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Are all the villa Jimenez shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was early. He was heavy on a rubbish Saturday, Saturday, Sunday, Omri Wagga looked at him in his journey of Coco de robina Arjuna fidelia Hazara

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filati Hassan, walk another one up, Sarah Moloch monitor warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everybody, welcome to just a day. Today we are studying the 12th Jews of the Quran. This Jews begins with surah, who is number six, and conclude with surah Yusuf if 52. So that will be 11 Surah 11 is six, and it goes up to Surah 12. I have 52 that is the extent of the Jews that we have with us, while hamdulillah. And that is what we're going to study. If you remember last time, I had said to you that we will actually begin our study of the Jews from the beginning of Surah Hood in sha Allah, and sort of who the first five is we're in the previous juice, so it didn't make sense to pick those up

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yesterday. We'll pick them up today in sha Allah. And so the hood before we talk about it is actually very interesting Hadith about Surah Hood that we find in the books of tafsir. Where our workers are ecovia Lauren, who once said to the prophets of Salaam, Marcia, backup of the Prophet you have, you know, gotten a little old, what has given you gray here.

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Keep in mind, the provinces alum, just explain the context of some was, you know, a couple of years older than a worker is deep, but the browser actually had very few gray hair. It said that he had 20 or 30 gray hair in his beard. The rest of his here were were black. So he looked extremely useful even when he was in his 50s. And even when he was about to pass away in his early 60s he passed away when he was 16 years old. So he looked youthful. And then when there was something that you know, I hear that turned gray, it would be noticeable. So this was something that a worker said he noticed and asked him what has caused you to get gray here. So the person replied, Shay Bethany who done an

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undergrad narration he said Shay Whitney who do know how to her sudra hood has given me great here, Sarah, who is going to be great here. This is

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the the reason why the scholars say the problem said that are two number one of course the prophets of Salaam, took the the when the Quran gives directives, or the Quran, issues, warnings to people, the prophets of some would take these warnings very seriously and apply it to himself he would personalize the message to himself, even though he was protected by Allah Subhana Allah His grace, and had been interrupted His mercy and was great. salvation was guaranteed. Yet he always took these ayato punishment very seriously. And that's why we find in the books of Hadith, that the Prophet so many would leave, he wouldn't he would leave prayer and he would read an ayah that would speak about

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Jenna or Allah's mercy, he would pause and he would say, oh, Allah gave me this mercy or entered me into paradise. And then when he would come across an idea that will mention the punishment of Allah he would stop there and ask for Allah protection from that punishment. This was his habit Salaam Salaam, when he will be reading Quran in his prayer, and this is actually mostly according to Imam Shafi. They both say that this is something that's recommended for a person to do in their prayer. So this

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this is our, this is the

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prophets of Psalms a way of interacting with the Quran, when he would read the story of the people. The story of the people mentioned in Surah Hood, he would take it very, very personally. And that perhaps is what gave him gray here. The other reason that's mentioned that gave him gray hair perhaps is because in this story in this surah, you have the story of know how they set up a story of hood story of solid story, a story of Ibrahim story of a lot sorry, story of schreib. And a brief mention of the story of Musa seven prophets are mentioned here, right? And each of these prophets, the people who these prophets were sent to their destruction as mentioned after the message of these

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prophets was rejected. When the people rejected the message of the prophets. The punishment of Allah was unleashed the prophets some feared that that would happen to the people of Makkah, and he was afraid for them, even though they were trying to persecute him. They were trying to hurt him, and they were actively hurting his companions. This is Macau by the way. This was revealed in Macau.

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All of that, despite all that the profit some still wanted good for them and still wanting them to believe and the thought that they would be destroyed like normal people or Hudes people or for our own etc, was bearing heavy on him and that perhaps caused his hair to turn gray. So that's what he said about the surah shaver hold on to her, or shaver hood sutra who has made me has given me great hair. This for us is a lesson we should take the warnings of the Quran seriously, we should take these things not as just critique of others as teachers, we should take this as a mirror that we are looking into it at ourselves and examining ourselves and holding ourselves accountable. What of

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these characteristics Do I have and what should I not have? Okay, the surah begins

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the theme of the surah that we will see throughout is to not give up, don't give up hope in Allah's mercy don't give up hope. In a las pantallas promise he has promised is the truth and he will deliver on his promise. Okay, this is the theme that you find in the surah It begins with lF lamb raw Kitab una rocky Messiah to Mufasa Milan Hakeem in heavy lift lamb rock, this is a book with with verses with verses which are fundamental in nature and then expounded in detail by the one who is all wise it all aware a lot I will do in the law, it teaches you to worship none but God. I am said to send to you from him to warn you and to give you good tidings. This is the Prophet slamming stall

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to say this or he is speaking in first person here. Oh, you know, this is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, don't worship anyone but Allah La ilaha illa Allah, and accept the Prophet as a messenger, and I've sent to you as a warner, a one stop fedorova come once your foundation of is set. Why the Shahada by the testimony of faith? What is your life? What is the what is the way we approach our life? There's many rulings in Islam things can get complicated. This is the simplified version. One is selfish. Robuchon, seek forgiveness from your Lord. So matobo Allah He then turn towards him to things, okay. It's selfish to ask forgiveness for your Lord, Oh Allah. Allah, Allah,

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forgive me, Allah have mercy on me, the matter will lie when you make a mistake, returned to him in repentance. Again, I told you yesterday, turning to Allah is an image, right? This is an image, it's like, you know, a person is sinning and whatnot, then they turn to Allah, they have turned away from sin. That's the message Allah wants us to keep in mind. Whenever this kind of idea comes, turn to Allah turn away from

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you know, his disobedience. And if you do that, these two things, if you

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generous provision for you, for an appointed term, won't do all the info, and will bestow His grace on all who merited. Okay, this is a conditional sentence if, then the transition doesn't capture, unfortunately. But if you are to seek forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to him and repentance, you apologize for your mistakes. You keep making amends, you keep getting better, you never give up hope. Even if you miss sin 100 times 1000 times you never give up open Allah's mercy. You never think you're a loser, and you're a sinner and you're a bad person, you always come back to a lot. If those two things you can do, then Allah will give you a good life, then he will give you a good life

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and enjoyment of this time in this world, you will live happily and joyfully and number two, he will give you grace in the next life simplified.

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Never lose hope in Allah's mercy. Never think you're beyond beyond help. Never think that your sins are too much never think that you're just a sinner. And what's the point of trying to be better? No, never. That is what shavon wants. That's not what Allah wants.

