Tom Facchine – Denying the Messenger

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of learning about power and setting up a "anything you speak" test is discussed, as well as the "the feeble of worship" and-theft of human creativity and malicious innovation. The lack of oversight and the difficulty of students cheating on their art is also highlighted. The historical context of the time period during the Prophet sallama's period of political and military collapse is also discussed, along with the misunderstandings of the Spanish legal system and legal accent in media. The importance of finding the right way to achieve profit is emphasized, along with legality and the need for people to see their profit.
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A couple of things.

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Number one is setting up a lot of stuff to do.

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What are we learning usually at casinos and certainly

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made yesterday

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or made up for that has to be a

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A lot of water will actually

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wash I do I am 100 in art with water. So

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talk a lot about the party people that tend to know either one or two most people.

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Yeah, maybe the national couple rolled back over the Harper government in actuality. That was sort of a Manhattan Project at that time. Informality never feel funny, sir. What's up a wall?

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In a lot of dynamical properties,

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you're learning a lot about power and setting your snake

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oil often Ludovico Juan Manuel Miranda, our solar

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buddy company that will love wax and then heavy heavy Mohammed and some Allahu alayhi wa sallam will show we're moving on

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because of the dark water

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and sort of going too far. After a lot of addresses the clear folly of worshiping something that cannot possibly be divine. Allah subhanahu wa Tada addresses the folly of rejecting a second fundamental pillar of revelation and guidance, the Prophet

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alayhi salaatu wa salaam

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of our sense of orderliness, who in hand is going after all, who

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are in the home for the

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good of

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those who reject Faith say, this floor man is nothing but a fabrication, which he may have with the help of others. Their claim is totally unjustified, and untrue.

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This directly addresses people who claim them before and was written by people, either by Mohammed himself someone law by the US Senate, or by a group of people helping the messenger or Lady collapse was

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the biggest hole in this argument is the irrefutable honesty and integrity of a rock

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To grasp how unlikely the possibility is of the prophets, having lied about beforehand be a word of Allah. Let's imagine a university class.

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There are various assignments you have to do to make up your grade. And those assignments have different degrees of importance and oversight. A simple weekly homework assignments is going to be less significant than a term paper for the final exam. Let's imagine most students in the class are honest. But there are of course, a few cheaters how likely are they to cheat on a simple weekly homework assignments versus a term paper versus a final exam.

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The more significant the assignments, the higher the stakes, both in terms of your grade, and in getting costs. You are almost certain to find more people cheating on a simply weekly homework assignments than you are for the final exam. If a student is caught cheating on homework assignments, they will likely be given a zero for that assignments. Nothing more. But someone guilty of cheating on the final exam might risk failing the entire class. The penalty will be more severe, and there will be more oversight. There will be Proctor's and assistants, ensuring that the students don't cheat.

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Accordingly, if fewer students are willing to cheat on the final exam, compared to a mere homework assignments, how many students would be willing to cheat on their entire thesis, which is not just an assignment for a single class but representative of their entire academic career? Fewer still fewer so as the stakes get higher than the oversight gets more strict

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You're going to find fewer and fewer students willing to risk cheating, even if they want to.

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How then are we supposed to believe that the Prophet alayhi salam just invented scripture, and claimed it to be the words of Allah Himself, a claim that would reflect not just on an academic life, but the entire life of a person claiming it. We're talking about the highest states imaginable, and the highest possible level of scrutiny and oversight. People will for centuries be dissecting his every move for hints of dishonesty, and dissecting the poor man for marks of forgery. How many people are so bold, as to risk such a large

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those people exist? To be sure. We know because other scriptures were forged in the past, even during the life of the prophets of Allah while he was some of them. Others rose up claiming to be prophets, seeking a shred of the glory and honor that a lot of times in the game the Prophet Muhammad Ali, salaam, Cetera, they forged scriptures and claimed them to be the words of the Lord Himself. This sort of thing does exist. But to make something and ascribe it to Allah is such a bold act of falsehood, it doesn't just happen out of nowhere, there's usually a pattern for people to lie, a pattern of behavior. It's extremely rare to find someone who would cheat on their thesis, for

