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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the impact of emailing one prayer and finding one's own success in life, as well as the importance of finding one's own success in life and avoiding harms hated on individuals. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of actions that lead to false accusations and false rumors, and the need for a culture of love and engagement for the safety of individuals' lives. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding harms hated on individuals and the negative consequences of actions that lead to false accusations and false rumors.
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When studying oneself when

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may even go down we'll give one a good idea why shampoo and

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body wash double got any kind of wash had to

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was the Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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to the

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publisher acne summary we have Sidney Emery was

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the co founder of the phrasing of loss of Canada and sending greetings and salutations for the following Prophet Muhammad, Allah wa alayhi wa sallam, we stopped, we looked at the Hadith, about meeting a loss of Canada Allah, those individuals who like to meet Allah Subhana Allah, and those individuals, unfortunately, who don't want to meet Allah Subhana Allah, we find that in gatherings of remembering Allah Subhana Allah, that naturally the hearts become inclined to meeting Allah Subhana Allah or encourage them focused? Does he find the companions when he would sit with the prophets of Allah earlier, send them that highlight as if they were visualizing Jenna, and seeing or

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trying to avoid him sort of a nerd from the punishment. But when they return back to their family members, their children, etc, you find that the worldly affairs would overcome them, and they felt removed for that times. Definitely hypocritical, that we begin to lose that focus and return home by the prophet Omar, I advise them whenever you book a civic with a companion hamdulillah from the omotola angle, that when they complain, first he complains abubaker there is an element of

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hypocrisy inside my heart that I see that I'm not so focused, when I need the emergence of the prophets of Barcelona need the masjid over consider what Maya feel the same way as well paraphrasing the statement of the Hadees so both of them go back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and then he reminds them that at Decatur in that state that the angel will descend and begin to Creek you will have been humble us certain WhatsApp turn. Oh humbler? There's a time for you to be emotionally feeling close to lots of Canada Anna, and a time for you to remember your family members and to take care of them. Well how can you find taking care of an alien taking care of one's family members who

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are no criminal a bird is also a bird as well Serbia to learn looking after one children taking care of one's family fending for them and also an EVA that some of us young Muslims have forgotten his role of taking care of the Muslim community. That we find that this advice of the Prophet Allah a center to center is a time to be focused in a time to be focusing on your family as well. As long as images of plummet images and come down to such a level that we find for some of us have outbursts of emotion that only for short elements, we begin to become focused on the loss of Hannah Diana. And then those outbursts they begin to wither away, that even the rituals, the daily practices had the

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silhouetted massage it becomes difficult for some of us to come to the masjid because sometimes we find the right therapy a given that only certain elements are given to us that only moments we begin to focus upon Allah Subhana Allah and email you belay Subhana Allah wa Boudreaux aka Hector dfndr feigns worship Allah Subhana Allah has a and have sort of aged 15 chapter to hunter mode is coming to learn. Continue you're a part of a lots of talented young, Oba he or your move tomorrow, and the day of tomorrow are certain moments that we find continuously always finding avenues of a better delay to Canada under and as if like a soldier in a sauna, while Duma to Allah Juma Ramadan,

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Ramadan, one prayer to another prayer, one Juma to another Juma wonderful gone to another Ramadan, welcome to another leg, we can increase upon that one Hajj in a person's life. What is the impact is for them as explained in such a hadith that we find the impact of email one prayer leads you to the following prayer when your Eman begins to wither away begins to weaken. The cool is given once again Hey, Anna Sala Hey Alan further than your email is revitalized once again focused on the last Panda and that's the impact of Asana in NA Salatin. And in fact,

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one of the crew like Apollo Yamato snow, it's also donkervoort in Asana cotton, her annual fashion

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show that takes you away from even from Pilates, sexual misconduct, lewdness, promiscuity, wickedness.