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In our law for any ahafo are like Martha Yeoman Kabir but if you turn away then I fear for you in the tournament of a dreadful date. This is the this is what will happen if a person turns away thinking that they're a terrible person, then that is a person who is slipping away and if a person slips away fully, then unfortunately, the torment of a dreadful day awaits them in Allah He might zero come to God's usual all return and he has power over all things. Allah in the home yeah sooner so do rowhome see how they cover themselves up to hide their thoughts from him. Allah Hina estem Sheena Thea Bahama Mama, Mama you're only noon. This is perhaps a reference to how people

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would try to sneak around and do since trying to, you know, cover themselves. So nobody sees them as they're doing something evil. Maybe someone is covering them selves while engaging in some immoral act and they don't want to be recognized by the people doing so. This is a reference to that. But understand even if you're doing something privately, yeah, Alamosa una mejor linoone. Allah knows what they hide and what they reveal because he is in his early mumbi. That is sudo sudo is a solder is a chest. Yes. So Dora is the plural of that. That is to do what is what is inside the chest. That's your feelings. That's your thoughts. That's everything that's internal that you don't,

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that you don't vocalize that you don't say, or do anything that's internal, that's b that is to do. He knows us so intricately Well, our thoughts, our biases, or prejudices, our emotions, everything that we keep inside, and we don't express that he knows all of that. So if he knows all of that, how can you not know the actions you're doing? Trying to do them in secrecy? How can you not know what you do in incognito mode? For example, right? He knows all of that there is no hiding from him. In fact, Allah His Majesty is such is reminding that buttonville of the Illallah lajitas baja where Allah moussaka raha Musto, Allahu Akbar, there is not a living creature on the earth, but it is for

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God to provide its sustenance, he knows his dwelling, and its final resting place, Colin vikita imobie all is in a clear all of this is recorded in a clear book, all the living creatures on earth, Allah has said he provides for them. And he says that and you can see that, you can see that in so many ways, you can see that just by observing nature, you can see that by observing the birds, how they are fed by Allah, and you can see that even in the way the food chain is received, you can any part of Allah's creature in your study, right, you will be amazed by how Allah, this how the system is set up, and how, you know, these animals thrive. And they thrive, and they live without us ever,

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ever been involved in their lives. That is the plan of Allah subhanaw taala. It's not just by random chance that this took place against impossible odds against you know, like this, this, this little ball of water, circling around a ball of fire created the perfect situation for you know, single cell organisms to become, you know, like this diverse creation. I mean, what is the possibility or probability of that it's just insane, the more likely in fact, the correct answer is it is a loss plan. He's the one who brought it into existence. And he's the one who sustains it. Who will love the Holocaust? Some of it will out the fisita. Yeah, enthroned above the waters. It was he who

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created the heavens and the earth in six days, six days here is six periods of time, not 24 hours. Exactly. Because a Yeoman Arabic is not exactly, you know, 24 hours, it could be a expression for a period of time, and this is the correct understanding here, six periods of time. Okay. Leah Balu, welcome, you come. In order to test which of you is the best and conduct this is the purpose of life, Allah has created everything around us, and he has set it in its place, and put us on this earth to see how we are to be tested. There's good options, and there's bad option, how they know who Nadine has guided us to do you know, both the paths, both the good and evil, we can see, okay,

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and now it's up to us to make the choice. And the idea is a son Ramallah who has the best actions, not the most actions, you know, somebody who accepts Islam, maybe later in life, or somebody maybe they returned to Islam after many years of being away, they may not accumulate so many actions as someone who was born and raised in a supreme the practicing environment, but the idea is not about the quantity, the ideas about the quality and the quality is good. Then that supersedes everything. Ah, son is actually this word acid is illusion to that. It's the quality How good is the quality of your armor of your action, not access to Amazon, the quantity right so this is a very beautiful

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thing that focuses on the test of life. Life is a test and Allah is testing us to see how great our qualities when an altar in Akuma Rosana member did not if you were to say you will be raised up after that. Those who didn't have the truth say in her Illa sera mobian this is

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sheer sorcery. Okay, I lost my thought now speaks about whom human beings how they're fickle. Okay? how human beings and nature is being fickle? Well, they know I'm not human either, but you know, multimodality leopoldina Maya Vishnu. Okay, let's look at number nine is that you better example was in Santa minara, when you bestow upon man a measure of our grace, Thurman as Anna Herman, who in the hula, also in the food, look at this, when we bestow grace on a person, and then take it away from him, he becomes in a state of despair. And extremely ungrateful, Gafoor is extremely ungrateful, even to the point of, you know, of this belief. Because Cofer and Kathy and Khufu are from the same

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root letters, which means this belief, and also means ungratefulness, it also means to cover up something so you're covering up the blessings that Allah has given you, you're blinded by it, to blind it to, to them, all of those meanings are there, you're always right is someone who has given up hope, has given up hope. Right? My uses a word that's used in order to talk about someone who has no hope, right?

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This is the idea layer, also on Kung Fu, he becomes in a state of complete despair. But look what happened. Allah gave and love took, it's not like a lot took more than he gave, he only took back what he gave essentially, right. So you were still in the, you know, think about it, like you're your principal is still there, right? You just lost your gains, but your principal is still there. Yet, a person becomes what so depressed, so despondent, losing hope, as if everything has gone wrong. This is the fickle nature of human beings. And then what happens if Allah tastes after adversity, let them taste some good fortune, they would say this person says, they have a say he had

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to I need all my ills have gone away. And then after I have this principle grows again. It was like yes, I have made it in life. I have achieved success, all my four ills, all the things that were hurting me are gone, and I am good. In the hole fit him for who he becomes happy, it becomes exultant. This is the nature of human beings, how we deal with loss and how we deal with gain, right? It's so fickle. It's so fickle, right? You look across you look at sports, you look at investments, you look at anything how people are, when they are afflicted with loss, they become extremely, like they give up hope. They just are in a state of despair. And they are ungrateful and

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bitter, okay. And when they gain everything is good, everything is happy. And even the become a little boastful about it like you see how we are. So this is the fickle nature of human beings. But the believer supersedes or overcomes this fickleness. That's what a believer is supposed to be. They're supposed to, we're not supposed to not become not like remain human. We're still you know, and this is our nature, but the believer is able to control these urges. illa levina, Subaru arami Rosada, not those who are patient and do good deeds. You see that? That is what a believer is supposed to be. You feel the same urges the same desire to be angry and petty and upset and

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ungrateful and the same desire to be you know, boastful and supremely elated.

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But the believer is able to control both urges and they're, you know, steady illa levina sambal that's for Southern here is sober here is you're able to control your urges, you're able to keep your emotions in check and not let that affect what you say not affect your mood, not let that affect your work because your patients Subaru armina Saga then they do good deeds afterwards. How amazing that is what a man is supposed to give you see the surah began by talking about what is he man right? It is over here right you ask for forgiveness and you keep trying to get better never lose hope that is the man the believers supposed to have. And when you have that you develop

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patience you can keep yourself under check and your good deeds never get affected. Amina saw the heart maybe when you were you know happier you can do more right maybe when you're a little sad. You're you know ability to do a little less fine, a little bit up and down is okay. But overall your good deeds continue. And your patience shines. Allah ekala Houma Farah Jerome cabbie, they should have forgiveness and a great reward. How amazing how amazing. May Allah make us of these people. I mean your anatomy. You notice one thing here is very, very subtle called Anna.

