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Okay, I was a bit lucky ministry on the regimes we had recommended him Alhamdulillah so salat wa salam ala rasulillah here on early for us Javi Ramallah Bishop disagree with Cindy Omri. Hello, Dr. Tom melissani. If cuckoldry are gonna add an effort to near husafell flt Hassan, have another ba Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to a juice a day. Today we are covering the ninth jewels in the Quran says the nine jewels that begins with Surah aarav. Iron number one is 88 sort of out of 88 and ends with Torah and file number 40. So that's 788 to 840. That is what the Jews comprises of, we will actually pick up our study of the Jews from a little bit before I 88. We are

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going to pick it up from IR number 85.

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Because it is talking about the story of schreib, or the salon, and that is a story we like to focus on. Today we're going to actually cover to your two main stories from the Quran. One of them is Shai, what is Alam he is mentioned in the Quran along with like a, you know, a group of prophets are usually mentioned together, they are no saw hood, soil a lot shy, these five are usually mentioned together in different different parts of the Koran, they are mentioned together here in Surah. Number seven, W mentioned again in Surah, number 11. They'll be mentioned again in Surah 26. And again, surah. Number 37. And, you know, all the way to the end even to Surah 54, these five come

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But then of these five, for example, no Halle Salaam story is explained in a lot of detail in Surah 11, okay. And the story of a loop is explained in a lot of detail in,

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you know, in various parts of the Quran, but specifically surah number 26 has a lot of details and sort of 15 has a lot of details about the story of lot. So specific surahs highlight something specific about each of these five, but the five usually come together. So that's the first group of profits that are in this surah. And of this group. Today, we're going to pick Schreiber SLM, and expand on his story a little bit, because this is the part of the plant where a lot of those details are found. The second part is the story of Musa honey Sarah, and the story of Musa alayhis salam is covered the most extensively in the Quran of any prophet. And today we will see a very large, you

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know, story of Moses and I'm a very large exposit into his life, and, and to study, the amazing story of the money is evil being saved by the for our own, and everything that came before and things that happened afterwards. Well, those are the two main parts. And you can see if you think about it, what we're going to talk about is the idea of good versus evil. That's what this is representing good is represented by the prophets of Allah, evil as represented by the adversaries of the prophets. And at the very end of the Jews, we have surah N, N, sorry, excuse me, surah and file. So file surah number eight, and the surah. And file is actually talking about the Battle of battle.

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And the Battle of battle is the battle in which the prophets of Salaam took on the polytheists of Makkah, who had fought him and opposed him, persecuted him, expelled him and his companions out of Makkah for 13 years did that. And the Battle of brother was when justice was served by a lost power dialer, and the good defeated the evil on that day. So you see, this is the consistent theme in this Joe's good versus evil. And as we will as we go through this juice, I will keep pointing this out in sha Allah to you. Let's pick it up from Surah number 785. Let's read what the Quran has to say. Well either mediana home Schreiber, 2 million we sent their brother Shri he said oh my people worship

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God. There you have no other God but him Jacobo for call a follow up call me up with aloha Malibu Manila in

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a clear sign has indeed come to you from your Lord Khadija at khumba Yuna to mirabito

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Okay for Oh for you Kayla, while Misa Anna wallethub Hassan Sasha home so give full measure and full weight and do not deliver short while are to see do fill out the bar that he had do not corrupt the land after it has been set in order then the compiler come in quantum meaning this is for your own good if you are true believers what are the four oh equaliser out in two are doing? So don't answer Videla Do not lie in ambush on every pathway threatening people barring those who believe from the way of God seeking to make it appear Crockett. Remember when you were few and he multiplied you one little gave I can actually bottom obsidian and consider the fate of fate of those who spews to

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spread corruption. Those who used to live in the earth and they spread corruption consider what happened to them. Why in Canada if a two men come Amma noble lady will sell to V What if I told them you know fosmid ohata mulago manana well will halal hagaman and there's a group of you which believes in my message, and others who does believe in it. Be patient until God should show judge grittiness and he is the best of judges.

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The arrogant leader Paul L. mela levinas Dr. Roman told me here the arrogant leaders of his people said Ladakh region nakaya Shall I shall I we will expel you. Well levina amanu Markham in Korea Tina and your fellow believers from our town oleta who do not female Latina unless you return to our faith, all our lacuna carry he said even though we detest it, but if Torah in Allah He gave even in origin of hemolytic khumba in a Jana Jana Allahu minha we will be inventing lies against God, if we returned to your faith after God has delivered us from it. Mama kulana and Neruda. It is not for us to return to it. unless God our Lord, so willed was the aramoana kulesza in Elma our Lord

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encompasses all things knowledge, Allah Allah hit our Cana we have put our trust in our Lord Robin after her manana webinar called Mina will Huck our Lord expose the truth and judge between us and our people are under high roof are different and you are the best of those who just fat is actually the one who opens so unless

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you know like this is this were caught and stuck together and open us up as in like divide us you know, you know the divide between the truth and falsehood the good in the Evil game

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with oil mela Allah vena cava Rahman call me

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lenita Barton sure even in nakamise Allah HostIn on the leading men of his people who are bent on denying the truth said if you follow your AV will certainly be of the losers for us other tomo Raja, and they're upon an earthquake overtook them for us. bahuvida Rahim. jothi mean and morning found them lying flattened in their homes, meaning by more by the time morning came around, they were completely lifeless and dead. alladhina camdeboo sure, a bank alum Yamanaka those who had denied tribe became as though they had never lived there as if they had never existed. They were wiped off the face of the earth and Latino kids why even can humble fostering those who deny for themselves

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the losers but our own home so he turned away from them? Right like this is a he's walking away from them. As you know, right before the punishment comes or after the punishment. He's kind of, you know, sorrowfully addressing his nation, we'll call our call me to come rissalah to Robbie My people are delivered my lord's messages to you want to come and gave you sincere advice, but gave us Allah Coleman caffeine. So why should I agree for people who used to refuse who refused to believe this is the story of Sharon? Let's take a few points and comment about them. Number one is notice how the Quran says we send their brother schreib what Allah Medina home Shriver, this is a very important

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thing. The Quran As you will see, will it will express this, this this, this uses expression again and again to thermowood we send their brother saw earlier you see that eye number 73 in Aisle number 65 well Ella in a home Buddha to RV Center brother hood to

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to know who sent his people If so, this expression as you see to

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to a certain group of people here again like the people are named madeon thermowood who these

