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Episode Notes

A Juz A Day (25th): Inviting to Allah as a Minority (the Ha Meems)
Link to notes: www.tinyurl.com/AJuzADayNotes

Begins: Fussilat 47
Ends: Al-Jathiyah end
This juz includes Surah Fussilat (41), Al-Shura (42), Al-Zukhruf (43), Al-Dukhaan (44) and Al-Jathiya (45).
This juz has five out of the seven Ha Meems.
The Muslims were a minority when these surahs were revealed.
The message of the Ha Meem Surahs are: how to do Dawah to Allah (inviting to Islam) and why, especially as a minority.


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can we learn from Adam Haman hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah he was early he was happy he was a bishop. His surgery was in the mid fashional Dr. Samuel ehsani holy cabana at the Santa Monica Santa Santa Santa Monica, Santa Monica Mara de la he will work out to welcome to adjust a day. Today we have with us the 25th of June for an we are nearing our end or the end of our study Subhanallah it is a bittersweet feeling because it is a nice feeling to complete something studying it and giving its do also it is of course sad because we are concluding our study of the Quran and that's the bitter part of it. With that though, we'll begin Surah facilite

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is the first surah of the 25th years as sort of a zealot is a surah number 41. Then we have Surah Surah Surah number 42. Then we have Surah zoflora 43 A Doohan 44 and agenzia 45 The this Jews has five out of the seven hi meme suitors five out of the seven How are meme as they're called. The sutras are called as such because they begin with the lectures have mean Excuse me. And these sutras were revealed to the Prophet also known when he was in Makkah, and had not left Makkah to go to Medina. The Muslims were a minority. They were

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not just a minority, they were actually a persecuted minority. And the prophets of Salaam in that state was still commanded by Allah Spano, tala to call the people to Islam. And this is the message of the hammer meme of all the high means that it is, how is it that we do Dawa to Allah? Why is it that we do do our to Allah? And how we do this, especially as a minority, and this is pertinent to us, because we are a minority as well living in a largely non Muslim majority. So how is it and why is it that we should invite people to allow that is what's discussed here, by and large. Also some other themes that are found here is the example of Musa is repeated quite a bit. Because muscle SRAM

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has a lot of lessons for us to learn from his life and from his struggle.

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Also, the message of being gentle with people and ignoring the insults is very frequently repeated in these sutras. Because that's an important part of conveying the message and inviting people to test them, but also an important part of, you know, as a as a as people who,

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you know, this is way this is a way to soften people up, you know, you don't want to push them away, you want them to be brought close to you. So ignoring their insults is actually a way of doing that. If you respond to every single person's insult, then you will just become another person who insults people. But if you ignore them, then that hopefully, you know gets the the rationale the the good among the people to recognize that these are people of upstanding virtue and character and that is a great way of inviting people to Islam. Now Surah facilite began in the previous Jews. Let me share my screen with you. We will actually begin there and then we will continue on to

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as the pseudo continues the next juice will go on to that. Now, pseudo facilite begins with Harman Tansy, Lumina Rahmani Tansy men that came excuse me, okay, that one for Scylla is two who are an hour a BLT. omiana Moon Bashir on 104 are all law a federal whom, for whom law is my own? Hi meme, a revelation from God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful keytab one four sigma, a book whose revelations are well expounded, clarified revelation that clarified verses of the quarter and and this is how law describes it and that's where the names facilite of the surah comes from. It is a book an Arabic for an and that part is obvious, but the Arabic Quran the implication is it's a Quran

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that is eloquent, it's understood, it is not a verbose that's all the actually the linguistic meanings of the word how to be and there and for and also linguistically means something that's recited so it's a recital. It is not just a mere reading, like you read a book without, you know, verbalizing the words. This is actually a

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meant to be read, while the words are verbalized, or an Albion. And when all that is taking place on the homie on the moon, it is for people who want to learn more. That is what the photo is for a beautiful description of the Quran, it is revelation from the Most Merciful, and that is part of the hour, we again invite people by mentioning to them the beautiful aspects or how Allah is

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the most forgiving, the Most Merciful, the most loving, because that is what our heart is attached to. That is what our hearts you know, inclines towards, and that is mentioned earlier than also that the book is a book of clarity, a book that will you can learn from, unlike other books, it's a book that's recited, and it is proclaiming good news and a warning, both things are there, the balance of hope in Allah has mercy, looking forward to being forgiven and fear of, you know, retribution or Wrath of Allah that is a combination that has to be struck and the Quran as you can see strikes at every opportunity. Yet most of them turn away and do not listen. Okay, now here is the dollar to the

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people of Makkah By Allah, Allah.

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And specifically, this is one individual, but the name of Allah ignore obeah are not to be I was a

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was a leader of Makkah, extremely influential person in Makkah. He was

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a man who, when he would say something, people will listen to his, his he was extremely eloquent in the way he spoke.

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And he was of the opinion that when the prophet SAW started preaching Islam, he was of the opinion that let him be, don't, don't touch him. Meaning if he is a true prophet, then whatever he gains in this world, by default, people, America you will gain as well. Okay? So you thinking of as like a businessman, and all these guys were businessmen, and he's thinking of it like a for from a pure profit loss perspective, okay? Consider the total options, he's either a profit or is not okay, if he's a profit, whatever he gains we will gain to because we are has various people, okay.

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And if he's not a prophet, then someone else will end him, someone else will take care of him for us, and then our hands don't get dirty. And so he's very, as you can see, extremely

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astute politician. That was what he was explaining the people that that's what should be done.

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It is possible that

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not just possible is highly possible that

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maybe was hoping to that point would come that this the profit, and the people should stop being at odds, because much of it was family like his son accepted Islam and his, his his.

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You know, it was a lot of

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it was it was a man of wisdom. It wasn't it wouldn't be fit him to be a man of emotion, like a Buddha Hall was or like Abu lahab was, so that was his take that people are like, no way. We're going to, you know, go after him and his people. So what was this? Okay, let me go talk to him. Let me try to convince the prophet SAW them. Let me try to make him see reason. So he goes, and he speaks to the pulse of them. And he says, Hey, Muhammad, can you stop this? Do you want money? We'll give you money. Okay, we'll make you the richest person in Makkah. You want power? You know what? We'll let you be the leader of Makkah. How about that? It will will concede power to you. You want

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women, choose whoever you want, and we'll make sure you can marry that person. Right. By the way, that time the problem is married only to Ilana and nobody else.