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expression, the Quran Allah says Illa Liliana amanu while I'm in the solid heart, right? If you look at surah number, say 104 a 130 here. So the answer, what does it say? In the Latina Avenue? Why middle Saudi had those who believe and do good deeds? Right? This is this. Surah if you look at another surah that similar to this, what Tina was itune you will find the same expression in lilina amanu why middle solahart except those who believe and do good deeds, right here, the expression is what? Il alladhina Saba, who were Amira solahart? Very interesting. Those who are patient and do good deeds, the word Eman, right, the word Eban belief has been substituted by the word, patient, as

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if Allah is equating the two, as if he is equating the two ideas that if you have a man, that means you are patient, that means you're able to control your emotions, that means you're able to keep the big picture in mind, that means that you're able to continue to do good even when times are tough. That means you never give up hope to Panama. How amazing is that expression of the Koran, okay, the Quran challenges people, that this is a surah that Allah This is a revelation from Allah, if they say he has invented it himself. So I number 13 going to be actually Surah mickley if you are sure truthful, produce 10 invented chapters like it, and call on whom you can besides God to help you.

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And if you they do not respond to you that know that this plan is sent down, but it's got with God's knowledge, and that there is no de t button. If you if you are unable to fulfill the challenge of falsifiability of the Quran, then you should know the Quran is not be not possible to be imitated. And thus it is God's revelation. This is a very clear thing. The Quran repeats this challenge, you know, multiple times, five times this actually challenge is repeated in the Quran to show that this is, you know, how confident we are in this revelation that we're we need this kind of thing to substantiate our Eman but what is seeing is, this is a proof of falsifiability to show that this is

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truly from God himself and not from a human being and then if you recognize that an anti muslim Will you then surrender yourselves to him right? What can stop a person even after they have recognized Allah and recognize Islam as the truth what could stop them from embracing it? What could stop a person who was born into Islam and maybe stops them from practicing it because you know what could be the reason I number 15 gives us the answer man Kennedy you don't have to dunya was enough Haha, those who desire the life of this world and it's finery Xena. Taha is Xena is something that shines, something that shines, the shiny stuff of life, the bling of life. They want the pleasures of this

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world. They want the luxuries of this world. They want all the shine of this world. What does Allah say about them pneumophila him Allah hongfa they will be repaid in full in this life for their deeds. rahula you Hassan and only Allah you consume, nothing shall be denied to them, right? Whoever works hard will get whatever they work hard for in life, if they will get the do newest de la him armello repaid in full. But then Allah acre lays like a levina Lysa Longfellow, karate Elena. Those are the people who in the world to come up, she'll have nothing. But Hellfire will have your time off Sanofi and all that they used to do shall be in vain. We're about to do maganda, Yama, Luna,

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whatever the did would not count for anything. This is an important point. If a person is only what what could stop someone from accepting is that it is materialism, it is the desire to be luxurious. It's a desire to enjoy the life in this world, and not really care about, you know, a purpose of life. It's just, you know, I'm going to enjoy my life. And you know, be do no harm and be a good person, just but enjoy my life, that kind of attitude that could affect a person who is a non Muslim, it could affect the person who's Muslim. And for both, it could take them away from the truth of Islam, and that is going to whatever you do in life, you will be paid for it in full,

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right. Whatever effort you put, you will get your reward from it. Right. But there's nothing for you in the era, because you never worked for the athlete. You never prioritize the accident. There was nothing that you were preparing for the life afterwards. This is a common question. People say How come a person who's a good person and he's not a Muslim? You know, they did good. There is some charity that

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lived, you know, upright life How come this person will not attain salvation in the next life? The answer is hula levina Isola Humphrey, aka Lottie Elana assuming they never got the message. Okay? Excuse me assuming they got the message assuming they received the message of Islam. And then they said no, I don't want it right. assuming that's the case, be as they may, they may be a good person in the life of this world, they will be repaid in full, they will enjoy a good life, people will respect them, people will honor them, right? But they never worked for the next life. So how can they get Jenna in the next life? Right? In fact, again, this is assuming that they got the message

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and rejected the message that is grounds for them to be in the fire of hell. And that's what the ISS we're here. Okay, I am number 24 is number 24 mentions a very beautiful example okay.

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methylone for the colony can Arma well, Asami will see he was semi halia Serbian, a masala fella to the Kuru. Two groups are like the blind and the deaf as compared to those who can see and hear again, this is not referring to someone who was hard of hearing. Naturally, it's not talking about a person's, you know, it's not a slight on a person's physical faculties. But if you compare the two objectively, are the two the same as someone who's unable to see and unable to hear, is this person going to be equally set up for success? As someone who can see? And who can hear the answers? Obviously, no, the first person needs a lot more accommodation a lot more help, right? The other one

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is able to help themselves because they have the faculties with them. This is the idea of last month, I was saying this this example he wants us to understand and apply it to those who have Eman and those who don't, okay, those who have a man have a purpose, they're going to a they have a clear vision of life. And those who don't, or would rejected it, not just like they were never able to get it. But they rejected the concept or too overwhelmed by materialism. That's like a person who's just wandering around. Right? And this is the two examples the Quran sets up. And of course, there's lots in the middle. But these are the two that he said a lot about the setting up to preface the stories

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of the prophets, right? Because the stories of prophets fall in this category. It's the Prophet versus people who rejected a man who received revelation from God. Okay, here a lost model starts with no harness and I'm going to talk about no more today because this is the part of the Quran where this is the largest collection of the story of Noah, right? story of Noah as mentioned in many places, this is the where or this is where this the most details are to be found. Okay, we said know what his people are 25 He said, I have come to you with a clear warning. What is the message a lot I will do in the law. don't worship anyone, anyone but God, I fear for you a punishment of a it a

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painful punishment for you? who rejected this message. The leaders and the people who concentrate power and concentrated wealth they who refuse to acknowledge the truth. They said we regard you as a human being like ourselves, I 27 mana Raka Ilaha Shara Shara Mifflin we see you as a human being like ourselves What's so special about you? Well, mana Raka tabarka illa Allah Dena whom?

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We do not see that anyone who follows you but is the lobbyist offers those of immature judgment Only fools follow you. Right? You're just you're just You're no different and the people who follow you are fools. Okay. Well, Amanda rock icon, ma Kumar Nene. I'm in fact, we see no superior marriage in you. But another no come Caribbean. In fact, we believe you're a liar, right? You see how it goes from?