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A mood and an ad. These are nations right? Or cities. So when the nation or cities mentioned Allah says to their brother we sent to that city, we sent their brother shrine. Okay? Why is this important? Because it's to show that the prophets were brothers in humanity for these people, right? And they came with goodness, and they came, you know, not as like outsiders, but they were, you know, in from within the fabric of society. And

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the idea of brotherhood here is that they felt a connection to the people that they were inviting. They had, you know, they were the same in many, many ways. Okay, maybe ethnically, probably ethnically, language wise, everything, there was a very deep Lee shared common identity, the prophet had in common with the people he was calling. And this is how Allah potluck chooses his messengers, he sends messengers from the people that he wants to invite the messenger is from them, there is a very deep sense of commonality. And that is, because that brings with it familiarity. If you're familiar with somebody, you were able to maybe process what they have to say. And the prophets were

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familiar, well known, respected. You know, they were from within the people, and yet the people denied them so that the denial now is even more egregious, if you think about it, in those terms, so that is one thing to point out. And also another lesson is that, you know, we are brothers and sisters in humanity, and this is what the Quran mentions, brother, their brother, sure.

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But of course, we also draw the line by the redeem market using the

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using faith, right, that's really the one that supersedes all relationships, all bonds, the bond of faith supersedes them all. Okay, that doesn't mean that other bonds don't exist. But the one bond that supersedes all bonds is the bond of faith. And that is something we have to we'll see in Surah number 11 later on, but also it's something for us to point out right now. And of course, the Prophet is saying oh my people because the Prophet wants to bring like wants them to know that he is saying this out of concern for them for them not for his own ulterior motive and he is reaching out to them in the best possible way. That's number one point to notice number two thing to notice here

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is tribalism comes and here he advises people to worship god alone. And then he says to them, give full measure and full weight and do not deliver short while that person is assured. Don't devalue things that are valuable trying to buy them on the cheap or something. Okay?

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Do not corrupt the land after it has been set in order Don't mess things up in the world. You know, so the powerful get more powerful, the rich gets richer, and the poor get poorer and poorer and whatnot. Okay, don't do this. This is for your own good if you are true believers. Alright. Interesting thing that he says here. He says here, he's advising them to get rid of their financial corruption. And this is important because this financial corruption is part and parcel of the morality of Islam getting rid of it, it's part and parcel of the morality of stamp stamp isn't just about okay.

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Just worship and rituals and leave the business to the people of business. You know, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and give on to the Lord wants to the Lord. No, no, we don't believe that. Right. We believe that

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our worship is part of our Deen our relations are part of our Deen, how we have families is part of our Deen how we conduct our business is part of our Deen how we live and how we die. All of it is part of our religion. Okay. And this is that example. So shamanism isn't, you know, like making this judgment call. Oh, you know, forget about the corruption. Let's call them to prayer. Let's call them to like goodness of the heart. He's addressing the most pressing problem in society. That's what he's doing. He's going in addressing the most pressing problem in society. First is their ship that they're worshiping other than Allah. Next is their financial corruption. And he addresses both of

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them right away. Right. that's point number two to notice about Sharia. And what we learned from this is the Prophet

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were sent to address the problems of the people. And that's what who we are we are to address the problems of our community of our people. That's what we're supposed to do. We're not gonna say, Well, this is not really that important to us at all this is not really slam, or does it really, you know, so what if they're financially corrupt? It doesn't, you know, let them be? No, that's not the attitude the believer has. Our attitude is we try to bring good and eradicate evil as much as we can, wherever we can. And if you know if it's only just by advising and speaking, so be it. Okay.

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The people all element mellow iron number 88. Point number three to notice. Alaska calls them arrogant is stackable mean call me. They were arrogant, and he calls them mela mela is a very important word. mela comes from the word mela or Milan, which is for something to be full, they are full of something, what are they full of they're full of leadership, not like in the positive way. Right. They're full of leadership in the sense of they're full of influence. They're full of power. And they're full of wealth, they have concentrated power and concentrated wealth. And that's why their influence is extremely large. And they are arrogant. They look down on people, they don't want

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to accept something that is contrary to them. Today, we see this, by the way, in the most unbelievable manner. Like, you know, somebody who was, you know, extremely rich could tweet about something, right. And that could cause that if they tweet about a company, it could cause the stock of that company to plummet.

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And it could cause on the other hand, it doesn't like Dogecoin you on most tweets about Dogecoin. And it goes through the roof. It's a bizarre world. It's a bizarre world that we live in. But that is what Muller is right? Someone who is not to say that Elon Musk is mela mela guide him, right. But I'm saying that's the idea of Muller, that they've concentrated power and wealth so much that they have so much influence on society. Those are the people that oppose the profits, mostly because they knew the profits, when if the profit is accepted by his people, that they will lose all the influence, they will lose all their earnings influence. So they said Oh, sure, we are going to expel

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unless you return to our faith, meaning you come back to a place where we can can maintain our influence. That's number three.

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Number four. And the last point to notice here inshallah is how

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the short anyway, this is, you know, there's like a bit of a dialogue is like we're gonna expel you is like, well, what if we don't want to come back to your faith, you know, expel you or to kick you out? Or you accept our faith? Otherwise, you're gone? The lie? Well, we don't want to accept your faith. Why would we do that? That is, you know, blasphemous to us. Okay, and

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explains that really well in number 89. And

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the people have in these mela, very interestingly, this is a very interesting statement. They said, If you follow Sure, it will certainly be losers. It seems like they're not resorting to violence. Right? Even though initially they were threatening violence. It doesn't seem like here that they are resorting to violence. It seems like over here, they are trying to maybe blackmail or maybe, you know, like pull the rug from under Sharia. But it's an arms feat by taking away his supporters by you know, like you say the tipping the scales, that's what they're doing. They're using the influence on probably, you know, smaller, less influential people in it, who are even in a coma in

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the hospital, you're gonna be losers, or you know, you're going to miss out on all the things that we have, we're not going to trade with you, we're not going to do this and that and you can imagine all the threats that will be there. This is not what the IEA is specifically saying but there's a shadow there is like a,

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a hint of that right? Or in an allusion to that and implication of that. And this is something that's not far fetched, because you see, it's not always that the profits will be met with violence, because if that was the case, you could just write these people up as barbaric and mindless but here These were maybe some sophisticated political politicians who knew how to use leverage and they were trying to do that against your a buddy Sam, but they weren't able to do so Allah subhanaw taala destroyed them. Okay, this is an important juncture to discuss this thing, that the five profits that I mentioned before, right, know, who saw a lot schrieb all of their adversaries, right? All of

