Suleiman Hani – When Difficulty Strikes

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of addiction and struggles with loss of support, struggles with family, and struggles with certain aspects of life. They emphasize the importance of taking action to change and grow in one's life, avoiding mask mandates, being open-minded, and trusting God's abilities. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of protecting one's rights and trusting God's abilities during difficult situations, and investing in one's business ideas. They stress the importance of trusting God's abilities and not worrying about money.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah wa early he was Sufi women who Allah As salam o aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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We've all heard of the different struggles of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. By the way, every time you hear his name, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we've heard of the various struggles that the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam has been through, we've heard about how he was born, and he lost his parents at a very young age. We know how he lost his wife, his supporter, his pillar has crushed Hadiya may Allah be pleased with her at a very short pace. We know he lost his support in his uncle. And time after time, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam would go through struggle after struggle, difficulty after difficulty. And oftentimes when we go through hardships when we go

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through calamities, when something strikes you in your life that is displeasing to, a person may ask, why do we struggle in this life? Why do we have to go through hardships and there are many different reasons. And it's important for us as Muslims, anytime we go through any type of difficulty, any type of pain, to remember not just these reasons, but the Allah subhanaw taala is watching over you. Allah subhanaw taala is planning for you better than you planned for yourself. And he's more merciful to you than you can imagine. If you were to play him Rahim, Allah famously said, if the believers could see how Allah subhanho wa Taala was planning for them behind the

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scenes, how he was taking care of them, managing their affairs behind the scenes, then your heart would melt out of love for him. Because Allah subhanaw taala is always there for you. protect the rights of Allah in your life. And Allah will always protect you, whether you realize it or not. As for the reasons we struggle, I'm going to list eight different reasons that we struggle. And some of these will be in related categories. The first of which is often times we go through hardship. And our life goes through a detour in order for us to be purified of our sins due to our shortcomings. And the same way you find gold in nature mixed with sediments and impurities. Gold has to go through

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a rigorous severe heating process. Once it comes out, it's purified from all of the sediments and impurities, and it becomes one of the most valuable commodities in the world. Likewise, when you go through hardship and your patience for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah is using the opportunity and your patience as a purification from your sins. The second reason we struggle and go through hardships is to guide us back to Allah subhanho wa Taala when we forgotten about him, when we've gone astray, it is a reminder out of mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring you back to him. The third is often times people will become arrogant or prideful in their lives. So someone

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succeeds at work or school or with their career, and they think I've earned this and this pride builds up and accumulates. And to humble this arrogant person, Allah subhanaw taala out of Mercy will put something in their life so that they'll go back to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Number four, in the beginning of certain Anca Bucha Allah subhanaw taala says Alif Lam Meem Hasib a nurse who are you to Roku or your hula afternoon? Do people expect to say I believe in Allah and not be tested for their faith. And oftentimes the hardship that comes to you is merely a test to see whether you're grateful to Allah or not. And this life is all a tests. And so when the test comes to you, whether it is pleasing and easy, such as wealth, or it is difficult, such as poverty, Allah subhanho wa Taala is testing you to increase you. Number five, we go through hardships because this life is imperfect. When a difficulty comes your way, remember that if you're looking for any kind of

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perfection, you're looking for a perfect spouse, perfect children, perfect parents, you're looking for a perfect job, a perfect car and a perfect house. Even perfect health. You're not going to find any of these things in this world. What you're looking for is paradise. And so remember when something comes to you or hardship comes your way, remember that the purpose of this world is a stepping stone to the perfection of paradise. This life is not meant to be perfect for relaxation. Number six is often times we go through hardships because of our sins as a form of minor punishment. Allah subhanaw taala says MA or sabak will mean mostly but in Furby Mercosur, but a deep

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One way off one caffeine, whatever afflicts you of hardship is from what your hands have earned way off one cathedra. And Allah has concealed most of the rest of it. So what you're seeing is a fraction of your result. And oftentimes, we look at the state of the ummah. And we have to realize that there's a strong correlation between how far we are from ALLAH SubhanA, WA, tada, and the state of our well being the state of our brothers and sisters around the world. Number seven, we go through hardship in order for us to become stronger believers. And you will not have any type of growth or progression if you don't go through any type of pain. And so anybody who works out in the