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You know, these kind of statements about

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how it very quickly escalates. Right? It started by saying, we just see you as a human like ourselves, just, you know, true. You are he is a human being. But he is a human being who is receiving revelation. And then it goes to insulting and character assassination. Right. Those who follow you are the lowliest of the worst. You are nothing better than us. In fact, you are a liar. You're worse than us. Right? This is a classic trick, or people who want to undermine someone, you want to undermine somebody. You start with staving something that's factual, but maybe part of it is you're hiding some other facts right. And then you start character assassinating and then you start

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smearing and then all that remains in people's minds is your smears and that becomes like the narrative so

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How tactfully these people positioned themselves their new audience and I'm of course as you know, if you can see the the grace that Allah has favored me with, right How can I force you to see a nosamo Kumu hula How can you How can we force you force it on you against your will, okay? And oh by people, I am not asking you for money, I am my cause my reward was with Allah, I am not going to drive away those who believe because that is going to be unjust, they will meet their Lord just that you will meet your Lord. And I see that you are people who do this or ignorance You are acting ignorantly a.

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He says, I don't say to you that I possess God's treasures without Pula komenda in Allah, I don't have all of God's wealth and treasures at my disposal, I press a button and then boom, you know, the punishment is at least I don't tell you that I know the unseen. I'm not an angel. And this is exactly what all prophets said.

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Nor do I say, concerning those upon whom You looked with contempt that God will not bestow any good upon them. Right? I'm not going to just because you think that they're lowly. And you know, disgusting. I'm not going to say that to them. Because they're good people. Right? And if you think that we have them in neither and if I excuse me was to say that to them in either liminal volume in I would be one of the wrongdoers.

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Now, this is a very nice argument he completely debunks He's like, Look, I'm not you want me to be Superman? I'm not Superman. You want me to unleash God's fury upon you. I'm not able to do that. Okay. You want me to drive away these people that you think are your lowly because of whatever reason, because they don't have money, maybe they don't have status, I'm not gonna do that that will be unjust. And you are being unjust. If you do that, and you judge people this way. What are they gonna say to that? They said, No, you have argued with us and argued with us excessively? Because for

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too much arguments here. No. Okay. At the end of the matter, I do not bring upon us what you threaten us with? If you speak the truth, or at least this punishment? What is this punishment business? Bring it on? Okay? No, hello, Sam says, Well, I can't I told you, I can do that. Right? It is God who will bring it down upon you, if he wishes. And when he does bring it, you will not be able to escape. Okay. And when I was whatever I say to you of advice, I never 34 while I infocomm knows he will not benefit you, no matter how sincerely I want to advise you, if God lets you go straight, right? The idea is this. In Canada, you read when you

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want to lead people astray, who want to come to a straight path, that is a fact, they whoever wants to come to a straight path, Allah will open the doors for them, and make all the means accessible to them that come to him the straight path, remember, that's what the surah began with, right? thumb was uninstall Fedora, bergamotto hula, he turned to him, whoever wants to turn to Allah, Allah is even more, you know, happy and even more ecstatic to, to accept this person and bring them on, towards the truth. But here, the one who wants to go astray, who wants to be, you know, consumed by this life who wants to be you know, if someone a proponent of other, you know, you know, fate

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systems, then Allah Sparta will let this person go astray. And he's saying my advice will not help you at this point, because he is your Lord. And to Him we will all you all will return is an interesting tangent in the middle of this thing. You see this talk about No, and no, but I 35 is a tangent, the tangent is if they say he has invented himself, say to them, if I have invented it myself, Then may I be punished for my sin. And I am innocent of the crimes that you commit is a little tangent for the last part of the throws in here for the speaker, because the speaker here in America is wondering how on earth does the professor know all these details about the life of knew

00:34:05--> 00:34:41

the life of Noah who was not well known to this detail in the circles America? So this is something that I lost probably in the middle of the narrative, you know, mentioned Hey, think about this. There's no way the profitsystem had access to this information. If you think that he made it himself up, then it's his, the sins are all on him. But the more possibilities that he didn't make it up, and then you are the one who is you know, committing this. This oversteer you're overstepping yourself, nor was told

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

and now who line up 11 omega 11 karma none no more where people will believe in you more than those who have already believed? No has I was told eventually. This is it no money. No, no more people will believe in you. Find out after a swim Academy follow then do not grieve therefore over what they have been doing.

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

Don't be sad and by them it's okay no you did your best This is again like I told you the surah right is don't give up hope Tabitha is in a hula Osaka food if you remember the I showed you in the beginning I remember I believe eight

00:35:20--> 00:36:01

right is i right here I number nine excuse me You're always this word you're always to give up hope is from the same root as this word debita is same exact root or both of these words at their Adam ology is the same. No, it sounds too old. Don't give up hope. Don't despair. You did your best. No, now we're going to save you and how will we save you was not in full cabbie. Are you Nina Wawa Hina build the ark under our eyes, and in accordance with our revelation without to help any Filipina valamar do not plead with me concerning the evildoers. They shall certainly be drowned in the Hmong raccoon. This is an important sentence without too many fillerina. Well, and we'll keep this one in

00:36:01--> 00:36:03

mind, please. Okay. All right.

00:36:05--> 00:36:50

No, and Islam is not building the ship or the ark. Yes, not unfold. And now the people, the mela, right. We're like, this is their chance to go to town on him. Whenever the leaders of his people pass by stuff, they scoffed at, they're like, Okay, this guy is calling us to worship Allah all these days. And now he's building a ship. What's up with that? Right? So you can imagine the kind of things they must have said and the kind of foulness they would have unleashed upon no highness and I'm so foul Allah doesn't even mention that in the Quran, okay, does not even dignify those statements. All he says is this scoffed at him. No, hello, Sam. No response to that, to that game in

00:36:50--> 00:37:34

kind. He says, In this how rumina finance calm and calm, comatose, calm. If you are scoffing at us, then we shall scoff at your ignorance, just as you scoff at us. And you will soon come to know who will receive a humiliating punishment and find unleashed against him and everlasting punishment. Okay, there's only so much of mockery and degrading a person can take. And sometimes you have to give a little bit back for it to stop, right, that harm that these people are doing to you with their words. If you don't say anything, after a certain point, you're just gonna perpetuate it. Right? And sometimes you have to say something to stop it. And this is what no halozyme is doing. He

00:37:34--> 00:38:17

said these things. And that is like a way for them to stop because he retorted, and then sometimes retort comes the bully steps away a little bit, right? Or the abuser steps away a little bit. So this is actually the interesting thing, right? You're not supposed to just lie down and take abuse, you know, ad nauseum. Okay, you are, at a point supposed to stand up and, you know, kind of like, push away those and say something to put a barrier between you and the abuse. Right. That is an important idea that we learn, especially here from new highs. Okay, but that's not the first thing you should do. Right? First thing is you're patient and whatnot, give people more chances, but don't