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What was his feel? The Prophet asked him, Are you done? I forgot the article. He says yes, I'm done. Now the Prophet some response. And the response of the prophets alum is from this surah the surah they were studying and when the prophets of Salaam finishes his response, and he gets to this ayah find out a little under to him sorry, but I'm sorry for the arguing with a mood. If they turn away and say I warn you of a lightning bolt bolt like the one which struck rod and the mood. the ancestors of the of the of the Arabs have placed his hand on the prophets mouth. And he said I asked you because you are my family because they were extended relatives. I asked you because we're

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extended relatives or family and or extended family. I asked you by that link to stop reciting please

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because he was

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Truly afraid that if the Prophet continues to recite, a Thunderball will come and strike him right away.

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That was

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right. And that was

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when he and then he left, whatever got up and left. And the people like Abuja, Hill said, Maybe next time, I'll call like Rosa has

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that he's gone, he went with one face and he's come back with a different face meaning he has completely changed his, like, you know, the way he looks now is like totally different. What happened? Why are you so shocked? The Quran shocked, it was so hard that he was just like, visibly shaken. And he had to stop the Prophet because he was legitimately afraid that Allah will right now send it, Thunderbolt, Bolden NPM. That is how the people of Makkah, when they heard the Quran, that was the effect it had on them. It literally blew their minds away. And then after it was, had heard this, he said, Guys, I told you this before, I'm going to repeat this even more now, leave him

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alone, don't get in his way. Unfortunately, for ultra, ultra, didn't even take his own advice. He ended up being dragged into the Battle of butter. Even though he wanted the Muslims, he wanted the people in Makkah not to fight. But you know, that's what happens when you are surrounded by negative influences people who are emotional like boudjellal people who are irrational like him.

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And then the that the you know, the saying the empty vessel makes the most noise. That is what ended up leading to the downfall of Aruba and the Moroccan leaders. Eventually, they were all explained in the Battle of butter. But what about all those people of all those people was the most rational person and this surah was revealed as a dialogue with the people of Makkah. But specifically the men who heard it for the first time was Earth button, there'll be a, it's interesting to to describe that background, and how profound of an effect it had the Koran on the people of Makkah, the people who understood it. Now, the people say, Well, my Illuminati in our hearts are in case against the

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act to which you call us. And there's a heaviness in our ears. And there's a barrier between us and new

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family in an army don't do whatever you want. They're making an excuse. They're like, we're not really interested. Why do you keep preaching not interested? Stop it. If the response by a lot to this is putting them on another showroom is lucam I am only a human being like yourselves, you have lie. And the difference is I have I received revelation from God, who is the most important part of the revelation is Allah hukum illa Huwa. Hide at your Lord is one God, you cannot be worshipping these idols and stones for stuff emotionally. That's the path you should tread. That's the path that you should focus on was thoughtful, and ask for forgiveness and we make mistakes. That's fine. Don't

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get Don't let your mistakes make you arrogant and stubborn, so that you don't ever think of reforming? Or do you think that I made this mistake? Now I'm going to stick with it. It doesn't matter what happens because I can look we can we can vote other people. And this was a thing, right? They were like free say yes, you're a prophet. We're gonna look weak against me, in front of the people. How can we do that? are suffering Ooh, it's okay. less forgiving. We all make mistakes, being stubborn on our mistakes. That's the the fatal flaw.

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So the response is very clear. You can say you're not interested, but the Prophet is going to preach because that is the job of the prophet to call people to Allah. And don't be you know, don't don't don't try to mask your insecurity by saying we're not interested. We're not interested. We can even hear you know, you This is for your own good. So listen, a lot highlights the creation of the cosmos here in Iran. Number nine, do you deny the one who created the earth in two days, days here your main is periods of time, not like 24 hours, okay?

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And you set up equals with him. He is the Lord of the universe. And he has put further mountains on the earth and has blessed it Sorry, excuse me one second.

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Of all the kids. I don't know what they're doing,

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is pleased from mountains on the earth and has blessed it bless the earth and measured out its sub sustenance all in four days. And this is for those who ask for days again for periods of time to muster in a semi we're here to hon and then he turned to the heaven and he when it was a

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Doohan he was a vapor, and the set to the sky heaven here is the sky

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have fallen out, God has said to the sky and to the earth come willingly or unwillingly, they both said, a plane, a train of thought, a train, we come willingly The idea is

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the creation of a law here saying that we submit, the Earth is not like mukalla it's not like accountable for its actions. Of course, it is a creation of Allah. But the idea is, everybody in everything in the cosmos, confines to the laws of law, the system that Allah has created to the will and command of a law, and does so thought in willingly. So what have you own or human, you think you are beyond all of that, you think you are at a point where that doesn't apply to you? No, in fact, it applies to you as well, you have a choice, willingly or unwillingly. And the hope is, you choose to comply willingly, the unwilling point here is, of course, that on the Day of Judgment, you will

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have no choice, okay. And even in the world, even though you choose, you choose within the system that Allah has made for you cannot just, you know, break the laws of nature, break the system that allows me you can do that. So you are by default in compliance, but now the choice is given you do you have the ability to connect that your limited ability is because Allah has placed you as a limited human. And thus you limit you, you humble yourself, and make the choice to submit to Him, the one who has placed these limits, is that the choice you want to make willingly, or will you unfortunately, regret the choice of not submitting to him, he into this form the seven heavens and

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reveal to each heaven its function and adorn the lower Heaven,

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with brilliant lambs and stars, and guarded it, and that is a decree of the Almighty, the all knowing so this is something that a lot describes the creation of the

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the sky and the earth. And the,

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it this is something from the unseen. This is a matter of the unseen, Allah describes it. It shows that the majesty of last Pablo was that he created all of this, and that is the decree of the Almighty the all knowing now

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he goes on to talk about the Arab ancestors. Okay, odd once a mood they were Arab ancestry. So since this is talking to the Moroccan Arabs, now Allah speaks about their ancestors, look at what they did their god they had prophets that came, right and the prophets that came to them said the same thing La ilaha

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illallah wa worship nunberg God, but then they had a very pathetic excuse. If God had willed, He would have sent down angels to us we need to see some like crazy magic trick for us to kind of believe otherwise. All of this is just, you know, You'll never believe your message and not be merciful to me because you don't know odd. Very interesting. Were very powerful. They would say Manisha Dominica if God is so powerful, how commercial strong right? is really God stronger than us. And Allah

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response to that is that Don't you see that you are existing in the system and the creation that he's made? So how can you be more How can you be independent of him? Are you a part of the system that he's made? What can we add in he hadn't yet yet they continue to deny our signs and tell us they were unleashed upon there was a raging wind of sent over several enosh auspicious days in a yummy nasty set up to make them taste the torment of the humiliation in this life of the world. And then what's worse is the life of the next world war Allah either will Ursula de aza even more humiliating, and at that time, there wasn't there will be no help. As far as the mood they were

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given guidance for how they Nahum Look at that, then we offered them our guidance. This is what it means a lot showed them the right way. This is the right way. This is what you what you need to choose.

