Abdul Nasir Jangda – A Conversation With Shaytan

Abdul Nasir Jangda
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While polishing

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and moving the water while the mother

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was left to come makanda nearly falling in our hands are entrepreneurs to me, fell out aloni

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man it was a really cool moment, to be mostly in nega to be murasaki women in the boardroom in our family.

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This is number 22 from Sugata Rahim

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Allah subhanaw taala. In this ayah he tells us, he relates to us a discussion and in a dialogue that will take place

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after not only the Day of Judgment, but after the decision has been passed down has been made by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And people have fallen into whatever was their final abode. Either people, the people of Paradise have been entered into agenda, the people of the fire of * have been entered into the firewall and the decision in the hands of the judgment, the accounting, the accounting of the people has been completed. After that time has been busted he very eloquently. He kind of explains the situation, he paints a picture to explain what exactly happens. And he says that, after all, the decision has been made as a oneself he says, and the people have, who have

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disobeyed the law and who have incurred The Wrath and the anger will last for whatever they have been put into the fire of *. Amongst them chef on he will stand and hustle because he says he will stand like a hottie. Like you'll give goodbye to all of his people now, and he will stand on a member made a fire and he will address the people and I was trying to watch Allah relates to us which ship I will say to all these people, basically you could almost call them his people. Like Allah subhanaw taala refers to as has been shaped by these are his people these are the people who listen to chiffon followed in his footsteps, let themselves get distracted from by shaitan and fell

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into his traps. So these will be these people here. And shavonne will address these people and he was able to polish a lot of lessons Japan will say to the llama the llama, after the decision has made after all, the accounting of the people has been completed in the law wider and wider. Allow me to promise to you. Allah had promised you certain things Allah had asked from you for certain things Allah subhanaw taala demanded commanded you to do certain things. But he had promised you certain rewards based on what he was asking from you. What are their help, but alas, promise was the truth. And they will have come to have realized that by now. That will be very, very apparent, it'll be

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obvious that the last final intelligence promised to them was 100% true, that there will be a life after death, that they would face their deeds in the grave, and that they would be resurrected on the Day of Judgment, and that they would be accounted for the way they live their lives, that there would be a paradise, that there would be a * that the blessings of love would be in genda, that the punishment of a thought would be in the file. Well, all of these promises that were made, all of those came true. Exactly MLS and chiffonsleeve in a while, doesn't want to allow me to promise but his promise was true. While I took over, I also made you a promise. I also promised you certain

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for us electrical, but I liked, I broke my promise to you. I also told you that don't do this, don't do that. You know, don't follow Dean. don't practice enough. Don't bring yourself out right now. And you need to do business like this. And you need to hang out with those people. And you need to have these type of illicit relationships, and so on and so forth. You need to cheat that person, you need to slap that person, you need to curse this person. All of those things. I also told you, and I promise you certain things. If you do it like this will make more money, you'll gain more respectability, you'll end up better you'll have a happy life. You will never regret it.

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But I broke my promise to you. I lied to my promises were not true. Everything that I told you to do and deal with you suffering

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and the greatest self

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Of all look where you are today.

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So he will establish this fact, he will clearly say, look, I like to wish, don't come expecting anything from me don't make any demands of me. Don't say what happened to people in general, they'll demand from your leader, you promised a certain things. Where are they? Look at those people in general. They're living it up.

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Not much in the future, not tomorrow.

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They have their fruits and they have the luscious animals agenda to eat. And they have these beautiful beddings and beautiful companions, and fragrances and luxuries and rest in peace and harmony and tranquility. They have all these things. What about us? Where's our share? What do we get? We listened to you? We followed you. Where's? Where's your promises? So you tell them listen, I don't want anyone coming in bothering me. Okay.

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I know I made certain promises to you. But for us laughter. I was like,

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so that's it. I have nothing to give to you. No refunds, no changes.

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And then he will say, when those people when you tell this to the people, the people will say, Oh, you've ruined us. You did this to us. Look what you did to us. It's all your fault.

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And they'll scream and they'll yell, they'll even yell to us random scream. Oh, look, Japan did this to us. It's not my fault.

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Take me out of here. I don't belong in here. She founded this, he did this. So she was in America in an era. Hey,

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wait a second. I didn't force you to do anything

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illegal and so on. I didn't have the ability to make you do something. Allah says himself in

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that in our evaluation, I gotta him Super 11 It's

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a lot of power. Thomas says that my slaves, ladies.

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You do not have any type of a control over them. You don't have a control over them. You can make them do some nice addressing in this in certain heads up for like a lot of the places. And I was kind of until it tells us the incident where he commanded the mother

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and children he disobeyed. And then the certain dialogue takes place that Allah subhanaw taala condemns the shirvan and discards him and removes him from his mercy. So it's sort of a hedge of Allah Toshio con when he says that, Oh, we don't know how much Marine, I'm going to leave all of them astray.

