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AI: Summary © The New Year is a busy year for Facebook users, with three main themes for personal growth: practicing Islam, learning about Islam, and sharing advice. The importance of practicing Islam, learning about it, and sharing advice is emphasized, along with the need to avoid distractions from people. The importance of practicing Islam, learning about it, and not apologizing for past mistakes is emphasized, and the need to focus on one's mindset and not regretting past mistakes is emphasized. The importance of being mindful of what people say and not just looking at social media is emphasized, along with the importance of learning and implementing strategies to improve one's mental health.
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When are rubella Himanshu D and fusina comienza Dr. Marina Maria de la who philomel De La Hoya ugl hufa dlF Chateau La ilaha illallah wa hula de cada una Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi followalong kololo dynafit and zillah Z's rather than a hula, hula Humira shaytaan regime. Yeah, you have Latina Manu taco la Hakata De La Tomatina. 11 Tomas de moon vokalia you holla Deena La La kulu Conan's de de de la, la Koo Koo boom, boom a UTI la hora de la confianza, 1000 alima. Am I bad?

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This is a new year. It's the first of January. And it is something if you think about it's a, it's a construct. It's something that we live by. But in reality, if you didn't know the date, nothing has changed from yesterday to today. If you didn't know the date, you just woke up from a coma or something you wouldn't know it was a new year. Because it's it's a way for us to track time. With that set. Every time. Every time there is an opportunity for us to reflect an opportunity for us to do muhabba to knifes accounting ourselves holding ourselves accountable, we should do that we should take that opportunity. Even if it is not a

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tragedy in our life, for example, or even if it's not something that is from the idea Milla we know there's a yamo law. For example, the beginning of Ramadan, the Eden, the days of the ledger, these are yamo Law Of course, these are opportunities for us to reflect but even if there is no specific sharee ayama law the specific days that the Sharia has mandated for us an opportunity for reflection is always good. And that is how the believer should be the Prophet Allah thoughts on set that

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equal to dollar two LUQMAN A nema wotja

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A the wisdom and wise thoughts is like the last merchandise of a believer, wherever he finds it, he is the most he has the biggest or the most binding claim to it. He has the best claim to it any opportunity for us to reflect any opportunity for us to take some wisdom we take it because that is what a believer is supposed to be like with that Nakajima with that introduction, I want to share with you some advice from the Prophet Alice auto setup, as we begin this this new year, as we embark upon this opportunity for us to reflect on how we can re align ourselves with our priority, which is to be the servants of our Lord, to be the servants of Allah subhanaw taala love to be in that role

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in our lives today until we die. So I want to share with you a hadith that is narrated in the Muslim Ahmed and the sooner in Niger and in other places may be a you know sorry will be a long one from narrated by Al Ansari, the great Sahabi who was from Medina, who hosted the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the Prophet came to Medina and lived in his house he narrates and narrow jolanda in an East Allah Lahore and he was selling them. A man came to the prophets of Allah. For color resin he alleges, he said to the Prophet, remind me to be short, keep it concise. I wanted short and sweet. And he revised in ages in another narration, he says to the Prophet slump, teach me but don't make

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it long. Keep it short.

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For Allah alayhi salatu salam, the Prophet and his thoughts on replied either interview Salah Attica for Sunday Salatin what he gives us, He gives this man three pieces of advice. Number one, when you stand up, to pray, then pray like it is your last prayer, number one, number two, while at the column B column in that a the woman who hadn't don't say something today that you have to apologize for tomorrow, number two, number three, what he may or may not Murphy or me, Murphy yet in us don't desire, what people have, don't desire, the things that people possess, don't look at others in a manner where you are wanting what they have being displeased with what you have three beautiful

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pieces of advice that they gave to this man and I think these

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Advice at any time is pertinent for us and at any moment is a beautiful reminder for us, especially as you restart. As you launch into the new year as we all start anywhere, it's something for us to think about for a moment. These are three things if I can implement in my life, my life would be a better my submission to a lot of my devotion to a lot will be better. My mental state and my spiritual health will be better if I could implement this in my life.

