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A Juz A Day (17th) – The Prophets, Their Patience and Dua + Ibrahim

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Surah Anbiya – The Prophets, their patience and dua
Allah’s Oneness – the Central Message of Prophets
Allah Tests the Prophets
Dua of Prophets
Surah Hajj – Hajj and Ibrahim’s Legacy

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah where Allah Allah he was having all that rubbish he said that he was silly Emery looked at him and he said he called Ali Amana as well so that he has an Athena de la serda molekule Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who Welcome to a juice a day. Today we are covering the 17th juice of the Quran. The 17th juice of the Quran is the juice that has two very powerful, very beautiful sutras Surah ambia, add surah to Hajj Surah ambia A surah number 21. So little Hajj is Surah number 22 Surah ambia in sort of the meaning of Surah ambia is the surah of the prophets. And what we will learn in the sutra the surah of the prophets is some

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characteristics of profits from from the beginning of time to the last profits loss Allah, we will learn how the prophets had the same

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the same central message that whatever their me thank you very much about the same central message that is the wonders of a lost count on how Allah subhanho wa Taala tested the prophets

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throughout time and what his mean. The main prophet that we will discuss today is Ibrahim alayhis. Salam in both sutras he has a prominent role.

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Also how the Quran speaks about the topic of leadership, the prophets were leaders for mankind but there is some some things to be considered when it comes to leadership. And we'll speak about that we'll speak about the Dora of prophets how the prophets made these these beautiful doors that the Quran mentions and these doors that the prophets would make.

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serve as an example for us to to help to to have as an example for us to make Doral when we are in difficult times ourselves. And of course at the end of last month speaks about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and how he sent as a university to mankind. The next surah is Sora Hajj that speaks about Hajj, not the fit of Hajj, not the rituals of Hajj that was discussed in Surah number two sort of batara but the spirit of the Hajj and the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam, that is Al Hajj, and how the Hajj reminds us of the Day of Judgment of Hodges a reminder of worshipping the last prophet, let alone How HUD came to be and how it is so closely related to Ibrahim al Islam

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and how our practice of our religion is really a way of Ibrahim you know, alayhis salam, you know the way of your father Ibrahim as the bronze as of the very end. It speaks about, you know, other miscellaneous topics that relate to, you know, submitting to Allah. But the conclusion is when Allah gives a very beautiful example about worshiping Him and recognizing him and includes with the passage of the talks about the weight of O'Briens, all those things are today. Let's get cracking in sha Allah. With that, we have sudo MBR MBR begins, its talks about the profits. That's the Nabhi is a profit and BIA is the plural of the word profits.

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It begins by Allah spotless a thiruvalla, NASA has a boom boom fee of Lattimore or The Loon that the the people's

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the time of reckoning has drawn near for mankind yet they are heatless and they turn away my T him in victory. mirabai Madison whenever any fresh admonition comes to them from their Lord, they listen to it, but do not take it seriously. law he had an Uber home, their hearts are distracted and forgetful. And this is an interesting thing. The Quran says the reason for us as humans not being concerned about the Day of Judgment is our hearts are distracted last year on Hulu. It is something like they are occupied with something else. Some some other stuff is keeping us busy and taking up our attention and causing us to forget that the Day of Judgment is imminent. So panela This is the

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introduction in the surah. And it relates to the idea of profits because the job of the profits is to warn about the Day of Judgment. Every Prophet would warn about the Day of Judgment. And that is how it links with the theme of the surah the Prophet

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As Allah describes,

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you know, they receive criticism, they were asked people will say is this is not this man, a mortal like you? Will you succumb to magic with your eyes open. And this is a criticism the prophets would face, you know, you're just mere mortals, how are you so special that you claim to have revelation from God? So, the response

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Allah mentions about the prophets is that there is the prophets are the ones Allah chose, all are a big amakhala for some evil, Oh my Lord, Lord knows every word spoken in the heavens, on the earth. He is the one who knows is the one who sees his own weirs. He is the one who chooses who conveys his message on his behalf. This is not a person's choice themselves.