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First, I have Bula Rama alhuda but they preferred blindness to guidance. Look at Allah said he didn't say first Hubbell Allah Allah Allah Allah Buddha they chose misguidance or evil or guidance and good blindness. They chose to look away, they chose to not see and that is what Allah ascribes to them. And that choice that they made

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A lot, it's in the Quran is akin to being someone who refuses to see. So hon Allah, and that is how he describes them. And that is actually the reality of many people that the, the correct way of life in one way, or at one time or the other is exposed to them. They're like their cells, like their their soul searches for it and cries out for it. Now, once a person person reaches that point, the question becomes for that person, will you follow the the cues of your soul of your faith or of your natural disposition to bind and recognize and worship the God that who created you? Or who you choose to look the other way and distract yourself with other things? The one who does that first

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have Bula Rama has preferred blindness, the guidance, we asked a lot for protection from that. So that's why that describes historically odd and the mood and the relationship of why he they are mentioned here is because they were the Arab ancestors of the Meccans consequences of the dollar, right? Like what happens, this is how you give the hour the Prophet is giving that hour explaining, talking about the universe talking about history, then what happens people that has to be explained as well. If you don't accept the consequences, you should know on the Day of Judgment I in number 19 Allah, Allah al mercado de la isla nadie from us our own on the day the enemies of God shall be

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gathered together and driven the fire and they shall be formed into groups. And when they would come close to it shahida la in some room, what absorb room, there's eyes, that excuse me, the ears, the eyes and skins will testify against them for their misdeeds. They will say to their skins, why do you bear witness against us, their skins will say, God who gives speech to all things as given speech to us as well. And it was he who created you in the first instance and has an end to him, You are now brought back. And you could not hide yourself from your ears and your eyes and your skins to prevent them from testifying against you. And you thought that God would never know much of what you

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did. But these thoughts which you entertain concerning your Lord have brought you to your destruction. And now you are among the utterly lost.

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This is a very a scene of regret, like not just that.

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Not just is it that they're going to regret the choices, but their own body will testify against them, if they try to deny it. And that is, you know, that is something that's a scary proposition that yours no escape from the consequences of your choices. So for in your view, if at this point there are a patient for narrow masala home, the fire will be their homes. Now, there's two choices, bear this patient bear this punishment patiently.

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And that doesn't change anything that's your home still. Or he started when you started, excuse me, phenomenal morata been and if they pray to be allowed to make amends, and they want to just have a second chance they won't be given. So if they complain, cry, pray, nothing will be no no heed will be given to them. So handler so it's a very, very scary scene that Allah presents to show again, the consequences of not accepting the call invitation. Allah sponsor speaks about the believers whenever he speaks about the regret and the punishment of the people who reject a lot. He speaks about the ones who believe in the law as well as the balancing act between fear and hope. What is that?

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Indeed, those who affirm our Lord is a law when a law firm must although they make that declaration, and then they live that deckle declaration. They stay firm on that declaration. What happens when they are dying, that NSW Allah human melodica in that extremely scary moment of their lives, who comes to their aid who comes to provide them comfort? angels come to provide them comfort, and they will tell them don't worry, don't grieve. In fact, we happy additional vagenda you're about to go to Paradise. This is what you worked for your whole life. Be happy. Allah is going to give you what He has promised you. We will take care of your of your family. Not only Oh Phil had to do me a favor.

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We are going to be your Olia will be your supporters in this life. Meaning your kids your people that you leave behind. will watch out for

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with them, and in the next life as well. And you will have in the next slide whatever you want, and whatever you ask for, and that is a beautiful provision from the one who is ever forgiving and most merciful. We ask a lot of give me because of those people. I mean, you're a banana mean.

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This is a very beautiful passage, the Quraysh when the Prophet Psalm started preaching, they wanted to drown out the Dharma, they wanted to drown, drown out the poor, and with their loud, distracting voices. Those who deny the truth here is reference to the people of perish, they would say, Do not listen to this quote, and drown it out with noise. So that you may gain the upper hand, a lot responds that Prophet says, And don't worry about it, we will deal with it. Why don't we leave under the Nakamoto, Urban shalida, we will certainly make them those who were bent on denying the truth will make them taste a severe punishment. Don't worry, we'll take care of them. But you owe profits

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on them. You remain gentle on us no code amendment law in a law who is better than the one who calls the God and does good works. And say, I'm a believer, you continue to call and invite people to Islam, you continue to do your good works as a member of the of the Muslim oma as a member of the community of the Muslims, continue to do your good. And just don't think too highly of yourself in any manner. muslimeen I'm just one of the believers, I'm nothing special. This continued to act. And you in the face of difficulties in the face of insults or prophet, be gentle with a lot of stuff. It has to know what to say yeah, because Good and Evil is not not, they're not equal. If someone says

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something evil, we can just say evil as retribution. And think that all of a sudden we're equal. And this tit for tat, is very Lahti. eosin, repel evil with what is better, that is the way of the poor and a different mentality here, accent, repel evil with what is a better accent is also beautiful. So the evil person or the evil

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comment has to be

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repelled with a beautiful, good comment, or don't say anything, because sometimes not saying anything is all that you need to do. Then you will see the one who was once your enemy robot will then become perhaps your dearest friend. Because the whole point is that Allah to Allah is, you know, opening up people's hearts inviting them to what's good. It's not just about Okay, I want this argument, or I owned you or something. No, no, it's about all of us will submit to Allah and never closing that door. Never let allowing that door to close on people or shutting that door on a person not letting that happen. So that's why the idea of inviting gently and repelling good with evil,

