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The question is, is it says you said the gin affects the weak people, but it affected our Prophet sallallahu wasallam he was dumped weak, you're right there that it had affected our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, but what affected him was a very, very, very strong set

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very very, very strong black magic that if it happened to anyone else, it would have immediately killed them. But without Allah Allah Allah because he was so pure and he was so great and he was so strong, it only had some effect on him you know, on his memory in only like his will do what he said to Ayesha, he said, I shall die watch that part. This was only through that setup. And then he you know, he was lying down. And obviously the real Mikaela came to him and revealed

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that this wasn't just a gene, this was this was a very strong cell that affected our progress of alcoholism.

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And again, with weak you, I'm not saying only affects me with weak people don't get the message wrong. The they can out of strong people and weak people, there are more weak people that will get affected than strong people. That's the message that I'm giving.

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Can Jean get into children with special needs disabled, I work with special needs children and some of the things you mentioned, the children show signs of like grabbing all the women lift in seven minutes at whatever, look, I don't know, see, the only way you will find that is to take it to a person who has specialist knowledge, and who deals with these cases. And they've got a number of ways of testing whether the person has been affected. One way to test as I said, you read or another way to test is you do is taharah some other issue if they do Sahara. Another way to test is that they may, you know blown some water make the person drink to see the effects of it.

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Another way they might affect is for them to ask the person to recite the Quran. I mean, I was when I was in one case up north where I was in house and there was a woman

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she had something abnormal that doctors couldn't find anything wrong. And it was only when I asked to read the Quran that she was found out that she's she's definitely affected by something. Because as soon as you start reading the Quran, she couldn't actually read

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she would stop and she starts shaking,

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you know, shake, your body would shake and then I would tend to read again and chew start reading and then get drowsy and start shaking. So when these signs are there, then you know that there's, you know, a good sign a good likeness of the person can basically be affected.

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The two example of boys affected by genes were acknowledged these boys were innocent supposedly knew nothing about genes, how come they were affected as Allah in Surah Al

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Baqarah, Khurana festa 11

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integrated ownership okay.

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The two boys two examples of boys affected by which two examples issues the person referring to which to say

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is a madrasa that okay, the the boy that was sort of affected? The thing is, look, again, the Quran says yes, the Quran does say when you recite the Quran, you say I was relying on the just as a separate token for the Quran, the Quran is not necessarily I mean, obviously, you can say that if you want to be protected by by shaitaan by genes, you can say I will

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acknowledge Him, and that will be a form of your protection that can be used. However, in this case, this boy that was being affected wasn't in that particular time receiving it.

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Why was he affected because he probably just walked into a great influence of shouting. And they just want you to just have a little play around wherever you know to stay influencing. Sometimes what happens is a weak individual who walked inside there perhaps without any protection. Who knows what state he was in when he walked in there. So he perhaps got affected is not something which had to happen for any reason.

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Please tell us of the danger of Halloween.

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Taking part in it. There's no danger of Halloween.

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Absolutely. I'm just telling you. How many Halloween Have you had in your life as long as you live right? Yep. There's nothing there's nothing out there.

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It's just myth.

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Because it's a pagan ritual in this country used to have a lot of witches.

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A lot of witchcraft, which is on this was the part of the year they used to hold a festival to burn and kill those witches.

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That's what that's all it was. This was the part of the year they still have a lot of festivals in his little England here where they used to kill them and that's that's all he was whether they were real witches or not, which is accused of witchcraft or not, I don't know but in 1415

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introduce us at a high 15 16th century and they used to kill them now there's nothing out there there's absolutely nothing just a normal night and tomorrow on 31st of October is gonna be normal light light like any other night unless of course you want to go down the graveyard on your own yeah you're invited to go down some people asked me if somebody say to me this a shareholder here's some good stories. I say well, you know not in broad daylight Come on, man. You know it's not gonna excite me it's not gonna be any good to you right so then I tell him to do in the nighttime Yeah, we will not have a different enlightened right now. You're saying the people around you with the lights

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on is we should have just been in a dark room with a little candle. I never would have seen a different person. The difference is once what I did is

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I was one one group of people from webinar Masuda said we're gonna go to one house and we'll talk about Gen Z two years ago as a fine as a non daylight as it has been nighttime. So tonight I went in the house will sit in the antennae. These are grown up adults here by the towers, finishing with all the dean stories right there like the women were hiding behind the men shaking, right? And even the men were looking low who cannot?