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Bad conduct bad behavior. If your syllogism take you away from that, perhaps a boon is a great mistake of misunderstanding a Sunnah the impact of Salah it drives the individual away from karate from amphawa haish. Therefore Asana does so when the Eman begins to come down the other end goes a call for prayer. That email is lifted once again the individual will do more than one Friday Sermon to the following Friday Sermon are suited to some because some people may find it offensive that the Juma should be a mild word and my reminder for the people can wash your moon tomorrow sooner or later Sam used to raise his voice and would come in his voice. His eyes would read and you'd warn

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the people remind them that's what the sermon is. And the impact of that sermon isn't you walk out the door and you return back to the dunya what you're doing before the impact sermon all the way to yo homies the following Thursday evening, the following days jumar once again, your Eman is lifted again with that reminder. Why Ramadan, Ramadan, 29 or 30 days of fasting. The impact of fasting isn't on the first day of Shogun kita

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moon for the book of Allah behind their backs as they don't know people unfinished arrabida finish Ramadan always thrown behind the tax impact of Ramadan all the way until Shaban all awaited shadowbanned and the beginning of ramadan ramadan enter your email addicted while Hajj and he still had been habit heavy and Hajj meaningful for white America that we find returned back home, you return back just start the day your mother gave birth to you mean the impact of hugging your life to higher higher. It changes the whole visualization of your life. It changes everything, your conception of life, the impact of just being a widow millions of people are seeing the house of

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Allah subhanaw taala seeing the chanting and the slogan, love big long debate. All of that brings what inside your life inside your heart and your mind. That is it is the end journey is the end of your life. It changes everything about you that focus. But today Unfortunately, it just becomes a one day journey a few days journey that we've had no impact other people return back once again. That's what a life of the believer is, is trying to impact themselves finding those moments to come close to a loss of Canada Anna. And as we find that something we begin to focus on other individuals, we lose focus upon our own sense. The contrary a Latina Avenue

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de la la la la isla de todo oh you believe upon us to rescue your own self. Don't become so overwhelmed about those people who misguide you individually apart. Even though the procedure mentioned a minute is if that person should order the good and forbid the evil, but we take it longer than on its face value. Don't become override about those people will be misguided and equal and full circle upon us to worry about your own son likewise so that we find you live in Abu pusaka

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Oh you believe save your own sense. Save your own souls and your family members from the fire. The fuel is melon stones. opponent is CERN harsh angels who are guarding the Hellfire stern angels. Allah is a mountain mentioned no but angels, kind angels, the angels play here stern and harsh. Does the you find that when they when people say to the to the guardian of jahannam let us come out with but you find a god you have genuine remain inside the remain day. Don't speak on this day. Don't speak try to speak to Allah Subhana Allah, so does we find a person needs to focus upon their life to rescue themselves those moments that when a person wants to like to meet Allah Subhana Allah they

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focus that throughout their life, they try to devote themselves. That's why Allah subhanaw then had the fight. I have been Amelie lamai adamawa in

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the most beloved action to Allah is smooth actions, which a person is continuously doing throughout their life. You don't have outbursts of doing something and forgetting a lot after that losing your fundamental practices. It is a great shame it is abandoned saloon speak about big faith. But No, they don't. They're not cultural about their praise. They think there's something minimal. They think that's not that important success of this Muslim Omar Abdullah salatu wa salatu salam, a success of this Muslim oma begins with Serato. Further, the companions used to classify anyone who was a day and without hypocrisy we can ask so many things have taken place in the Muslim Amata

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moment. How many of us were there in the martial arts project today? I can ask myself that question. You can ask yourself that question. That's a symbol of success. That's the success of the Muslim ummah. Tonight

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Sleeping and wake up whenever you want to wake up, pray for your religion to pray for you. It becomes habitual for you, then you then you have the audacity to speak about the Muslim world. How do you speak about the Muslim world speak about your own self. speak about the hypocrisy within your own self before the hypocrisy without a doubt is most of my suffering at the moment, because we own a reflection of that hypocrisy. That really is a ripple effect minakami me for the people who govern us in the general message that we find. That's when people previously complained that while in such turmoil, when they said to actually rub your logo on why there's so much pressure now at this time,

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they said

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Kamala Kamala, yeah, when people used to rule over me, they should rule over people like me. And now we're ruling over people like you. So that's I think it was minimal at that time. Because the people in authority people underneath all had a great element of fear of loss of Canada Anna. So he has, in his book under I want to highlight the fact about focusing upon our own souls, rescuing our own souls that we find, and in this evening, this passion is going to highlight is sometimes in our passionate feeling of meeting a loss of energy either we become judgmental is a disease which is rampant amongst Muslims at the moment inside, especially in the society that we live in. That when

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we become over, over if we can use the word overzealous, more practicing another Muslim.