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their adversaries were destroyed by Allah in a

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In a miraculous way, it was a divine punishment that last pantalla rained upon them. It was a miracle. And it was a it was a punishment that was super natural. It wasn't like a tornado came and destroyed them or some wind that came were a normal earthquake. No, this is not a normal earthquake. This was a punishment that Allah unleashed upon them. And there was a miracle that is sent to the Prophet. And it only happened after the Prophet was rejected by the people that he was sent to give. This continued. This was the way until musala salaam showed up on the scene. And when Musa Assam showed up on the scene, the person the last one to be destroyed by Allah was to own and after for

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their own. This was not the case. Mousavi Salaam, the people who were he was told to go and enter. You know, Jerusalem. The people in Jerusalem were not destroyed by Allah, sparkler divine. They were not. There was a battle, and the Israelites eventually won, but not in the lifetime of musasa them. The point is this from New alesund, all the way to the time of Musab throughout history, Allah, Allah will send prophets the prophets will be denied, and Allah will destroy the people who destroy who denied the profits. Until Moosa and Musa came. The last of that instance, was the Pharaoh. And after that Allah Spano did not intervene in that supernatural way, he would support the believers,

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he would support them, as we will see in the Battle of whether there was a loss supporting the believers, but the believers were the ones leading the charge themselves, not a lost part that are bringing about a supernatural punishment. So this is something to keep in mind when we, when we study the the stories of prophets in the Quran, that this punishments that are that are described was something in the past now of course, there's a threat always of a smaller punishment that it may be unleashed is some type of some sort of a, you know, deprive a blessing, some sort of, you know, a thing that affects everybody and that's of course there right? But this is a, a punishment on a

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grand scale that Columbia no fee ha, look at that. As if they had never lived there, it completely wiped them off the face of the earth. That is what the Quran is referring to. Now, this story is mentioned in Makkah, because Allah wants to remind the people of Quraysh that if Allah wanted to, he could do that to you. Okay, understand that he's done this over the course of history throughout time. Okay. So if he wanted to, he could do that you as well, or your end could be like the end of the pharaoh which is iron number 103. If we skip to that, though, my last name embody him Moosa. Hmm. We iottie not enough Allah he follow them will be her fungal cave, okay, Anna, Cuba to move

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Syrian after them. He said Moses, with our science to Pharaoh and his chiefs, but they willfully rejected them and consider the end of the evil doers. Okay. Again, the idea is as follows

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Quraysh the audience, right? Remember, Naka, the audience's Quraysh are told here is what has happened. Either is going to be like the punishment of the people before or like the punishment of the Pharaoh. It's not going to end well for you if you're going to deny the prophets also understand that this is what the narrative the Quran is building to show historically, how Allah sponza will support good over evil gate musala salaam and again, notice his mela, his mother are very important. It wasn't just for our own himself running amok being a tyrant, he had people of influence who directed him. And this is a key thing is always people of influence directing an influencing the

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direction of society. And sometimes they're obvious sometimes they're not, but they're always there. Call a messiah in Nero. sudo Mirabile alameen, Musa, Moses said Pharaoh, I am a messenger, from the Lord of the Universe, happy corner Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah He.

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duty bound to say nothing about God but the truth. I have brought a clear sign from your Lord. Let the children of Israel go with me. For our sin Maria, Bonnie is Ill let my people go, okay, because they were enslaved by the town.

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gowns like what's the sign shows the sign?

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Most of us come through town, his staff who are either here to abandon movie, it was unmistakable, unmistakeably, a serpent, a snake. It was no illusion. It was 100% a real snake. And then he drew forth his hand. That's it.

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The hook for either here by walking by a lot with the Nazarene. It was shining white to the beholders meaning that it was radiating light

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to miracles. Now, the chiefs of the Pharaoh said this is a very skillful magician, and he has come here, you read when you are coming out, they come, he's come here to drive you from your land. from other that Moodle, Pharaoh said, What do you then advise? Interesting, most I didn't come to say, I'm here to defeat you and take over your kingdom. Musa said, Let my people go. But look at how the people of the influence are turning this around and saying he's here for your kingdom. He's here to kick you out. And he's here to take over. Let's do something about it. All right, but these people were calculated, right, you may think that they were just, you know, brutal murderers, which they

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were for Allenwood brutally murder people, they would murder in Thailand entire subset of the population, the babies of bunnies that are ill, he would murder them in cold blood. This is who he was, this is how evil this man was. He is the personification of evil, there is nothing more evil as a human being you can think of than the Pharaoh. But brute force cannot you cannot rule a society by just brute force, eventually you will run out of force, and eventually others will just gather enough force to overthrow you. They were also calculated, and you know, very, very vicious in their scheming. So they're gonna have this, you know, hacha plan, auto j, who let him his brother wait a

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while and send into the circus cities summoners they'd like you know what, this is gonna cause a ruckus in the society. Bunny style is gonna find newfound hope their Savior is here.

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Let this thing cooled down a little bit. Let let this thing cooled down a little bit, don't react right away. Let's, you know, Let them wait. don't respond to him. And let's gather the best magicians that we have. And then what we do with all these great skilful magicians, we are going to have a battle on a day where the magicians and Moosa will battle and the one who wins, surely magicians will beat him, and then we'll humiliate him in front of the people. But just how to fit around magicians came to the Pharaoh and asked, shall we have a reward? The musicians were like paid mercenaries, they were in it for the money Really? Right. And for ounces. Yes. And you will be my

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quarters. Right, you will become middle McCorvey and I will bring you close to me. And you will have power you will have influence you will have money. That's what I'm going to give you. All right. Now the day comes, they're going to meet face to face Moses said.

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They said Moses who should throw you or us Moses said you throw first bulama I will call Monday through their their magic. Right? Whatever it wasn't with the sticks, whatever it was that they threw. Right? So how are you in a nurse? They bewitch the eyes of the people was started her boom. And they struck them with all while jack will be standing of him and they showed a great feat of magic.

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They were displaying magic that was sterile her boom it it. So how do I Uranus number one it bewitched the eyes of the people who were like well, what is this? This is is it a real estate is a real this is the real that. So how do I even ask people? Their Eyes Were bewitched. And then what started her boom it wasn't like oh, wow, cool. No, they were actually you know, in a state of fear or is not maybe the greatest transition because you know, raba is the fear you have is you know terrorism. That's the word for it. It started her boom. They incited fear in the people. That's what they did. So people were petrified.