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excuse me evil with good, that is the instruction. And this is something that's difficult, so only when we Lacan, Illa, Latina sabado, the ones who are patient, they're the ones who are able to pull this off. And the ones who have a lot of restraint would be, you know that self restraint, who have been of him. That's the person who who's able to pull it off, to repel evil with good because it is one of the most difficult things to do in life. And we will make mistakes in my hands that are not communists, shaytani nazwa Satan will prompt us to do something, you know, emotional to say something irrational to hurt somebody in that moment, moment of emotion. If that happens first I

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will seek a loss, refuge and shelter from the devil. Because Allah is there to protect us from him. Okay, the prophets of Salaam is the one who Allah says he faced

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all sorts of, of insults. But Allah tells him Look, all prophets are some people before said the same thing to the prophets before now you call your locker Illa de la rue Suleyman, public, whatever is said to you. Nothing is said to you. But what was sent indeed To the Messengers before you saw them. Surely your Lord is the Lord of forgiveness, and the Lord of painful retribution. Lou Melfi rotten, what do I Corbin Aleem interesting little subtlety here again that I pointed out before in the sixth surah but I'll point out here again your Lord Lord is the Lord of forgiveness. Luma Farah, Lord of painful retribution. Do a Corbin Allium exactly the same grammatical construct is used for

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both. Okay, the word Zoo and then the word after zoo is like the possessor of something right? Like if you have a beard, you're called like Lula here like you possess the beard. You can't just like detach it from your face. It's part of you. And so that is how Allah describes himself as the one who

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forgiveness is part of him, but also the one who gives out painful punishment is also a part of him. But the beautiful thing is less Zuma

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Fill out in the law is for extra emphasis that your Lord, there is an extra emphasis that your Lord is the one who

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forgives, meaning he forgives more than punishes less, he's inclined towards punish too inclined towards forgiveness, not towards

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painful retribution. He wants us to come to him so we can be forgiven, not so that we be punished and that is the way a loss pantalla is with all of his creation. They ask a lot that he shows his mercy I mean a lot of a lot I mean, also the Quran mentions that the Quran is really Allah has words you know what O'Donoghue for Anna jameela orlu Lola facilite ayah to who had me send this Quran in any other language other than Arabic, they would have said here they are the people have footage, they would have said Why are it's versus not clearly explained, you know, what's with this like, you know, an Arab prophet and a foreign scripture. So here Allah is explaining that why was it that the

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Quran is in a why is it that the Quran is in Arabic? The reason the Quran is in Arabic, according to this ayah is the prophets of Salaam is an an Arab Prophet, he was ethnically Arab. So his first obligation to convey the message is to his own people, ie the people of Makkah. And that is the revelation. That is why the revelation was given to him in Arabic. And he asked Allah and then explains it, and hadn't been otherwise because the Prophet son was chosen by Allah, Allah, that was the choice of Allah had now the Prophet have a different language of Revelation, his own people, he couldn't explain this to his own people, and that becomes a contradiction. So this is an explanation

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of what is the reason why Allah chose the Koran to be in Arabic because the Prophet was chosen to be the last prophet so solemn, and his tongue you can he's got to have one ethnicity in one tongue, that is the Arabic language and has he was given an Arabic for an but keep in mind, the Quranic guidance is not just for people who spoke Arabic in the past or speak Arabic today. Who will Edina Amano, Kodama Shiva, it is a guide and a healing. For those who believe for all types of believers, it's a guide and a healing. If you understand it in its original language, that is a guide in the healing if you are studying it as a translation, it's a guide and the healing. So panela and that is

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the keys for those who ever the believers, and the one who is the one who doesn't believe in it, irrespective of what language they speak, it is other than him walk up. There is a deafness in the ears. And well who are I lay him I'ma and a covering over their eyes. It's as if they're called from a distance place, although you don't have a mecanim bite as if they can barely make out what's been said. So it doesn't matter if this person who is the recipient who is in the audience, or the processor lab, understands the Arabic language as perfectly as it can be understood. Yet if this is a person who doesn't believe Allah says it's as if he can even hear it. Because the understanding of

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this book and its implementation goes back to the heart, the person who wants to understand who wants to implement who wants the the closest to Allah subhanaw taala that's the one who will understand it. That's the one who get guidance from it. That's the one who will be estufa for doesn't matter what language they speak.

00:33:41--> 00:33:46

So that is what Allah mentions about this. Also. Musa alayhis Salam

00:33:49--> 00:33:52

musala salaam is mentioned here. What is the

00:33:57--> 00:34:34

as mentioned here, he faced the same challenges with the Pharaoh and he Elisa Lam triumphed over the pharaoh welaka atina moussaka Dabba Khalifa v I've highlighted this in red because these are the recurring themes of all the homies became Moses the book, but differences can were created concerning it and had it not been for a word and an already gone forth from your Lord the matter would have been decreed a decided between them, and certainly there are an aggrieved doubt about it. game. Now conclusion comes a lot hotter talks at the very end of the suit up in number 49. He addresses the

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

people at the very end thing lies inside the window inhale, man never tired of asking for the good things of life. But if evil fortune befalls him, he abandons all hope giving himself up to the spear. And then if something good happens, we make him taste some of our mercy. After adversity has touched him, he is sure to say this is my duty.

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

Danny, and I don't think that the hour is going to come I have everything so why be concerned about the next life. And even if I return to my Lord, I will find He will surely reward me really well the fickle nature of humans, when bad hands come, just everything is bad, nothing is going right and good times around, as if nothing has ever gone wrong and nothing will ever go wrong. Right But the reality is good and bad is part of life. It should not be a you know, a, a measure of your success. It should not be a measure of your, your contentment, or how you are like, or you're standing in life should not be a measure of your standing in life, a person might be going through tough times.

00:35:47--> 00:36:27

And that person is probably a beloved person to a lost pounds Allah and that person could be enjoying luxury after luxury. And that is a person who may be a possibility has never considered salvation in the next life or ever worked for it. So this is an important consideration. Allah says, but truly we shall make it tell those who deny the truth all that they did, and make them suffer a harsh punishment punishment. When we grant a blessing to man he turns away and draws aside. When he will touch it touches him. He is full of endless prayers for those who are in our real full of it. Endless prayers all lovelies helped me get out of this old love Please give me a job. Oh, let's all

00:36:27--> 00:36:42

get together read Quran so I can get a job. Right? It's just, it's a fickle nature. Don't be like that. That's not what a believer is supposed to be. A believer is supposed to be patient in bad times, thankful and good times. Okay.