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Number 11. ohana, toxic, toxic, we look at another Muslim deficiency. This is this is

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a disease inside our community that we think we're better than another Muslim. It's a great big disease, because I'm practicing Islam, that I must be better than another Muslim. You can be better than the Muslim law, Harris v Valley, no harm done. But we need to understand about what it means to be better than Muslims, not to express that no to go beyond the parameters. All and we can safely conclude that a Muslim is better than a non Muslim. We can safely conclude a person because people have muddled up the affairs. They're very quick to praise non Muslims to rank them and and say we don't know whether they're going to Hellfire or not. It is a feat of Allah sooner to Chimera, and

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Kufa eternal to form Kufa, la Shafi COVID, woman Chuck, Kofi, Kofi him takakura as well as a chi dimension, who has a doubts about a non Muslim says, Well, I'm not sure what it is non Muslim, because maybe they might have been a good individual. Maybe they might go to Paradise for the good deeds and they're done. Who has the doubts that disbelief commits disbelief themselves have the assault? That's the essence about non Muslim it sounds odd, but that's a fact. That's a fact as we were moving upward

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in the molokhia, the Hulu and harem, the ideal Muslim Yola famous agitator, this is around for non Muslim even to enter to the house of Allah. Because why is a precious environment in the Lucia coonan Toba angelucci, una Naja Sol, in pure influence are they acquired in their belief, the house of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to Allah to Allah, Allah he had, there is some element to that we don't even even let them enter into the precincts of domestic because a sanctified area. But as is to highlight the severity of the affair, because some of us have muddled up the affairs. We like to praise non Muslims say that they're going to go into gender for Al Qaeda Howdy, what belief is this?

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What is this? And then Asara will not use while you're while Boogie, you want to induce to noumea to

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enter into paradise because they put individual so why did Allah Allah create the heavens and earth? Why did Allah send them messages? Why did Allah send the books? Why do we send all of this why Nagasaki Mustafa even put the view, there's only one path to a law. There's only one path to a lawsuit and there would be really slim in the Deena in the law he and Islam. It's like so to Alan brown that we find the beginning the way of life in front of Allah subhanaw taala is Islam it Lacan, Hackman mokuba in the liceu character, and that's it, nanny cash, don't become infiltrated with the world around us, that there should be some discussion about whether people are good people will go

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into genuine love, genuine only for little muslimeen for believing individuals to make to a loss of hamdallah. Anybody raise doubt about that? Oh, no, we've just been shuffling in general that say, Well, I'm Muslim, as non Muslim, as a Muslim, kulu Muslim yet for agenda. Every Muslim will go to Paradise. But when that's where the difference comes. That's the only difference when they eventually get into paradise. That's it. So that's why when a person a person leaves this dunya for Allah, Allah when a Muslim dies, there's no harm in saying that a live mercy upon that Muslim, no matter what type of Muslim they

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No matter what type of Muslim they were, there is no harm upon that. There is a person who died is left in dunya for shot no other law. He is a saint belongs to Allah Subhana Allah that people all over the world will need

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their first name Allah and midnight is what Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo and he has a well known in that area, Lola and her dad Omar is unsuited after you find praise visual loss to kind of guide us to what, to Islam. That is the ultimate blessing upon the dunya. And inside the Astra. That's the point Hello, email that would email though put a man the sweetness of email has no price. When a person finds email inside their heart, three things a person they find it inside their heart, they found the sweetness of email online is messenger more beloved to you, more Beloved, than anything on the face of the earth. Likewise that you find that you hate that you love your mother only for the

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sake of Allah Subhana Allah no for a junior affair was 31 yada yada to free person hates to go back to disbelief. Just I hate to be thrown into the hellfire. That's what he meant is that a person weeps about their past life, worries about what happened previously inside their life. The person only wants to do what inside their lifestyle is pleased a lot and then the messenger

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only wants to share relationship with people who say Allah Subhana Dada, remind them about a local countdown, we will find that feeling inside the heart that is chocolate, amen. Hello, the sweetness of email. That's what Islam is. Like. What you find after this strange is that Allah Subhana then begins to discuss is a sutra about because it is about the love behind

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discussion on the fees to NAMM show at

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sea who lay off well cola.