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who cannot find, right? Because the thing is, you gotta you gotta say them at the at sort of the right time people get as your stories you understand. Some of them, one of them relate to your facts, right, but sometimes something that you hear out there are not facts. They're just, they're just things that people spin around. What is the difference between gin and shave? 13? And are they from the same origin? Yes, I was gonna actually explain that in the in the token is grayed out the board is up. Jin is to read all of them that have been created from this creation of unseen creatures that are moving around us and around the world. We don't see them they see us.

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However, share thean are those gene that have become rebellious and started to disobey a law or to do something evil shouting doesn't have to only be used for gin is a common mistake that we make. You can have men and women that are shouting you can have genes that are shouting and evidence of that is in the Holy Quran we say mineralogy nuttiness, you can have shouting from the genes you can have shouting from the from the from humankind. What does that mean? It means that they're just evil. They're evil and they do evil things that they've got devilish acts, know whatever that is being mean being horrible, being cruel and so on. That's threatening. So all the genes that are

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cruel that are unrighteous that are that are

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oppressive, that are rebellious, that are disobedient to Allah. They are shouting.

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That's the difference between two

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I'm afraid whenever I'm alone in darkness Is this normal? I pray five times a day most of the mustard that I read, I recite the Quran quoted us each day. You don't have to be afraid it might be something that in your mind, if you are then after every Salah, just pray adequacy and there's a beautiful Hadith in Bukhari, where Abu huraira the Allahu anhu is looking after the Zakat Treasury and a thief comes to steal it, and said howdy society Buhari and he, he catches him and he says, I'm going to take you Who are you and we'll take you straight to the profit or loss. So he begs, he said, Look, I'm hungry, and I've got a family to feed in our marijuana competition, Please let me

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go. Let me go. Let me go. Right. So I will rather than let him go, and then he comes to the profit and loss of money related to him. And he says that Mr. Avila, you know, there's someone who are quote, Professor loudest. And I mean, he smiled, and he said,

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he said,

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He's lied to you.

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in Hokkaido,

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he's lied to you, he's going to come back to you

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is going to come back and goes back to the car, Treasury and weights and this person coming back the next night and tries to steal. And he grabs hold of him and he says, I'm going to take you to popsicles when he begs him and he says, Please, I'm hungry. My family, you know, are starving. Please let go of me. Let go of me. So I will let him go. He reports again, to the professors and professors who says it No, like I do, but no who say Oh, he said, He's lying. He's gonna come back to you. And some three or four times over. And then on the fourth time, something this this person that is catchy is the person says, Please, I'll teach you something. I'll teach you something if you

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let go of me this time. So what he said, if you want protection from

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the shouting or the genes, you should recite, Atul kursi, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. You haven't read the whole thing to Abu hurayrah. Allah came to the profit and loss of man. He said, as you have a lot. This is what happened last night, and Protestantism said he told you the truth on this occasion, though he's a liar, because I'm afraid I was no other person except for

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shaytaan shaytaan that you had quote all these nights, and it was shaytani like they said this so if you're scared in any way then one of the things is to proceed to recite that and to believe in that. And that will be enough as a protection. There's a hadith that says that if you reach out to see after the fault prayer, it is an aside.

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Lavinia now who mean to hulan Jana lol mult, nothing will prevent the person from getting into Jenna except the coming of death. Meaning that when death comes to me is going straight to Jana. If you decide Adam could see after every fall prayer, this is the case. And it's also a very good form protection in many hobbies. It's been said. So again with yourself Don't be you know, you don't need to be scared at all, unless you have got got a reason to be scared.

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Can Rukia be potentially life threatening? If you suspect black magic?

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Not really.

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know the answer is no.