00:28:56--> 00:29:41

And bewitched. And here is on the other side Mossad Islam alone. And Allah smartos says to him, throw down your staff lt Yasaka and staff of Musa is a image in the Quran imagery continues throughout him so he threw it down as the first miracle doesn't fit around. He throws down again here to battle the the magician's he will hit the staff with with the staff you'll hit the sea parted, you'll hit the staff on the rock from it will come out the water the drink the staff is you know, when I was one of the first musar some first weeks to Allah Allah asked me about a staff what is the staff that's in what's what's, what's this in your right hand almost most of and he replied

00:29:41--> 00:29:59

said that this is my staff. So the staff of Musa is a very powerful image that is throughout the Quran that's mentioned here. It's mentioned here again, throw down your staff, and immediately it's swallowed up their false devices, all that thing it became a real snake and swallowed up

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All the fake animals and free trickeries that the magician's that now a very unexpected result

00:30:08--> 00:30:13

from alcohol how kuwabara Makana Yamanote the truth prevailed and

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nothing today should one or falsehood good one over evil okay? They were defeated, but and in their defeat the magicians and frown had a very interesting reaction. The Magicians prostrated themselves on nuclear Sahara to surgeon saying I'm an admirer of Bilal, I mean, we believe in the Lord of the universe, the Lord of Moosa. And Harun

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very unexpected for our own, on the other hand, of course, was undeterred. He wasn't going to accept most of the summer they were arrogant. They look down on musasa nam, and they were rejecting the truth. So he said, How dare you believe in Him before I get I have given you permission.

00:30:57--> 00:31:18

In the Heather lomochrome Markel, to move in Medina and like a sore loser, he doesn't accept defeat, he says, this is an either plot, which you have this device in the city, in order to drive its people out, you guys plan this before. This was not this was a pre planned act is like WWE or staging a fighter, but it's not really a fight.

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That's what you're doing. And you're doing this so that Moses can come and take over. This is what that that's what that was his reaction. Very,

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very interesting. It tells you something that a person who is a is who's drunk on power, who is a tyrant, who is, you know, in a way, very authoritative, can very, very often not accept defeat, it will try to explain away defeat in other ways. Oh, this is, you know, you know, this is rigged, this game was raped. This is what happened.

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Because they want in their minds is impossible for them to lose. And that's how our own was for him. This was like an impossibility that just took place. That How come my team got defeated by this one individual.

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Very interesting. That was his reaction. And that's the reaction of someone who is you can say drunk on power. And the reaction of the magicians was the reaction of someone who is truthful and sincere, and they were paid to go up against Mozart, they don't really they don't really have a dog in the fight. But when they saw the truth, immediately they embraced it. Immediately they embraced it. And that is actually an amazing quality, to be able to embrace the truth immediately. Moosa and magicians are not from the same ethnicity By the way, Moosa is a Israelite, the magician's are, they are Egyptians, neither two different ethnicities. But for them, the ethnicity didn't matter that

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like we're gonna accept any struggle, the prophet of any style, because he's the Lord of the worlds, Allah is the Lord of the worlds. And this is his prophet, we're gonna accept him, right? They didn't care that they are a different ethnicity and bunnies that is enslaved by our people. They didn't care about that the power dynamic between this nation and that they were like, this is the truth, and we are going to accept it. And this is how Allah swatter makes the truth. stand out. The people of the truth, make it stand out. The people who don't care about these, these these worldly

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measures, or worldly

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ways of evaluating circumstances, they don't care about this. They care only about what's right, and then following what's right. And that's what a hallmark of a believer is. They were quick to accept and you see what happens when you have true faith. The consequences is you become fearless and you become bold. For the sake of the truth, you don't become a coward. You don't become more afraid. You become less afraid and more bold because you know Allah is in charge. And you know that if not today, in the next life, Allah subhanaw taala will take care of everything. And the only one you have to worry about pleasing and fearing is Allah Spano tala, so don't threaten them to cut off

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their hands and feet and to crucify them. They said we will return to our Lord look at this in a lot of Binyamin kalibo.

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Like we say in Allah, He will in your own, that's exactly what they're saying, in slightly different words, we shall return to our Lord, You will only punish us because we believed in the signs of our Lord when they were shown to us we believed and you did it, you try to humiliate Musa in fact you got humiliated. That's why you want to punish us.

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

Rob been afraid of Elena, Sabra and then are begging for their lives. They're like, Oh our Lord, pour upon us patience and cause us to die in a state of submission to you. Look at how amazing that he man of this magicians were truly like. It's a it's a

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

It's like a mini miracle. How? Imagine when it's takes root in a person's heart, how much courage it gives a person.

00:35:11--> 00:35:31

Now, the, the chiefs of the most of the pharaoh were like, well, this is not good. This isn't good. Are you gonna let Moses and his people spread corruption in the land and forsake your gods and forsake you and your gods, again, you see for their own is not alone in this plotting the mela are egging him on, they're directing him

00:35:33--> 00:36:16

for our own sake, okay? You can't let also the Mullah the chiefs are like you can't let him take this victory and build on its momentum, you got to do something about it. What is the response of the brutal tyrant, the oppressor when they are facing defeat? Right? They will bring out all the guns and start shooting and killing. And that's what they did call us a new home minister in his home, we shall kill their male children and spare only their females. And we have complete power over them. We are so far ahead of them in our power and our force and our numbers, we can continue to kill them and what's going to happen, nothing's gonna happen. No, this is the mindset of the

00:36:16--> 00:36:19

murderer, the evil throne.

00:36:20--> 00:37:06

Let's Let's kill them more. musallam says people study noble law, he was spirou. When you are oppressed, and you can't fight back, it's an uneven battle, perhaps it's not worth it. You can't really fight at this point. At that point, you have to be patient, you have to wait out these bad times, you have to wait for Allah to create an opening, because in the Dalai Lama, the earth belongs to God, and He gives it to have those servants of whom he chooses and the future belongs to Allah securing the future belongs to the God fearing Well, I am able to live with him, whether in this world or in the next The end result will belong to the God fearing the righteous.

00:37:07--> 00:37:45

This is how it continued, but Allah spatola effect, you know, would would bring about more science, the, you know, the people of Pharaohs suffered shortages of food, famine, okay. And they would suffer. And what they would do is they would do what something a person of no faith, or a person of a hypocritical outlook would do. What is that when something good came to them, they said, this is our do. And when something bad came, they would ascribe it as an ill omen to Moses.