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In winter lights to counter and an IRA for those people. You find that it's a hassle not identical, they say so they've been placed in the middle frame, neither gentleness and Hellfire but eventually go to Paradise. Read the discussion

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about people of Paradise about the people of Japan. What will happen to the people of Japan when they're cooled out? They'll go out to the people of Paradise and ask them give us some food. Give us some drink. In Nevada mahoma Allen Kathie Lee may get hurt on upon disbelieving individuals, not even a drop of water will give me the no to be given to them. So unless and first he talks about praising what is an Islam then begins to discuss about people who Jenna and people have known for what intent that the greatest blessing is wonderful Islam like was to be praising or worried about Islam, or to be praising Islam Tao who's also a man and Eva Silla. And those kind of mentioned about

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these two prophets that we find we'll call him the legendary for Berliner and I consider him in a bad deal meaning Praise be to Los Altos converges great Bessie over many of us believing servants. This is a praise, which is allowed a person praises and thanks a lot some handout with a blessing that Allah given them, given an individual, the blessing of a man the place you would want, whatever it is cinnamon, animism, the wealth that was given to them the power, the glory that was given to them by you find the most important thing to their life is what Solomon had. I mean, for me, Robbie, this is from the blessings of Allah and see what I'm going to be grateful I'm grateful dunya didn't

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derail them, the world didn't derail them being in sovereign power. They cassava is a freakin sweetener for them, to see whether I'm going to be grateful I'm grateful towards a loss of power with the honor and as we find that the effect of a Muslim towards another Muslim because we mentioned this diseases sickness amongst us of continuously judging other individual continues to become individually applying ruling and destination for another Muslim. Unfortunate we have to discuss this on the memory of the Prophet Allah Islam. It's common practice that all people like to classify another Muslim, that this person because of this will, this will happen to them. This

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person is persons like this person associated with this person this will happen to them. This is a disease. This is a disease inside our society. deserve to

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be money Taka never say clean sanctity. Purity for yourself. Allah knows the person who's pure don't think because you know Islam or you studied Islam or because you pray or because you fought or because you do this. That by default means that now you have not succeeded. That now you have entered into paradise. This is the Quran Buddhists

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don't claim purity for yourself inside so certainly ser

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una Busan Badillo use a key Misha, what are you Laguna tequila, Have you not seen don't

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Individuals who try to seek purity for themselves. But there's no use of team and you're always the one who purifies who gives it this person is purified, this person was definitely entered into paradise. So I'm not gonna be fine speaking about the companions that we find when I mention Nakamura neolo Mini

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Shakira, Charlie Murphy cannubi him when Allah praise the companions it's a sort of a lot further mentioned that he is the one who is pleased with them and, and forgiving important them and then the nomination for alima Murphy palu behave, Allah knows what exists inside inside their hearts. These days of Mohammed go to slide tell you how. Allah wa forgot if Nigeria that you find your Suna Sahaba they rewind and curse the companions. I don't mean up in the team. That's a belief. I shut them Allah and Allah Sahaba just a just a Cree, this a moment you find that there is no peace and tranquility and no risk between such and no discussion. That's why Malika you want to recognize

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who's Sunni, who's a Sunni and the Shia,

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Sunni, Guna Sahaba. The Sunni those individuals who don't dress in a certain manner. They are those individuals who praise the companions who love the companions, and assemble to find a person she's always talking to Sahaba, who is making questions about Sahaba or speaking ill of them, who is making statements against them, that's a sign of a fiduciary. So we should stay far away from such type of individuals, and impressive number mojado. Try to make that without being all these excuses. Being all interpretations of the answer to reinterpreting Islam. The sequence has concluded all of the horror of all the innovations of bad practice and fight inside a Muslim society. Allah Allah

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Hussain, How old is she? At the top of it are the Shia that we've infiltrated that Muslim Sunni to carry out certain practices that we want

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to come into greater depth on insensitive Iran, Pura, you must do

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so Sub Saharan there's no mustard. There no machetes only kaaboo they don't eat grains and shrines. There's no machine cooling up to a lawsuit and we end up Dino is all based upon shrines and relics. That they believe that the iron mind fallible and a smelly ima that the Imams can never make mistakes. For them they are in my encounter emails are more superior than even the messengers. They're superior than a messenger is an exaggeration. We are not encouraged to read the works of Tbilisi picked up Siri when Allah began sort of dakara when a lot of other mentioned speak about Lusaka in Morocco.