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The Prophet Allah mentions about them that

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they were called, you know,

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you know, many names, they will call names like a bell, who was, he is a poet, but all

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these like, things that he says are just confusing dreams. But if thought of who he's making it up, all of these things are, you know, criticisms that Polish would make of the prophets of Salaam. Now Allah will describe who the prophets are, he says, well, the prophets are Merson publica in La Jolla, new la messengers we send before you were men

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at whom we had sent revelation, first Allah Allah, Allah, Allah known as the people of book if you do not know this, the origin of our response to them by saying that the people before had scripture, they will tell you how the prophets are and how they received revelation and shared revelation. Okay, this is strange for the people of Makkah, because they had never seen the Prophet before. But it's not strange to other faith traditions, like the Jewish tradition, it was not strange for them at all. So Allah says, Ask them how prophets are. But Allah says they were men of Revelation. They were also men who lived and died, okay? They were men who, as Allah says, Amaya, Allah who just

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said, Allah, Mama can Holocene we did not give them bodies and needed no food, nor were they to live forever. It's not like they were super humans, to for a person to be a prophet does not necessitate that they fly in the sky, and do all sorts of all sorts, all sorts of like magical stuff, you know, that is just absolutely unfathomable for a normal human. No, they were actually humans, they would eat, they would drink, they lived and they died, just like humans did. Or just like humans do. The difference is that they were chosen by Allah, and they can read the message from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that was the difference between the prophets, all the prophets previously and the

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prophets of Salaam as well, between them and humans, a lot. says that also the prophets of Allah, they

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are the ones who Allah says we fulfilled our promise to them, okay? Meaning Allah did not let the prophets just, you know, call people and let them disappoint or let them become disappointed. Indeed, Allah would make sure that the prophets there their job was fulfilled, and he took responsibility of that. And that was a that's a threat. That's a historical fact and also a threat to kurush that if you keep opposing this profit, then that will be the end of you the profits of some will be supported by Allah, and he will prevail. And that is exactly what happened over time. But this is the Quran is not just like Allah is not making a threat, just for the sake of making a

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threat. He's actually trying to, you know, invite them. He's saying, look, this is what happened historically, people oppose the profits, but Allah would make sure his profits prevail. This is a profit as well, it's awesome that he will prevail prevail as well. So change your ways. Lorenzo de la keytab. And Fie guru comm We have revealed a book that has a reminder for you, it is your reminder, won't you understand this book is talking to you, trying to convince you so don't you know, ignore it, don't let the reminder fall on deaf ears.

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Last month speaks about how the prophets had, you know, a unified, you know, message the message of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala the message of you know, that Allah is oneness has to be acknowledged, recognized, and then worshiping Allah, on this basis of oneness.

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My Filipina summer I will have double Marina Humala, I mean, it is not in play that we created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between

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if had he wished to find a pastime, or hadn't we wish to find a pastime we would have surely founded in that which is with us. If such hadn't been our will, last month, let's sing.

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The central message of the Prophet is the wonders of Allah, Allah. Allah is the one who is the one who brought this whole cosmos into existence, so that we can recognize him and worship him. It was not just done for like as as a play, or as a joke or as like a trick. No, it's done so that we can recognize Allah and worship Allah, the creation was not ingest. Also Allah mentions how there is no other True God besides him, you know,

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and with the hadou Alia terminal or the commune Sharon, and they take in deities from Earth, who can who can bring the dead to life like other gods can they bring the debt to life, he says Locanda FEMA Alia had there been more than one God in the earth for Locanda FEMA Alia too ill Allahu la fossa data had that been the case the earth and the sky, the universe would be in ruins, completely ruined, because as another part of Quran says,