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example, and not ever have cheated before on a simple homework assignment. So if you look back at the body of work, a person has done you can see which kind of person is likely to cheat, and who would never even come close to such an action. When we look at the life of the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. What do we see? What patterns of behavior, what tendencies what Chakra

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so trustworthy. It was just

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as I mean,

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even before his staff, his honesty and integrity were legendary, and acknowledged by both friends and enemies. Were 200 Some along the way he was some of them was in his 20s and began working for for Asia as a merchant. She sent him and another one of her employees on a business trip. When they returned with Anita asked her other employees about how they had conducted business. He reported that he had never seen anyone like what happened in his honesty, and trustworthiness. This one, that operation of Tunisia, that was one of the factors that led her to ask him to marry.

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What might happen was 35. So a long way he was similar, the Capitol was in need of repair. The Moorish finally gathered enough money to rebuild this. But as they were doing so there was a complex about who would have the honor of putting the Blackstone back in its proper place. People started arguing as to which tribe should have this honor. Old Wounds were brought up. And before long, people were about to turn the arguments into a physical place. One of the elders of the forage had enough wisdom to offer a compromise. whoever happens to walk into the room next, with the size of

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the operation, we're used to settling matters like this based on chance, so no one can take offense. And so they agreed.

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Who should walk through the door next? What are they good for?

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If this man was anything but honest and trustworthy, there wouldn't have been complaints. There would have been resistance. People would have hesitated. But this is not what happened at all. Everyone was relieved when they saw someone walk or it was Sunday. They knew He would not pursue a personal or selfish interest. What an act in the interests of everyone and that is exactly what he did. He asked for a large cloak and had a representative from each tribe grab onto a piece of the Poke, carrying the black stones together in the center of

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the profit I made the selection was so trustworthy, that people used to leave their valuables with him when they left back up on a journey.

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We all probably know the story of the original when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam were left behind ID and his bed as a ruse to fool his assassins.

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The metaphor waiting to ambush him to the profits of a low body he was eventually charged inside of the room to find the not the profits, but

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But there was another less well known reason it was left behind as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam Abu Bakr made their way to the piano.

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In that house, the house of the prophets of Allah it was some of them.

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He had been safeguarding the valuable possessions of some of the

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the very people trying to murder him. He left it behind to return each and every last planet to its rightful home of the love of a person.

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Is this the type of person who would make a forgery, and claim that it was a loss of duty.

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And tobacco, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam lived his entire life illiterate, he could neither read nor write, even at the Treaty of Bolivia, which was toward the end of the Prophet's life to the Walmart, and he said that he could not even recognize his own name written on a piece of paper.

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Is this the type of person who would, or even could author something so enduring and timeless as a forehand and claim that it was along with it?

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What some people confuse as signs of forgery, the common points between the Sun and the revelations that came to prophets before are in fact, points of continuity points that link us to the great chain of divine communication, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has continuously given this creation to God. But

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these are mostly points of theology on either side, such as the nature of Allah, the existence of prophethood and Revelation, the Stories of the Prophets.

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It's no surprise that there should be overlap between Islam and previous revealed religions, since theology Arpita fields with reality that deals with what is true, and it's not subject to change. This is opposed to law show, which is based on what is in the best interest of human beings, and so might look somewhat different from time to time and place to place.

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A lot of continuous and total foregone work on a sadly the word of what he has

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the power he gets home, at home.

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And they say, these revelations are only ancient fables which he has written down for him, and they are then rehearsed again morning and he.

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Both this, the previous doubt, imagine that the poor man is the work of human authorship, instead of divine authorship.

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To verify or refute this claim, we must ask the question,

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what are the telltale signs of human authorship? How would we know their foot Moran was authored by Mohammed Ali salatu, salam, or anyone else for that matter?

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Human beings fundamentally, are imperfect creatures.

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We make mistakes, we mess up. Even the most brilliant minds of authors have lapses that reveal their humanity. If anyone writes for long enough, they will eventually contradicted themselves.

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If the court and we're a human invention, it too would have inconsistencies, it's too would have internal contradictions.

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detractors of the slam have been trying for centuries to find such contradictions and of course,

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with no success.

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human creativity, though impressive always stands on the shoulders of what came before it is always influenced by earlier trends and styles. As we say in art and literature. The good ones borrow the best ones to steal, changes in style.