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gym, they hear the phrase often no pain, no gain, meaning if you don't go through any type of pain, you're not going to grow, you're not going to have that newfound strength. So when you go through a difficulty, and you're patient, Allah subhanaw taala is increasing you and your strength as a believer. And finally, number eight, we go through difficulties and hardships and they strike us at random times, decreed by Allah subhanho wa taala. Because Allah subhanaw taala will oftentimes close a door for you, or cause you to go through something so that you can find a better door so that you can find something better. And oftentimes people will say they've been through a certain business,

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or they've been through a marriage, or they've been through this and that and they praise to huddle. And what happens afterwards, when it fails is they will be tested, whether they realize or not, that Allah subhanaw taala gave them this experience for a reason. And that had they not gone through this experience, they would not achieve that which is better. So when something is taken away from you, remember that Allah subhanaw taala is planning something better for you. So this is in regards to why we struggle. Some people will say My heart is hardened, I don't feel like I can have this strength to overcome my difficulties. And anytime a hardship comes their way they break down, or

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they question or they stop praying, or they start losing their faith. And so when they talk about the softening of the heart, a person might say I'm not capable of changing. I'm not capable of having this newfound faith increased Eman. I'm not capable of overcoming these hardships. And this is a tests in and of itself. So somebody wants said, this is like a few weeks ago. He said, Brother, you can't expect me to change. This is how I am. You can't change an apple and an orange. Like, why are you comparing yourself to a fruit when you think about a human being and their personalities, and how abstract you are the refutation for this concept of I'm born this way, which is throughout

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society now born this way, the scholars over 1000 years ago already responded to this. So one of the scholars famously said humans, some humans claim that cannot change. He said, Look at the animals, you can take a bear and you can tame it, you can take a bird and you can train it, you can take a dog and train it to become a guide dog or a guard dog or a support or a friend. If you can train an animal. And animals can change than a human being with their great intellect and their status above the rest of the creation is also able to change. And this is merely an excuse that people have. The second thing you have to realize if you want to change is you have to be willing to take the

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medicine. Anytime somebody says I want to do this, but they're starting with the excuses immediately. If you want to become better, you want to become stronger, you want to increase in your faith, you can always take that next step forward. But you have to be willing to put in the effort. Because you're not going to wake up one day and suddenly have an increased amount of faith. Something has to change with your actual actions. And number three, if you're trying to increase and improve, and you're trying to overcome your hardships, and you're trying to reconnect to Allah subhana wa Tada remember that you cannot please everyone around you. In our day and age with the

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advent of technology and smartphones and social media, people are living double lives. And the problem is that people every time they post things, many people will think twice will people be pleased with the status will people liked the status. Nobody likes in five minutes sad as deleted. And what happens is they start posting only to please people. And if they post or say something that people are displeased with, they'll get rid of it. And the problem with this is that you're living your life for other people. You're living a mask. So remove the mask live for the sake of Allah. If you want to move forward, then you have to be willing to be sincere in who you are. Don't live for

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other people. You have this one life, don't waste it on other people. And no matter what you do, and people here have experienced this in different ways. No matter what you've done, somebody will always criticize you. And if no one is criticizing you that something's wrong with what you're doing. One example of this, how many of you heard of the fictional character Juha?

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Okay, so Julia is a fictional character used

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In Arabic literature as a form of humor to teach a lesson. So Juha was riding out one day with his son, your horse riding his donkey and His son is walking the donkey. And they pass by a group of people. And these people start talking. Dawson and Judah hears them. They said, look at this father. He's letting his son walk in the desert. And he's riding the donkey. So Java, here's his criticism. What does he want to do? He wants to please people. So he stops, he gets off the donkey, he tells us on you ride the donkey. Instead, they pass by second group of people. And these people are talking. Look at this horrible son, his father's walking and he's riding the donkey. What kind of son does

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that? And they start gossiping, and Joe hears this. He wants to please these people. So what does he say? He says, Let's both rather donkey. Maybe people will stop talking about us. They're both riding the donkey. And what happens? They pass by a third group of people. And these people are like, look at these horrible human beings. They're both writing this poor animal, this weak animal, and they're talking and your has upset, why are people still displeased with me? So he stops after a while and they both get off the donkey. He says let's both walk. They walk by a group of people. And these people are like, look at these fools. They have a donkey and neither one of them is writing. People

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will always talk and criticize. So what does your heart say? He tells his son let's carry the donkey. They carry the donkey. They pass by a group of people and they just look at him and laugh. Are you guys seriously carrying a donkey in the middle of a desert. And the problem is when you live your life to only please other people, you're limiting your potential. You're limiting who you really are. You're limiting all the goals and objectives that will actually benefit you in this life and in the next life. And you're masking and limiting the potential you have to reconnect to Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't live your life for other people. However, always be open to criticism in