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that I have a kulula him Bhima hallak both, like, you know, there were two gods, each God would take whatever he had created, and then while Alibaba Humala about both of them would have started fighting each other. So this world would have been in a perpetual state of conflict, not humans, like all of like, like the creation of these gods, you know, humans and other non human entities, whereas the world and the cosmos, specifically the universe is in perfect harmony, it is, it works or moves like clockwork, it is in perfect sync. So, it is something that the fact that is in such perfect harmony tells you that there has to can only be one creator of this, you know, system of

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this perfect creation, because had there been more than one, then the creation would have been in chaos and constantly at at odds with each other. So it's a beautiful, logical proof of why logically, it would be impossible for there to be more than one God, there has to be one originator creator sustainer, the one and true God who is dominant over everything. Because the the the harmony and the beautiful existence

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alludes to that and had it been more than one it would have been not harmonious, it would have been a constant state of chaos. A lot spotless says that messengers conveyed the same message. I am number 25.

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Or something I'm in public a middle school in Illinois, La anahola illa Allah Allahu Allahu La Ilaha Illa Anna, excuse me, for I will do, we have sent or we send all messengers before you with this revelation, there is no deity save me. So worship Me alone, all the prophets of Allah had the same message. The central message of the prophets is the oneness of Allah. So now the Quran is trying to show the people of Quraysh firstly and all of us secondly, that the Prophet Sam is a prophet. He is a prophet like all the prophets before human being who's going to eat and live and die. And him like all the prophets before said the same thing, La ilaha illa Allah, there's only Word of God to

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worship and that is Allah. And there evidences are from Scripture, and the evidences are outside the scripture in the universe. In and around us. The observing of the universe is one of the evidences that all the prophets before would preach and say, all the prophets before rejected the idea that there could be a son or a child of God with all the other hand rather than so Hannah who will Eva democra Moon, they say that all merciful has taken a son, glory to Him. They are only his honored servants. The one you claim is the Son of God is nothing but an extremely honored, extremely revered, you know, servant of Allah, a chosen prophet of Allah but not a son of God. Allah is not in

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his creation is above his creation. He's not a member of the world and the things that he had created. He is the creator of those things. And that is what Allah says Allah subhanahu wa mcra Moon

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and he says

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provides examples excuse me, of how the prophets would use or how the Ayat of Allah that are outside the Scripture. I have a lot that are outside the Quran, that is part of understanding the oneness of Allah subhana wa Taala the signs in the creation and that was the message of the prophets. The prophets will preach this and this is what the prophet SAW himself also preaches. What is this? Our Amira Latina cafaro Anna Samadhi? Will other cannot Arakan. What are these beautiful signs? Do the those who deny the truth not see that the heavens and the earth were joined together and then we split them asunder, and that we had brought made everything out of water was Allah Allah minella

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ecology in high enough, Allah Yun will still not believe this is a beautiful, you know,

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sign from another look at how the sky and the earth were how Allah, you know, began the process of creation and brought them into existence, how he caused causes rain to fall on the earth. Right. One of the interpretations of Tacoma Houma is that, that the Earth was barren and then rain would fall and then there's water on it. And, you know, we know that that the Earth is the only known place that we have, you know, portable water, right, like there's, you know, traces of water in other planets, but it's not necessarily portable, it's not it can't necessarily drink it and survive on it. The Earth, on the other hand, has reserves and reserves a portable water and a water cycle

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right. And everything that is on the earth has is largely composed of water, all creation is largely made up of water, human beings are like 70% water or something. So this is what john laminal multicolour Shanghai such an amazing sign, the unity in the last creation, all of the last creation has one unifying characteristic. That means that the one who made them is one, right, the unity of worship of Allah is to be found in the unifying characteristics of the creation, how they're all made from water, I follow you know, more than I believe, more examples will jalna fill out the raw See, if set for mountains upon the earth, less it should sweep under them how the mountains are act

