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AbdelRahman Murphy
AI: Summary © The importance of learning Arabic to understand the meaning of time is discussed, as it is crucial for peace and blessings. The speaker emphasizes the need to remember the timeframe and not just to recalling it, as it is a result of the lack of faith in God. The importance of acceptance of Islam and giving hope and mercy to people is also emphasized. The success of students taking exams and the importance of learning to make mistakes and learn from mistakes are also discussed.
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era Bashar

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is advocating rather than relying on the regime in the Holocene and ladina, hospital enforcer homework Li him Yamuna Panda,

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Allah are on God Almighty in the Quran, he sends down many chapters in many verses, there are over 6000 verses in the entire Koran collectively.

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There is one chapter, however, consisting of three verses which all of us probably know even the young children. And this one chapter and you have a chapter you know, a lot he said about this chapter. And he said that if these verses these three verses, were the only three verses to be sent down ever in the entire revelation of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, then this message that's carried in these three verses would be sufficient enough for humanities guidance.

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Other professors and other commentators from abroad they note that this Sula, this chapter in the Quran

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it carries the message of the entire Quran all the other chapters can be found between so the question say that the entire code on the entire message can be found between someone's parser off and the end. And everything between servers are often the end can be found in this chapter, or on these reverses. And this chapter is sort of an awesome, the chapter called the time.

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Allah subhanaw taala. This chapter, he begins with an interesting message. But first we need to talk about first we need to talk about why are we talking about this.

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All of us probably in our global prayers, or in our answer prayers, or in our federal prayers, or whatever, praying that we were praying, we've probably recited this sutra, at least once a day. And many of us if you're like, you know, some of us, some people may myself, we recited every prayer, right, because a lot of us have busy times, a lot of us have a busy day, a lot of us have schedules in school, or work or family, and we don't have time to recycle the bucket. You know, he sort of he has seen in our prayers, so we'd like to recite the shorter pseudos. Now, the problem that comes about from this methodology, though, is when we constantly recite these shorter sutras over and over

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again, the meaning and the understanding of these verses that a lot of settings us that God is giving us is lost.

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So when you constantly have the same thing for dinner, night in and night out over and over again, you begin to eventually lose the flavor of that, you begin to eventually lose the lightning for that thing, because it's old news, it's getting old, right in order to there's a phrase called Get the movie, it's just like house chicken. Right.

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But this chapter in the Quran is so deep in meaning, if you dive into it, it's I'm diving into a pool, if you look around, there's just gems everywhere. So it's important that as we tell our kids to memorize put on it, as we ourselves memorize to put on, we don't just memorize the meaning of this book in Arabic and become like parents just to recite it back. But we have to develop a sense of understanding within the Quran. And there's a couple of ways to do this. Number one is Arabic. And I'm not saying that you need to learn Arabic so that you can go and speak with all the animals that have a dinner party. That's not the reason why we learn Arabic. That's a nice reason to learn

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everything. But the reason why we learn Arabic is to understand what our palate is telling us. So someone learns Arabic, and they can understand every single word in the Quran and all the meaning, but they can't speak a word of it when they go over to Jordan into Syria or Egypt. That's fine. Mission accomplished. That is your goal. And half in Oman, we know he teaches Arabic classes. And so if you're interested in picking up a little bit here and there, go and learn from him going live in Google note so that we can understand this book of Allah.

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This was the author's three verses, the first verses what

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he says, when asked.