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The Prophet is not solemn, give these three big beautiful pieces of advice, and I want to just comment on each of them very briefly. The first one that he said to this man is suddenly salata more time. Suddenly salata moi de moda, excuse me, what that means to bid someone farewell.

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You have for example, too often what are the tawaf that you make in the garba before you leave, that's your last thing that you do before you depart. It's meant to be a beautiful sinner. And when it comes to Umrah and Hajj, it is a diva. And it's a beautiful thing because it's like a bittersweet moment. You want to not leave but you have to leave. So the last thing you do before you leave is you make the love that's what the law is the pharaoh that's what it means. Now, suddenly salata Medina is two things. Number one, you are praying as if you are leaving the world. And that is a very difficult thing to do. That's a difficult mindset to get into every single time. But that's

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what the prophets of Salaam wants us to aim for.

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You know, if you aim for something that's not so high, probably you get it and you're you will plateau. Quality will not be as good. But if you aim for something that's high,

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and maybe sometimes you get there and other times you don't, at least you have raised the standard every time. Every time you have raised the standard. That's what the person is trying to get us to do to raise the standard of our Salah every single time that we pray, because it's easy for us to become used to it easy for us to just go through the motions without considering what we're doing easy for us to forget the importance of the Salah.

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So he says he reminds us so solemn Sunday salata, medine, try to pray like the one who is saying farewell, farewell to the world, perhaps farewell to the opportunity to pray,

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pray like that. And if you can at least achieve that mindset or part of that, you can immediately sense the quality of your Salah will go up, way up.

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The other thing is, the other part of this one is what I'm wondering is

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it's the idea of

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Gwadar or bidding farewell to things that are irrelevant. So pray like someone who's bidding farewell IE, removing distractions from your life. And it's a beautiful thing we are distracted I think now more than ever, with our devices with our you know, the media consumption that we do, we are completely connected. And if for example, like I happens to me sometimes I forget my my phone is I feel some sort of anxiety which my phone what happened maybe someone messaged me, so hon Allah This is a very strange state to be in. But this is I think, the case for many of us. Were were so connected that when you are disconnected, you feel like something is wrong.

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This is now our normal state, but the Salah is supposed to be where we disconnect, we leave it all these distractions we leave the society we say Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar means Allah is greater than when it's used locally in like in lobotomies. You could use MK Lacan without any qualifier, it means a much greater than everything, right? If you were to say, for example, Jacobo borromini for example, that means he's bigger than me. Yaqoob is bigger than me, right? But you have to qualify. Who are you comparing it by? If you don't compare, if you don't qualify? It becomes no superlatives. Yahoo akamaru For example, He is the biggest, it becomes like that, okay? Now when you say Allahu Akbar, you mean that Allah is the Greatest, he is the biggest Of course, but also there is a hidden qualifier.

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In the in the in the language, and that qualifier is Allah,

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Masha hanani, Allah is bigger than what is occupying me. Allah is bigger than that. He's more important than that. So I have to put that to the side. When I say hello

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And when I say a lot what I have to mean that I have put it away How often is it that you're thinking of something and you're like I don't know I don't know I can't remember and he said well whatever and immediately you remember what you were thinking of a loving was thought this is a test right? This is an invalid either person Salah does not reduce the quality or anything this is just how our knifes is this is how the shavon whispers to us but what the prophet is seeing is fight that fight that by putting away distraction suddenly salata Mata put it away. So when you say Allah like what you truly truly mean it that was the first advice that he gave a Holy Mother Smeralda was tough

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with a lot of stuff in Ohio in Ohio for crying

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah new Allah Allah He was happy Mama Mama bad. The Prophet Salaam was asked by a person to give him advice. If he were odious, and he said, Make it short Subhana Allah, the porcelain did not take that personally, by the way, he did not get offended by this person's rudeness. He did not get tea did not see this as like a, a, a this. He took it as this is how this man is. And he gave him a beautiful, beautiful piece of advice that I think all of us can benefit from. The first is pray like the one who's bidding farewell. Get in that mindset to realize Salah is so important. That's not going through the motions. Let's try to make it

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meaningful. Maybe this is the last one that we pray. Maybe it is Allah knows best. But try to get in that mindset, number one, number two, he said one or two can be calamitous.

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Don't say something today that you have to apologize for tomorrow.