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It says again, the question is repeated, if it's to the elderly, and is life threatening.

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Again, look, people who do the rock, if they're good, they would know what they what extent they can go to just like a doctor, a doctor is not going to pump any medicine inside you. If he knows that too much medicine, your body's not going to be good for you. Same way, if there's a very, very weak individual, that the person who's doing the Rukia would know when when to stop and how much to actually how far to go. What can you do to prevent yourself from all of this

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thingie shutdowns, bad genes. Right? Yes, to protect yourself. One thing I've repeated again and again is advocacy.

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And another part that I will just relate to you

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the rigor of Allah Subhana, Allah subhanaw taala is is very,

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very effective. And then if you recite a van, or say the van in your bedroom, wherever it is, and say loudly towards the Qibla it is a form of chemo in your house if you say that that is a way of keeping the shotgun away.

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Specifically recited to Bukhara which is mentioned in Timothy is another form again, of protection if you can't recite it, then even to play a CD in the house is also effective to keep it continuous. If the CD is continuous, then it sends effective Another one is there's a book called The man's in the book called The manual is just full of Quranic adds a number of ads, which orlimar have recited over a number of time, and they've, they've used this and and experienced that reciting this after every budget and after every month, it's only as of the Quran to blow in your hands to pass over the body, it is very effective in keeping yourself from the away from the influence of the of the genes

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or the influence of Sahara and so on. And you could do the non Manziel, you can

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you know get from good Islamic bookshop, you can just ask them for the man's in a very small book about 3040 feet or something. And to be consistently reading that is a good way. If you feel that the effects are still there, and you need to do more, get me to do more again, the best thing is to increase your tilava to increase the math and do it loudly. Due to our loud is more effective for Jin's than to just really quiet in your mind and to do liquor in terms of doing liquor. If you do liquor and you start to something specific like hospital law, one yamawaki or you putting your trust in Allah, a license suffices us when Mr. luckyland is the best best that we can survive and to

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repeat that constantly, is again a good

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protection or to say some of the other AI Mathura some of the things that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to say, or the Quran has told us Allahumma inni are becoming hamazon shayateen what

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the specific duar the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has told us to stay safe specifically or lie seek to protect your protection from the evil influences of this shouting and the fact that they come and be with me or be our only becoming hammers that

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is specifically in the Quran. You can recite this over and over again for your protection.

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He says if you if you read all of these things and still feel the effects, what can you do? Again, look, something's weak within yourself. Either you're a bear that has not been done properly. Either you imagine somebody who might be reading a lot and doing a lot, but there might be sitting if you're sitting then it's going to just remove the effects of all your reading or some of the effects

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Have you reading or maybe your purity is not there now one thing is to be pure in terms of how you go to the toilet is very, very important that your clothes being clean your bed staying clean your, your house staying clean of impurities, nudges especially with you read with excretion with things that are absolutely you know, forbidden to pray in those things you have to cleanse your house and your surrounding from you will find the influences will be greater when your actions are there and for a long time you can suddenly become practice in a you know, expect the best of results you have to be on treat for some continuous standing, you'll see good effects of it. Sometimes again, it

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might be very influential, but what you have to do is again, you have to just carry on with your you know, the best is your own Amal and if not, you know you go to shoe, you go to certain shoes that deal with this and you go to you know, certain people who are better than others if you'd find one share couldn't deal with it, you take leave and you go to another chef and you try and get you know them to deal with the case and meet me last summer another you will find the cure

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kind of human being controlling

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human beings can get influence over Qian and normally what the Quran has said that normally happens is that the human beings start to become subdued to the genes in most of the cases. So that says said men who will start to take protection in genes. This is specifically mentioned sort of gin. And that happens you know what I said to you that the worship ministry is getting the influence of shape and so I'm getting under the influence and then getting them using them for certain things that no longer but can I person influence the gym? Yes, they can. And they can come in contact with a surgeon and they can basically you know, sometimes they can defend you sometimes they can just come

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and befriend you. And that is rare, but it's possible that they come and befriend you they come and they make themselves known to you. So you if you hear in empty space one day you hear a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. You know, don't run away. Just say, what

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was your handshake, you know, shake my hand here. If you got the guts to do that.

