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What did you do since Monday?

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What did you do internally? Is your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala did it change? Are you closer to Allah?

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So the question Are you ready?

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Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to meet Allah? subhanaw taala did we change to the youth in this room? Is your Salah better?

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To the mothers in this room? Are you focusing on your children to become a better Muslim more? For the brothers here and the sisters? Are we still focusing on this? Dunya let's be have more. Let me work more. The rat race that we all go from morning to evening, and the looting of collecting more and more and more.

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And I'm yet needed Latina Amanu and Tasha Kulu boom decreed LA. Oh man, is it a minute?

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When are your Kunal Kalinina Otto Kitab Amin oven? Fatah Allah Allah human homo? Percocet, Kuru boom Kathy Roman home fasciae cone has in time come in year two brothers. Hasn't time coming in yet, sisters, that's the verse and solitude Hadid and Amir needed Latina Armando hasn't time came in yet for the believers for their hearts to surrender to Allah.

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And don't be like the people before you. Allah gave them the book. Paula had a human Emad time went on and on. I'll change tomorrow. I'll do this when I'm 40 I will obey Allah when I'm 60 ba de human, Ahmed.

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They took the time as if I'm living forever, Percocet Kulu their hearts hardened and the majority of them are fast sukoon publicly disobey Allah wrongdoers, let us not be these people. These are messages from Allah