Can you brush your teeth while fasting?

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Are we allowed to brush our teeth during Ramadan while you're fasting?

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yet Oh, I mean, though, we're not allowed to eat and drink. I don't know brushing teeth comes under the category of eating and drinking. I don't know what the people are doing with their toothpaste. Yeah.

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Right. So

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I don't know my mother, did you see your toothpaste as food? No, I think personally, I don't like it a lot personally, but I've

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I've asked this question a few times, but like, it's as long as you're not swallowing it. Yeah, right. You just brush your teeth. Spit it out. You should be fine. As long as you're swallowing anything. Yeah. Too much. I think at that point is when it does break your factory. Yeah, but I don't even know who swallows toothpaste. Right? Yeah, that's the thing. It's difficult. I don't my kids do it because they have like all this like funky toothpaste kit toothpaste. Yeah, but I don't know adults who swallow toothpaste. Right? Yeah. You spit it out. That

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is showing you're not eating it. Yeah, person is concerned, my mouth is feeling fresh. Is this like I have eaten something.

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And that is not the same because the props to them would use a sea work. And that would freshen up your mouth as well. If you were to use it, you would feel that noticeably Your mouth is cleaner, right? So that's not the point that doesn't invalidate the fast. So brushing teeth is exactly the same. You are cleansing cleansing your mouth, you're cleaning it, you're making it fresh, you're not consuming anything. So inshallah it's totally fine. Please do it. And you know, help the people around you.

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