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Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The host of the Gollum Hangout discusses the importance of fasting during the month of dec pants, as it is not allowed to happen during pregnancy. The host warns that if a woman is experiencing a loss of power or mental health, it could be a result of fasting. The host also emphasizes the importance of keeping a healthy diet and avoiding breastfeeding during the month of dec pants.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Ramadan Mubarak Ramadan Kareem everyone. This is Optimus agenda wanted to welcome you all to a very special edition of the Gollum Hangout. inshallah, throughout the month of Ramadan, we have a series of special that we're calling 30 days 30 questions insha Allah what we're encouraging everyone to do is to tweet in their questions. Or you can also go and post your questions at the Calum Institute Facebook page. And just remember to tag your questions with hashtag Calum Hangout, and we'll be taking some of those questions in Sharla. And answering them particularly the ones that are pertaining and related to fasting or the month of

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Ramadan overall. So the first question, we're going to start off with today's a question I get asked a ton. I get asked this question a bunch of times. And that is, what about women who are expecting a child? What about pregnant women fasting during the month of Ramadan? what's exactly the ruling for that? So this question, the way I'm going to answer it is just by kind of splitting up the issue a little bit.

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First and foremost, it's going to, it's going to have to be taken into consideration how far along the woman is into her pregnancy. Secondly, does she herself feel physically capable of fasting or not? Thirdly, she needs to consult with her physician with her doctor to find out whether it's even safe for her at this particular stage of her pregnancy for her and the baby to be fasting or not. And then fourthly, and finally,

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if she's further along in her pregnancy, she physically does not feel up to it, the doctor is also telling her that she should not be fasting, then in this particular situation, she is not obligated to fast during the month of Ramadan itself. Rather, what she is allowed to do is to make up for these fasts after Ramadan is over, once she delivered the baby. And now she has her strength back, she can make up for the fastest she will miss in the month of Ramadan. That's the basic ruling. Now I got a couple of extreme scenarios, I would like to caution everybody in regards to number one

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is that

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we have to be careful about not, you know, just looking for an excuse. So if there's a sister who's maybe just a couple of weeks into her pregnancy, physically, she's got the strength for it, the doctor telling her Sure, absolutely, there's no problem with you fasting, at this particular stage of your pregnancy, that sister really needs to take into consideration that passing for her is what is better, prescribed and strongly recommended. Some would even argue obligatory, the second extreme scenario that you have to be very careful about and I've kind of come across this in my own family. And that is 100 lamarsh. Oh, awesome sisters, I've been looking, you know, Milan is a special time

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for everybody. So some sisters have been waiting for Ramadan for the last 11 months, you know, they've been anticipating the arrival of Ramadan. But by the time Ramadan comes around or a little bit later into their pregnancy, physically, it will take a toll on them. The physician, the doctor is saying, I really do not recommend that you do this, because it's not safe for you and the baby right now, then, with those women folk in our families, if there are such, we're going to have to just sit down have a very serious talk. And let them know that I understand. I know you want to gain the blessings of Ramadan, but a lost power to Allah can and will give you the full reward of

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Ramadan, just based on your the sincerity of your intention. But we cannot have you fasting because you will be harming yourself. And intentionally deliberately causing such physical harm to yourself or to the child is something that is impermissible in Islam, and is not allowed to do so you will not fast now rather you will make up the days later on. The third thing that I'll bring up here, and I'll conclude with this.

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But it's something I've already kind of said if you've been paying attention, and that is does a sister have to make up? You know, fast that she missed due to pregnancy?

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Yes, she does. But what happens in a case where it's it's where a sister has had a couple of kids back to back? Look, I understand that if a sister had three kids three years, you know, one one year apart. She missed three, maybe even four Ramadan's. And that's a lot. That's like 120 fast, about an average.

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And that's a whole lot to make up. Now. It's easy for me to talk about it's very difficult for that sister to make them up. But this goes back to the evidence is and the tool that are used to come to these conclusions. affecting a pregnant woman is seen as someone who is physically incapable of fasting much like us.

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sick or an ill person. And even if that person was sick or ill, the entire month of Ramadan, they would make those 30 fast 29 or 30 fasts up later, same thing will apply in the case of the pregnant women. And so she will have to make up these fasts later on. And I know they can accumulate and get to be a lot 100 fast to make up. What I would advise my sisters is plan to fast once a month, maybe even twice a month, you know, and just let that be your routine. And however long it takes as long as you're consistent, and you're sincere in your intention of trying to make them up in sha Allah, Allah will give you the ability to make them up, or if you ended up, you know, not being able to

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make them up. You know, once time ended before they were able to make up for that for all those Miss fast, shallow loss powers Allah will forgive you as long as you are sincere and consistent. And the last thing I'll go ahead and tack tack on to the end of this discussion is about women who are breastfeeding a woman who is nursing a child has the same exact ruling as the pregnant woman. So based on everything else that we talked about, you can basically apply that same understanding those same rulings on to a sister who is nursing was breastfeeding her child, I hope and pray inshallah, this is beneficial for everyone. Until next time, does not come along, hate on this. I'm the master

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Jenga coming to you with a special series of Apollo Hangout. 30 days 30 questions, tweet in your questions, leave them on Facebook shala we'll try to get to them get to as many of them as we can. So I want to

Should Pregnant Women Fast?

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