00:38:17--> 00:38:54

let them just treat you like a doormat, stepping and walking all over. You. had that either Jamuna. I never 40 when our command came without dinner and water gush forth in Torrance afternoon is the is an oven right? So this was the sign that was given to know the oven will overflow with water and the ovens all over the city start to overflow. This is not like a normal flood. This is water coming out of the earth and water raining down from the sky. Okay, cool Nashville. Take into the ark appear of species when Colin's Lj Neff name will

00:38:55--> 00:39:38

endure family in lemon Sabah Kala Hill, kolu woman Armen, except those on whom the sentence has already been passed, ie those who did not believe in you or know, they cannot be on the ship. And all the true believers. So all the believers, your family who believes in you, but not the ones who didn't believe in you. And every specie you know, two of them right a pair right so they can continue to mate afterwards. But Mama Mama who illa khaleel, but only a few believed along with him. Now the Quran doesn't mention actually how many animals were there and what not. But it just references that appear from every species was meant to be taken. But every species that was around

00:39:38--> 00:40:00

he cannot obviously take species from the part of the world that he is living in that, you know, exists in other parts of the world. That's not obviously possible only what's around him. He takes species from there and that's also a possibility they only take species of animals that he needs like you know, goats and sheep, cattle etc. right you're not going to take snake on

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

The ship and then die It was a snake bite on the ship. So this is perhaps even a reference to that. xo Jane his name okay every pair and perhaps this is referring to every pair of useful animals okay? Now the caller Kofi harvestman lahemaa today one more sir in Nabila for Rahim Noah said embark on it in the name of God it just set sail and cast anchor truly my lord is Forgiving and Merciful. This is a beautiful Dora you can underline this Nora. If you're ever going on a boat or on a canoe or something, right make this vlog when I go canoeing. This is what I when the waves get a little trippy.

00:40:43--> 00:41:03

Right? This is the do I make as well. So this is a nice draft for that as well. Yeah, does he BMP mountain Cal zhiban the ark sailed along with them through mountainous waves. The waves are like mountains Subhanallah why not know who never know who and now

00:41:04--> 00:41:05

this is the person

00:41:06--> 00:41:10

Noah called out to his son who stood apart, oh, my son,

00:41:11--> 00:41:16

embark with us and do not be among the deniers Come on the ship person.

00:41:17--> 00:41:30

He said I shall seek refuge on a mountain, which will save me from the water. Noah cried today there is no refuge for anyone from God's command, except for those whom he shows mercy.

00:41:31--> 00:41:40

There upon a wave swept in between them, and no son was among those who were drowned. L'Aquila Aldo Bella Akiva sama. Okay, Larry,

00:41:42--> 00:41:56

I want you to actually before we go, imagine the scene for a minute. No, I'm just calling his son Come, son. And no sun is saying no, I won't come. And then Well, hi. Lavina Humala, moje, and as they're talking away, separates the two

00:41:57--> 00:42:26

and then his son drowns. That's a very personal tragedy. And this is what the Quran wants us to appreciate. The prophets of Allah suffered lots of personal tragedies, right? They didn't just live a life of pleasure and there was like a better roses, though. They suffered immense personal tragedy, the Prophet sameen suffered immense personal tragedy. He lost all of his kids except for them up. They all died before him. All of his sons died in infancy, right.

00:42:27--> 00:42:50

personal tragedy, even to the point where when the Battle of butter was won, the prophet finds the Prophet, some son in law, right, the one who was meant Elias was married to his eldest daughter. He wasn't a prisoner of war, because he was on the opposite side. He wasn't fighting, but he came out with the Qureshi army to support them, or maybe he was dragged with them to support them.

00:42:51--> 00:43:26

But he was captured as a prisoner of war and the ransom. This is look at the tragedy here. Look at look at the heartbreak, the ransom of Ebola is the Prophet sallallahu was not a Muslim at that time, by the way, was the necklace of his of his daughter. And the necklace of his daughter was given to his daughter by the wife of the Prophet Khadija. That was Khadija his necklace that she gave on her wedding to her daughter, who then gave it as ransom to ransom her husband, her disbeliever husband

00:43:28--> 00:44:15

and the prosom saw the necklace of his wife, his deceased beloved wife in the pile of ransom. And he was so hurt by that you were so deeply hurt by that because that was his wife's necklace, and look at where it ended up. So panela this is the thing brothers and sisters the prophets of Allah suffered the most the most the most profusely the problem said in a shutdown as he has been shut down as Ebola and I'm the the profits go through the most difficult trials and then those who are closest to the profits in rank and in faith. This is a very personal tragedy no Halle Sam suffers please. Although Bella Aki was

00:44:16--> 00:44:39

a voice cried out on earth swallow up your waters or sky sees your rain. The waters receded the command was fulfilled was the word of God and our came to rest on Mount Judy. And it was said word a little calmer volume in a way with the wrongdoing people. Now remember no Melissa lamb right this is number

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

37 Allah had warned him Do not plead me concerning the evildoers. No, hello, Sam. Now as a last part of a question. I number 45. My Lord, my son was a part of my family. Your promise was surely true. And you are the most just of all judges. Right? He said Oh Allah you will say my family. My mom son was my

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

Part of my family, right? He didn't say Why don't you say my son? That's not what he said. He says your promises true. And you're the most just of all judges, right? Even when he's trying to ask a question, you notice the etiquette. He's not saying, Hey guy, why don't you say my son, you promised. That's not the way to speak to Allah subhanaw taala. That's not the way to speak to anybody who you respect, let alone the creator of the universe. Okay, so he speaks and ask respectfully, but perhaps here he is kind of forgotten, or he's earned a little bit. So Allah reminds him, Paul, I know who in the hula salmon ethnic, I have 46, Noah, he was not from one of

00:45:35--> 00:45:40

your family. He wasn't from your family, even though he was your blood in the house.

00:45:41--> 00:46:30

He was unrighteous in his conduct. And that, you know, the bond of faith, he broke the bond of faith. And that's why he was separated from you or nor. That's why he was separated. This shows you, right? This is not to belittle the bonds of of family that but it is very, very clear about we have to keep family ties with our relatives, okay. And the one who cuts off family types intentionally. You know, abandons family intentionally. That is a person who's a sending person, right. It's one of the major sins were here, Allah is explaining something as a bigger, deeper point, which is the bonds of faith are actually stronger than the bonds of family, particularly when it comes to matters

00:46:30--> 00:46:55

of judgment and salvation. Here was like, this was like the Day of Judgment for these people, right, like the Day of Judgment before the actual day of judgment, their judgment came on that flood day, right? On that day. It doesn't matter your your your Who's your father, who's your mother, and that's the same thing that will happen on the Day of Judgment, it will matter who you are related to. Right. It doesn't matter at all the problems that when he was inviting people to stop that. Oh, Sophia.

00:46:57--> 00:47:01

Sorry. Yeah. Oh, Sophia, the ad of the Prophet. Sorry.