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It happened to me once I was in a, this was years back

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in a big tent, where I went to look for something in the dark. No one was in that tent, and I had this and utterly my heart just stopped for a few seconds because I was quite young than at that time, and then just about managed to get out of that tent. But then I went back is that for you know, losing out on the chances I went back but then there was nothing replying back to me saying Salaam Salaam in the corner, nothing replying back to you. But then my share confirm that it was a gene that was that was trying to communicate to contact so that that moment, if you do, then then they can contact you. However, most cases, they won't do that. Most cases don't do that. But what

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you can do sometimes there in your house, there have been cases where there's been young children I know that have talked to me specifically that they've seen, they've seen genes in around in the household. And sometimes they can reveal that they've got their choice to if they want to reveal themselves to someone, they can reveal themselves. If they want to be in this crowd here. They want to reveal themselves to one person and not to the rest of us. They can do that. Things go into their mind, make them see them and not anyone else that can be the case. However, this question about you influencing them, there are ways but it's not allowed for a human being to just go out there and

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just to catch a gene and to influence them. And to bring them under the possession once Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he caught a gene inside the masjid

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and it tied the gene to pillar of the masjid.

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And then he's allowed so let me let the gene go.

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And he said hadn't it been for him remembering the draft of of Solomon and a Salaam he would have waited till the Sahaba came and saw what a gene looks like.

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He said because whoever Ali Salaam said we have the moon can lay and very early I had him in body no one after your law should have a kingdom as great as mine. Give me such a kingdom and that's when Allah gave him the power of the genes as well as the human beings so to suit ourselves and remember that and he said in our remember that so I you know, he's my brother who Solomon who said that I didn't want to invest. Now, that doesn't mean that, you know, it's it's completely forbidden for anyone in any way to you know, to trap a gene anyway Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam for whatever reason, he did this, of course, yes, we shouldn't go out there and start to you know, look at the

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genes and start catching them whatever, you know, is quite dangerous to do there anyway, is dangerous to the in other ways, and I'm not gonna get into that but influence in a cache that is almost like turning it

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Free person to slave.

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So you can imagine if somebody came, I wanted to grab hold of you, catch you, and take you and send you off as a stable user as a slave, how would you rebel against that, you can imagine now what will happen to again, if you're going there and trying to influence them, and, you know, use them as a slave, they're going to rebel. And sometimes you can end up very painful to the ones trying to control them. Or they can, you know, kill you. There's been cases when they've killed human beings, because they try to influence them. But there are some human beings that are able to get in contact with gins and use them for exorcism. There are a few that do that. And again, if you don't believe

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in this, you just need to go and spend some time with the shoe and be around them and see how they actually do it.

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met, I met one of these in Trinidad

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I you can, it's it's weird, but unless you go and see the shoe, you know, sometimes they can even force a gin and imprison it into a bottle or something like that. And you can be there around and see within the glass or the or the bottle, a creature that is weird looking inside. Now again, please don't want to believe in don't believe in it. But if you the only way you're going to believe in some of these things is to actually be with the shoe spend time with them and see what they do in their actual process. When you see it is something different.

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Can Rokia be done on non Muslim?

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See non Muslims have their own sort of Rocky another Bible has got some truth in it. We don't deny that. And you know, when when pretty sad things of other sort of religious leaders they do Rukia from their own books. If there's truth in that, from the real words of Allah, what he revealed is still some form of truth in that it will have its effect. And that's why they have their own Okay, doesn't mean that their religion is sort of true. Now whether a Muslim can do look at a nomad and I've never come across that.

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I've heard that when shapes do Rukia and take a gene out of someone, some jeans, hold grudges and try to get the shape back by attacking or possessing one of the family members Is this true? See, this is one of the things that is important if anyone's going into exorcism is that you have to know the larger effects of what they're capable of doing. And that's why any shape that does exorcism they will have you know, they will have regular readings for their own family members where they will and their household so they can protect their children and protect their wife and their family from attacks. It can happen and sometimes it does happen when they come back and they want to attack

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but if the issue will know to recite and make sure that they are making their own protection for themselves and for their for the families

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is the Holy Ghost type of gym. Now, they believe it was the braid. And I don't know how they come up with that. No, actually that person wrote it he wrote is the Holy Ghost

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type of

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do aliens exist?

