Oppressed are Always Protected

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Ramadan Reflections

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Salam Alaikum Salam workato Welcome to Ramadan reflections on integration TV. There's a surah and Quran called surah to feel the surah of the elephant. And what's interesting is that there's a whole historical incident that is behind the surah.

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Very briefly, this surah describes what happened the year the Prophet salaallah salaam was born, right, the year he was born, there was an invasion of Makkah, there was a king in, in Yemen south of Makkah, who wanted to invade Makkah, and not to capture the people or whatever, he wanted to just destroy the Kaaba, right, because he himself had a sanctuary. And he wanted people to come to that century. And he didn't want people to go to the karma. Okay, so he came with his army. And he came with these elephants. And he wanted to just go and just destroy the Kaaba, level it and then go back. So we're a very interesting thing happened.

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The grandfather of the Prophet confronted this man, and told him that, look, we're not going to put up any resistance, we're just going to move out of the way.

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You try to go and do this yourself, right? And the man was confused as to how could you do this? You know, how come? Don't you want to put up a fight. And the grandfather of the prophet who was one of Muslim, he said that this house has a lord, and that Lord will take care of this house. And that's exactly what happened. That sort of field describes that Allah has sent this army of birds that pelted this army, with stones and rocks, until flagella home gas them cool until they became basically Rubble, like this incredibly large, powerful army reduced to rubble. And this was done purely from a loss pantalla. Now, what's the lesson behind this surah the obvious one is the last

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part of will, you know, can reduce the most powerful to rubble. That's the most obvious lesson. But there is a another lesson that's a little bit more subtle, which is that the people have courage, despite not being Muslims, despite actually being idol worshipers. Even worse, they will put the idols in the house of Allah in the garbage that Ibrahim built, right. So this is like the worst case scenario of disbelief, right? These people were oppressed. They were actually right. They were being wronged by this guy. They didn't do anything. They didn't go and steal something. They didn't go in and raid Yemen. They didn't do any of that. They were just minding their business. And the guy who

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was coming, he was the presser, he had no legitimate reason to just go in and invade a country, he had no reason to go and and try to level another group's sanctuary. no reason whatsoever. So what this sort of shows us is a loss. patana will protect people who are oppressed, and you will help people who are oppressed against an oppressor, even if those people are not Muslims. Even if those people are in fact, as bad as you can imagine.

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A loss Ponta will protect them. This is a very interesting thing, even taymiyah comments on this. And he says that the people who are just a last part that will protect them, and even if they don't have any faith, even if they don't believe in Allah, and Allah will protect them from people who are unjust, even if the people who are unjust are Muslims, and they claim to be believers. The point is brothers and sisters, that this idea of justice is so powerful, that Allah subhanaw taala will help people who are oppressed, who are downtrodden, and no doubt we will hear about this in the news. There's people who are oppressed, they're being killed. There's wars that are going on. People are

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what's called an open air prison. They're there for decades and decades, generation after generation. But realize this, that Allah, Allah is there and last month was watching everything and he is going to alleviate their their suffering, he is going to help the oppressed because he helped even the worst people because they were oppressed. And that is what sort of teaches us that Kamala Harris was Santa Monica de la he