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This is one of the hardest things to do. To say something that

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we don't regret later. This is a difficult thing. We've all done this. We've all been there done that same things when we were emotional or angry, that we regret. And then we have to apologize for and if a person apologizes for their mistake, that's a good thing. That is actually a good thing. Like for example, the brothers of Yusuf in the plan. They said to their father all year abana stuff Elena lubaina una una fata in the except to their mistake, they asked for forgiveness. They said sorry. Okay. And this is a good example for us. And it's just you know, this is my opinion, you know, this is just understood, that you apologize if you make a mistake, this is understood, what

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the Prophet is saying is, don't be in the situation. But you're always saying something wrong, or frequently saying something wrong. And then you have to apologize again and again and again. Don't be like that person. What that shows is that a person is perhaps not in control of their emotions, their emotions control them. And that is a problematic situation. That's not ideal. That's not ideal. We are expected to be rational for example, what is the definition the Quran gives of a person who is grown up, right? The harasses for in honest to men whom Rushden first started

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talking about orphaned children, children, whose money is being held as a trust by their relatives. Now, when the child grows up, you have to give this child the money that is his right. But how do you give this child as money, you have to test to make sure this child is of sound mind for an unassuming home, Rushden rushed, you have to be emotionally in control your decision making is sound. That is actually the the line that is crossed when the person crosses their mind, they're considered to be grown up. Okay, now considered a person who's grown up because they're older, yet, they don't have rushed. They're always seeing things that are frequently saying things that they

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regret. Frequently, they're controlled by their emotions, frequently they would, you know, not be able to control the swear words coming out of their mouths.

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You would this is a concerning thing. This is a grown up person who doesn't have rushed which is the qualifier of being an adult.

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It is actually a big, it is actually a big black mark on a person to be like this. The problem is that what the prophet is often saying is, don't be this person who is constantly emotional, constantly seeing things and then they have to apologize for afterwards. In fact, he says, I use auto Salam When can I up to be law he will do will actually find

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The one who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day, what they do is they say good, or they stay silent. The staying silent part is important, because they're staying silent about something that they would probably regret if they said it.

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That is, what completion of a man represents the true faith in a one especially, that's what it represents. So Pamela, so what are the column B column in Dr. Roman, who had a very small piece of advice that I would give to myself, and everybody is, when you are angry, don't text. Don't send a WhatsApp message to send an email. If you are writing the message, and your blood pressure is like, you can feel it, it's rising, and your heart is pumping. That is your body telling you stop.

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That's your body telling you don't send that message, stop it.

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And then perhaps we should listen to it. And at that point, not sending it. Maybe at that point, a phone call comes, you don't have to answer it. You don't have to answer at that point. We are human beings, we are going to be emotional. Right? We are going to be this way, we are going to be manipulated by the shape one he will whisper

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in mushy.

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Answers to me I

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tell my servants to say what is good, not good, excuse me say what's best. Use the best words, the best expressions, because in the shape on the way down. shaitan wants to use our words misrepresented in the eyes, and the minds of our brothers and sisters, and then come between us. That's what he wants to do. So be of be just be mindful of that. So what the Prophet is saying is,

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in that situation, of us being emotional shaitaan is manipulating us whispering to us whispering to our brothers and sisters. Don't let him do that. Don't become a victim of that. Don't fall in that trap. Be quiet.

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Let that thing the moment pass. And then say what you have to say. When you are rational and control. Without academic alignment. Dr. Edelman, who has done such a beautiful statement, such a small advice, but has such large effects on the life of a person if you could truly, truly implement that last thing he says and his thoughts on him is what he made during the semi Murphy yet the nurse do not desire what people have. This is not to say don't be ambitious. The prophets Islam is not asking us to lower our standards. That's not what he's saying. As you can see the first the first advice is to raise your standards. Right? When it comes to the Salah, raise it to the point where it

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is at its absolute best. He's not asking us to lower standards. What he's asking us is to not become ungrateful, not become jealous, not become resentful for what others have been given to do the NASA alhama de Mola whom invoke the label for answers, are the jealous of what Allah has given to the people? Are they jealous of that? If a person is resentful of what others have? Is that resentment towards that person? Really, isn't it reflecting upon a resentment towards a law that will allow you gave this person that you didn't give me isn't that its logical conclusion. So it's a deep thought that the person wants us to think about that the Quran asks us to consider