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Now we'll get we're getting quite quite good at this and the unseen world we can to them in I've said time and again, as far as we believe. You know, we haven't seen aliens.

00:23:36 --> 00:23:44

We haven't met aliens. So we're not going to believe in aliens right now. But if we ever see aliens coming and dropping on this planet,

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we can assess

00:23:48 --> 00:23:55

if they know what Salaam Alaikum is. We can say how you know that. The Quran is the Quran, Allah

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forgive da da through creature if they can understand that we use sign language. Yeah, that's if they exist, the whole hype is whether they exist or they don't exist. Now we don't need to be bothered by something that may exist.

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Our Dean hasn't said anything about you know other creatures and other planets as far as we're concerned we're the only two that are being addressed by the Quran is the human beings and the genes that there's nothing else now if it happens that one day you know we find that that there are then you know we'll deal with at that time, you know not now hypothetically tell you what to do when you meet an alien. Yeah.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:38

But my wife had a

00:24:40 --> 00:24:49

cya. I have been told what is your advice? Okay. But I think some people believe that you know, they can be

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they can be a dark shade of shadow that overpowers them or something.

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

Again, Look, you've got to look at the symptoms of what they what they've been through.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:06

And then take them to specialists to deal with it. You can't just come to a conclusion.

00:25:08 --> 00:25:13

I remember one one good thing that one of our chefs said to us, you know, we used to go to them and say, Now sometimes you're asleep.

00:25:15 --> 00:25:16

You're lying down.

00:25:17 --> 00:25:20

In sleep. And in your sleep, you can't move.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:23

You're trying to move.

00:25:25 --> 00:25:26

And you can't breathe as well.

00:25:27 --> 00:25:32

Has anyone ever happened to the Piazza? Whoa, about 20 people?

00:25:34 --> 00:25:50

joking, joking. Yeah. So, you know, I've had that, and I've had other people in the mothers that we've gone to the chef and who said, this has happened, you know, and you just lost moment. When you buy the shoe that you bought the dye or something, and you say the word allows only what he's had, and then you get sort of released.

00:25:52 --> 00:25:57

So share confirm, we said, Look, this, mainly, he said, is because

00:25:59 --> 00:26:09

there's probably some phlegm or something that's within your nose that goes all the way down to a part of your tunnel in between where your breathing passages.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:14

So and it happens, mostly, he said, Why are you lying on your back?

00:26:15 --> 00:26:52

When you're lying on your back, so he's advised us to clear up the throat to clean the nose for people go to sleep. And if you haven't, he said just turn your side is mostly haven't because that part of the market goes down to a place where it doesn't allow you to breathe. I found it kind of never happened to me again after that. But people will say across the world that as a gym, there's a specific type of gym that comes and gets you. So sometimes it might not be a gym. And sometimes you might be so you will only find out if you just go to the right person to good shape. And you ask them about it. Anyone

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watching the no loop knows for Voodoo, since shaitan sits in your nose at night. Does that mean you only wash in the morning? We do everybody? Everybody please. Because the sooner the Russell allows in the morning one is just there to you know that one will remove the influence but generally throughout the day he might come and he might just read because he likes impure places.

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Why would God create a gin for what use and he says non Muslim here.

00:27:29 --> 00:27:48

Why the God created general he created gene and he created men so that we we serve him or molecule Gina will insert ilala Voodoo law says I've never created gin. I never created men, except that they serve me and they worship me the whole point point was that we serve Him and not disobey Him.

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I had a hadith that 70,000 people enter Jannah without any reckoning and one of the reasons for this is because they didn't get Rukia around them. Does this mean that if a person is affected by suicide, it's better to go? Not to not go to someone to do Rukia? No, no, no. So first thing is that had is I've never heard of

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that if you if you never got Rukia done on them then you one of the 70,000 I've never heard of that. You'd have to forward me that Hadith for me to see the verification of it. And the rest of it. No, it doesn't make any sense.