00:37:46--> 00:38:04

They will say, when something bad will come, they will say Moses, pray to your Lord, for us, by virtue of the promise he has made you if you remove this plague from us, we shall surely believe in you and let the children of Israel go with you. But then when it was removed, they will go back on their promise and break their promise.

00:38:06--> 00:38:51

And that is when Allah says we took extracted retribution from them and drown them in the sea, because they rejected our science and paid no heed to them. This is the idea. These are the people who when you when a person is so given to evil, this is what ends up happening. Their word means nothing, their promises mean nothing, whatever they need to say to attain their means they will say and that is what the Pharaoh was doing. What was the plan he mentioned the specific circumstances that they suffer for are Sonali who do fun storms. General Gerrard locusts. Welcome. Well there was lice that in locusts a swarm of locusts came upon them lice that appeared from everywhere well,

00:38:51--> 00:39:12

Baba, they are frogs, they were all over the place but dumb and blood, their water turned to blood. I Adam have a solid so many clear signs, all of this to show to them. Stop being arrogant, follow and submit to Allah and His Messenger just stop listening to yourself stop listen to their own.

00:39:13--> 00:39:27

But they didn't. And this is the thing a lot less time to show this to us. It wasn't just like one small incident. And now the Pharaoh was drowned. This was multiple, you know, long trials that fit our own had to suffer.

00:39:28--> 00:40:00

And at every turn, he would turn more arrogant, he would turn even worse. This is the sign of someone who is lost their way. Design when the last model sends punish, you know, difficulties to us. He sends it as a reminder, right and actually I number 94. If I skip back to the beginning of the juice, I number 94. So it says that we afflicted its people with suffering and adversity so that they may humble themselves before God. This is actually

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

A very important idea, Allah spatola would, before punishing people break their arrogance through tough times. And that humility, when that comes in that moment, hopefully will translate into seeing the truth from falsehood. But when

00:40:18--> 00:41:06

even tough times cause you to become even more arrogant, now you know, the problem is very deep rooted. And that is what ferons issue was. This is something for us to think about, as people, as believers, Allah, Allah is not, you know, going to send upon us this plague and all these things, like you said, upon a frown because like I told you, this is like a divine punishment that Allah has unleashed upon these, these very tyrant, tyrannical and, and evil people. But Allah will send us tests in life. And these tests in life are going to be a way for us to recalibrate and be reminded, maybe something to break our arrogance, maybe something to kind of wake us out of our slumber. This

00:41:06--> 00:41:56

is what Allah Mata will do. And for us, that should cause us to, you know, become humble and embrace humility and turn to Allah. That is what is expected of us. But our own Of course, didn't do that. And then the end for him was drowned in the sea that is thrown, and then I'll find the turns to bunnies. Number 130. Which I was Nobby, bunny, Israel, el bajo for our Allah comi acuna Allah, Allah homeright the first part of the story of Musa was Moosa and frown, good versus evil, clearly good and clearly evil. But now Moosa and Venetia is a separate story. That is a story in itself. And money is still eels. Like you mentioned, their behavior was very, very pathetic towards musallam.

00:41:56--> 00:42:21

Example number one, as soon as they crossed the sea, they came upon the people were devoted to their idols. They said, Hey, Moses, gave us a God just like they have Gods just like the gods that these people have a Jelena Isla Han Kamala home earlier. You were just saved by Allah. You were just we just saw your your tyrant, your oppressor drown, and you want us another god and you want to worship an idol.

00:42:22--> 00:42:26

I think this is a very, very pathetic situation.

00:42:29--> 00:43:14

masala Salam was told, he was asked by a lot of come and meet him. For 40 nights It was 30 initially, but then Allah added 10 more to make it 40 nights. Okay, he was gone for 40 nights to meet a loss pantalla before musar Islam left, he put Harun alayhis salam in his place, take my place among my people act rightly and do not follow those who spread corruption, of course, Mousavi Salaam and he went to a loss patata he received revelation. And there's a beautiful moment that the last part describes where Musa came to our to our app and our appointed time. And his Lord spoke to him because Allah Patil spoke to him directly. You know, there were, this was why he was called can emo

00:43:14--> 00:43:59

law, the one who Allah spoke to, he said, My Lord, show yourself to me, so that I may look at you here most of the time is doing this because he loves Allah. He wants to see the bill His Beloved, who is beloved Lord, whose voice he hears, and that's the best thing for him to hear Allah's voice. Now he wants to see Allah last month explains the Messiah, you cannot see me because the earth and the finite creation cannot contain Allah subhanaw taala that's why we say Allah is above his creation, right? And in this moment, Allah manifested Himself to a part of the world, a part of me manifested to a mountain and the mountain broke into pieces and crumbled. And Moses fell unconscious

00:44:00--> 00:44:44

was a hora Musa Sorry, guys, it is a small tangent, a small, very beautiful moment where moose Allison, is, you know, reaching the pinnacle of his love for Allah. But he realizes that there is a limit because Allah is the Lord of the universe. And he is Lord is above his throne and transcends his the creation. yet he's chosen him to speak to him directly, but alas, mother tells me so this is not a punishment that Moosa fell unconscious, he reminds most in this stuff, I too can see the reality I have chosen you of all mankind from my messages and my words, hold fast to what I have given you, and be among the Grateful, okay, and this is what we have to do. We have to hold fast to

00:44:44--> 00:44:59

what Allah has given us, for whom it took our koombana shocking and we have to be grateful to Allah. Okay, now, after this Bani Israel, Allah spatola money so that you are left to their own

00:45:00--> 00:45:21

devices. And in the absolute absence of Moses, they made a calf with their ornaments. They turned their jewelry into a calf, a Jelena just Allah who have an image a made a lowing sound, how did it make a lowing sound, maybe there was some windows going through it, maybe there's a

00:45:24--> 00:45:28

parent references that as well Islam was leaving, but it's ill

00:45:29--> 00:45:42

across the Red Sea, you know, he grabbed a little bit of the dust from under the, the, the the horses or something of jabril

00:45:43--> 00:45:50

you know, a little bit of dust from that part. Like it's a blessed dust, and he tossed it on this, on this

00:45:52--> 00:46:36

on this calf, and that, you know, caused a little bit of a miraculous sound to come from it not because you realize the lamb is from he transcends the world, he is not from this world. So you take a little bit something from outside the world and put it in this, you know, lifeless creature and it you know, has this who are this lowing sound, okay, irrespective of whether it's a loading zone or not, it's still a rock, it's still an idol. And you made it yourself. It doesn't change anything. Okay? Lm euro anahola you can Lima who cannot see it did not speak to them, nor guide them in any way. Right? This is a last month speaks to us, by inspiring us by you know, by by sending us these