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And this while at the beginning of an author of the verse is called wildly Muslim, it is something that it's a while it's a letter that God swears by. And so for a lot of the younger people who maybe we don't understand or people who are not familiar with the Arabic language or grammar, back in the day when I used to play basketball in Chicago, my friends and somebody should call follow, right? But the old, the old for the layup and they missed the layup terribly, it goes all over. And that was a foul name followed me. Right. And what was the response that we would say that's a mouthful, my mama didn't follow you. Right? And I apologize. And it was not respectful to say this in the

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message I'm trying to get across the point of what it is. So when I say I put it on my mother, I put it on my father's policy, right. It's a huge it's a big oath that I'm taking. It's a huge oath that I'm taking. So when I was gonna start by saying well, when

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he's putting that oath in front of it that's stronger than any oath that we can make. So God Himself is swearing he says when asked by an officer

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What is the meaning of it also,

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the commentators of the people who have studied the Quran, they say there's a couple different meanings and these meanings they don't contradict. So we can take all of them. One of them is a definite is that for sure the meaning of it is time what the word means in English is time, it also just means time, it means all the time in its entirety. So if I told you from all the beginning of time till now, that's are actually from the beginning of time to the end of time.

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So God is swearing by this huge, massive amounts of time that none of us will be able to fully comprehend.

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And some of the scholars have caught on say that the reason why he's swearing by this, you cannot understand what all of time is like when I tell you to think about millions and millions of seconds or days or hour or whatever, I tend to think about a large amount of time, the human being cannot comprehend that large amount of time. And so God is showing us simply by simply by swearing it, that he knows what we do not know. He understands what we cannot understand. He has a level of intelligence of wisdom that we will not be able to comprehend. And so it was important to submit to Him and His will.

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The second meaning is the author of prayer. Some scholars say that this one officer means the officer prayer, the actual prayer in the evening time, right? There's five prayers, we don't want to slam the officer prayer is the third prayer during the day. Some scholars say I was swearing by that prayer.

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And why would you swear by this prayer? Well look and analyze your day, many of us have come to lead with a brother who was coming in today. And he was telling me that on Fridays, Mashallah, Mashallah, he has a half day at work, many of us went, Wow, where you work when you get a job there, right? Friday's half day. But many of us we have very busy schedules, whether we're students or whether we're fathers or mothers and we work or whatever our lifestyle is, we have busy schedules, things come up. And so we're always constantly looking at this and that in this meeting, and that meeting,

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the scholar say, don't forget the meeting with us.

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We're constantly checking our calendars and our books and our assignments and all the things for me with this professor after me with this person My boss is going to meet in the afternoon. Don't forget the meeting with the law.

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And the author prayer, the reason why it's so emphasized is because it's right in that portion of the day, that it's very difficult to get things done. Between midday and the evening. You're just trying to wrap up your day, you're trying to wrap up your workday, trying to head home, you're trying to wrap up your your school day and try to get back home. So there's a ladder somewhere, and bam.

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You have 20 minutes left to pray, what are you going to do?

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So unless my father's reminding us simply in one verse, that he's swearing by an officer, don't forget it awesome.

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The third meeting and this is the mean that we're going to discuss today in today's talk a bunch a lot.

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scholar say that an author is the amount of time or the period of time that is between when the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was given revelation by God all tied up until the end of time, is the period of time from when the Prophet Muhammad became a prophet from Mohammed Abdullah Salaam Salaam receive revelation until the end of time. So a lot of swearing by the end of time. And why is it important because he wants to show us the importance of the messenger so

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that from when he came to finalize the message from when he came to continue on and finalize and put his stamp, the seal of the message of belief in one God alone, the same message as all the other prophets have been giving. That is when time really started for a lot of us.

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And so this message, a lot of saying is of this time, your time is now and he's swearing by then he continues and he says in the next verse, in an incentive less equal to the equals rate, he says, a lot more bonuses in Now, again, we went over this before and another thought, and now what else that starts with it now. It's still keep, it has emphasis. So if I were to put in the into like a form, like if I were to say in that is this is like this,

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right? I'm talking to a man that's in there. So let's say in an insider, that equals Verily, mankind, all of creation, not Muslim, Christian Jewish. Atheists, no increase in all of NASA and that's all of humankind. Less equal some

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love here. lovey means inside, but fee the actual word fee is really what means inside. So if I said at the masjid, I am in the masjid that gets the meaning across a lot smartphones saying verily all of mankind is in Los Angeles, and they're all in loss. And last year, when I lost my phone to put the line for the fee, what happens unless monetizing that this loss is so large, it's so massive that it's like we're drowning in it. So God Himself is putting the default the default existence for humanity is that we are in loss

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in the incentive that he

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And what is the last part? Well, some people might look around and might say, Well, you know, Bill Gates isn't really in launch right now.

