COVID, Taraweeh – Which is better, home or Masjid? Ask Shaykh YQ #186

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Our final question for today, brother, sell man from America somewhere in America, he says that tarawih is about to be coming upon us again because of Ramadan and hamdulillah for that, and he is saying that last year there was no public are aware because all the massages are closed this year, the massage, some of them will be open, but there is still some risk. And so he is saying, religiously speaking, what is the default position that is it better to pray with some risk? Or is it better to stay at home? And also he mentions that he heard me say in a previous lecture many years ago, that the prophets of Allah it said I'm always prayed at home. So he says that shouldn't

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this be taken therefore, that the default is to pray throw away at home?

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mean COVID Nika il regionalen. No, hey, la him first.

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So this is a good question. I'll answer the second bit. First. The profitsystem prayed thoroughly had home because there was no public throw away that was announced during his timeframe. The reality is that's not to throw away his NFL prayer. And that outside of normal bond, it is called tahajjud. It is tahajjud. tarawih is the hedgehog when it is pretty normal. But that's the only difference and to hedge It is generally prayed by your own and you prayed in the last third of the night. However, the prophet system once in his life, he prayed his tahajjud Salah in the masjid. He went outside and prayed it in the masjid in Ramadan. And so people stood behind him to pray. And then the next night,

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more people came, and then the third night dementias was packed. But there was no announcements given. He didn't say, hey, people, let's go and do a throwaway prayer. It just so happened and this became the basis of the throwaway prayer that are modeled the Allahu anhu re instituted now, if somebody were to say that the default is sooner, we will say yes, the default is sooner, have to pray at home, that 100 and the referee prayers, if that will bring you more for sure. And if you will come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala, then yes, that is better to do. You pray the Nuffield prayers, the default is you pray alone, and you pray in private and you pray without the eyes of

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other people looking at you. However, reality is that being in the congregation and listening to the Quran by a professional party, and you know going every single day, we will pray better and have better who sure so the goal is to assure the goal is to have that assure, and that assure the bulk of us and I one of them, we will find it more when we pray in a congregation behind a professional Imam behind the party of the Quran. That's when we're going to really feel the love and the sweetness of Torah and the spirit of primal bond. And so we go and look at individual situations if Mashallah Tabata Kala somebody himself is a Hatfield and knows the Koran and is able to recite on

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their own and finds great pleasure in that private and quiet time with between him and Allah azza wa jal, then yes, I will say follow the sooner follow the sooner and go and pray that are we on your own, but as you prepare more laid in private in the last third of the night, but who amongst us will enjoy that more than and be able to pray? Because again, it's not just about it's about quality, right? If we were to print on our own, we might pray 510 minutes. And that's it, most of us right? Where whereas when we go to the masjid, we're going to pray a longer period, however, we now have the complication of COVID. And so to answer this, I will say that the Sharia requires us to act

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wisely. And given that an entire year has gone and given that public awareness is now Mashallah much higher. And given that vaccines are basically being given in many lands, and you write to me from America, and more and more people, every single day, a million and a half people are being vaccinated by the word hamdulillah. I myself have gotten the vaccination shots as well. And I say this because I want to encourage people, I am not a believer in these types of conspiracy theories. And I believe that it is sensible to obtain the COVID vaccine, it is sensible to do that. And I have done this for myself and for my loved ones for my parents as well. So the point being that, when it

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comes to this issue of bringing in the COVID situation, I would say, I cannot answer you directly. You know your situation best. If you or somebody in your house has a high vulnerability and they have not yet been vaccinated, then I would actually encourage you to not intermingle with other people because in the end of the day, being in a closed environment for an hour or two, even if you're wearing masks, I mean you're really increasing the danger.

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exponentially. It's really that closed environment, if that were to take place in the open, and the wind is blowing and whatnot, things are much easier. But realistically, it will take place in a closed environment. Some massages are not even observing social distancing, some massages are not going to be enforcing the mask policies depending on which area you're in. So if you have taken the vaccine, and there is nobody who is vulnerable in your household, then this changes in situation, I would say, then go back to the default of praying with the Gema. But if you haven't taken the vaccine, and you or your loved one is at high risk, then I would honestly say, follow the Sunnah,

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and pray thoroughly at home. Because we don't want to, you know, too many too many people, especially in our country of America, you know, 600,000 people have died, that's not a joke. 600,000 people have died. And this is, you know, Hamdulillah, we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But that light is still at the end of the tunnel, we are still not there yet in the clear zone. And we cannot let our guard down at this point in time. So my sincere advice to you is to get mushara of your family and friends and your doctor, the doctor that you trust, ask them about your particular situation. And if overall, the health benefits and shallow data, or I'm sorry, the health

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risks are minimal, then definitely I would say the default isn't to go back to the norm. You see, last year, there was just a lot of we didn't know the realities of the virus even, you know, some brothers, you know, mentioned to me, so do you think we overreacted last year? And I said not at all. On the contrary, I am very happy at my Masjid in particular East Plano Masjid, it was a of the first to, you know, act in a very wise manner. Despite the fact that there was some pushback, but we didn't understand what was going on. We didn't know how dangerous the virus wasn't, it turned out to be very dangerous. We didn't know even the method of transmission at the time, we literally thought

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you know, your groceries might give you so again, there was a lot of unknowns, and we acted in the correct manner. At the time. Now things have changed. And the two main things number one public awareness. Can you imagine last year, if we had told people stand six feet apart and wear masks when Ramadan came, nobody would have done that we would have been laughingstock of everybody they didn't understand. Now, there is not a single family amongst us, except that they have lost a loved one or they have lost a close family friend, at least in America I tell you not to single household has been spared. This is a less cluttered, we accept the less clutter, but not a single household has

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been spared either immediately, or in their extended family and friends. People have passed away, you know, I myself have plenty of family, friends, and even more acquaintances that have passed away as a result of this, how can we now not take it seriously. And then the second thing that changes the situation. So public awareness is one we now we can tell people, communities can tell people stand this period apart and wear masks, and the majority of people will understand that's a huge difference from last year. And then as well. We can tell people who have been vaccinated that they are safer to come and I'll handle it our own Masjid, the East Plano Islamic Center, we will be

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offering tarawih prayers on site within our Masjid facility with both of those conditions, proper social distancing, and the wearing of masks throughout the entire month of Ramadan, as well, we are encouraging only those that have been vaccinated to come. That's what we are telling people we cannot obviously check ourselves. But that is what we are encouraging that only those that have been vaccinated to come and those that are not vaccinated or have somebody vulnerable because again, the vaccine does not protect the virus from coming into your body and then transmitting the vaccine only generally speaking, minimizes your own, you know symptoms and your own interaction with with the

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virus, however, you can still be a carrier. And so you might not be sick, you will go home to an elderly relative to somebody who's immunocompromised, and you might be carrying the virus. So we have to be very careful about this. But insha Allah to honor those communities that are able to, I would encourage them to now think about bringing back our way into the masjid and also one thing we should do as well. So the main point is to be in the vicinity in a close proximity for a long period of time. So we should try to minimize the lengthy timeframes as well. If you want to pray more, go home and pray. So we will be offering in our own mischief around an hour, the entire beginning to

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end and I encourage other communities to follow suit that an hour max from beginning of Asia to the end of winter, try to do within 45 minutes to an hour just you know half a page or so. So the spirit of that is done. And if you want to pray more to go back home and pray as long as you want. This is our generic advice to other communities. But each community in each land is better situated to answer specifically its own situation. And indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best and with that we come to the conclusion of today's episode. I'll see

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Next Tuesday until then, jack maloca said I want a robotic cat.