00:47:02--> 00:47:45

Oh, my. I forgot the name. I'm Stein. Oh, Anto prophet believing and believing the message because I can save you on that day off after my my daughter, believe in me. Because I can do anything on the day of judgment to save you. This is the idea here. It's not to belittle the ties of kinship, it's to say, on the day of judgment, the kinship doesn't matter. What only matters is the bonds of fate. In the who avalonbay lasala For indeed he was unrighteousness conduct for lattice le mal aisaka. For notice any malice or lack of hearing to not question me about something that you have no knowledge of Mr. Xu lets you become an ignorant person and no holliston immediately asked for forgiveness, all

00:47:45--> 00:48:21

the Ruby in Ruby can asaka Melissa DB here, my Lord, I take refuge with you from asking you something of which I have no knowledge. If you do not forgive me and show me mercy I will be of the losers right? Again, notice brothers and sisters, this is what this is in the very beginning set, right? You're supposed to turn forgive, seek forgiveness and turn in repentance to Allah and that is what no hell Islam is demonstrate. Even though he never he just, you know, he earned a little bit immediately he asked for forgiveness. And that's the attitude of the believer. They're quick to ask Allah for forgiveness, that quick to ask Allah for grit, His grace, they're quick to turn to Him.

00:48:22--> 00:49:04

And Allah Papa is quick to accept because, as he said, in the next I Oh, no, go ashore in peace, our blessings are upon you, and the people who are with you and upon some of the descendants who are with you, as for the unrighteous we shall write the random a provision and a grievous punishment will then affect them from us this is from the news of the unseen that we reveal to you or profit which you did not know before nor you nor your people. Right not going to tala tala como command company had the profit some did not know this before the data revealed and the people of Malaysia now notice when the IR probing revealed, Allah said this is what we tell you. This is revelation.

00:49:05--> 00:49:37

What's the point of this number one, this is Allah word Allah speech, Allah revelation, the problem had no clue of it, no way to get it. This is God's revelation, not the speech of the process, and that makes him the Messenger of God. Right. But point number two is false swear in the alphabet. 13 Be patient the future belongs to the God fearing the end better transition will be the end belongs to the God fearing. Right. Don't give up hope. Do not give up hope. Do not despair. Do not.

00:49:41--> 00:49:42

Do not lose

00:49:43--> 00:50:00

the sight of the big picture. Be patient first, Smith. Again, look how it's tied back to the beginning. Right the idea in the beginning of illa levina Subaru amilo saw your heart. Those were patient.

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

And who do good deeds I 11 it's tying it back. Oh prophet you Be patient. Right now you're suffering right now you're struggling at the end you'll be a winner. And this is a message for all of us. Doesn't matter what it is that we are struggling with, or we're suffering with. Try your best Sadhguru I'm so sorry. Hard, be patient can check your emotions. Don't let them get you too high or too low, too down on life. No, keep it steady. No, Allah's help isn't there. No, Allah will make things better and continue to do good deeds. Amina saw the heart. And then you know, when you do that, the end, you will be victorious you will be successful. We're in the lucky with the pin. This

00:50:41--> 00:51:23

is our This is our theology. This is not some fancy words. This is our theology for spear in the larkey battle in Turkey, that Allah mentions the story of who that is. And that's where the name of the story comes. But you are adding a home Buddha to add your Sunday brother who would say message or comment with Allah Hamada Camila enviro, he said, My people worship God, you have no other deity but him and what you whatever you worship besides him are fabrications. Same thing. I'm not asking you for money. I am, you know, my reward is a lost part of the same topic. All my people seek forgiveness and turn to him and repentance. You see how this idea is repeating itself, Fedora

00:51:23--> 00:52:08

bakumatsu lie. If you do this, he's going to send you blessings in this world abundant dream, he will give you more strength, right, he will give you benefit in this world and He will give you salvation the next. This is a beautiful thing. Again, this is a mirroring of the beginning ayah that I shared with you here right new material Mata and Hassan he will give you a generous provision, right if you seek forgiveness and turn to Him. And this is an example of that generous provision is you know, the environment is right for you to grow and gain money and live luxuriously and have strength and not be weak. This is a good provision, right? Of course, they did not like what the

00:52:08--> 00:52:29

holder Some said. They said you have not brought any evidences, and we're not going to believe in you. Okay, no highlights. And they say that we actually think that our gods have struck you with evil again, you notice how it starts with something semi factual and turns into full on character assassination and smears. Okay. And then of course,

00:52:30--> 00:53:17

the punishment of Allah came if 58 when our command came that Jay now who then we delivered hood, and those who believe with him by our special mercy, and we saved them from a severe punishment. What do god that was odd. Joy had to be it to be him. They denied the science of the Lord. And this obeyed his messengers, while also Sula who very interesting expression there disobeyed His messengers and followed every followed the bidding of every headstrong enemy of truth, right? What about America leader burden I need? This is an interesting expression as well. Let's talk about the first one. This will be His messengers, even though God only saw one messenger who would, but

00:53:17--> 00:53:57

rejecting a one messenger is the equivalent to rejecting all of the messengers. That's what Allah does equating it to, right. So disobeyed His messengers, and then the bidding of every headstrong enemy of truth collegia burden I need the tools as a people to listen to the loud mouth, the one who was a had a louder voice, the one who had a bigger platform, and they didn't care about what the content was, whether it's correct or not. They follow that person and that led them to their to their demise, Allah Bora, Leah then call me who would indeed

00:53:58--> 00:54:44

they, Allah in the identifier of the home indeed are denied the Lord rejected their Lord. So away with are the people who would then Allah turns to some mood, some mood are the people of solid and they are very special because they had a very special miracle to the movie center brother salia. He said, My people worship God same message, right? You have no god but him. It is he who brought you into being from the earth and settled you upon it. So ask his forgiveness for still Pharaoh who tomato boy he turned to him and repentance. You see how such a beautiful how the eye at a time together so beautifully. in Nairobi, caribou mojib, my Lord is near and responsive, right? He cares

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

for you. All we are solid, but the Quinta foenum or joven colada saw that we had great hopes in you, you become this you become a Mullah. You become this person who's practicing the religion and inviting people and doing this work of clergy. What is this?

00:55:00--> 00:55:22

We had great hopes in New salia at an Hanna new forbade us to worship what our fathers have worshipped. This was our culture, you want to break them our culture, we are engraved out amounting to suspicion concerning to that which you call us about we're very very skeptical about what you say. He says my people I have if I have clear evidence for my lord

00:55:25--> 00:55:37

what you know and he granted me His mercy what you know who would support me against God if I was to disobey Him? You only you would only make my loss greater okay?