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Right, TJ, he's not really losing, he's got a ton of money, right? Or we might look at some of our family members see, they're not really a loss right now, because their life is good. They're enjoying their life. What does it mean that they're in loss? This verse doesn't make sense. They're on loss. The Koran tells us later and earlier swordswoman in Nepal, Siena, and levina, fasudil. And even

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Verity, those who are in loss are those who will lose themselves and their families. On the day of judgment. God is not talking about this, like he's not saying that these people are losers or that human kindness is, you know, we're all a group of losers in this life. No, he's saying that barely what's gonna happen, the majority of people will not grasp this message, they will not follow it and understand it. So when the next slide, unfortunately, there will be a mouse

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stressing against the importance of cake of the man.

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How many of us were born into this, and

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how many of us were born from our mothers and fathers? And we had no idea that we were born with this great blessing as belief in God Almighty.

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Think about the difficulties that a lot of people will accept the sun have to go through.

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And how commanded so price faith is so valuable. And these people who have accepted Islam, sometimes they have to go through difficulties with their own families not accepted in with their communities, not accepting them, when they themselves question Do I have to change my personality?

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Do I have to change who I am? Do I have to work with us who are all the time I have to work? Because it does this make me Muslim?

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You know, one time My father was a convert who's who's accepted Islam. His name is Jim Murphy, some of the street you would never know he was Muslim.

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He went to a Masjid in a certain city. And he was looking for something and he asked one of the people he said, Where is this part of the machine?

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He saw Brother, brother from the eastern one of the Eastern Muslim countries is where this he was looking for a space in the masjid. And the guy said, why you asked him. My dad goes, because I need to go there. And he was Oh, sorry, you didn't look Muslim?

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Like what does that even mean? You don't look Muslim.

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If we saw the companions of the Prophet icicle Salaam, we would see a bunch of group of different people who nothing looked alike.

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They were all from different facets and different different, you know, walks of life, they all had different looks, different clothes, the profit so he didn't wear any specific kind of clothing he wore what was given to him.

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And so when we see people will accept this lamb or people who maybe they were born Muslim, but later on in life, it is time to start practicing. We need to be give them hope and mercy we need to accept them. We need to give them the acceptance of the community without judging them we can't look at someone's earrings or someone's tattoos or someone's you know, whatever they were look up and say this is what makes you Muslim. No, Allah subhanaw taala is telling you what makes you Muslim is that you're not going to be a loser on the on the next in the next line. What makes you Muslim is that you're not going to be lost then it has nothing to do with what you're wearing, what you look like

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what you talk like what you listen to what you eat nothing.

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And the Prophet Muhammad SAW send them they asked him,

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the companions asked them they said, what will be what will be the things that will that will get people into agenda the most. He said, You want to know the two things he said yes, tell us those two things. He said taqwa having God consciousness, realizing that God is watching you, and then he can hear you. And the second thing is good character.

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What's the holdup?

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So we have to make sure that we live a life or treating our relationship with God, and our relationship with our community, the best that we can,

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instead of Allah because

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Allah subhanaw taala here is setting the default. He's setting the standard. And then afterwards, he says Illa

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and when this word in that, which means except, or however, when it pops up, instantly, we should feel what, who, who are the exception, I want to be the exception, if a lot of thing that all humanity is going to be a loss. And then he says, except then we should listen to me like who is the exception? Right? And unless he does this a lot in the Quran, because he's trying to get our attention. Because when you're reading the Quran, you might get you might doze off a little bit because here's the cup, who who's the exception I want I want to be a loser who wants to be a loser in this room, let's walk around like this

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must be a loser. So he says in that in lambda Dena, Amazon, those who believe again showing you that faith is not easy. In the Latina, Amazon, amigos Ali has also been helpful to us all the sudden God says except for those who believe, and they do good deeds, they do righteous deeds, and they hold each other or advise each other together in truth, and they advise us when they're together in patients.