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Is there a particular way we should dispose of our hair, fingernails depends on that. Well, the sooner is that you actually put it into the soil. That is the sooner that you fingernails in your head go back into the soil. Because part of the human being whatever part of it is goes back in the bud, the kind of societies we live in. Now you can't you can't do that. And I don't want you guys to start burying your neighbors looking.

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Man, they already call us terrorists, right? They're gonna call us you know, which terrorists are and our visitors and whatever they're gonna call it sit next. So it's societies that we might live you somebody still wants to do it fine, you do it. But it's a bit difficult, you know, the kind of small little garden wherever you've got, you know, you want to fill it up with fingernails right? And here's how you can dispose of it in your dustbins is fine.

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How can you tell between a person that actually has a gene in them and a person that is just crazy or has bad behavior?

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That's true. Sometimes people have bad behavior and they act as if they were legitimate. Then I came to a recent case here. God was messing around with his wife, as in he was seeing another woman and when he got caught when he got caught, yeah. He said she hadn't been feeling well lately. You know?

00:29:45 --> 00:29:51

inside of the styler, they said I have the feeling when his wife and the husband wife both know me.

00:29:52 --> 00:29:59

So now I'm talking to the husband over the phone and he said to me, Look, you know, I went to a recent calls, and they're talking about some influences, and I'm

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

seeing some of these symptoms inside me. And I've sort of forgotten few things and said, and I said to him

00:30:07 --> 00:30:19

as a guest serious, man. I said, you telling me that all these things that you've been doing was the effect of a of a shutdown or a gene as you have in a loft

00:30:20 --> 00:30:27

as a missing man, you had lust and desire inside you. Come on, man. Yeah, you fancy that woman took away

00:30:29 --> 00:30:31

it goes, Well,

00:30:32 --> 00:30:33

actually, it's true.

00:30:35 --> 00:30:47

Now you blaming on a genius on the inside, just just kind of, you know, invisibly, stopped him away, and told him, you know, get live and all we did blaming all your things on a gym. Some people do that. So I remember once there was a

00:30:49 --> 00:31:13

there's a kid in a village is actually one of our cousins who, who just went a bit mad once Yeah, my dad came. And my dad used to do some of these you cannot not have you sort of look wastages or light, rockier. So my dad can start reading. Start reading my dad's reading without reading. Suddenly, my dad grabbed my cousin, I just slapped him and said, will you do that? Again? It was no uncle.

00:31:15 --> 00:31:18

Will you do that again? Then you finish what walked off? Oh.

00:31:20 --> 00:31:23

Well, that's a Well, I've been reading here see me reading it has no effect.

00:31:25 --> 00:31:28

No, he's got no gene inside me just being crazy.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:42

It's just doing silly things inside the village, as blaming is trying to make you look like he's got a gym. Because my dad knows that when he recites when he resides in the gym, they will be affected, it will, you know, show some kind of symptoms.

00:31:45 --> 00:31:54

So again, look, you you have to sort of, you have to go to specialist for the you can't be you can't do a DIY job in your house and don't try as well.

00:31:55 --> 00:32:33

I have worked in a lot of mental health wards. In my experience, a lot of the patients talk about heaven and * and devils quite obsessively, they also have to be restrained a lot because of behavior, do they have genes? Again, look, I can't say every case differs, every single case differs. There could be some cases in some mental as well, as I said to you, some of them are really mental. Some of them might be genes. And the only way you will know is for a proper share to come. And to assess them in a one by one that would mean that he would like to sit with them and start reciting the Quran. And I've seen it on several occasions, several occasions, the chef comes in,

00:32:33 --> 00:32:55

sometimes the chef does walks in and then the person basically just got mad. And they just want to say something you know who I will not get out of my way I don't want to be here. Sometime the chef starts to just recite moment is reciting, it starts, sometimes the chef resized for a little while sometimes it could take you know, up to a few minutes, sometimes more than that. And then you see some effects. And sometimes they don't see the effects.