00:36:44--> 00:37:32

That is Surah number surah surah facilites surah. Number 41. We go to sort of shoot off 42 in which it begins with a lot Partha saying hi mean. And then I'm seeing off there is a five disjointed letters there. Then Allah mentions something about the poor an gallica you hate like our LLVM in public Allahu Aziz and Hakeem does God the powerful device sends revelation to you as he did to those before you. The Quran has mentioned how it is a revelation from Allah, it is a revelation like Allah has sent to those before the prophet SAW Allah. And this is a plan again for an Arab iya a Arabic or an that Allah has revealed to you. And the first recipient of the warning of the Arabic

00:37:32--> 00:38:00

Quran that Allah has sent to the Prophet Salaam is the tundra omen. Cora, you may warn the mother of cities, and that is the nickname of maka, woman Hala and those who are around Makkah. So that's the first obligation of the Prophet Salam. But the prophet slum, as we know, was sent to us and laka laka, for telling us we have sent you for all of mankind, among Seneca in naramata. Land I mean, you send you as a mercy for all of humanity.

00:38:01--> 00:38:07

In fact, not all of humanity, all of the world, right, the humans and the non humans among them.

00:38:09--> 00:38:56

The prophet SAW them the moment he had a semblance of peace with the people of Quraysh. Once he was in Makkah, the first thing you did, he started writing letters to all the major emperors of the world, to the Roman Emperor, excuse me, the Byzantine emperor, to the sassanid Empire, to the king of Egypt, to the king of Abyssinia. In Africa, he would write a letter inviting them to Islam, because he knew that was his obligation as well. But his obligation started first with the people of Makkah. And that is what this ayah explains what what to do. There are a Yeoman jameela A Buffy the warning of the message or the the warning of the Quran the message of it is it is to warn them of

00:38:56--> 00:39:31

the Day of Gathering which is sure to come. That is what the what Islam is about. That is what the Quran messages, that there is a day of reckoning, a Day of Gathering the Day of Judgment, and we work for that. We need to be aware of that. And we need to build up to that game for the cultural generativity confiserie. There is a group that will be in the garden, the group that will be in the fire, that's going to be the reality on that day. And we work towards now to become those who are of Paradise who earn Allah's forgiveness and his mercy on that day.

00:39:35--> 00:39:59

Allah mentions also that if he had willed he could have made you all one people, meaning anybody would have been Muslim, and everybody would just go into paradise. That could have been a last choice. That is, but his, it's his prerogative, but like you didn't when you shot with your rahmati he, he lets us choose. And then he chooses from amongst us who choose to come close to him. He chooses us to be part of His mercy.

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

And those who don't laluna mahamuni wanna see the ones who are wrongdoers have neither protector or helper. Okay. It speaks about I'll skip this part and I'll come back to this in a sec speaks about the religion is one it completion of the previous revelations are very important idea that religion of Islam is not like the founder of it is not the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The prophets of Islam is a continuation in a line of prophets. He is the last of the prophets. And the deen started with the first of Allah messengers, the first human being which is Adam, and the first messenger of Allah, which is no shout out Allah comida Dyneema wasabi, he knew how God has ordained for you the

00:40:46--> 00:41:36

same religion, which he enjoined on Noah, and which he revealed to you which he enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus alayhi wa sallam, so that you should remain steadfast. And again with DNS that established the religion, the acts of the rituals of the religion, why not that the Federal coup fee to not become divided? One of the themes of the hammer meme is don't divide yourselves, especially as a minority majority or minority irrespective especially as a minority don't become divided. So handle up well at the tarraco fee, because that leads to weakness and it leads to Unfortunately, not getting the purpose not achieving the objective of our aim. Gabor Allah Machina

00:41:36--> 00:41:50

mata rumalaya la, la mujer de la he may unique, God chooses for himself whoever he pleases and guides towards him whoever turns to him, the

00:41:51--> 00:42:02

religion is one it completion of the previous revelations, but people are people, meaning they will matter for Rahu in Lombardy, Marja.

00:42:03--> 00:42:38

bazian been home, the beat, they became divided only after knowledge had reached them out of mutual jealousy. That's how people are, people will do irrational things in the name of religion, and they will find ways to justify it. And that's why you see, all like, it's not like from New Zealand, the porcelain was one beautiful, you know, unbroken chain of religion that was followed by the people, the people split apart, the people broke apart on the sex, even though the message of the religion remained the same consistently.

00:42:39--> 00:42:54

So this is unfortunately how people are, don't get discouraged by the people. Look at what Allah has revealed. And that is should be what is our guiding light. Now what's interesting also is

00:42:55--> 00:43:38

a last month I mentioned something interesting here is that this kind of differing and this unity leads to when the Medina udit will get album embody him, the Fisher came in who Marine, those who inherited the book after them are indeed in grave doubt, amounting to suspicion about it. What does that mean? That means Subhana Allah, that those who come afterwards and they were born in Islam, they were born the faith, they didn't accept the faith. When they see their elders differ and bicker and fight, they start to doubt the, the merits of their faith. That's what ends up happening. So that's why Allah says the Prophet, don't do that for the Delica further rule, invite people to the

00:43:38--> 00:44:26

faith was the theme and hold fast toward yourself, come up with metadata via a home and do not be misled by their desires. Okay, very, very important. Keep on inviting and say, I believe in the book which has been sent down and I am commanded to do justice between you. God is our Lord and your Lord. We are responsible for what we do, and you are responsible for what you do. There is no contention between us 100 Urbina, Urbina come between us and you, Allah will gather us and He will judge us and to Him will be our return. Now the the message is to keep on inviting the keep on working to keep on staying together. Sister head online is asking the Macan people knew the history

00:44:26--> 00:44:26

of others the mood,

00:44:27--> 00:44:30

the mood, yes, they knew about art and the mood for sure.

00:44:31--> 00:44:32

All right, also.