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A lot of times

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Here is giving us the four characteristics, if we do not want to be a loser on the next day, and the next one, on the day job, he's giving us the poor characteristics. And we're going to go over this. And that'll be the end of the first is a Latina among those who believe, and we just talked about this that is difficult to accept this is different, it's difficult to come to terms and accept this man. Even if you're born Muslim, a lot of young people in this country, they're born Muslim, and they haven't actually accepted Islam, that it's been given to them as a beautiful gift. And they themselves have to come to terms with it.

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And so check out the Nasir said last week in the program, he said, mothers and fathers when your children come home from school from school, seven, eight hours, if they go to a public school, or even the private school, even the summer school, they're not just coming home from seven or eight hours of studying and working. They're coming from seven and eight hours of trying to keep their imagine inside of them.

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Finally, on the benefits out of public school recently and see what goes on, it's very ironic behavior, right?

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But when they come out of that they come out with that refined and strong and the way that they do that is when they come home.

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There's love and acceptance. Yes, we need to improve them. Yes. I'm not saying let them make mistakes and say, Oh, no, but do it in a way that doesn't create hyper amounts of fear that the kids come home and they're run to the room and they don't want to get in trouble. That's not the way that the pockets of Satan was. That's not the way the problem was people were never scared of him. Even those people who disagreed with him, they said we respect you. Also Gavin's daughter wanted to kill him.

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And his daughter, Mary, the prophet, he said what he said I could not imagine a better person for my daughter to marry.

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Someone the prophets lesson was around people were attracted, who's magnetic? Ask yourself the question when our families come home when our spouses come home, when my wife comes home, does she want to go to the room and she wants to talk to me? What is my personality?

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Because that will reinforce the face. It landed in an avenue where Amina solly had been in Arabic grammar, this is beautiful. Allah, Allah says amin, which means a plural in the form of doing something I saw he had, if you look at the grammar of the word, if you look at the grammar of the phrase, technically something is missing. In between, I mean no and slowly, there should be the option that is done on either side.

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There should be another word in between there. Why did God leave it out? This is interesting and this is beautiful. Listen up. Two reasons. Number one, is because Allah subhanaw taala God Almighty wanted to reinforce the fact that we are all different people look around the room. We all look different. We all dress different. We all talk different. We all eat different food. We're different people. That means that our good deeds that we that we are good at doing that we feel comfortable doing, they're going to be different to maybe some people like to recruit on Mashallah maybe some people like to give to charity, Mashallah, maybe some people like to go out and help people and give

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people food, maybe some people like to work with the youth like myself, Mashallah.

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Don't limit the good deeds that people can do to what you think the good deeds are that they can do.

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Everyone has a different personality, everyone has a different fingerprint. Everyone has a different spiritual status, and they are good at different things. So if my brother or sister is good at art, and painting calligraphy or doing whatever, let them do it, I was thought he had, there's no specific definition, God is not giving a specified option for someone to do. He says that if you are one of these people who you do righteous things and what's in anything that you're doing, but it has to be sloppy, it has to be righteous. So okay, so I'm not going to club.

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The needs of the club. No.

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It's gotta be righteous.

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Now you're personally good.

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The second grammar point is beautiful here is that whenever something is taken away, let me put this in English. If I come home,

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and I said,

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I come home and I walk in the front door, and I

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open the fridge. And I see somebody ate my sandwich.

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And my family goes, what kind of sandwich was it?

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I know, it doesn't matter what kind of sandwich it was, someone ate it. Right? I didn't think somebody ate my salami sandwich. I didn't say that. I don't care what kind of sandwich it was. All I care is that I came home I was hungry, somebody ate it.