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Baccarat Allah Kumar you sacrifice the high for the cow. The meaning is clear. I have to know what that is clear sudo Docker what the discussion is what we see him and Sakura here is that of Docker is a sham let's come on, you do sacrifice to kill a shop. This is inside they work. So people say why are we so emotional? Why don't we sit and done what dialogue is there? When people write this about our mother about meaning about our inshallah do loca are the unknown. So here we find the person shouldn't hold back. I think that we should pardon and overlook certain statements that they make Muslim men and that we find that a Muslim should always be worried about what they say about

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another Muslim that we find that we find ourselves because these these statements are very easy for people to say, read about a set of defined data over a set however, you find if I was the last person, the last person to go into Ghana, I'd be that person. ask ourselves that question. To someone who has

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a gender if they're not integrated up, that's what they would think. If I find the law say if I fear that my beat would not be accepted. So

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these are companies that we fail at these are not accepted. And look at the audacity of many of us, how we conduct ourselves upon the face of this earth that we find. And as we finally can use the word this culture that we are living in amongst so many Muslims. Anna hi romelu I'm better than this other individual. This statement is from from shavon from a police when he said when he said Allah Subhana Allah, Allah hieromonk Kala Tony min maneri wahala Tony please I'm begging him because you make me from quiet according to his logic fire out the deep out the mud, Clay dust. I'm no superior. We find this in our society again. You know tell the police told you about

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being a police the deception of devil. This works in different ways. They will initially tell you to come and commit mousey discipline

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But he can tell you could can come and say certain words that we're going to talk about about another individual. So he deceives people to make certain statements to say to segment to another Muslim and 100, we'll unpack that. And if you think I'm better than you, because why I'm a better Muslim, because I carry out such actions by default, I must be better than you. And as you find that you bold claims that so and so will not be forgiving, whether it be for the things or whether it be for even have that really map document that did see, even if an argument deviated, then the person shouldn't Delve too much into it. But for some reason, or concluded some trilemma may have deviated

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because of the environment around them. And if you begin to hone in on every single scholar about their deviancy, we will not be left with much history with many scholars, FBI, because many famous brilliant men have deviated in certain affairs. And we may we make, we make excuses for them. So likewise for the masses, as well of the people, a person who make massive excuses for them. And as if I make 70 excuses for your brother, even it's not a handy, but it's a famous statement, it goes back to some of the companions or some of the setups that we find, make 70 excuses for your brother always make excuses, that maybe this happened, maybe that happened continuously, and even then, you

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should still question your own self. And as this had been under a given call,

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Molly fuller and perfectly, he made his bold statement and said although not forgive, forgive such and such individual this had its footsie a person said it alone will not forgive Hamilton Milner who made this happened on our tongue in a rage in anger, but you basically with someone arguing someone or a family member whoever may be oh no not forgive you. You're not going to go to jail now. What this is heavy state? Why not?

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Alia Who is the one

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who's one who's taking an oath by me? Who has the audacity to take an oath Hi, my name and say that so and so individually and purely for learning? I'm not going to forgive so and so for me to leave Leola Why have

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indeed forgiven so and so. And I've made your actions to become null and void, who has the density to say that, who has a disease take the name of a lawsuit and say so and so individual who is they will not be forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah, and that would be fine if we look at other versions of this Hadith, just to help us to understand this is another science in itself. Because many of us it is a truth that we just pick up the phone and we just pick up the howdy and we begin to feel us integrated with a society around us. That is is this training discipline this person had this is this image descended upon such a person, there is a deep science, about understanding no Suz will

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hook up hukum making route deriving rulings and applications upon people upon society is a very severe affair is not just for any individual who's been a Muslim for one year, two years, who's got a few books that come along inside society begin to govern upon people. And to say this is what this means. Rather than just give us a simple, simple and distinct simple understanding person who explains the

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Aloha, condominium or whoever doesn't know enough, who doesn't know abrogation, but are yet inside DACA which can be abrogated assignment abrogation has no right to speak about the scene, it

00:28:24--> 00:28:26

has no right to speak about the scene

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or speak about verses of Quran And likewise, you have to understand the whole alumina, alumina on alumina Hadees the science of why certain words that exist, or the reason of the revelation, why certain verses were stated what they mean was derived from them, if not what will happen when we find inside our community, we find rulings and places upon the society that that harm people that makes things difficult for people make it for everybody around them because they don't understand the book of Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that if we look, another topic in itself, impede our innovation, anybody see somebody doing an innovation, just go around go around the same over this is

