Can you explain about La ilaha il Allah Q and A

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Okay, salam, can you explain about La Ilaha illa Allah? Yes, really. La ilaha illa Allah really is the acknowledgement that we do not worship, okay, which means we do not make dua, which means sorry, we do not supplicate or pray to

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anyone else other than God. So our prayer is for God, our worship is for God, our deeds that we do the deeds that we do, the good deeds that we do, we do it sincerely seeking God's pleasure. And we try to do it according to the way that God has taught us. Yeah, so we have to be sincere, and we have to do things according to. So we are we pray to God but not anyway. I feel like praying, we pray the way God has taught us to pray. Right. So essentially La ilaha illa. Allah means that you accept there is one God, one Creator of the heavens on the earth. God is not like anything in this universe. And nothing in this universe is like God, and we worship God Allah, and we try to make our

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life and our religion sincerely and purely for Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And that's very, very simply in short, what La Ilaha illa Allah means he II