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Allah subhanaw taala. Here is leaving out what kind of good deed Why? Because he's putting emphasis on the quality of the deed, not the quantity.

00:19:31 --> 00:19:34

He said, You don't want to rush to do tons of good deeds that are low quality.

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I mean, he was thoroughly happy saying that you want to do righteousness. You want to do righteousness. Why? Don't worry about the amount, just do it. And this is a tip for our young people or maybe people who are struggling. That doesn't say that in order to be religious. You have to go build the masjid. Or you have to go memorize the entire code on all the Sufi cipta books and how do you know he's not saying this? This is how the one time that we're saying with the prophets of Salaam

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The prophet SAW someone gave him some advice. He said, Every time you do a bad deed, he said, followed up with a good deed.

00:20:08 --> 00:20:12

And they said, you know that that seems to be very difficult how many bad deeds we make a day we commit a lot of mistakes.

00:20:13 --> 00:20:25

We make a lot of mistakes a day. Right? So the companions, they began to get worried, because it's like, man, if I had to follow up every bad deal with a good deed, I'm not gonna have time to eat. Right? So this

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is a good deed. If we just say like, that there's no God worthy of worship of God. And the prophet SAW said, that is the best thing you could do.

00:20:35 --> 00:20:47

showing us what? That we don't have to take on these monumental tasks for our goodies. When I say it, let me know what I mean. Oh, sorry, how to say those who do good deeds, what even small good deeds.

00:20:48 --> 00:20:54

Don't let the size of the deed bog you down. If it means you're donating one quarter, you reach in your pocket, and you have $1

00:20:55 --> 00:21:06

and you're like to donate. I only have $1. Don't let that stop you. Give it one quarter one penny, as a puppet, that's what I'm saying. Even half a date of charity will save you from the health I

00:21:07 --> 00:21:11

have a little piece of date. What is that? It's nothing.

00:21:12 --> 00:21:48

But the quality is good because it's a righteous deed. Don't worry about the quantity worry about the quality. And then he continues Allah, Allah continues to the last two, he says what the law says. He says, and those who have will see ya each other so well. So they encourage not just advise advising is different. When I advise someone I say, Neil, you need to Mashallah keep dressing the way your dressing looks great. That's good advice. But if I went with shopping, we're gonna buy more clothes with that you're gonna look good all the time. That's We'll see. That's it. That's an encouragement that's important, joining them in goodness. So what I want says, you want to enjoy

00:21:48 --> 00:21:59

each other and truth. He's not just saying walk around and say everyone believe the truth, the truth, everyone I talk to believe in it. No. He's saying that act in a way that people want to believe in the truth.

00:22:00 --> 00:22:06

And here implicitly, God is saying what the community. You notice up until this point,

00:22:07 --> 00:22:17

the whole the Communist Party has been plural, a colossal, the top is plural, as well. So the subject is plural. implicitly, in this advice. God is saying what you can't do it alone.

00:22:18 --> 00:22:19

their strength in numbers.

00:22:20 --> 00:22:34

And you see this, oftentimes brothers or sisters, they'll come to me for advice, and they'll say, I made a mistake. I'll see what happened. I said, You know, I have a good group of friends that I hang out with the one time I just left them. And it's a mistake. Why? Because the wolf attacks the launching.

00:22:36 --> 00:22:38

The wolf will not attack a group of sheep together.

00:22:39 --> 00:22:59

The wolf attacks the lone sheep. Do not let shavon attack you as alone sheep, always be with the flock always be with the group. Even if you're someone that you've been burned by the community, let's say you came in and someone says something to my dad, I told my dad, you don't look Muslim, like what does that even mean? But my dad should still not run away from the community and say, You know what? Forget these people.

00:23:02 --> 00:23:22

forgive your brothers and sisters mistakes, and don't isolate yourself. What's the loss of a subject? So a lot of saying encourage each other in truth, what's the loss of the sub and encouraging their patient? Let me ask you a question is impatience part of truth. patient is part of truth. Right? When you said if we say the truth, you're talking about this Deen, you're talking about faith and being patient as part of this faith.