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as stabilizers and which are left via freecharge and Sula, la lomita Dune passages for paths so that they may find their way how the earth isn't just an A and A isn't just rough terrain. It is a variety of terrains easy to try to traverse and the mountainous difficult to traverse all of that is there long afternoon so people can find their way and you know prosper on the earth or during the summer or suffer from my father we are made the sky a well secured canopies handler we know that the sky that is above us is a the it's a protective you know casing the magnetic field that the earth that the poles create the rotation of the Earth creates and that's essentially what the sky

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represents, that protects us the from all the different things that could

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fall from the atmosphere fall from space into the into the earth. You know, anything that comes through the atmosphere literally just burns away. And that is Panama The sky is suffering from something that's above us. That's the sky that's the atmosphere suck for mahfouda a very well secured canopy and amazing benefit blessing of Allah that if it wasn't there, right, then our life will just cease to exist like one asteroid will come and just knock us all out. But that doesn't happen because of the the protective canopy that Allah has made for us. But Homer and iottie have more or they don't yet they turn away from our science will will let the Haleakala wanna or shumsa

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will cover what Allah saying is that your mere existence like Allah, Allah has, the fact that we even exist, is because of the system that Allah has created. so unique that allows us to exist, but we take it for granted. We say take it. So for granted. Only Holla Holla wanna have it is he created the night and the day, the sun and the moon, each gliding in its orbit, not just for us to exist, but now we have a system to thrive and write a system to you know, build a civilization out of a daily schedule, a yearly calendar and keeping records in history, how we build our civilization a lot smarter enables that by how we are in orbit of the sun and how the moon is in orbit of us so

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Pinilla according to the Philippines balloon, imagine

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Machine optical hold. It says, Every we have, we have not granted everlasting life to any human before you. If that's what Parrish wants, in a profit, no profit has ever lived forever. every prophet has lived and died. If I met the phone would hardly hardly do if you were to die, Obama, if you were to die, will they live forever? That's a rhetorical question. The answer, of course, is no, no one is going to live forever. golunov said that every social taste that every person will die, whenever lukumi Shall we will say the fitness and we're in a natalja We shall test you with both good and evil circumstances fit Nathan as a trial, or Elena to john, a moment of pause here them. As

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I mentioned, this theme of the surah is the prophets of who they are, how the prophets that is a prophet, and like their central message, how their patient in the face of tests, and how they make dua. Right? All about like just profits, you know, the, what makes a profit, and how they are role models for us. Now look at this last part does first tells us about the signs in the creation, that

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is a way for us to recognize that Allah is one and uniquely what is the science, the creation, that would certainly rule out the possibility of a second God, and then would then give us conviction that when there is one and truly one God alone, he is the one to be worshipped, because of this magnificent world, that we exist in this magnificent system that is built for us. That is the message of the prophets, uniqueness of authority. But also in that is the idea of the world is or life is a test. Just as certain we can see how there are beautiful things around us, the sun, the moon, the sky, the mountains, all these things mentioned in the passage, just as those things are

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certainties and facts of life, also a certainty and fact of life is there is going to be good and bad. There's going to be good and evil circumstances. This is how Allah subhanaw taala will put us through, or that this is the nature of life, you cannot escape it just that you cannot escape the sun and the moon, the sky, you can you have your you're part of that system. Part of that system also is you are going to go through circumstances that are good and bad. And the reason for them for going through these circumstances is fit nothing as a trial, it's a test to see, do you understand the purpose of your creation? Are you able to submit to the magnificence of the Creator, it's easy

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to say them and everything is, you know, hunky dory. But it's hard to do that when stuff is going badly. And that is one of the beautiful connections here how the tests and trials is just like the part of life just as the other things that Ally's describing around us are a part of life is a part of the creation. So panela. And now, as the story is true, the stories about the profits are level one or the profits went through the most tough trials, but they showed us how to succeed in the trials, how to get through the difficulties of life, they show that to us. So when we go through something difficult, we look at their example and we try to emulate their behavior. Okay, Moosa and

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harden are a master lab, I mentioned first as

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those who are going through who will.