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regards to constructive advice. Always be open to growing. Always be willing to accept something in regards to your shortcomings. I don't want to talk about the long run who said May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on a person who shows me my floss, because you should always want to grow. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam every time you hear his name,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, despite everything he went through, despite even the example that you just heard of Paul, if, despite his family members being killed, despite his beloved friends and companions being killed, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more and more grateful to Allah. And so when you talk about gratitude as a form of overcoming difficulty, you look at your life and the lives of the people around you. You'll notice everyone reacts to difficulty in a different way. One person will go through hardship, what do they do? They start basically indulging in self pity. Why did this happen to me? Why is my life like this, they become

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negative, and everything is about them, and their whole life just collapse in that moment. And they take things in the worst way possible. And they don't realize that this is a type of ingratitude because you look around you and Allah subhanaw taala gave you this opportunity to be patient, to praise him more, to realize what you're missing. So that when you do have times of ease, you're grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala gratitude softens the heart. gratitude brings about more blessings. Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Ibrahim, verse seven, what is done in Shackleton as Eden, your Lord proclaim that if you are to express gratitude to me, if you are to thank me, I will

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increase you to guarantee one of the most powerful quotes about gratitude that I've heard. Imagine you wake up tomorrow

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with only the blessings that you thanked Allah for today. Would you feel like you thanked Allah enough today? Would you feel like you asked Allah subhanaw taala to bless you in what you heard. Would you remember to say Alhamdulillah, for everything, everything regardless of how you feel, praising Allah subhanaw taala for all that you have, and the more you think Allah subhanaw taala the more he'll increase you and the more you thank Allah in times of difficulty and times of ease, the more you'll see the Allah's taking care of you. Gratitude is one of the keys to overcoming difficulties. And when we talk about overcoming difficulties and the topic of telecoil trust in

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Allah subhanho wa Taala we always have to remember one a year tower Callahan Allah for Hua hospital, whoever puts their trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Allah subhanaw taala will suffice you how, in every way possible. Allah will take care of you put your trust in Allah and part of Tilak was that many people miss out on extremely important to know trusting Allah is one part relying upon Allah to come for us one part but number three, whatever happens you have to be content with it. You have to be content with the outcome. You pray just a thought or you did your part your

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Being a good believer, you did something you went forth with it, you had a plan, and it filled, be content with the outcome. Because Allah subhanaw taala is planning something better for you. But that moment is a moment of test, a moment of trial. And when something comes your way, the first thing you should ask yourself, before you hear anybody use profanity before anything else, ask yourself, How good do you think of Allah subhanaw taala? Because your reaction is a reflection of how you think about Allah subhanho wa Taala How do you assume of him, Allah will come to you in the way you assume of him, the way you think of him, if you think Allah will help you and take care of

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you, Allah subhanaw taala will help you and take care of you.

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And so one of the examples I want to give you is a personal story.

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In March, I was traveling in Ireland, for a college student camp. And on the way out of this camp, we were traveling via bus, we were going south for hours from Northern Ireland to Southern Ireland. And on the way we're on the bus, everyone's saying that we finished we're sitting down everyone's socializing. And out of nowhere, the back of the bus just explodes like in a really loud boom, just flies up into the air. And the bus screeches to a stop, and we basically get out and we stay for like, two, three hours.

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The bus driver, he's like, this has never happened to us. He's been driving for 20 years. He's like, you know, there's two tires in the back of the bus, two tires on the left two tires on the right, so there's four tires, and two in the front on the left and two in the front of the right. So it's rare for both tires to explode like this, something must have caused it. So as they're fixing the tires, and they bring a company to repair the bus, we're looking at the road where the tire exploded, and there's nothing there. There's nothing at all that resembled anything that could have caused damage to the bus. It just exploded. And so this tire exploding caused some people to be like shaken. You

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know, if you're ever in a near death experience or accident, you're shaking. So everybody, there's like 60 people, there were 30 brothers and 30 Sisters, they were kind of moved. So we get back on the bus after two hours, two and a half hours. And the first thing that we do is I give a small reminder, like everything happens for a reason. Right? And when we sat down with Carter this time, everyone's like super focused, like everyone wants to say that God with her she went Mashallah.

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So I gave this reminder. And I literally said the following words, I said, perhaps this happened, because it was protecting us from something better. Is that clear? Perhaps this happened, this small difficulty, let's say, because it was protecting us or preventing us from something that is worse. something could have happened. So I sit down and everyone's talking, we drive about 15 minutes. And we stopped at a huge detour. And there were like 20 ambulances and fire trucks and police and they were carrying people in body bags. There was a pile up of vehicles.