00:23:24 --> 00:23:35

This is a grammatical tool that allows for other uses, where he's mentioned some general item. And then he mentioned Santa Claus, right? You mentioned a specific why to talk about the importance of

00:23:36 --> 00:23:43

this specific matter in the general, let me tell you how it works. So if I said tonight, we are Yachty. And guess what? It had chicken in it.

00:23:45 --> 00:24:16

Right? We had this food, we had this chicken reality and the chicken was so good. I mentioned the chicken specifically showing you what that the general thing was the briyani the general thing was the food. But the chicken was so good that it basically made the whole dish. So what I was more thought of says what the last of the talk was all of a sudden saying that encouragement and truth. And a very, very, very important part of this truth is some patients and his audio, get love onset. Our saying it, he said that truth is the body and patience is the head of the body.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:32

Because if you have truth, we don't have patience when dealing with your people, with yourself or with your family or their community. The truth will never get out. And then someone who has the truth, but he doesn't have patience. The prophet SAW something that was the problem when a peace be upon him was an amazing person, because he carried the truth.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:38

But really, his patience in dealing with people is something that I can get a hold of about, maybe we will and

00:24:39 --> 00:24:59

so we asked a lot of guidance. We asked him to make us amongst those who are not losers on the next slide. But rather we are winners and how are we winners by 11. In the solid half of the talk, both of us have a sub that we have faith we have we do good deeds, no matter the size of the good deeds. We encourage each other in truth and we encourage other patients as a community and we do it

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ourselves, because we know that isolation is a cause of degradation of faith.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:23

Come to the Lego

00:25:24 --> 00:25:24

shop. And

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just a quick reminder about something that's coming up. It's very, very contextual. We have a lot of students here in the message. And also we just have a lot of students in general in the university or in the high school, and their exams are coming up. Some of them I know are taking exams today, I believe you had an exam today.

00:25:44 --> 00:26:16

So we have two people who are taking exams, either today or next week, or whenever. One thing first and foremost is please, we asked the last part Allah to grant all of our students success on their exams, we have to give them the best grades, because we know that with the best grades from the better society, and we ask God Almighty to give the best grades to all the students, not just the Muslim students, all the students, because we need our economy and our society to pick up and how does that work through education and through higher education and success at the college level, university level. And you know, but I mean, aside from that,

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whether or not you're a student, when you're a student, you have this feeling more powerfully. But even if you are the work day, or if you are just in the daily grind, you have this feeling that every day towards the end of the day, right, you work, you start work at 8am or 9am. And it's getting closer to five o'clock, or 3445 454 55, your heart starts leaping, right, and especially even more emphasized on Fridays, because you know that the weekend is coming. And you start getting very excited the students when the exams are coming, you know that there's difficulty but you know that after the exam, what is chill time, and again, Modern Warfare three, I'm just going to live in

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my bedroom, right? And say you need Hot Cheetos all day. That's it. Think about this feeling. Think about that feeling. The feeling of putting in such hard work. And maybe for a lot, a lot of us who are getting older, we're looking, we're looking forward to retirement. I work for 2530 years, I can't wait to just chill and get a check every month for sitting down doing nothing. Right? We keep our eyes on the prize. Don't forget to keep your eyes on the prize of paradise. That same feeling that we have when we're about to take our exam and we're going to pass them relaxing summer winter vacation or the day of work is almost over or we're almost at retirement or almost like a graduate

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or almost

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it's the same feeling that we should have our paradise

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put in the work now. Do the studying now. do well on the test now. That way we can pass the Charlotte together as a community into the gates of Paradise we have to

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pass in with these with no with no staff with no accountability. We know we make mistakes we all love our mistakes in the love of

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God and living.

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brought me

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I am rocking. Rocking the Jeep in the

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A khutbah by Abdelrahman Murphy titled “Lessons from Surah Asr”.


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