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a person is an innovative individual. Read at some of mm sharp A B, two volumes. Many of you have mentioned if you only study Arabic language to read this this book, it will surprise you and Islam have emailed me shocker be talking about bigger, what is innovation, their own app, their data, their stage of innovation, not just to see something black and white and to go rampantly around your society for everybody around you. This person don't this this person said this. So this person should be classified as this. Good looking in me, a lack of knowledge, a lack of perception and a perfect Filipino understanding. Because isn't isn't about pushing people away. is some is about

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dragging people hearts and minds, creating love and devotion and commitment for the marathon Meanwhile, internal

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legal billing for dooming Holic

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Have you been stern and harsh to people they'll drag they'll be pushed away. But love and affection. Teaching people The sooner encouraging them about the sooner it sealing love of our last panel inside their hearts, inside their minds, devotion to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam goes a long way than just pushing people away. just pushing people away, pushing people outside the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, another heavy that shows the reason why we basically help us to understand in our hobbies and as soon as I be the wood chipper election also need to lay on a to bring the next generation by Aguilera to Cuba actually took place. Wherever you find that summit to rasulillah some

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of your poll Canada you landed in Bali, Israel are two individuals from Israel. They used to love one another, possibly two brothers or two friends who are Piano Piano huduma you nibble while they would stay fit a dagger, one of them is to carry out things. The other one is to be excessively baddest, devoting himself inside worship, whether there are two brothers or two friends, or two beloved individuals, if when two opposite of the spectrum person is worshiping a lost man and a person who is away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah is yaku era for me the wanting to see the other individual who is committing sin. So one day frustration

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upset me manner unsafe, you restrain yourself, restrain yourself from this seeming and disobedience to a loss of data. So what they do

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when they found them carrying out a sin. And then he said in his frustration, they get upset. He said, Look, I'm sick, we made this. So call and oh, this person committing the sin. He says this individual will leave or be able to even leave him alone alone. Now I'm not judge me. Have you been sent one who's to be responsible of me to watch over me, obviously is wrong to make such a statement? by any frustration that continuously you're saying this and that to me, I know that I'm sinning. I know that I'm doing something wrong inside my life. It's not right. No, you come and say this to me now. So this individual first individual may, who is reminding him says now in his

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frustration, he says to this individual call a woman or your gender, or your lover not forgive you, and He will not enter you into paradise. He goes a step further now that you will never go to Paradise and I'll never never ever forgive you. For

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both for these individuals to die and resurrect the

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commander of the enemy, then put them in front of the Lord of the worlds, the heavens and the earth or whatever exists.

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Come to be I live in centrally striving individuals.

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Do you know about me? Do you know about lots of data? Oh, come

00:32:54--> 00:33:12

on. Do you have control over what exists inside my hands in my power? Do you have the right? Do you have no need to speak about another individual to place them inside gentlemen? Do you have the right the power the ability to throw someone into gender? or throw them inside the Hellfire inside paradise? Wakanda removes it either? For Coolidge did not

00:33:13--> 00:33:26

say to the sitting individual going into into paradise Bible mercy. Our calling is to be in and said take this individual and take him to the Hellfire and how does NASA how

00:33:28--> 00:33:54

to lay authenticated. So there are two types of individuals or the opposite spectrum, one as he began with in a zeal in a passion of worshipping Allah Subhana Allah that we go to the extreme of them deciding upon another individual or making a statement upon another individual and it becomes detrimental upon ourselves. Well pulu Cody had our stuff Fulani, welcome when he gave me a misdemeanor for self literal we know as a photo Rahim.