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And they were carrying people out we took a detour. And we were all kind of moved, like when did this happen? So we go to a gas station close by and we talked to them and they said This happened about two hours ago. The same time we were driving in that direction. And Allah knows best. It could have been that that moment where the bus tire exploded, that small moments of discomfort happen so that Allah subhanaw taala will protect us from a fatal accident. Always when something happens to always say Al Hamdulillah you don't know what Allah subhanaw taala is protecting you from WA certain Tetra who che Anwar laden Lacan, you might really hate something you might despise it you might say

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there's no way this is good for me. But Allah subhanaw taala is saying and it's good for you. Well Allahu yah, Mo and to Natalia Moon ALLAH knows and you know, not always put your trust in Allah. What Aya what verse do we recite every day that reaffirms our trust in Allah and every solo?

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What verse

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Yeah, can I Buddha? Yeah, can a Stein barely It is you that we worship and it is you that we depend on? Every time you recite especially suited and Fatiha, don't fly through the surah focus on what you're saying, this is a DUA and it's the most powerful dua you're saying Oh Allah, it is you that we worship, and it is you that we rely upon. This ayah is the heart of certain Fatiha and certain Fatiha is the heart of the Quran. This verse encompasses our entire life. Pause when you recite it and think about what you're saying. Any difficulty you have is small. It's nothing compared to Allah is planning for you have goodness of height in this world. Now the topic of tobacco is a long topic,

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and most people will wonder where to start. So to summarize the topic of tobacco putting our trust in Allah through difficulties, we can mention four easy steps. Very simple, very straightforward. Number one

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is don't be lazy. When you have telecoil you cannot be lazy was done. biller What are the charges, Prophet sallallahu

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It was an absurd as was reported sooner who would put your trust in Allah and do not become lazy. What does this mean? Some people will think I'm going to have this exam tomorrow. And I'm not going to study, I'm going to put my trust in Allah. I'm going to make dua all night. And this person is so sure of their concept of Tilak. When they come the next day and they look at the exam, they're like, I don't understand anything. The exam is not going to take itself for you.

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When you go to work, you expect to work and have some kind of pay for your work for your effort. One guy comes to the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he leaves a camel untied. If you know anything about camels, they love to run away. Right? So he leaves a camel he doesn't tie it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Why don't you tie your camel? He says, I put my trust in Allah. He says tie your camel and then put your trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. And another Hadith reported by Imam and tell me that I'm Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you were to put your trust in Allah as you should, then Allah would take care of you. The same way

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he takes care of the bird. It leaves its nest early in the morning searching for food, and it comes back with a full belly at the time of dusk. What does this mean? The bird is not sitting there panicking, right? The bird is not questioning its existence. It's other. This is an animal, the bird is not going around begging other birds. The bird is not sitting there in the nest waiting for the worms to come up. The bird which is just an animal is going out with its trust in its creator, that he will provide for it. And you are much greater than that. As human beings, Allah subhanaw taala gave us the intellect and the intuition and the natural disposition to turn to him in times of

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difficulty. Put your trust in Allah and never become lazy. In other words, do your best and Allah will take care of the rest. Number two, never allow pride to enter into your heart because of what you've achieved. Some people, unfortunately, they'll achieve something great. And when they do, they'll say this is because of my hard work. This is because of my knowledge. This is because of my job. This is because of this and that. And they will attribute it to their own selves. Forgetting that had Allah willed you would not have what you have today. Had Allah Allah will it does not matter what you have done in your life, you could have been prevented from it. Because there are

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many people who put in more hard work then you and they're more reliant upon Allah, but they don't have what you have. They are tested in different ways. So never allow pride to enter into your heart. Number three,

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go for the fruit of Tilak. When when someone says go for the fruit of something, it means the best part of it. Right? I said this before and someone raised his hands. I asked what is the fruit of tobacco? He said apples said no, that's not what I'm asking you. I'm not asking for a fruit. When Allah subhanaw taala gives you the concept of token the scholars and the Sahaba and the tabby are in they embody this. So one example Eben Raja will humbly rahamallah. He said, Go for the fruit of Tilak when the fruit of toa code is to put your trust in Allah with everything and then to be content with the outcome. So you put in your trust and Allah you did your part. Let's say you invest

