:34

predecessors, was a woman by the name of Chateau Juana. This is a name sometimes you may hear of this name in some cultures shawanna.

00:29:36 --> 00:29:39

So this is a very early usage of this name shawanna.

00:29:41 --> 00:29:54

She was a very unique woman. She had a very melodious and beautiful voice. What she would do is she would admonish people and her words really mattered and they counted and people would listen to her words.

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

And she would recite also the Koran for them as well. Right at

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People who visit visit her, the ascetic people, the worshipers, and people who wish to get closer to a lot of nogen. And the people who had soft hearts, they would go and visit this woman. Right.

00:30:14 --> 00:31:01

And one of the instances that we find is that one day sharwanand she be, she began to cry, she went into tears, right? What did some have a lot of soft hearts. So when they hear and if they are connected to a lot of the agenda, sometimes they feel affected by some things, in ways that men cannot be affected. And vice versa, men become affected by things that women cannot also be affected by in the same way. So this woman, she heard something that that got her connected to a loss of her own data at that moment, and she started to cry, and she went into tears, right? To a degree that around, he says she was crying so much that I felt like she's willing to go blind. Okay.

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Now, again, as I said, that, when we see these examples, some people will say, this example is not appropriate. This is not called the profits of a long while he was sitting there was etc. We said yes. But we know that not everyone has the same optimal level of everything has the prospect.

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Okay? This is something very key to keep in mind. Everyone doesn't most of us, all of us rather, we don't have the same level of optimal health, optimal psychological state, spiritual state the balance of both of our jobs, just like the profits of a lover, it was similar. So yes, we should always aspire to be like the profits in the long run. But no, we should never disdain people who did these things, because a lot will still report reward them for such gestures of, of their devotion to a muscle.

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Because this is something that she's going through emotionally. She's crying, she can overcome it. It's not like she's faking her tears. Because some people will say this is not permissive.

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Yes, we understand the Prophet would cry.

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within some composure,

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this is what happened. What can we do? This woman is crying, she wasn't able to manage herself, she's crying. And people said that

00:32:27 --> 00:32:41

we were afraid that she's going to go blind because of these tears. So when they said to her, try to stop yourself, you're going to go blind if you continue to cry. So she said that, she said that

00:32:42 --> 00:32:48

I am less fearful of the blindness of this world, because of my tears.

00:32:50 --> 00:33:21

Then the blindness of the hair after if I continue to have a heart which is hard, okay, because in the hereafter a lot actually refers to the state in which some people are envious. Some people who are straight will be as blindness, because they will be blinded from the direction of gender. Okay? Alo refers to this as blindness as well, but it's a spiritual blindness, which he says I'm less afraid of this blindness of this linear, the blindness of the hero.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:30

So this is how she ended up. overcoming this particular situation. I asked the muscle turnover data to reward her duty for her tears. I mean,

00:33:31 --> 00:34:00

because the profit tools of the eye which prize for the sake of such an AI will not be punished by a lot. I asked him a subpoena with data to allow us to help resolve heart and mind that tears for the sake of loss of data within measures which are beloved to him, along with I mean, I asked him us internal data to accept our facets in sha Allah, and that He rewards us duty for him. And then he allows us to spend the night in prayer and to complete the facets of this month as well

00:34:01 --> 00:34:05

as the healing of somebody. He will be in your brain

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