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I'm going to come at them from all angles. Another law says, I'll come from them from the front from behind from the right from the left, or come from them at all angles, come at them from all angles. I lost my Rotella tells him in everybody they said

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you can control them in accept money.

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Except for those last people, those strain, wondering people who will follow you have their own accord of their own choice. Those are the people that will be following you, those people who choose to follow you.

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So shavonne doesn't have any type of control. And you'll establish that. You see, I didn't, I didn't force you to Macedonia.

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I couldn't force you I didn't have the ability to in landauer to go for surgery.

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Except for one thing. The outcome.

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I give you our we use the word down. We use it for a very positive sense, of course, rightfully so. But you're finally saying I also was giving you Darwin. I was also inviting you in the other direction.

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I just told you Hey, why don't you think about this? Look at that. take this into consideration. That'd be really nice. That'd be very fun. That'd be really interesting. I just invited you. I kind of persuaded you. First that

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you are the ones who responded to me.

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You're the ones who responded to me. I was just inviting you. When somebody invites you. You don't have to go.

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You don't have to go like they teach the children just say no. about drugs, right? Just say no. They teach the kids say no to drugs.

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People will offer your job to say no, somebody can't take the drugs and then he gets caught into laws on my fault. He offered them to me where you're supposed to say no same thing. We teach our children these basic lessons and we find them to be so rudimentary, so simple, so Elementary, but we forget these lessons ourselves. And this what I want to explain one thing years shirvan is extremely shaitaan is extremely cunning and smart in the sense that he doesn't use a very

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You know, obvious method and trying to dissuade us from doing good. When you stand up, when you get ready to perform Salah, you look at your watch and look at your clock to say, okay, it's 145 or 137. For some of the law, I need to pray my Salah, and you stand up and you go make boo boo, Silvana,

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don't pray, what's wrong with you? Why do you want to pray? What's the point of praying? Because that's very transparent. That's very obvious. So Shivam doesn't do that. What does she do?

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She Tom will say, Listen, if you want to perform Salah, you need to do it properly.

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And right now you need to make those two phone calls. And you need to respond to that email. And look, you're going to go pretty solid right now. And the whole time you're going to be thinking about that email and that phone call? Why don't you go ahead and get all of that out of the way, take care of all of those things. And then you can completely free yourself completely relax yourself, and then you can pray proper.

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So you should oh man makes a lot of sense.

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Beyond the phone, and one call leads to another call to another call. And then when you will lead to another email to check that website to check this to check.

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And before you know it,

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five o'clock, 530 salata, Lawson.

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So this is the approach that you're gonna use, he doesn't come directly didn't use something very transparent, very obvious, uses a little tricks. Interesting sweetness. At that time, we have to be able to be strong, set our priorities right? Not Listen, not fall prey to these tricks.

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And that's where the guidance of the Quran and the guidance from Allah subhanaw taala, the son of the Prophet

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is our best guide is very clear what we need to do, just follow them. do exactly that. And you'll always be on the safe side. So Stefan will say I just invited you, you're the one who responded, you're the one who answered me for that.

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So don't curse me, don't blame me. Blame yourselves.

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This is something very interesting. shintani saying, of course, he's saying after now it's when it's too late to benefit those people. But the blessing is the beauty. The miracle of the promise, is delivering it to Israel chatango saying this then, but all that delivered to it delivered it to us now in hearing the

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blame yourself. You have to learn to hold ourselves accountable. We can't stop, we can't keep pointing the finger at other people is a very important lesson from desire. We always blame somebody else for our shortcomings.

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Over Brother, you know, we don't pray in the machine because of they built the machine over there. So that's you have to print. They built the machine over there and where that brother also can bring over there. I don't like him. And they see mommy prints like this uncomfortable.

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Always something it's always somebody else's fault. So it's somebody else's fault. It's never my fault. That's what we have to learn to do. This is what I was teaching us how to blame yourself. hold yourself accountable. Even on a bigger scale and a bigger picture. I don't want to take the discussion in that direction. But even when we talk about the beautiful state of the oma Oh, it's all this country's fault. And that nation that nations fault in this people's fault. We're always blaming others my fault.

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What about us? How much of it is our own fault? Even parents, their children go? Who start running amok? Oh, it's the school's television.

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It's this. It's their friends, it's the neighborhoods. It's America. always blaming someone? What about me?

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How much am I responsible for?

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So hold yourself accountable? blame yourself for that God will not blame me blame yourselves.