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were mentioned here. Let me just find where that went.

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All right there. Yes. But I think that musawah Haruna for Karna. While they are on what they call is mattina 48. We gave Moses and Aaron the criterion of right and wrong, and a light and a reminder for the righteous and musala Sam, we've covered a story, and we've seen how frequently he's mentioned in the Quran. Yesterday, we couldn't get time with Surah Taha but almost all sorts of hours about musala Salah, okay, and how amazing musallam how difficult the stuff he had to go through. First with the pharaoh then with Bani Israel, and then higher time musala Islam is a personification of patience. And, you know, and submitting to a laws decree Subhan Allah right, that is who he was. So

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Allah mentions him first, when talks about when talking about prophets and their patience, because he was the man right, because he had to go through so many difficulties. He showed what patience was. So a lot of test says begins by mentioning him and letting him have shown our humble life. You know, the ones who fear the Lord in the unseen and also dread the hour of the judgment, the reminder that moves

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I was given a last closing the full on the criteria, there is a light, it's a reminder, right? The revelation that allow us to move on Islam was a lost speech as well, but people corrupted it. And in it was a reminder for the righteous just like the Quran is a reminder for the righteous. The ones who really will benefit from it are the ones who have Taqwa, those who fear their Lord, there is a fear of the punishment of a lost partner. There's an acknowledgement that Allah is our Creator. And then there is a fear that this majestic creator was brought everything into existence, he is dominant and mighty and his punishment is to be feared. moment at which people would dreading the

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hour, the day of judgment, that is like the, the fuel that fuels the engine of taqwa. Okay, that's not all that was about, but that's the fuel right? And having a sense of dread against the punishment of the of the law or the threat of a loss, punishment, fearing standing in front of a law on the Day of Judgment. What is going to be in my book, what's How am I going to be interrogated? I hope I'm not interrogated. Right. That is the fuel and that's what I mentioned that as a chrome whether the chrome ovako and Santa who have entered the home on Chrome, this is a blessed reminder that we have revealed to you will be then rejected. Next person that Allah mentions is Ibrahim

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Arizona. I am number 51. Bulava. Dena Ibrahima rooster home in Kabul, but could not be here. I mean, before this, we gave Abraham his guidance. And we knew him well, today. One of the people that we'll spend some time discussing is our father Ibrahim Ali Salaam. What does he say? He said to his father and his people, what are these images that you are so devoted to these idols that you have, you know, concocted? What are what are these things? They said, We found our fathers worshipping these, these idols. So he said, Indeed, you and your father's have clearly been misguided, you know, you're wrong. These are not gods. These are not this is not a way to God. This these things haven't done

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anything. Right. They haven't created anything. They don't have majesty over anything or power over anything. Okay, now, the people are like, Wait, are you like, Are you are you joking? Are you serious? No.

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But I was I was that serious, but he was a young man. Right? So they didn't take him seriously. He said, your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth who created them again, they see how the Prophet Ibrahim is using the evidence of the majesty of the creation to talk about the creator and he is the one who does should be worshipped. And I am a witness to that. That was the lucky lucky then that's nama Kumar, the world Luma drivin. I will devise a plan against your deities after you have gone away and turn your backs. Interesting point to note, by the way, a lot. squanto says Ibrahim, when he introduces him, he says Athena Ibrahim urrutia, who rushed rushed his guidance, but

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also good sense, you know somebody who was his rationale and calculated, you know, that is a person who was a Rashid, you know, someone who was like not doing things without thinking were well thought out, not alone. Very interestingly, no other prophet is actually mentioned in this way in the Quran, that Allah gave him his boost. And the reason why Allah Allah Rahim is mentioned as such here is that

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he is going to do something that may seem to the to the uninitiated initiated as not being rational and not being very well calculated. Maybe something that's emotional, but to the contrary, is extremely, extremely well thought out. And what he's going to do now is, you know, not sanctioned in Arusha. Dr. Again, this is something we have to understand the Quran is mentioning history, not to say whatever is mentioned in history, you can do it today. If that's not the message of the Quran, the Sharia of the Prophet Salaam has rules and regulations. And he is also Lim has clarified them to us part of those rules is we're not allowed to insult or destroy the insult the religion or gods of