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Our literature are not dramatic and up ending, but rather small and incremental. If the more and more about human invention, it would mimic in some way our styles that were prevalent at the time and seventh century Arabia. However, as anyone who has studied Arabic literature knows what is unique, even strange when compared to one of the poets of the time we're producing the Koran, not twice poetry, not just the prose broke not one but many of the rules of style and vigor while remaining beautiful enough to seize the attention of anyone listening.

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A law that said, Paul and Zeller who led the Afghan War Civil War this last year will come in who can have all of the behemoth say Oh, Prophet, this format has been revealed by the one who knows the secrets of the heavens on the earth. Surely He is all forgiving, Most Merciful.

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If the author of the format, as it says in this verse knows the secrets of the heaven and earth, then we should expect the format to be externally consistent, or consistent with what we know about the creative world.

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We set before how human beings are imperfect, in the sense that they make mistakes. Humans are also imperfect creatures in the sense that their knowledge is very limited. Especially in seventh century Arabia, much less was known about biology, astronomy, and other fields of science. If the poor man were authored by the human, we shouldn't expect to find something that contradicts the knowledge we have today about how the universe sports.

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Much more recent works in the English language are filled with references to alchemy and other practices. Now disproven has spoken.

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And while we don't depend on modern science to validates our religion for us, as even science, as a product of human efforts can be mistaken. It is remarkable that there is nothing in the format that has yet been proven, excuse me been disproven, or contradicted by modern science,

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the stages of development that the fetus goes through, something impossible to know at the time is accurate and detailed within the format. Similarly, the motion of the planets and the sulfide which separates fresh water from the ocean.

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Before I even predicted on white, the historical events, at the time of the Prophet audience is the logical scenario. The two major empires were the Byzantine Empire and the Sussan empire. These two powerful civilizations have been fighting for a long time. And at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the society and Empire had pushed the Byzantine Empire to the brink. It looks like a Persian victory was close at hand. But it's also Roman, the law says that within 10 years, the time term, and the VISTA teams will reverse their losses, which is exactly what had happened.

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The core and could not have been so accurate of that when events and phenomena in this life hadn't been written by a human off. Rather its author knew the secrets of the heavens and the earth. Its author is defined according

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to what he said was going to be put into that for some people in a rush.

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Accompany learning standards are similar. If you want to watch everyone in the law walk that will actually leave and the shipping was settlement and the Vienna was saying you didn't know what happened in October. Was there any other way? Some of our while he while he was trying to be with a friend or something for Stephen Covey.

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Or last time, Jonathan says what all he had was soul. Yep. Kulu time I am she can a swath. Lola, the lady Malak Playa Guna.

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And they say mockingly what kind of messenger is this? Who eats food and goes about in the marketplaces, if only an angel had been sat down with him to be as cold water.

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One of the doubts of flipping those who deny the messenger some of the long way you said that is an assumption

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In order to communicate a divine message, Allah must send a divine messenger.

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This assumption goes against revelation. It goes against history. And it goes against common sense.

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It goes against revelation because nowhere has Allah ever revealed to any human community that Allah only sends Divine Messengers. It goes against history because the long line of known prophets were all human beings who ate and slept, most of them are married and have children. To demand after that a divine messenger is to go against this signal of Allah.

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It goes against common sense because while it is true, that the message of Allah has divine, the message is supposed to be applied by human beings. Does it make more sense to send as a messenger and angel who is perfect, is sinless and never experienced the human condition nor the human burden of freewill? Or does it make more sense to send a human messenger who experiences the human condition directly, I can better explain and guide the intended audience of the message.

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This common doubt that the divine message requires the divine messenger has been exploited for millennia by the devil himself in order to divert human beings from the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala how many righteous people and prophets were turned into idols, Jesus Christ, his mother, Mary, and many others all because some people like the idea of a divine messenger despite what the law has explained, and what the law has done before

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a law that says oh, we will call it a Capital One. Oh, what? Oh, 202 that would genuine Yep, we'll make how all of bodyboarder technically gonna work my school over

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or if only a treasure had been cast down upon him, or he had a garden from the she may eat and the wrongdoers say to the believers, you are only following a witch.

