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How Much Fidya Should I Pay?

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said I want to load this up tonight's agenda coming back to you with the other Hangout, the special series we have for the month of Ramadan. 30 days 30 questions. The question today is, what is the correct amount of Vidya? one meal a day or a two meal equivalent? So to answer the question more properly, let me go ahead and explain exactly what is video since it involves some terminology. Maybe everyone doesn't understand what we're talking about, if someone is not physically capable of fasting during during the month of Ramadan, but this is a situation that will recover later on, or in the foreseeable future somebody is traveling or somebody is just temporarily ill, there's a

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temporary illness someone is dealing with, then that person does not fast in Ramadan, but rather that person will make up the number of fast missed after the month of Ramadan is over. However, if someone has reached such an old age, where for it's not possible for them to fast, pretty much from here on out where somebody is terminally ill, or somebody has a very serious physical, you know, condition that does not allow them to fast based on the recommendations and the advice from their doctors. And this is not as far as we're concerned, this is not something that they are going to recover from but this is a permanent illness, a permanent condition. Then in this circumstance, a

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last kind of what Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah dignity, una hopefully atone Thomas King, then this person will basically in exchange for every facet that is missed, this person will pay a fee will pay a would literally translates to a ransom, but it's basically an amount that this person will pay in exchange for every facet that is missed. Now the amount that is recommended is food for a poor person. But that is a day's meal for a poor person, and that is two meals. So whatever it comes out to be the average amount to be able to feed a person in need of food, a day's worth of meals, two meals a day, basically, that will be the amount to make it a little bit easier for folks

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who maybe don't have, you know, the don't understand or don't have the wherewithal, the means to really figure out what that exactly is going to be like, an easy recommendation that I give to people a lot of times is

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the amount that we give in Fedora 1012 $14 that we give in fifth row per person that is basically a close enough equivalent to what needs to be paid in Cydia. But of course a person if they realize they live in a place where feeding a person for a day might be a little bit more than that, then they definitely should go ahead and go ahead and give that because this is talking about your obligatory fast of the month of Ramadan. So going back to the question, if a person needs to pay PDF for their fats is that one meal or two meals that will be two meals a day's worth of meals? So there'll be two meals inshallah. And what I want to reiterate when answering this question, because

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a lot of folks have a lot of confusion about this. This is not in regards to someone who has a temporary condition that they will recover from eventually inshallah in the foreseeable future. Rather, such a person needs to focus on making up these missed fasts later on. But rather, this is for someone who is either two things, two types of people, either somebody who has reached such an old age where pretty much fasting from here on out is not going to be possible for them. Or number two, for someone who has a more permanent chronic terminal illness that will not that will prevent them from fasting not only just now in Ramadan, but even after Ramadan is over. Such a person will

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pay in exchange for every facet that they miss. This leads to one other follow up question and I'll conclude with that. Sometimes folks ask the question, well, what if somebody in depth in such a condition, terminally ill, or very, very, extremely old, cannot fast anymore, and they basically need to be video. So even if we're, you know, estimating it around $10 or $20 a day, we're talking about $20 a day we're talking about maybe up to $600 what if somebody doesn't have the financial means to even pay the video, then such a person needs to understand that our last panel, tada does not obligate anyone beyond their means and their capacity. And that person will basically just turn

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to Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from him or her, and they will not be obligated. There's actually a real beautiful story from the time of the Prophet talathi seminar conclude with this, where a man came to the prophet to lobby for them. And he said that, you know, the narration mentioned that he had to pay the kuthodaw he had to pay the penalty, and so freeing of a slave and he said, You know, I can't afford that fasting 60 days in a row. He said, I'm not capable of that, feeding 60 poor people a day's worth of meals. And he said again, I don't have the wherewithal, the means the finances for that. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then gave him some

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money and he said that this

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was given to me as a gift, I am passing this on to you. And you can use this to contribute this to pay for the kuthodaw the penalty that is due upon you. Upon that instruction the man said so should I go and pay this delivered this money to the poorest person I know the prophets a lot of them said yes, he goes well I'm the poorest person that I know and the prophets a lot he sent him said then go ahead and keep it for you and your family and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala has accepted from you and forgiven you for whatever discretion that you had. So from that, we basically take and learn that if somebody is not capable, physically of fasting, they paid the video, if they don't even have

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the money to pay the video, then inshallah they just make the intention they make dua to Allah subhanaw taala and the last panel which Allah knows best our circumstances and our conditions, and the last panel with Allah will accept from us regardless does not come along later on. This was another session of alum hangout 30 days 30 questions. If you have any questions pertaining to Ramadan, fasting, anything inshallah, go ahead and send in your questions you can tweet them at Belem Institute with the hashtag alum Hangout, or you can also leave your questions at the Columbia Institute Facebook page. Remember to tag your questions with hashtag condom hangout? Share this

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video with others inshallah, learn from it yourself. share the knowledge share the faith with others as well. Until next time, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.