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Allah tala woman, family, and to the contrary, or as, excuse me to the, as a believer, what we should be is, we should not be concerned about what people have. And then that makes us devalue what we have. And this is the masiva that we have today. The masiva of social media, the most evil of Instagram and take talk, you only see the good the people have, no one's gonna put on Instagram, the crying child, or the child who's like, you know, throwing a tantrum, or their life is a mess, or the food they cooked was not didn't come out so good. No one's going to put that up. No one they share their failures. And if they share their failures are going to use that also as a comedic relief to

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show how successful they truly are. This is the receiver of social media that we have to face today that you only get the glimpse of the perfection. The hijab is perfect. The person's you know, comedy is the shirt is nice and crisp, you will see them in that state. But you see that constantly.

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And what does that do to your brain? What does that do to a person's brain but they're only consuming that of other people.

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These people are perfect. These people are great, my life sucks. It's horrible. This is the masiva that we have today, bigger than any other masiva.

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I will tell my brothers and sisters,

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be careful of the things you put into you the stuff you eat, of course, but also the media that goes into your brain, the media that we consume, the input that we take, from the TV shows, from the from the from the social media followers that we have are the people we follow, be very mindful of who it is you're following, whose life you are looking at,

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whose achievements you are holding and your mind as achievements. Be very, very careful of that. Because what it does, it accumulates and accumulates, until that is success. And me. I'm a failure. Because I'm not at that level.

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So the mafia, the nurse to look at the person admiring, look at that person desiring

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and devaluing what you have.

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But you can look and say Alhamdulillah, Masha, Allah, Allah, may Allah bless you what you have. But that's our social media does the right social media wants us to want what the other person has desire for followers, I was asking some of my students, we were talking about something. And we said, well, why would this person put this video up? Right? I just asked them I was like, yeah, people who commented on this video are not doing the right thing. They're, they're also wrong. Okay. But why did this person upload the video in the first place? What's the reason? And what are the students this girl said? Well, because they want to be famous. I was like, that's it. Right? This

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want to be famous. Isn't that a problem? And then the girl said, Isn't that we should try to be famous and having lots of followers.

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That's a strange goal to have, that a person, their achievement, or their desire is to be famous, to be adored by people, people look at them in a desiring way. That is not what success is. Because you can never ever actually achieve the level where it was satisfy your soul. You will always be looking at someone who was more well educated in the SME mafia, the nurse The Prophet said, don't be looking so deservingly what others have, be happy what you have, and that's contentment. That's what gives us contentment. Kanata knifes, being content with Allah has given us this is a very, very difficult trial. And it's very difficult for our kids who are growing up in the audience right now in front of

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me, most of us are older. Right? We grew up at a time where we were offline in our formative years. Okay, we grew up offline and now we're online. But a lot of our kids are growing up online.

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And it's shaping the way they think it's shaping their it's affecting the fedora. These are important matters. And they ask us, we ask all of us I asked you to consider the consequences of the media you watch the social media people you follow? What does it do? These are questions to be asked it shouldn't just be like a blank slate do what you want, because it has real consequences. We asked our sponsor to give us a trophy to understand the fun so then implement in our lives the Hadeeth that I was sharing with you was the possum said to this man, three things number one, pray like the one who is bidding farewell improve the quality of your prayer. Number two, don't say something that

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you have to apologize for tomorrow. being in control of our emotions, not always saying things we regret and number three, not desiring what people have interned, devaluing and be ungrateful for we have be content that will law has given you an ask Allah was a loving father he asked love for his grace, his bounty because it is limitless. This is what the person gave us an advice and I gift it to myself and to you all as you begin a new air in the lava mala eketahuna, salmonella nebby Latina masala steamer nama Salam hominins

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masala Mohammed intraluminal laomi did a llama una de Rahmatullah Milla de Russian of Illuminati, he was clear I mean, how the hero but I mean, it

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was a key her and the humans and you have Mahabharata. attina dounia Hassan Hassan joaquina de ba na