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other people, nor destroy the the, their deities, if that is what at the super litigated Unum in lunula. He Do not insult the religion of others, by a suitable law either won't be an idea and thus pushing them further away from Islam. Because then they would then, you know,

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say bad things about Allah, out of animosity, right. So that is an important principle in our faith. But now, Muslims has done something historically that Allah mentioned, and he does it for a very well calculated purpose. And he did it doesn't mean now that could be applied into this time.

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Quick important note, because a lot of people misunderstand this now in Reimer salam, what does he do? He breaks the idols into small pieces, except for the biggest of them so that they may return to it for inquiry, right la la miel de la la, la he of June. Now when they come back what the the part the Quran is assuming you know is that these people of Ibrahim would, would leave their city for a couple of days for a big celebration. And they will come return to their city after a couple of days of celebrating outside of the city. So when they had left at that point, Ibrahim al Salam went and did this to their idol. So when they came back, they're like, Who did this to our idols in the whole

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amount of volume in that person must be a wrongdoer. They said, Well, we heard Abraham, a young man called Abraham talking about them. So they said, Bring him so that we can see what he has done. Let's act. Let's let's bring him to let's bring him to court. They asked him Oh, Ibrahim, did you do this at the far end of dinner? He said, Well, actually, it was the biggest one.

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Well, for Allahu kabiru either, they see the big one right there. He did it. I didn't do it. Right. First alluvium in Canada on the phone, ask them if they can speak now, if not even esalaam. The language will tell you he is actually he's not like lying. He is. The language will tell you. He's admitting he did it. But he's trying to make a point that the point is first Allu whom ask them in the plural, even though there's one either left or right. So clearly, that tells you Avraham and Assam is not saying that they the idols did it. Of course, he knows that they know the idols didn't do it, as they would say, right.

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Nakata, Linda Maha Shula on the phone, you know, that they cannot speak or Abraham, right. So he knows that they know this. And when he seen to them, Look, and ask them, not ask him as them he is implying to them that Yeah, I did it. But go ask them. If you would like your your gods that you worship, go ask them. So some handler that, you know, it's not like a bribe, or some obviously lying is using this as a way of

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making an argument of proving his his case, excuse me once

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I have a bit of a Ah, there we go. Sorry about that.

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So that everyone says that now as he says this, and he's made his point to the people very clear that look, you guys are so trapped in worshipping these idols, you can't even recognize that these idols are not real gods. And you are thinking that they are taking the place of God, whereas in reality, they can't even defend themselves or say anything or do anything for Rajaratnam to see him. They turned to themselves. And they said, Yeah, you know, he's right. You are wrong for worshipping these idols. He's right. But then arrogance, but then the, the, the desire to not look wrong, the desire to not, you know, look small, by admitting that you're wrong. So pallulah that is a toxic,

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toxic emotion, or monokey suara Ooh, see him? They turn on their heads? And they said, No, Abraham, you know, they can't do anything about him, in some sense. Why do you worship these idols if they can harm you? Or benefit you? Right? So they instead of saying, Yeah, you know, he's right, said you know, what, this is an argument that we cannot win for how do they call you How do they burn him and help your identities if your resolve to do so once you are here to come in Canton? Fair, I mean, if your resolve to do something, and this is the way of the people who are as the Quran describes the people not of logic and reason, the people who was was arguments are very faulty, or very flawed,

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they resort to violence and resort to violent means. Whereas the people who are on the truth, they resort to logic and reasoning, they resort to talking about these matters in a way where the, the the strength of the argument wins, not the force, and it is being like, you know, physically exerted to tip the scales, and that's a beautiful thing we should learn that, you know, like vanilla Hill, or gentle ballet or like the Quran says, Allah has the, you know, the perfect proof, meaning the truth is powerful, and its arguments can be made powerfully and dominantly. without the need to resort to violence of any type of sword.