00:44:35--> 00:45:00

In this particular sutra, we have a lot describing that nothing is like Allah. Okay, he is the one file that are some of what the what the Creator of the heavens and the earth He has made spouses for you from among yourselves. He Allah is the only one who is the father of Samadhi one nobody else is the originator of the modern brought into existence the first time. Allah is unlike his creation. You guys are parents. You're special

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

As you live together you have you know somebody who's a partner a lot does not have a partner yet oh comfy he

00:45:09--> 00:45:57

he multiplies you you multiply as Krishna Allah Papa is one uniquely one has always been one and always will be one. Okay laser can we cliche Nothing can be compared to him. He is the all hearing the all seeing a severe seal and a various you know i a that is a critical eye in our understanding of our theology or aqeedah. That laser can be cliche, there's nothing like Allah, nothing, that there's nothing like Allah, if he is unique, he is the all hearing all seeing and as you see the ayah makes that point very clearly that he is the only one who created and originated the skies on the earth. Nobody else has done that. You as people are pairs and spouses, Allah, Allah is not has

00:45:57--> 00:46:44

no spouse, as no child, you multiply and have children, Allah does not have children. So the comparison compare and contrast is very clear. Allah is uniquely one and nothing is like him. He is all hearing all knowing I never 25 he is who last month Allah. He accepts repentance from his servants, he pardons their sins, He knows everything you do, he does so knowingly spinals Allah, he responds to your Dharma to those who believe and do good deeds, meaning there is no meat as not just like hey, God, I need help now. So help me No, no, this is their lifestyle, believing and doing good, believing and doing good. And then they make a lot of response to their Dora and gives them

00:46:44--> 00:46:52

more wins either human fugly. That's a beautiful explanation of who Allah is. But the ones who deny the ones who are

00:46:54--> 00:47:39

you know, rejecting the truth and agonizing torment awaits them. Okay? Allah mentions the difficulties of life, don't let them get them get you down, right? Because Allah is the one who sends the rain after, you know, after they have disappeared, and spreads His mercy far and wide. People will despair loss, like Don't be like that, because your relief is very close. Just look at how there is like no rain and a little bit of a drought type situation. And then there is rain, inevitably the rains gonna come and fall. So don't perpetually remain in despair in a state of despair. In fact, what should be done is to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala. Okay. This sutra talks

00:47:39--> 00:48:23

about consultation and teamwork, as particularly it relates to the hour how we should all work together to call people to Allah, and how our relationship should be a relationship of, of mutual consultation and teamwork format will determine shape, whatever you've been given is only temporary provisions life, what God has is better and more lasting for those who believe. And those who put their trust in the Lord. Who are these amazing people who believe and put their trust in the Lord. Who are they? They are the ones who refrain from heinous sins. Yeah, just send a Buddha camera, even if they leave all of the major sins, they do not engage in them. They stay far away from them.

00:48:23--> 00:48:39

wildflower hush and gross in the senses shameless actions they stay away from that they are not engaged in that we ask a lot of makers of these people, well, it will be more homey outfit on. And when they are angry. Number three, they forgive. Not that they

00:48:41--> 00:48:59

lash out, they anger they're able to control it and when it subsides, they're able to forgive. And that's an incredible person who's able to do that. There's an extra there's a word here, they're malleable. In grammar, they say this man is extra, not like extra isn't like this person is extra.

00:49:00--> 00:49:29

But extra as it's adding emphasis is adding extra emphasis like this is a person who's really angry. But still, despite the fact that they're really angry, they're able to forgive. That's the third thing. Number four so javelina beam, they respond to their Lord, how so called almost Salah, they established the prayer number five, what unruhe home shoe rabina home, and they conduct their affairs by mutual consultation.

00:49:32--> 00:50:00

Meaning when they're deciding something, there's a sound like, hey, it's my way or the highway. No, no, we all work together. We all discussed together. The profits are sort of would do this regularly. Even though he was receiving revelation from Allah. He was still asked the people well, should we do? Right? What about the rest of us? None of us received revelation. So it's even more pertinent for us to ask what people think so we can all work together. There's buy in and that leads us to attention

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

In our results, and then number six, what we mean by Rosa who means your food, they provide the spin out of what we provided them. What's amazing is actually like the relationship between that was a six part that, you know, when you work together, you're going to be angry with me. But don't let that anger stop you from praying together, that don't let that stop you from working together. And really respecting each other's opinions, even though you got angry, and don't let that stop you from, you know, spending on each other and giving each other nice gifts and whatnot. It's a beautifully connected sequence of is

00:50:36--> 00:50:39

a person who is forgiving isn't someone who is

00:50:40--> 00:51:25

isn't someone who is complacent to injustice, when they are attacked, they defend themselves, okay? And harm should be required, required by an evil harm an equal harm, excuse me, and whoever pardons whoever, however, whoever finds in their heart to pardon will find their reward with God, but then the one who chooses to defend himself get justice, that person is not to be blamed. If a woman is seeking justice for something that happened to her by her husband, and it's a legitimate case of oppression. She's not blameworthy for seeking justice, okay. It's she's not okay. That is how what our religion teaches when I'm when I'm an endorser of

00:51:26--> 00:52:15

whoever was wronged and then they seek justice and seek to defend themselves. That is a person that can't be blamed. Okay. The one who is to be blamed is alladhina yodlee, Muna NASS The one who transgress is the one who oppresses whatever who and I fell out of, and they transgress in the earth without justification. And that is a well those of people that painful punishment is in store for them. But the You see, your wronged you have the right to seek justice. But what a man sabara will have for the one who's able to be patient, and forgive find Nevada lemon as well. Oh, that is a next level. That's a next level, in the law, legal I mean, as much more that is something that requires a

00:52:15--> 00:53:04

great amount of courage, and resolution. This is what the aisle is out for we work together, we get angry, it's fine. We don't let our anger define ourselves. We forgive each other, we pray together, we trust a lot together, we respect each other's opinion, we take each other's opinion we spend on each other, and then if someone has been wronged, because that happens if you have the right to get revenge or you have a right to get equal to get justice. But if you choose to let that go, and you choose to be the bigger person that is truly great courage, and that is truly a great person. So Pamela we asked a lot to me because this and people when they do this, that is when true success

00:53:04--> 00:53:16

comes the profit someone stole your job or profits or service to convey the message or profit Your job is to explain the message to people I number 48 as noting I'll read to you

00:53:17--> 00:53:36

for inner loop Mr. Santa guiding him half ILA, if they turn away or profit you are not sent as their keeper. You're not a policeman. Your job is to Interlaken lol Belov to convey the message only. That's it. Okay. Now, a lot actually concludes this sutra by talking about

00:53:38--> 00:53:42

by talking about how he gives people

00:53:43--> 00:54:39

kids as he pleases. He says it is a lost kingdom, the heavens and the earth. The cosmos is a lost kingdom. He has controlled, he creates what he wants. He gives the gift. Yeah, who was actually the word used for giving a gift. He gives the gift to who he wants of women of females daughters. And he gives the gift of whoever he wants to whoever he wants have male children I have of boys. I was always young don't run out you were in Africa. Or he gives the gift of both males and females to whoever he wants. That someone who has boys and girls. Well, Romania shall akima and he leaves whoever he wants buried in the who are Lehman codep he is all knowing and all powerful. That is

00:54:39--> 00:54:56

undeniable. That is undeniable. A lot. It is his choice. He chooses to give us kids or not give us kids and in the kids that he gives us he chooses to give or chooses to give us either girls or boys or girls and boys.