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This verse draws our attention to another false assumption directed towards allows customers. There is an assumption by those who deny the truth. That success in this world is a sign of success in the Hereafter. This is not to say that the opposite is true either. Not every poor person is a saint, just as not every rich person is a sinner. Righteousness is determined by the choices you make, not by the size of your bank accounts. But the human tendency, as shown in this verse is usually to confuse wealth and status with righteousness. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam was mocked. He was mocked because he has none of these riches. He mended his own sandals he possessed very little

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he slept on a map of mats made of reads.

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One day are on the Allahu Akbar, he came in as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was getting up from sleep. And he saw the imprints of the Speedmax in the torso of the prophets of Allah.

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And I'm a bigger prophet.

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He said, O Messenger of Allah. I have seen the kings of Roma tears asleep on soft cushions raised high, surely you are more deserving than they are.

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To wish the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied, that's for them in this world, and for the believers in the hereafter.

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The profits of a loved one it was set up often didn't have even a morsel to eat in his home.

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Of course, there were no refrigerators, no way to store food long term. He didn't have a pantry.

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He would wake up and ask I should they have food? If he said no, he would often decide to make that day into an extra day ambassador.

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Some people looked at the state of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And out of their ignorance, they refused to believe that he was a prophet. They thought a prophet must be rich. A profit must live a life of luxury, must have every need and desire and that's in some miraculous way.

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There have been rich and powerful profits in the past, such as Solomon and David, but the final profit are handed out at this level so that I was given a choice between being a profits king or being a servant as a messenger, and he chose the latter, as probably has happened for him.

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A lot

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response to these accusations, okay? A lot of all that goes on. For a lot of you, that is later on. So you need to see your profit, how they call you names. So they have gone so far astray that they cannot find the right way.

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People are still calling the prophets names today, on a piece of stone.

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Every so often something happens, like what recently happened in France. I brought that at salatu salam as monks and ridicule in the so called civilized countries of the world, whether it is by cartoons, or by books, or by new movies. Such mockery is defended according to them because it is a mark of free speech and civilized society.

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Even as they criminalize other targets of mockery and criticism. They claim that the freedom to mock and criticize anything and everything is more sacred than any creative or profits.

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We say to them, that any civilization based on mockery is no civilization at all.

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If anything is rationed, deserves to be mocked. It is the idols that are worshipped instead of Allah.

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And even this Allah for him,

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when he set himself with one Fs open that in the morning that they are so Gula are the one really do not insult when they invoke besides a lot, or they will turn around and assault a lot spitefully out of ignorance.

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We say to them, there is no such thing as civilization, based on the looting and unjust killing of others.

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We just a generation or two ago, these technicians were occupying and pillaging Muslim lands. Now they have the audacity to think that the riches they stole, are a mark of their investments. Instead of a clear sign of their moral depravity and backwardness.

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We say to them that we will keep growing, that Islam will never be stopped because the fineness and shallowness of what they believe will easily be drowned out by the likes of the last truth. As the last seven popular genres have always been about them, in the love of it.

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And declare that the truth has come and also has vanished in the falsehood is bound to

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win the day of judgment finally comes and we are all resurrected carburetors, the names of these politicians or cartoonists will have long been forgotten, but everyone will like they will call upon the best of creation, the seal of the prophets, the Mercy granted to mankind behind that and after that, they will make him to intercede with Allah for them to be getting the revenue and he will be will have nothing some of it was some of them that will be remembered and will be traced around the seven heavens by angels and the afterlife belongs to the pious so much all of a sudden you

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can come up with content about it no matter what you get to when you start doing it maybe

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you're suddenly Moses the man along with something about animal happening while

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you're watching. The body in particular was

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working for other people, he didn't

00:28:33 --> 00:28:39

have a lot more time alternate. One thing to learn was she came up on Wednesday. They don't

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even follow up on them and also connect you back. What are you talking about? What is your definition?

00:28:49 --> 00:28:55

In the law, they have to prove it on either legal accent anyway, he's your quarterback. Well, yeah.

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carry my luggage. Yeah, you're probably not gonna pay for a lawyer for COVID or shuru. hall near me. Is it? One of the lucky Expo along Viana? Let us know

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