00:55:38--> 00:56:29

Yeah call me How do you know how to love my people? This is the she camel of God you want to sign here it is you wanted a miracle. They said, Oh, solid produce for us. A she camel, a camel that's female from this rock, right? Something that's completely impossible, you know, from the aspect of the laws of physics, okay. Or the laws of nature. But alas, Ponta the miracles of Allah are the ones that are by definition, something that goes against what is the norm, so last month produced for them this camel, not from that rock and said this is a sign for you and let this camel eat and graze on God's Earth do not harm her unless you should be instantly destroyed with the punishment but then

00:56:29--> 00:57:14

they did not they couldn't bear it because this camel was eating the food that they wanted their camels to eat. So they killed a camel and then solid said enjoy yourself for three days. And then you will you will see the punishment for lymphedema Jamuna Gina Saleh and when our punishment when our command came receive a solid buyer grace and those who believe with him from the disgrace on that day and the ones who were wrongdoers were overtaken by a dreadful blast, aka the lead in a volume Say hi to us. mahavidya Rahim. Jessie mean the lay dead in his in their homes. alum you have no fee her as if they never lived there wiped off completely. Allah in nothing Boudicca raba home

00:57:14--> 00:58:02

Allah Bora delissa mood, the mood denied the Lord cursed and away with the tribe of the moon. Next Allah mentions Ibrahim Allison Am I number 69. Ibrahim on Sam is mentioned here, not in the context of he goes to a people and the people are destroyed. But his nephew loot IRA number 77 is going to be the one whose people are going to be destroyed. Right. But Ibrahim al Salam actually heard about this before How so? Some angels came to Ibrahima lisanna. And these angels came in the form of humans, Ibrahim nslm. Hosted them in his house. And he brought them a roasted calf which are a bit aged in honey, that's something interesting, you know, it tells you you have to be a good host. You

00:58:02--> 00:58:42

have to bring nice things for people to eat, who come to your house, you know, sometimes we serve people. And then you're kind of wishing secretly that they don't eat the food you serve them so there's more for you to eat. Now, Dr. Oz is bringing the best of what he has to offer for his guests. Okay, but the guests were not eating for that matter. I do not seem to lie to him. He got afraid because he thought they were Assassin's assassins back in the day. The Assassin's Creed back in the day was to not eat from the food or the person you're about to kill. And Ibrahim Assam feared that this was these were assassins. But then they said the other half in cinah ella coming note we

00:58:42--> 00:58:48

are Don't be afraid we have been sent to the people of lot. Okay. Ibrahim al Salam was

00:58:49--> 00:58:54

told these people these angels have been sent to the people of Lord.

00:58:55--> 00:59:42

The wife of Ibrahim was there she laughed. And that's when these angels gave her the news of Isaac and after Isaac yaku Jacob right. She was surprised. He said how can I have a child I'm so old and my husband is so old either by the show you can write either old man shave means I'm not as old. Right? But the angel said this is the miracle of Allah attach me I mean, I'm the last command of God. rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Alaykum Athlon bait in the hamidah Majeed made the blessed mercy of God and blessings be upon you or people of the house of Ibrahim. He is praiseworthy and glorious. This is what you find in your in your Salawat in your durood right. Lama Salli ala Muhammad, WA

00:59:42--> 00:59:59

Allah Allah Muhammad comas Allah Allah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim in naka hamidah Majeed right this is where this is the parallel that you find between the two. Either I'm in some new something more was up. It's not just about that he's gonna have a son. He was afraid for the people of lot. He started to you know

01:00:00--> 01:00:45

plead with the angels to not destroy them. Because Ibrahim that's what he was. He was a tender hearted person. And this is a quality of a true men, that they're tender hearted. They're able to control their anger Holleyman someone who can control their anger, our own tender hearted feeling empathy for others moneyman often turning to Allah, right? Usually you find there's two adjectives describing in the Quran the Quran usually there's two adjectives like Hamid romaji, right, but here a lot of scrubs Ibrahim with three adjectives very interesting because he truly deserves his character was such a source amazing and stood out so much that too is not enough to describe his

01:00:45--> 01:01:20

character. You need three words, three adjectives it's like a break from the Quranic you know style. Usually you find two adjectives are everywhere, right? Like you would have, you know, an Iran or Iran Hakeem and Herbie Ren, right. But here you have three Holleyman a word on muneeb on three of them, because that's how outstanding he was. And this is a true like, this is a manly thing, to be tender hearted, to have empathy to be someone who is not, you know,

01:01:21--> 01:02:10

someone who is able to control their anger and not unleash, and we learned that from our father, Ibrahim Ibrahim Hassan was told this is the matter that Allah has decreed. And there is no way you can negotiate here because Allah when Allah decrees the matter, it is a done deal. Then we go to the story of loot alehissalaam and the people of loot. When the messengers came, loot was very uneasy by by what was happening, and he said, this is a dreadful day, the people came, you know, una Johar una la he, they were running to him, and they were committing foul deeds, foul deeds. They were a they had normalized, they had normalized, you know, homosexuality, to the point where that was norm. That

01:02:10--> 01:02:53

was the norm. And everything else was looked down upon, and it was public, and it was disgusting. And all those aside the fact that it was homosexuality, that was the sin that they were indulged in, but they weren't just doing it in their private spaces. They were indulging in it in a very, you know, public manner, in a very disgusting manner. Okay. The Act itself is not any less By the way, the act itself is completely prohibited in this time, and it's completely immoral in Islam, okay. But these people upon the immorality, they had piled upon layers of other immorality, right, like they're coming to see some guests come to the town, they come running to grab them. You see, this is

01:02:53--> 01:03:45

not the behavior of people who are normal, but this is kind of like a glimpse of where sexual deviants can lead a society to when society absorbs sexual deviancy hook line and sinker that is the path that they are probably on or possibly on Lotus alum tries to negotiate with them. He says these are my daughters not his actual daughters but the women of town right now tabula calm they are pure for you, right marry them and you know attain purity your sexual purity through a suit through through marriage and not impurity through adultery, not impurity through, you know, homosexuality here, that's what he's telling them. But the Hola Hola, Doc Zuni v leafy, and don't him disgrace me

01:03:46--> 01:04:32

have fear of God, is there not a single right minded man among you? They said, Lord, we have nothing we have no need of this. We are you know, what we want? now is, you know, in a tight situation, he wants wishes he had any support, right? He's not giving up hope, but he wants some support. And the angels say, oh, Lord, we are the messengers of your Lord. We're here to support you. You live with your family. Okay, while it is night, and let none of you look back. Leave your wife behind. In the middle attack again the family, right? The No, no son didn't believe wife of Lord didn't believe Lord Osama had to leave her behind. And again, the ties of this is their judgment. Right? This is

01:04:32--> 01:04:59

the punishment. This is the judgment. That is when the highs of family sees and now it's only ties of faith. In the home of Cebu Hama, asaba. home but your wife will suffer the fate that befalls others. Their appointed time as the morning and isn't it so close. And when they came, return that town upside down and rain upon it stones of clay layer upon layer marked for them by the decree of the Lord musawah Mountains like a guided rock

01:05:01--> 01:05:26

wama human authority Mina be buried and it was not too far away from the punishment was not far away from the unjust elementary Shrine by the sun, the story of Chavez and be covered in quite a bit of detail before but I'd like to point out one interesting thing about the story of schreib this statement when sure I was telling them hey people, oh full Kayla, well make your own macchiato reasonable test,

01:05:27--> 01:05:35

measure, give full measure and weigh in all fairness and do not defraud the people, right? He's telling them, Hey, don't be frauds Don't be crooks.