00:46:36--> 00:46:59

inspirations in ham, that's called an Arabic. Okay, he speaks to us to his book, he speaks to us by answering our doors, he guides us you know, he protects us from bad decisions from evil coming our way. He guides us our steps our life, we are going on the wrong path. And he brings us back

00:47:00--> 00:47:49

through circumstances through tests and trial through sometimes heartbreak, but he guides us in this way or that way. And he brings us back to what's the correct way towards optimal every bad you suffer in life, you will find that somewhere down the road with some goodness in it. And that cause you to correct course that otherwise you will not have corrected okay? That's how Allah is part Allah is with the people with the believers. Who did not see that did not speak he did not speak to them or guide them yet it took it took to worshiping it. And they were evil doers. This was a very, very pathetic thing. Now I remember they actually recognized that they were they were misguided.

00:47:49--> 00:47:56

They had they realize that they had done something wrong. Right? When but after worshipping this idol, they kind of like broke out of their

00:47:57--> 00:48:42

drunken stupor. They realize something has gone wrong, but now musala sam comes back and he is livid. Right off the bat as if Allah Maharajah musala Kamini haldwani asifa he comes back and he is in anger. He is livid. And he is very sad. Right? It's a very, because he feels betrayed. He is betrayed by his people, the people that were supposed to uphold the values and his teachings. He's betrayed by them and he's angry at them. That's a very difficult thing to be you're angry and you're very hurt at the same time. That's a tough, emotional situation to be in. He said, What a terrible thing you've done. Big summer holiday to Mooney member Rd

00:48:44--> 00:49:14

argentum Mr. Wickham Do you want to hasten the Lord's command? Like do you want to be destroyed by Allah like right away? Is that what you want? He threw down the tablets and seized his brother by hit the head, pulling him towards himself. Now he's angry at his brother, because his brother was supposed to be watching over them. But how do another Sam said caller call Abner oma in them. Como esta la fonio kaddu nanny, he said my brother, son of my mother, right? Or my brother from my mother.

00:49:15--> 00:49:42

Right? That's what is literally signed on my mother. The people oppressed me and almost killed me is the stuff that I funi not necessarily is oppressed. You stole my phone is that they made me weak, meaning they belittle my authority, or paid no attention to me and actually kind of like took away my power. So I was powerless. The people made me powerless and they almost killed me. So do not

00:49:43--> 00:49:59

do not give my enemies cause to gloat over evil Otto Schmidt bill either don't do something that makes our enemies happy. Well, that's the only model call me Follow me. Don't count me among the wrongdoers. I didn't do this. I stopped them and I had to stop after a certain point because

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

They were going to kill me. And I was powerless. They hadn't explained themselves very beautifully. And it's actually a really beautiful lesson. Like don't do something in public that makes your enemies happy that this is

00:50:12--> 00:50:24

the problem used to make as well was shamatha till Adda Allah protect us from the gloating of our enemies, because usually that is a disastrous, humiliating situation.

00:50:25--> 00:50:30

Musan Islam recognizes that, that this is something that

00:50:31--> 00:50:42

you know he needs to do to Allah for forgiveness, then as an example of their pathetic behavior continues is number 163.

00:50:44--> 00:50:44

But he thought

00:50:46--> 00:50:54

this speaks about the Israelites and the Sabbath, right the story of the Sabbath.

00:50:56--> 00:51:01

Before this, actually, a lot of the details that are mentioned above that are about them,

00:51:02--> 00:51:23

you know, for example, receiving manner and Salwa manner and Qualls and then they wrong themselves and didn't enter the city. All those things that were mentioned in our, our re mentioned here again, as a point to show that these people were acting in the most pathetic manner with one of the greatest prophets of all time, okay.

00:51:24--> 00:52:09

But now the story transitions from Musa and bunny Seidel to bunny sorry after Moosa, the people of this habit, was as homonuclear Atilla t cannot held in October 163 asked him about the town, which by which was by the sea, and what befell its people when they broke the Sabbath, because the Jews were told they're not supposed to work on Saturday, the Sabbath, on their Sabbath, the fish came to them near the surface, but on weekdays, they would never come near them, or they, they never came near them. And thus we tried them because of their disobedience. This was a test of Allah. Allah said, We tested them because of their disobedience. They were disobedient people. And as

00:52:09--> 00:52:45

disobedience is communal, Allah takes away blessings. So one of the blessings that Allah took away from them was that the day they were supposed to fish are the days they were supposed to fish, the fish wouldn't, it'd be difficult to catch the fish. But the day they were supposed to not fish, the fish, hey, is that DMP diningroom yamasa dM shubhra, it will come near the surface especially like here, come fish me. Right? Very easy to catch. But other day, they were not supposed to fish that's the day the fish would come so easily available. But

00:52:46--> 00:52:59

that was their test game. And again, the test was set up or that was given this way. Not because the last one was wanted to mess with them. But because of their disobedience, there was prior disobedience, communally.

00:53:00--> 00:53:37

Of course, the reaction to people here tells us a little bit about who they are. Okay. A group of them said, Why do you admonish your people whom God is going to destroy, are afflicted with severe punishment. Now what happened is, there were people who were like, you know, what, we can't fish in the Sabbath. That's the core of that's the law of God. So we're not gonna do anything on this happened. And that was actually, you know, people, and there was others who would set up their fishing nets on Friday to fish on Saturday for them to fish on Saturday for them. And then on Sunday, they would go and catch the fish that were trapped in those nets and be like, Hey, we didn't

00:53:37--> 00:54:17

fish or we didn't do any work on Saturday, or next did the work for us themselves. Now, of course, this was like kind of a trickery that we're trying to play with the law of the Torah. Now, what's interesting is this was, you know, the majority people recognize that this was not an acceptable interpretation of the law. And they recognize that so when a group of people will tell them, Hey, stop doing this. This is, you know, you're breaking the Sabbath very, very clearly. Others would say to the group of this group of Warner's Why do you tell these people? Why do you admonish them? Why do you remind them there? Oh, there's this. There's so messed up anyway. God's going to destroy

00:54:17--> 00:54:51

them, or afflict them with a serious punishment. What's what they're going to be ruined anyway. We all know they're doing something wrong. And then that, you know, what's the point of reminding them in the first place? There's so you know, there's so misguided the good people here the Warner's said ma Virata ihlara be kumala, Allah Amita Khun in order to be free from blame before your Lord, and that perhaps they may fear and this is a beautiful statement. I want you to maybe underline this, if you can, if you have a Quran with you. This is why we do what we do.