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in in a good business idea. you research the market, you have million dollar investments, you did everything on your part, and you made your you're good believer, and then your business fails or your marriage fails or something else fails. Be content with the outcome this is part of telecoil know that Allah is closing this door to open something better for you. Always remember that Allah is planning good for you and assume good have Allah and Allah will come to you in that regards. And number four, always take a loss upon Allah Tala as Allah key, the one who disposes your affairs. Now, think of this example. Some people have financial difficulties. If a billionaire comes to you,

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and he says for the rest of your life, I will dispose of your affairs with finances. You never have to worry about work again. Now you have a lot of free time, right? You never have to worry about any type of money again, anything at all for you, your family, your million relatives who just popped up and started existing everyone that you know that you want to support I'll pay for it. How would you feel you would never worry about working in gun you wouldn't have any stress or anxiety when it comes to finances. Because someone is telling you they will dispose of this regardless. Allah subhana wa Tada when you take him as unlucky when you say every night before you sleep in the DUA

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that is a sunnah to make before you sleep well for what to empty, like, Oh Allah, I dispose or I give my affairs to you. You're saying Oh Allah, I have nothing to worry about because you're taking care of my affairs. How could you worry if Allah is taking care of you? Are you doubting that Allah will take care of you? Are you doubting that Allah would come through for you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala when you put him when you take him as Allah key when you put your trust in Allah, remember that he will always come through for you. He will never disappoint you. Always think good of Allah.

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also Panama Tada. And are you blessed that you are a believer and the Allah subhanaw taala gave you the blessing of taking him as unlucky. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who are always thinking of Allah in good ways. One of the Hadith that I want to share as I finished in the last few minutes,

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Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah reports that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the meaning of that a person who in this life they went through more misery and difficulties and hardships than anyone else, more than you and I combined. Their life is a life of misery. On the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala will commend the angels dip this person into paradise, one dip, this is the only person we know of that's dipped into Jana.

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This person is then taken out think of all the trauma and memories they have the hardships that they went through in this life. They're dipped into paradise and taken out. And Allah subhanaw taala asks, Oh, son of Adam, have you ever experienced any difficulties or hardship before? And he says, No, Ya Allah, I've never experienced anything difficult before. If one dip into Jannah will erase all of your pain, can you imagine an eternity because nobody will enter paradise for a dip except this person in the Hadith, and that they will be re entered into paradise according to the scholars, can you imagine all the hardship you go through all the difficulties, all the patients that you

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needed, all the times in which you went through pain and anxiety, the struggles, the staying away from temptations, the returning back to Allah subhanaw taala day in and day out, it will all be worth it not for one dip but for an eternity in paradise. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of the inhabitants of paradise. And the last thing I want to mention,

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think and imagine of the moment that the people who enter Jannah will enter Jannah they will enter and the angels will come flocking to them. Right they will come to the forum every day and they will say salam alaikum as mentioned throughout the Quran, peace be upon you why salam ala how they can be more Sabaton in one iron, peace be upon you because of what you are patient with.

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And another I attribute to Him, you've done well, meaning your efforts they've been done well, and another in has occurred another congestion and what kind of saw you matura rarely this all this reward of Paradise is because of what you've done. This is your reward. And every single step you took towards Allah is appreciated. Allah appreciates it, because He created you with that purpose and you're fulfilling that purpose in life. And so when you talk about the people of Ghana, it's mentioned in the end of Surah Zuma that they will enter paradise and they will say we'll call hamdulillah Praise be to Allah subhana wa Tada for fulfilling the promise that He will come through

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for you that he will reward you, they will give you a life of eternal and increasing bliss. And there is nothing greater than that. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept us into the highest levels of paradise. To summarize all of this in three simple steps. Number one, protect the rights of Allah and your life. Take care of the boundaries of Allah in your life. If you need to make Toba make Toba daily basis and Allah will always forgive you and Allah subhanaw taala will take care of you. Number two, always be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala express your gratitude and imagine waking up tomorrow with only the things that you thank Allah for today. say Alhamdulillah frequently. And

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finally, number three, put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala and keep your sight on Paradise. Don't let this life distract you. This temporary resting place. Don't allow it to get in the way of you and Paradise. Don't allow any individual to get in between paradise, any distraction, any temptation, any anything of this life that will stop you from entering paradise, remove it from your path. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for shortcomings and to allow us to die in a good state. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us reunion in the highest levels of paradise. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to ease our affairs and to grant relief to the Muslims all around the

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world and to protect us from forgetting about him in times of ease and times of difficulty was salam ala Muhammad wa

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