00:34:08--> 00:34:16

Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was actually human domestic abuse and Nikita Yomi did

00:34:19--> 00:34:27

a lot of mentions of this had the the major statement that he mentioned. He said well leadin fcbd reticle America Lima, Lima, and

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

this person said just one word. And he has omocha jR hirato. Allah Taki destroy this word, and they have just one word, saying one word is person and destroy everything upon this dunya that person may have done and everything inside of here after that we find and that's really connected for why it will be there. The benefits are the lessons that we can extract from this hobby. This has these quotes that we find overland that we find a surge in ammonia and a loss. I severe warning for the person yet leave below. Thanks

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Osama swears by the name of Allah Subhana. Allah goes and makes such bold statements. This in itself is what's classified as an Taku alloy manner to Allah moon, you speak about Allah that which you don't know. That's what this in essence is that you're speaking about another person. You're saying something about another individual who have no knowledge regarding that secondary point undeliverable, who still called him out, while a zombie baby may be totally recovered. The lesson is that ending, not a life of rebellion, necessarily persevere worship a lot and are 5060 years inside your life is optimal. person should always pay to give them a good ending. Notice I like rabada a

00:35:43--> 00:36:04

good ending, that the ending is one of obedience because here we find the opposite person who spent their whole life worshiping a lot Unfortunately, this was an individual and resolve this the person may not being such a good Muslim, but he had a good nd that maybe the intention was good and a lot and Allah saw that intention and rewarded an individual. Would you Adam, another elephant in the house, see, but

00:36:06--> 00:36:44

don't look at people who sin and disobey a lot with a despising eye. Right, it should be the eye of Chautauqua Rama, the eye of mercy and compassion. Even when we are hostile to non Muslims. We don't hate non Muslims. As word of mouth concluded is the poofer is the disbelief that comes out. That's what a Muslim because non Muslim can be Beloved, versus non Muslim father, mother, brothers, sisters, personally, I have so much love and affection and devotion towards them. There is no comma inside the Sharia is only person draws the line when they begin to advise about Islam as they are there.

00:36:45--> 00:37:21

They are their family members is a natural level among Kabbalah talks about and what types of love has to be universal love, the father loves the mother love the brother and sisters, the only time they draw the line is when it becomes an element of comfort when they infringe upon the Islamic practices. So that even then a person still doesn't hate them shouldn't despise them. They hate the cover. That what they involve that you feel that it removes fullness. That's what true success is that a person is worried about their family members worried about their loved one, encourage him to come out the sake of purpose allows people milesi we see Muslim, young, Muslim, sinning and disobey

00:37:21--> 00:38:01

Allah, this is a key in itself. We need to understand that as we debate about certain issues amongst ourselves, look at the domestic of the Muslims. Look at a master of the arm around US Army for Muslim youth that we want. The taking of intoxicants of drugs, of alcohol, of Xena of fornication is something genuine. It's a general practice that we find inside a society. We don't want to tackle this. We don't want to speak about this, we don't want to engage about this. Until you become a common practice. That's what you find in our society. Now, I don't want to say this, but just to awaken some of our parents and awaken our minds. Most of our youth come from evil practices, and

00:38:01--> 00:38:38

they perhaps have been of a law and for you, most of them, most of them until you tasted haram things and then eventually come to de novo logic, which before was that before was very rare. Before Muslim you never knew what things were. It was the genuine love of your life Muslim of remembering Allah to certain degree, and only a few individual entered to her. But now we see because of lack of Dawa and lack of engagement and lack of reminding a lack of focus. We found that the masses of our youth drowning sorry, even since they're drowning is evil, since it becomes a part and parcel of their life, how we shrug it aside. We should obviously be

00:38:39--> 00:38:53

in a sense of anger, which should be at what are we doing about it, but when we meet them, we should enter into their hearts and mind the love and affection. Was the period be a leader? remind them about a day that was what was tokuyama de la

00:38:54--> 00:38:55

una semana.

00:38:57--> 00:39:43

remind you about meeting a lot. That is the greatest thing about penetration individually. This is a final version sakurako to 283. As you can see, I mentioned the professor only for nine days, nine days after his verse was set down, and it shows the conclusion our message on what Taku Yeoman una de la fere that day whereby you return back to Allah, that's what all of Islam is. Just with everything. Being on this earth is as you began with every day is revitalizing your your method. Your food inside your heart and your mind is only another day closer to Allah. It's only another day to me a lot. It's only not a second to me a lot. That's what should be the heart of the individual.

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

And as a person who wants to meet Allah, Allah wants to meet the individual. Whoever doesn't want to meet Allah. Allah doesn't meet that and then Bridget as well. Like was like I'm gonna be telling a wider just by one word. A person destroys this journey after one word.