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

If there is something that's evil, something that's wrong, and we speak out against it, we try to change it

00:55:00--> 00:55:47

Whatever we do about it, and we do it for these two reasons, number one, to free ourselves from break free from blame before Allah, because if Allah asked us, we could say Allah, we tried our best to get rid of it. Okay? Number two, so that people who we are telling them that this is wrong, and we're trying to give them sincere advice, and good counsel, maybe they will heed our advice, because we don't assume someone is beyond help by default, we don't assume that we give them the see how we give counsel advice, and we leave it to them to accept it. Like because we can't force a person's hand, right? That's not what Islam is about. But this is the idea. That's the attitude of the one

00:55:47--> 00:56:12

who wants to reform whatever little reformed reformation they can do. You see, the majority of people are like, hey, just let these guys they're already misguided. Let them be, why do you Why worry about them. But this small minority of good people spoke out and went and addressed them and said, this is the two reasons why we're doing it. Now, of course, when that continued on,

00:56:13--> 00:56:44

you know, the metal out a severe punishment to the transgressors, because they were rebellious. And what happened was that they were told me as apes despise. Now this doesn't mean that they lived as apes. And then they had eight kids and what is not what it is, what happened is, they were these people were fishing on the Sabbath, clearly breaking the law of the Sabbath, were punished, and they were turned into apes, and then they died. Just like, you know, a few moments or after or a few,

00:56:45--> 00:56:55

you know, some some some small time afterwards. And as that was a demonstrated punishment that was given to them. But last month, I mentions, right?

00:56:57--> 00:57:31

that not all the Israelites were bad, but Katana, or leiomyoma, we split them into sections on the earth, some of them are righteous, or some of them are otherwise. Right. And you notice here, these this all new, they said, in order to be free from blame from your Lord, and that they mean perhaps fear Him, these were Israelites, these were Jews. Again, the Quran criticizes when criticism is warranted praises when praise is warranted. And here is the idea. Here is the idea as well about an important lesson number.

00:57:33--> 00:58:13

First, let's read animal 168. Some of them were righteous while some of them were otherwise, we tested them. We tested them with blessings and misfortunes so that they may return to the right pack. This is what Allah Botha does. He gives us good and he gives us bad times. Both of them are tests good times our tests. Are we grateful bad times are I you know, a recalibration it's like a wake up call for us. Okay, last June, so they may return literally last month or sees us veering off and, you know, sends our wakes us up with like a tragedy. It's like if you're on the highway, and you're kind of going off like the road, maybe on the left lane, right, there's like that you can

00:58:13--> 00:58:46

hear your tires go off, is that the shoulder makes that very loud, loud noise and immediately you kind of wake up and come back and steer to the right direction. That's kind of the idea behind the difficulties that Allah sends us. It is like a wake up call, wake up, wake up, come back to the straight path before it's too late. Now an important lesson number 169. The high law firm embody him holophone although Sala, they were succeeded by generations, Israelites were associated by generations who inherited the Scripture. What do you call keytab?

00:58:47--> 00:59:05

Because they were inherited. The scripture here means the scripture was revealed before them. They grew up reading the Torah, practicing the Torah, the Torah was all around them. It was inherited. They didn't really. It didn't see it being revealed. They didn't accept it as their faith. They were born in the feet.

00:59:06--> 00:59:08

But what happened to them?

00:59:09--> 00:59:32

Yet coluna Allah had at dinner, they took to the fleeting gains of the world. Yeah, who do not have all the heart and they were too consumed by materialism. They were too consumed. By enjoying this world, saying your holiness or your Ferghana, we shall certainly be forgiven, you know, we have the law of Moses. Right, we're going to be forgiven.

00:59:33--> 01:00:00

And if they came to them something some similar fleeting gains, again, they will take them was a pledge, not taking from them written in the Scripture, that they would not say anything but the truth about God and that they have studied whatever is in it for sure what that is to Murphy. Isn't this the pledge that God had taken from them, then they're not going to fabricate things about him. They're not going to they

01:00:00--> 01:00:05

Want to study what the religion is? And they're going to practice that religion? Very important lesson here

01:00:06--> 01:00:22

would ask you not to hyrulean larina takuan, the home of the hereafter surely is better for those who fear him? Will you not understand? The idea is this, those who are born in the fate inheriting the Scripture, thinking that their salvation is a their birthright.

01:00:23--> 01:01:12

They're actually mistaken. They're actually mistaken. not technically, because the last part Allah will forgive everybody from the oma of Mohammed salam, who says La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and they, you know, believe that in their heart, good or evil, after being held accountable, after been taking, you know, after their account is taken last month, I will forgive that, because the one who accepts monotheism. And the problem is the last prophet will go to Paradise. And it is a favor of Allah to the ancestor of that person who accepted Islam, right in that ancestor who accepted Islam, it's a favor to them, that you and all of your progeny are going to attain

01:01:12--> 01:01:53

salvation, because of your good decision that you made by accepting Islam. Okay, so that's something that's technically there, but that that's the letter of the law, the spirit of the law is as such, you're going to say, I'm going to do whatever I want party, drink this that be evil, do things immorally. And I'll be fine. Because I'll make hudge at the end of my life, that is a very perverted, very perverted way of looking at the religion, it's almost like you're taking it as a joke. And you're making a mockery out of it. And that's the lesson that Allah wants us to learn from money. So these, that's the, that's the kind of, you know, transactional mindset when a person has

01:01:54--> 01:02:35

when they take the life of this world. And think of that as the end goal. And then religion is just another means to get more of the dunya. That's what it becomes. Right? So this is an important lesson for us to consider. Allahu Allah, the reality is those who hold fast to the book, and are steadfast in the prayer. Those are the ones who are last pantalla is going to forgive, and they're the ones whose reward is going to be sustained. Okay, moving on too quickly, I have a few I'll just take a few minutes to talk about this very important passage that comes in this Quran and in this place of the Quran only. Okay, that speaks about, remember the moral compass, which I was talking

01:02:35--> 01:03:25

about yesterday. Everybody has this inherent moral compass that goes towards looking for their Lord, how well do they act upon it? How well does that speak to them, we're actually not the judge of that Allah is a judge of that, because he knows exactly the inner workings of every single human being. But that moral compass was put in us, when we were souls, before our bodies were made. And then our souls were into, made into our own. We were blown into our bodies, we were actually created as souls many, many, you know, millennia ago, as souls. And in this island, we are awash in this place of, or this this, this world of souls. As a person's body was conceived in the world, the soul was sent

01:03:25--> 01:04:12

down to join that body and then the soul is taken when the person dies, okay? And then the soul will be returned again on the Day of Judgment, when the body is resurrected. Now here is something Allah mentions about the souls of human beings and how on each soul Allah sparkler put this moral compass, the fitrah What is this i I 172 with a horrible common Bunny, Adam, when your Lord brought forth offspring from the loins of the children of Adam, this is all of our souls, all of them, those who were born before and died, those who are alive today those who will be alive in the future, every single child of Adam, will ashada whom Allah unfussy him made them bear witness about themselves.