01:05:37--> 01:06:12

What does he say what other people say? Sure. Does your prayer tell you that we should abandon what our forefathers worshiped? And that we should stop disposing of our belongings as we believe, please, you are indeed the only wise and rightly guided man look at the sarcasm here, right? Like you're the only one who's moral. You're the only one who's writing it. The rest of us are all misguided, right? That's what your prayer tells you. Right? This is what your dean is teaching you. Why don't you keep your dean to yourself, and let us do our business the way we want to do business. It's very interesting. It's very shocking statement. Right? And that's how some people still talk

01:06:12--> 01:06:51

when they talk about the religion that like hey, you know, like these halal haram rules like shortest keep them like in the masjid. Let's just talk about the rituals. Let the people who want to do business, let them do business. Of course, the people of know people of shape suffered a similar punishment is number 94. When our command came, we save schrieb and those who believe with them as a mercy from ourselves. And while the blast overtook the Latino volume will say hi to the blast overtook the wrongdoers for us to hopefully the him jazzy mean, they lay dead in their home Scott lamb Johann ofI ha, as if they never lived there ever.

01:06:52--> 01:07:18

away with the people. I love berardelli madeon komaba he does away with the people of Midian. Like the people some most of the times mentioned very briefly here. Enough around he was sent off the Pharaoh and his nobles, but they followed the command of the Pharaoh. Right? Very interesting. It's not like they, they they they chose to follow the Pharaoh. This is an interesting thing because

01:07:20--> 01:08:04

people if they follow their unjust leader that does not give them the right to say hey, we were just ignorant, right? Because the Quran says yo como como yo Mohammadi for all other homeowner, he should stand at the head of his people in the resurrection and shall lead them into the fire of hell. Okay, because he they followed him in the world. They're gonna follow him in the next world as well. This is the the this surah Hoon, Allah Allah says this is the story of the earlier towns the people that live before some of them are still standing while others have ceased to exist wiped off the face of the earth. It wasn't because Allah wronged them or wanted to hurt them or something. But what I can

01:08:04--> 01:08:23

learn I'm one for some the wrong themselves. They chose the follow this leader they chose to follow the pharaoh they chose to reject the messenger, they chose to hamstrung the camel, they chose right and supported those who made that choice. If it was a few people who did it, they supported the choice of those people. They didn't go and follow the messenger.

01:08:25--> 01:08:38

Earlier, the deities they called on besides God, avail them nothing. And God command came upon them and only added to their ruin. Okay, a very stark sign from the Day of Judgment.

01:08:40--> 01:08:41

The day of judgment when it comes.

01:08:43--> 01:09:24

When it arrives no shorter sources speak but by his leave among those, some shall be damned and others will be blessed. As for those who are wretched, they will be in the fire, sighing and groaning as long as Allah forever as long as the heavens and the earth and door. Except as your Lord wills, your Lord carries out whatever he wills, but as for those who are blessed, so he knew they were made happy, that he man is was the cause of their happiness. They are going to be in the garden, develop dwelling in it for there in forever, as long as the heavens and earth should endure except what your Lord wills such bounty shall be an ending. Okay, Allah pantalla

01:09:26--> 01:09:59

concludes the surah with some beautiful, beautiful advice for the process. And we'll tie this together with the beginning and end with that quickly. First claim number one stand firm. Okay, be strong on your faith. Right? This is the idea about faith. It's, you know, a lot a lot in the local marinova she's in the beginning. We are worshipping Allah alone. When you said the Shahada now be firm. Be firm on a dome. Don't waver em in the hoobie mata Amma Luna bossy he

01:10:02--> 01:10:14

Did you not exceed bounce? Excuse me while I thought oh, he sees everything that you do, don't indulge in Haram. Right. That's the first part here number one and number two, let's make them number one, number two. Number three.

01:10:17--> 01:11:01

Don't incline towards those who do wrong, less the fire touches you, meaning don't side with the oppressor. Don't side with the oppressor because in the Day of Judgment, they will be no one who will help you. Number four Athena salata Tara, established the prayers, right it says say the prayers the better word is establish it, make it like the most important part of your day thought of it in the hair was all feminine, like on the morning and evening and at night, the five prayers, okay, this is the thing you should do, because in the last minute, you'd even say he had good deeds. They wipe away the evil, make amends for the evil. That is a reminder for those who pay who pay

01:11:01--> 01:11:39

heed. A man came to the person the man said, Oh my prophet of Allah, I kissed a woman and I did everything with her that you would do that a man will do with a woman except intercourse. Okay. Is there any forgiveness for me? The problem didn't say anything. They prayed the next prayer that was prayed in the masjid. The man asked the same question after the prayer. The Prophet said Didn't you just pray with us? And that is your forgiveness. Because Allah says, okay, masala toffee now he was one of our family life, the good deeds, make amends for the evil they wipe away that evil. Right? So stay away from harm that was mentioned here, right? Well, I thought, Oh, do not exceed the mounts.

01:11:40--> 01:12:07

But if you do exceed them, make up for that by Toba and by prayer by, by by by saying a sell for Allah and by good deeds. And number five, be steadfast, be steadfast, for surely God does not let the wages of the righteous will wait to waste, you will not let the reward of those who are doing good, go to waste. Okay, this is sort of food.

01:12:08--> 01:12:49

And it concludes with a very beautiful statement about Allah's power, the knowledge of the secret of the heavens and the earth belongs to God alone, and to him all shall affairs all affairs shall be referred to so worship him for our Buddha who whatever color lay and put your trust in Him alone. Because he is the one was in control. I'm out I woke up you're feeling I'm not I'm alone. Your Lord is not unaware of what you do. This is the suta hood Surah 12 through the use of we will cover in its entirety tomorrow because that surah is too beautiful for it to be split up over two days. I'm sorry to say it's you can't split up sort of user for two days. We're gonna talk about it in one

01:12:49--> 01:13:07

day. And we're going to talk about in a very nice way because that is one of the most amazing stories of the Quran one of the most like the peak of eloquence, we will find in Surah Yusuf inshallah tomorrow, same time, same place, Zack McCarran masala Bynum, Hamad wa early he was abused, right. Salaam Alaikum la he will regard