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Sajid Ahmed Umar
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam I pray this broadcast finds you whilst you're phenomenally well, Allah hi speak to you filled with a plethora of emotions. I'm speaking to you from one of the flows of the Haram in Makkah after experiencing an amazing amazing kirrawee

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with the chef and comedy and Chef Doceri heavy the formula and the red from many sources, from sudo room

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from sort of local man from sort of death from sort of elizab as well. They all powerful sudo Su Han Allah and with the environment of the harem, the ambience of the harem, and you know you standing with the owner of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam literally people from all walks of life and languages and cultures and backgrounds and nothing unites you together in the rows of the prayer besides La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah it's it's overwhelming Willa Han and you listening to this is, it's amazingly overwhelming.

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You know, one standard ayah that I'll share with you, and it really, I mean, as I said, there's just a plethora of emotions, but one that really, you know,

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I don't even know I don't even know how to describe it. But really, what I want to share with you is an idea you might have heard me speak about before, during one of the Umrah trips with test gear tours, when I took the judge to mount offered. And

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the I had an association with a companion of the profits of a lover, I think he was selling them from the unser known as ns, even another, probably a loved one. This companion was amazing because he missed

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he missed the Battle of better because the Battle of but there wasn't supposed to be a battle. And then when he saw what happened with the Muslims and their success, and so on and so forth, and he really wanted to prove he's the man and he was really sad and he made a promise to Allah that your life you if you make another battle happen,

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you know, he sort of as if he said if you make another battle happen, I will prove to you who unassailable another is. I will show you who is a believer is, you know, he wanted to he wanted to prove how true his regret was for missing better. And then what happened and the Muslims went out and undisciplined Nevada went with them, and Subhanallah when Mousavi when our mayor was assassinated,

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when he was killed, and made Shahid robiola, one in the room was broke out at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was killed in this course great fitna amongst the Muslim army. And as a result, some of the Sahaba ran back to Medina, some ran up Mount Hood, some drop their weapons and sat on the battlefield of,

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of the plains have offered and then

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some handle the undisciplined other walks, dragging his sword and he looks at the Muslims and he says to them, what's what's going on? And they explain to him what's going on. And he shakes his head and you know, not accepting this. This you know, giving up and he stays to the people around him that will law he I smelled the fragrance of gender, and the amount of it so Hannah law and then he runs into the enemy, striking the enemy, and somehow law finally he was made Shahid and when he was made shahidan, they found his body. He said that there was more than 70 spear marks, word marks, arrow marks on him. This is how much he took, as he bravely attacked the enemy for the sake of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. So brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanahu Allah says in Surah

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Mina MENA region soy de

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la la Fermin.

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cavanna bajo Ameen,

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diluter. Baby. And I mentioned this IoT when I record when I shared with you a lesson very early on in the series regarding change for change does not actually change.

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In this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala says from the believers are those who fulfill their promise to Allah subhanho wa Taala he has NSE made a promise to Allah that if you give me another battle I will I will I will fulfill my promise to you. I will prove my regret to your Laos show you and a similar number is right. We know MENA region Allah says they are men from the believers. Men Subhana Allah sadaqa they were they were true to their promise to Allah from inhuman bonobo we are those who

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Foods that promise women who may interfere, and the men who are still waiting to fulfill their promise on the route of dealer, they never changed anything. They never went back on their promises. They never left the promises they made to the messenger, when they said Muhammad Rasulullah You are the final messenger, we will follow you whenever the lip service to that they followed it, they practiced it, they entered the religion with their tongue and their hearts and their bodies, and every part of them their soul, so kind of love. This is the reality of of the region, you know, the men of the Ummah, brothers and sisters in Islam. So brothers and sisters in Islam, it was a very

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inspiring tarawih Han and even this I was so so superbly inspiring, and I pray, you feel the inspiration, because every night we we we take an action plan and think of certain things and ask ourselves certain things and well, we have to now sit back and ask ourselves, are we fulfilling the promises we made to Allah subhanho wa Taala? Are we men and women of this oma? Are we just boys and girls, and the boys and girls from the Sahaba were were men and women of the Ummah because of heinola they did amazing things. But when I'm not saying boys and girls to belittle the term because boys and girls have done great things, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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but you get what I'm saying? Are we men and women of the oma? Are we somebodies? Or are we just anybody and nobody's? What promises have we made to Allah? Have we fulfill those promises? Are we living our life to our potential? are we are we are we? Are we doing everything in our capacity to love Allah as he deserves to be loved? We won't be able to love him as he does deserves to be loved. But are we trying our hardest to obey Him as He deserves to be obeyed? We won't be able to do it. But are we trying our hardest when meaning original from the believers, amen. Are we trying our hardest to be the men from the believers and women from the believers alive today, brothers and

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sisters in Islam, tomorrow marks the beginning of the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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There's no better time for us to stand up

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and be counted. I love you all for the sake of Allah. Salaam Allahu Allah compartment. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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