00:40:00--> 00:40:27

Take the time to not be forgiven. There's a person with like one word, one word, a person with the same same PCs in town at jahannam 70 seasons at john and we find one occasion, a sound of a word about us to start with her. And the companies that what was the sound, the progress of the service or the storage has been dropping for some diseases have finally reached the end of them. Find

00:40:29--> 00:40:40

out how many centuries ago has now finally touched the bottom of janome. So imagine one word, one word pops up. Now you'll only

00:40:42--> 00:40:48

know one word for you while the two angels are dead, because it destroys this dunya in a rock star. It's like

00:40:50--> 00:40:50

a one word.

00:40:53--> 00:40:57

One word you say a divorce destroys.

00:40:58--> 00:41:38

The most despising thing if forever Why is it best to leave the wife shape or at least Shakeology is thrown on the water. And he sold you that return every single day. I made this person said I made this person do this. I made this person do this. He says you haven't done much you haven't done much. When one comes and says I made this individual to divorce his wife. He talked to me said until slightly Bianca Swahili. You're my comrade. You're my friend. Because why? You haven't destroyed an individual. You've destroyed a family. You've destroyed a nation you destroyed Omar. That's how you phrase it. That's what we find killing a white hater. One word destroys families, destroys homes,

00:41:38--> 00:42:15

destroys everything. So I'm Muslim to be vigilant about your life and the words and the statements that they make. And like when you find the shooter, by the way, the problem is only two people in his hand he speaks about people existed before so they don't feel upset. There may be some person amongst ourselves who says it to another individual. He had this way of teaching the people around him to keep them away from sins. When a young man came to him and said to the corporation give me permission to commit Xena give me permission I'm having a person comes to the Imam today. Just give me permission to commit Zina. He says to this individual are in the home. Do you have a mother?

00:42:15--> 00:42:29

Teresa do? Do you like at some dinner with your mother? He says no. You are in the maternal on? Yes. Would you like someone to communicate with you, nobody says no to that happens enough. That's how people up you have a

00:42:30--> 00:43:12

you have a pattern on going through all the family members. It is obviously we don't like it for them. It is how people are then placed in place it has to be cherished as it all purified is it individual and making God nice just to give his private parts this young individual was never ever seen to get a straight woman as again in their life course to Tamiya. How to deal with the people around how to teach them how to remind them about Allah. So they don't fool, not to give them to condemn them to do them to help but provide ways of coming out of their problems issues that we find. And likewise, in conclusion that we find me as I mentioned, upgraded to a pseudonym to Ghana

00:43:12--> 00:43:22

police never tested any individual to paradise. And as has been documented in the Quran, or the tongue of the prophet Elijah to set up when he mentioned that.

00:43:24--> 00:44:05

When he said that 10 individuals at paradise when he mentioned we're going to paradise, then we affirm that as is that we have no right. We don't know about any other individual. And I call to confirm that adapter out Warhammer agulla and some individuals definitely going into jahannam that is not befitting for person to come along and and discuss that. Or when the Quran speaks with a disbelieving individual we began with that the end result they're going to end up going into Gemini may also contact us all authority and ability to the best ability to serve Allah, Allah and the Prophet Muhammad to be careful about guarding about our tongues, about our lives, about our

00:44:05--> 00:44:10

engagement with Allah Subhana Allah the ritual the practice of the Quranic daily basis when he talks

00:44:12--> 00:44:33

on the phone cooking inside your life, they don't worry about leaving on those terms are gonna take that repeated that legal action is your life that we have that love to have that is infinite justice, justice and mercy has multiplied many times over to pick up mountains of goodies out of the murky and presents that drop dead dead digested individually do

00:44:35--> 00:44:41

we come up with a judgment and these mountains of goodness have been taken away in the workplace of bankrupt individuals.

00:44:45--> 00:45:00

Because this one here was this was he abused this one, he took a write of this one. So all it would be the individual take that away and apply it to the individual data for this individual and go into the admin now that will become successful.

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Individual number one the day you still do not have to be

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00:45:20--> 00:45:24

be doing for the Nevada governor of

00:45:27--> 00:45:33

Nevada City, California that means a buffoon, I believe and again, people who benefit

00:45:34--> 00:45:36

from Ghanaian Navajo karate.

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Lower right, the cabinet regarding deliveries that the report was set up when I was planning on handling

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a lot