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What mattered to me was anything

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that I cannot come to your aid

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in this situation, nor can you come to my aid. say look, we're both in trouble the word sofa that's used here, the word soft sofa, it means to scream very, very loudly. When somebody is facing

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when somebody is facing a very, very difficult situation, when somebody is in some very, very urgent, deep problem. When somebody screams really, really loudly and extends their voice prolongs their screaming. That's what's so fun, like an extreme type of screaming. Like if you saw somebody on fire, it would scream. Or if your house was on fire you would screen things like that. You saw you see a snake how you would screen. So this type of a screen, but it means you're in the Arabic language you

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Elephants have it is it's used also to mean that, why would somebody scream like that they scream like that when they require some urgent help. They require some emergency aid.

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So here a lot this word is being used in the context of, I cannot come to your aid, we're in a very, very urgent, desperate situation. shaitaan is telling the both of us are sitting here in the fire of help. But I can't you I can, you can, I cannot get you out of it. And you can get me out of this year, my

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mama and two people sleeping in the UK of up to a shock to power. And here she has gone to something else.

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This is kind of what you could almost call the human side of Sheila, in the sense of how every person is going to be trying to get themselves out of trouble somehow, how everyone is going to try to deflect the blame and deflect the punishment that comes along with it on the Day of Judgment. shutdowns. Doing the same thing here. You'll say in Nika, found to be my shortcoming even further, I completely reject what you are associating with me, what you associated with me before

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the association that you made with me before in the dunya in the life of the world, I completely reject it. I disavow it, I have no knowledge of it, I had nothing to do with it.

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They do what what how do we associate with chiffon? How do people associate with Japan in the dunya that they obeyed shavon instead of a loss peloton alone was deserving of their obedience, but they chose to obey Chevron. They chose to obey Cheetah over a loss.

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So chicken was I had nothing to do with that in need to re use his restaurant words, use the static key the evening can function with a strong word, I completely reject

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completely reject any type of an association that you had with me in the life of the dunya and chepang. Below mentions this in different places abroad, where you're not able to equal the things that people worshiped other than Allah and obeyed other than a lot, they'll completely disassociate themselves from those people who are worshipping them or obeying them on the Day of Judgment, even.

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Even in sort of Hashem, Allah subhanaw taala says, commands on the shape one is calling him inside output, just like the Shabbat when he tells the human being Google, he tells them Dooku, disbelieve in Allah,

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this obey Allah be ungrateful to Allah filarmonica. As soon as the human being does this away, or isn't grateful to Allah? Then what does she do? Anybody whom he says, I have nothing to do with him anymore, and nothing to do with you anymore. And he goes on to say India have a lot of anatomy, I fear a lot. So I have nothing to do with you. So this is chatons tactic. He won't stick with someone. He's not a loyal friend, a loyal companion. So in this dunya, we have to see who are we aligning ourselves with? If we align ourselves with Chevron, he'll abandon us, he won't be there for us, but a lot of his profits, a lot of our good deeds, these things will remain with us our emaan

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this is what will remain with us. This is what will help us on that day.

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socially conscious in the effort to be short on him and I completely disassociate myself from those things that you associate to me, in the life of the world, in the body mean alone.

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And finally, the extremely painful punishment of the life of the hereafter will be for the people who disobeyed the last panel is Allah and the word Allah uses his body means the word Luna we often say it's like oppression, actually, the what the word means misappropriation, to misappropriate something is Lou and the reason why oppression is also called good because you are misappropriating the rights of people. So like the number of mantle's assemble, the ship is the greatest form of misappropriation, your devotion, your dedication, Your Worship, your obedience is only for a lot. But when you do shift, when you give that to someone else, this is the greatest form of

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misappropriation. So similarly, our obedience, our allegiance, our loyalty is due to a law. But when we miss appropriate that, and we direct that to Shedlock, and we OBEY Him, then what ends up happening, the most painful punishment will be for these people, Allah says under the judgment. And then the last thing I want to mention here in relation to the month of Ramadan is we know that either the prophets Allah tells us the shouting or change during the month of Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala keeps them away from us, so that again, they can't distract us from focusing on what we need to do during the month of Ramadan. But the question often still comes up, we still see

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forget about even non Muslims. We even see Muslims doing evil during this month, and it's a shame Shall we not chained up, then where's this evil coming from? Well,

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Once again remembering the Sirois says she will say financial money Don't blame me, lulu and prusa can blame yourself. Because what happens is that evil it also starts to manifest itself within us. And we see that very apparent in the month of Ramadan. There's no shadow thing, but people are still doing evil still committing sins. Who is to blame there? Does she have Lena chained up? We can only blame ourselves so the month of Ramadan reminds us of this. So May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to practice. Let's make an effort in sha Allah to correct ourselves to fight these attacks from the shadow now falling into his traps to practice the goddess of the Quran. And look from the

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life of the prophet to love He says of maleness peltola goddess to practice everything that's been said in her. So how you will be happy. So how are they measuring the value

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