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

That's totally his choice.

00:55:00--> 00:55:49

Also what is totally his choice is Who does he pick for a profit but man can have the machine and you can Lima hola who allow him. It is a last choice who he picks for a profit and the profit he picks a love speaks to him by revelation or from behind a veil or by sending a messenger of God of Islam. And then whatever is revealed to him is revealed what gallica Oh hyena in a girl who have been Amina and that is how I am number 52 says, We have revealed a spirit to you or prophet by our command meaning the Quran is like a spirit is what brings you to life. Also, the rule you know, like Julian Assange is the one who's brought the Quran, the message of the Quran to you. The Prophet son

00:55:49--> 00:56:31

was chosen by Allah just like he chooses who he gives kids to. He chooses his profits as well. The same analogy is made and the profits from the losses you were not mad at every monkey tabula man, you did not know what is the scripture or faith that was not something you learned previously. That wasn't something that was knowledge that was accessible before, but we send it to you or profit and we made it a light, guiding with it wherever we will have our servants and you profit. Some are truly guiding people to a straight path, the path of the ones who to whom all of the cosmos belongs to Allah, Allah, Allah hit us even more indeed on matters return to Allah. So Joseph continues this

00:56:31--> 00:57:19

pattern, a hammy and the description of the Quran will get that intervene in Nigeria who caught on an Arab iya game. He continues that it however now goes to a interesting place. It goes to the place of talking about what is the pathetic behavior of Quraysh particularly if I want to highlight in the few minutes that I have left. The Quraysh criticizing Allah Spano tala, for choosing the prophets of Salaam as a prophet, and it ties beautifully with the end of the last sutra. They say, why was this Quran sent down to why wasn't the Quran sent down to one of the two great men of the two cities? Why wasn't the city of Makkah someone else like more wealthy like Wali, they will move the Euro? Why

00:57:19--> 00:57:24

wasn't he chosen? Why wasn't somebody else in thought? If you know, like,

00:57:25--> 00:57:43

like make Massoud even steal coffee from boys? Why was he chosen? He's like a really rich man, he has a lot of money, right? Because if Alice choosing he's gonna choose like, the most blessed of us, right? And who's the most blessed of us, the one who's got the most money. So how come this orphan child was chosen to be a prophet?

00:57:45--> 00:58:29

Now a lot of response to this, a whom Yoko Simona Rama, Arabic? Is it they who apportion the mercy of your Lord? Are they responsible for distributing Allah's mercy? It is we who distribute among them. Here's an example. Allah gives as he wishes to wherever he wishes up livelihood in the world, and others, some are raised in ranks above others. And they're raised in ranks so much in life that they take. They're the ones who are their subordinates or the ones who are lower to serve them. Okay, a lot of times this is earned. But more often than not, it is actually a privilege that's inherited. It's generational wealth that Allah is referring to here. Okay.

00:58:30--> 00:58:55

So Allah says, Look, I give you kids as I wish, I am giving you your sustenance, as I please. Is it not my decision that I choose a prophet of my own choice Rama to Rebecca Fado me manage my own? the mercy of your Lord is better than the wealth which they amass while older in your corner. NASA motto Haider if not that mankind would all be one community.

00:58:57--> 00:59:47

Jana, Lima, yaku, Rahmani luteum, suka midfield, Omar alija, La Jolla Harun if it wasn't that people would just abandon faith because of the luxuries of the world. Allah said he would have made for every disbeliever all the excesses of materialism that you could imagine. houses with roofs of silver and silver staircases that ascend, and couches and silver doors at all. That was the whole roof on all sorts of ornaments. If Allah wanted he would have given all the material possessions of this world to everybody who is believed in him. You know why? Because it doesn't matter to Allah. It doesn't actually amount much. What really matters to Allah is included Allah metalheadz dunya This

00:59:47--> 00:59:59

is all but enjoyment, temporary enjoyment of this life, the real measure of success, the real measure of what is allows love and what matters to Allah is

01:00:00--> 01:00:00

What I

01:00:01--> 01:00:50

want to render a bigger limit in the life of the next life, it is the life to come. That is what matters to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is how Allah expresses his love. So here he is responding to that claim is like wealth is not a get is not a measure of who's blessed. Wealth is just either you've earned it, or it is just something you have inherited. It's a privilege that you are enjoying, because of the situation that you were in. It's generationally passed on. That is that it doesn't show anything about Allah's blessings or privilege, or loss, love for any person is just wealth. It may be given to a blessed person, it may be given to an extremely wicked person, but the

01:00:50--> 01:01:21

wealth itself doesn't prove anything. What proves Allah's love, and his blessings is the one who has chosen to do stuff for the next life, the one who is building his house in the next life. And that is the response that I give to the people who punish the people who had a bunch of other excuses. They would say, Well, if Allah wanted we would believe unless that's a you know, a pathetic excuse because you do choose. And at the end of the day, ultimately all choice rests with the law, but he has given you the choice to choose today. So don't blame Allah for your choices.