01:04:13--> 01:04:31

Take, you know, bear witness to this fact. What does that fact? Less to be Rob become? Am I not your Lord? All Oh, Bella, Shahid, Anna, they replied, Yes, You are our Lord, we bear witness that you are.

01:04:32--> 01:04:45

Okay. Every single soul bore witness to this the most evil and the most good. And the Kuru young multi Amati in acuna. Javi. And why was this done? Why was his moral compass put in every soul?

01:04:46--> 01:04:59

This he did, less you should say on the Day of Resurrection. We had no knowledge of that. We had no knowledge we had no clue that this life had a purpose and we had a creator and we

01:05:00--> 01:05:41

could aspire to something greater than just being like animals eating, drinking and sleeping and dying and maybe, right, we had a better purpose a bigger purpose. We didn't know that. No, no, that soul of yours is going to tell you that you had a purpose that you are not just about eating, drinking, meeting and then dying. There's something more to life out of Hulu. Or if you were to come and say on the Day of Judgment, hey, innama Ashoka about our forefathers associated others with God before our time. And we are only the descendants who came after them. It's not our fault. We were just born as polytheist. So we died as follows us, right? I've only gonna be mafatlal multitone. So

01:05:41--> 01:06:27

are you going to destroy us for those inventors have also did know to the contrary is you are destroyed because of your own choices. And because you suppressed that filter that was deep inside of you, the fitrah that moral compass that's that every soul has suppressing it, either because of worldly gains, or because of prevalent you know, you know, prevalent religions around the time, whatever causes you to suppress that you have to suppress it. That actually is what Cofer is linguistically. linguistic, Nico four means to bury something, a gaffer buries a seed inside the darknesses of the earth and covers it up. That is what kufr the etymology the image of governance

01:06:28--> 01:06:41

that is what a person who suppresses their moral compass does, and that is why, because alicona fasudil is we explained our science in detail, and thus so that they perhaps may return

01:06:43--> 01:07:26

the conclusion I'm going to skip to the conclusion of the surah a very powerful conclusion. In navali Allahu Allah Deen as an Al Kitab wa who were at our la sala hin and number 196. My protector is God who sent down the book for it is he who protects the righteous when living at the rune. I'm in Dona heliosphere, una nasaka mala and Fusarium Sauron, those whom you call on besides and have no power to help you, nor can they help themselves. And if you call them to the right path, they will not hear you, you will find them looking towards you, but they do not see you this is the attitude of the people who are blinded by their own prejudices. Right Do you might look see them seeing you

01:07:26--> 01:07:34

but they're not really looking. You might see them hearing, but they're not really hearing because they're consumed by their own

01:07:35--> 01:07:44

presidencies. And it's something Your job is to remind them and that's it. what you're supposed to do also is Hudler for be tolerant.

01:07:46--> 01:08:24

It literally expression is take forgiveness, take tolerance, like take it as your like default stance hudl alpha, because people are going to be very obnoxious people are going to be very inappropriate. And if you're going to respond to that, you will be consumed by that so who the laughably tolerant what motivated out of enjoying what is right? They keep doing that? Don't stop doing this? What enjoining what's right, telling people this is good. What are you aligned in Ojai he didn't avoid the ignorant

01:08:25--> 01:09:07

well in my hands on nagamma shale oil in us one first I've Billa and if an evil impulse from Satan provokes you, seek refuge with God because we all are susceptible to that we're all going to trip and fall. So when that happens, ask Allah for protection against the devil and ask for his forgiveness. Because the righteous when an evil suggestion from Satan touches them, they are instantly alerted and they become watchful like when they do something wrong. Like you know shutdown caused them to be emotional to say something regretful they recognize that this was our character and this is the mistake that girl there are instantly You know, they're they see this and then they

01:09:07--> 01:09:08

are watching for it.

01:09:09--> 01:09:12

To be able to see this as well. Okay.

01:09:15--> 01:09:36

Why the Korea hora 204 when the Quran is read, listen to it with attention and hold your peace or unsee to Allah come to Harmon. Listen to it with attention. Give it your full year, your heart and your mind because that's how you will attain mercy. Remember your Lord

01:09:37--> 01:09:59

remember your Lord deep in your very soul. Well let's go Rob. Rob McAfee enough secret a loved one while He further in all humility and all but do know Jerry middle cold without raising your voice. Will we'll do we will outside morning and evening. What are the common law video this is an example of how you keep yourself connected to your Lord. You

01:10:00--> 01:10:14

Remember your Lord does not ruin while he forgotten or do not remain and whole will do we will outsource five things number one, do not run out of humanity. Number two out of,

01:10:15--> 01:10:23

you know, fear of Allah's punishment in all of Allah's punishment, doing a journeyman a coal privately,

01:10:24--> 01:11:05

not like a public display of piety, persons crying and Salah. Right? Sure, maybe you are crying alone, but this is piety supposed to be a private matter, privately display that piety to Allah, morning and evening, right? Morning and evening, morning and evening in the sense that do it. When you start today. Do it when you're ending your day. Right? And that way you are connected to a loss patata at the end of the day, and that meant that gives you the opportunity to perhaps remain connected to a lot throughout the day. Right But at least the end of the day cover the beginning and the end.

01:11:06--> 01:11:38

One other communal offering don't become healers in the Medina and Arabic Elias tengo una vida de the ones the even the angels will live in the presence of Lord are not too proud to worship him worship Him, they glorify Him and prostrate for him. This is the end of surah RF the next surah and finally we're going to talk about tomorrow inshallah because we will be able to cover the whole thing in one setting desert Willow Helen, inshallah I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place, as Pinnacle Loma we have the Ganesha La ilaha illa Anta start for Ghana, tobradex salam, Wa Alaikum