00:32:56 --> 00:33:10

And they conclude that it's just a mental, it's a mental health issue. Sometimes, you know, that's been the case. You said the jinn is the same as human. So does that mean they die as well? Yes, they do die, they do have longer lives than us.

00:33:11 --> 00:34:01

They do live for sometimes up to several 100 years, they can live sometimes a lot longer than us they can live they will do also have a lot more power than us physical power, physical strength, but we have intelligence, the supremacy of our intelligence is much more high than this. That's where it bleeds also was very, very angry. Because Adam and I sort of knew the names of all of these things. Whatever Allah showed him, he knew the concepts and gins in places when he didn't know any of that. And that's what that's what, that's what got the arrogance inside Iblees because he was this man knows so much about the world and he's just been born alive, just just just come to life. And he

00:34:01 --> 00:34:15

obviously, you know, he's got a lot more knowledge than myself. So that's one thing that we have over them. And they're really scared of that the fact that you know, we human beings can think in ways that they can't think. And so they're very much scared of that. But we've got like I said, we've got

00:34:17 --> 00:34:21

other, they've got other strengths of others over us. We've got some strengths over them.

00:34:22 --> 00:34:59

If I know that someone is affected by Gene in another country, can I do draw for this country and help that person will I get attacked for helping that person? If you make dua for somebody, if you make dua for somebody, because they've been effective, nothing's gonna happen to you. If you make, even if you give advice to someone in general advice, nothing's gonna happen to you. I give advice to a lot of people send them to you know, go to the share folder, share one of our time do this read Surah Baqarah at home, all the advice I'm giving to you today, if it was going to be the case that you're going to be affected and I'm going to watch out when I go home right

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

So nothing's gonna happen, nothing's gonna happen. But what you shouldn't do is start you're in I mean, if you're, if you're just a husband, and your wife's been affected, and because I know brother just in North London, you know, he's not a he's not a great nerdy person. He's not an exorcist, whatever, but it's just a normal person. He, he prays, he's practicing, his wife is practicing as well. And they've been affected by something, whatever it is, you know, most of the time, his wife just changes she just flips and she's a different person. And there's actually another cases are right now that this is happening in again in North London. So I would advise both of them they're

00:35:38 --> 00:36:12

not they're not orlimar they're not people who learn there are people who have gone through a madrasa system or who have the Quran or anything like that. But I've just told them generally that look, you know, because they're strong individuals I know you know that they're strong individuals I've said when your wives when your wife sort of goes into the state then you should start reciting you know, holder down, recite something reserved fat to Harris advocacy, recite Marvel thankless, falafel, do not you know, and blow on the individual and recite it several times if you have to and what sort of Baccarat Please

00:36:13 --> 00:36:51

give the ban loudly. And they do this and one of them has said specifically that the influence has become a lot less than when it first started, you know, a lot less so. Um, yes, if you're a person at home and you want to just do this much and but you're a strong individual, you got stronger padding, you can do it, you can do and at least you got something going on because you can't always call someone down to your house. But if you're not, you don't know what you're doing. Please just don't don't start anything go to an expert. Where is the last handler? And how could the jinn listen to his orders Now look, they're not listened to a lot and say that in the talk, and I said that they

00:36:51 --> 00:37:04

they will listen to some conversations of the angels on the you know, on the on the part where I have an ends and the next sort of Earth spots. So here again,

00:37:05 --> 00:37:25

is not to it's not about them, listen to Allah. But and they're not listening to Allah's direct orders, but they listen to some conversations of the of the angels. And this is something that I used to have, look into the field of Sujin. And you will find find the sorcerer to Safa, look in the beginning of it and look at the ceiling, you will find some of this there. So again

00:37:27 --> 00:37:42

Now the last thing that I would say is that there's a lot of there's a lot of other stories and things a lot of I can fill you in with but you know, I guess we'll keep that for another time when we you know, see in somewhere nice and quiet in the dark here.

00:37:44 --> 00:37:45

we've answered gone through the questions.

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