01:01:22--> 01:01:31

They will see we can follow up like you know, worship Allah, when that's not our culture. And our last month of reference is something very interesting and they say this is not our

01:01:34--> 01:02:13

sorry, but Allah mentioned says when they reference their culture, a lot sparkler says Actually, we have found our fathers, you know, worshipping idols. Well, I'll say well, your father, Ibrahim alayhi salam, right, your father Ibrahim Islam right here with Allah Ebrahim, Willie abbyy he was not an polytheist so don't say it was your way of your father's your culture. No, it's a corruption of the way of your father in Rahim, Allah Salah. So all these things Allah, Allah mentions, he mentions also in this surah something that's interesting that I didn't that's not highlighted in other parts of the Quran, which is the return of a Salah Salam musala Sam has mentioned but the

01:02:13--> 01:02:54

return of Isa is also mentioned here, which is an interesting passage. He says, When Jesus the son of Mary is held up as an example your people raise an outcry to this in a omocha mean, whom you said noon, and they say that are our gods better than better or him and this item only to challenge you. They are a contentious people. It is a false argument. It's false equivalency. We don't even accept a cell as something as a god and all of a sudden you are comparing him to your gods and asking us which one is better. That's just a fallacious argument that doesn't do anything and all it does is distract. But Allah says he is a righteous servant, who Allah had favorite and gave him and made him

01:02:54--> 01:03:41

an example for the Shema Israel. And then he says, when the hula Heilmann lisara, he is a sign of the hour, meaning when he is back, that is a sign of the hour is upon us, the day of judgment is very near forgotten. I have no doubt about it, but who knows, but follow me This is a straight path. So it mentions about that. It mentions a very severe passage, it mentions how Allah will give the believers all this beautiful things in this world. But then he meant Allah mentions a very severe passage about those who have rejected him, in the majority mean that criminals again, the idea is that convicted on the Day of Judgment, and they will have no qualms about the justice that was

01:03:41--> 01:04:27

served to them. So they are convicted criminals, and they are in the fire of hell Holly doon to endure it forever. La eufa Tawana home from which there is no relief for home feeding movies soon they will remain in there in utter despair. We have not wronged them. It was they who were wrongdoers, it's not that Allah, you know, wronged them by pushing them in one direction they choose their own choices, and the consequences of their choices are what they have to live with now, and they are going to cry. They will say yeah, Malik. This is one of the names of the angels was the guardian of the fire of hell. It will be Jacobi I laid out a book, if only your Lord would put an

01:04:27--> 01:04:28

end to us Can we just die?

01:04:29--> 01:04:54

Paulina Kumar? kifune. The response will be no you are here to stay. The hogenakkal will happily walk in axacon will have to carry on. We have certainly brought you the truth, but most of them have an aversion for the truth. We asked a lot of savers from this tournament. If I can just take a minute or two I want to end at 710 inshallah, sorry to talk about surah Doohan, right. Surah. Doohan

01:04:56--> 01:04:59

is the smoke here begins again with hammy

01:05:00--> 01:05:46

keytab mubin but this time something interesting, something interesting in Nyanza, NaVi relative mubaraka we have sent it down in a blessed night IE Laila to God that we asked a lot of makers of those who experience it, live it and enjoy the its blessings and attain its rewards, has always been sending warnings. It's a night when every important matter is decided from us. And we have been sending messages from the beginning to humanity as a sign of mercy and from your Lord who is all hearing and all knowing Semyon Olive. In this facet in this surah short surah Allah talks about how the day of judgment will be for the Caribbean with some will be the final bit Yamato this summer

01:05:46--> 01:06:29

will be the Honda movie in the day when the sky brings forth plainly visible clouds of smoke that will envelop people, and people will say, Robin actually finalized our load relievers from this tournament. We are believers now Please don't say was too late. And Allahumma vichara. On the day of judgment, people think we believe now or the start of the day judgment is too late. How can they benefit and before that they had had a clear messenger, a Zulu bean, and they call them what all do more Allah Majnoon, he is taught by others, he's crazy. He's more I love someone who was someone else's teaching him. Right. That was what they said then and now you want to believe too late. Now,

01:06:29--> 01:06:55

Allah mentions as a parallel to again the people of flourish, rejecting the Prophet is for our own rejecting Musa alayhis salam to be tried the people of Pharaoh before them, and a Noble Messenger was sent to them who said, hand over the God's servants to me I'm a trustworthy messenger for you. And don't set yourselves above God. I bring you Claire authority. Em, they

01:06:56--> 01:07:40

were, you know, last month I said to them, you set out by night, with my servants for certainly you we pursued but leave the sea parted what to do kill Mahara one, because musallam was probably trying to, you know, bring the sea back together after hitting the staff on the sea on the water. But the sea did not rejoin after it was parted, it was remained part of it. And Allah said to Moses, what through kill bahara and leave it because they are going to drown in it, and how many gardens and fountains they left behind, and how many cornfields and splendid buildings and pleasant things in which they delighted. All of this left behind, and other people took it. And that's the reality of

01:07:40--> 01:08:23

life, life you build, build, build, and then you die, and other people will take what you build. But what you keep is what you spend for the sake of Allah, what you keep is what you build for the next life. But the thing is, when the one who dies who didn't build for the next life was an oppressor in this world, an evil person, a mop bucket, and he was someone who was, neither the heaven nor the earth wept for them, nor were they allowed any respect. When a righteous person dies, the sky cries the earth Christ, the place where they would make such that Christ that this person who would worship Allah has now left and departed. This is sort of the Han it actually concludes with a very

01:08:23--> 01:09:06

terrible punishment that's described in in about Hellfire that is not described in other parts of the Quran, which is the tree of Kuhn. And that is a food for the sinners. It is like the dregs of oil, it will boil in their bellies, like the boiling of hot water. This is like oil is boiling in their bellies like hot water. And that will be the punishment that there'll be the food provided for the people of hellfire. There'll be said Seize him and drag him into the mists of hell. And then on top of his head poor, a boiling water over his head as punishment, and it will be said mockingly taste this, you consider yourself to be mighty and honorable. That is what you used to doubt this is

01:09:06--> 01:09:40

what you used to doubt. So that is a very devastating glimpse of the punishment that Allah mentions a sort of decline. Of course Allah right after mentioned the righteous, how they will be in a safe place. inshallah we'll end with that. We will we've covered, briefly sort of define and briefly surah Socrative. I encourage you to read the translations of them yourselves, along with the accompanying notes, and tomorrow inshallah we'll start the next juice desert como la halen for sticking around to the end today. Again, we covered a little bit of a lot because we left Surah

01:09:42--> 01:09:55

Surah fullsuit until today, so I appreciate your patience. We are last month except from us. Desert Willow Helen swannack Aloma hamburger Chateau La ilaha illa Anta suffer Luca tobik Solomonic masala he

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