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But they did put a Brian with assignment the fire and Allah set to the fire as a miracle. Yeah Now Guney burden wasallam and Allah Ibrahim be cool and a means of safety for Abraham. And that was done by Rahim Allah Salam did not get affected at all by the fire and he was very, very, you know, calm and in fact very cool in that fire. And that is a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala. That is not a normal occurrence a miracle for us is something that breaks the laws of normal life that breaks the laws of nature of physics, that is a miracle hidey hole in either like this, this definition goes. And this is one of those hari colorada, it breaks the norm, that an only can happen to a prophet of

00:35:46--> 00:36:35

Allah. And that was it when he met us Allah, Allah protected him through that miracle. They wanted to harm him. But Allah says, we made them sunny in the last day, we saved him and his and a lot his nephew loot, and to a place to a land that we blessed, and we gave him his heart and your hope, as a as a as a restore of Allah's grace. And all of those were righteous projects. However, the idea here is that Allah tested Ibrahim Arizona, right? Very difficult test, he went through the test where his family disowned him, his city disowned him, and people tried to kill him. And the last part of that is a test that very, very, very few if almost no one can bear the brunt. He was on board that tests

00:36:36--> 00:37:18

and passed that test with flying colors. And as a result of that, Allah blessed him and bless his family and his kids and grandkids and he made them leaders. And that is what happens when a person is tested, and they succeed in the test. Allah elevates them in this life and the next and that is one of the things that you know, we tend that the creation, it's test and trials. Life is a whole bunch of tests and trials. And that one is what the prophets show how to deal with tests and trials and when you go and deal with the tests and trials in the right way a lot Eloise and that's what he does with the prophets and Ibrahim salah and he talks about leadership how Ibrahim Allison's progeny

00:37:18--> 00:38:00

were given leadership but y'all know whom I'ma we made them leaders. Okay, but what is leadership? Right is it just like a cheap term that's thrown around? No, it is he says Yeah, dude Are we a marina they are leaders who guide by our command that is a sign of leadership well oh hyena la him fear lol hi rod. We reveal to them the doing of good number two that's what leadership is doing good. But ecommerce ecommerce Sala establishing the prayer for eater is number three and number four giving Zakat or canula. Aberdeen and they were alone in worshipping us. These are the characteristics of those who are leading. Yeah, do not be Amina is by the command of Allah. It is by

00:38:00--> 00:38:27

the words of Allah. And it is the doing of good. It's not just like saying some fancy words. It's the doing of good. It's the establishment of prayer. It's the helping of the poor, the eradication of poverty. Well, that's what's the cat by the way, is it that is occur. So Subhanallah that is what leadership is. And that's what Allah refers to when he speaks about the kids of Ibrahim, and he mentioned the whole bunch of prophets, Luke and a Salah. Okay, no alehissalaam

00:38:28--> 00:39:12

The both of them Allah. Allah said we're in difficult situations, right? But both of them that Jaina we delivered him from the city which practice abomination, no, Hollis alum, we saved him and his household from a great distress. They went through difficulty trial, extended trial, new and Islam for 950 years. Moodle Islam, very, very intense, shorter, but much very, very intense. All these prophets went through difficulties. Allah says, Look how they were patient. And then we came to the help and support when a sudden now luminol calm, we helped him against his people who rejected our revelations. This is a law howey test the prophets supports the prophets talks about the audience

00:39:12--> 00:39:58

with a man, though that Sam is the Father. So the man is the son, the Odin, Solomon, David and Solomon who both pass judgment on the field into which some people sheep had strayed, and graze at night, and we bore witness to their judgment for Hannah farhana has to the man we gave Solomon the right understanding of the matter. This was a test for the Prophet of Allah diode. He passed the wrong judgment. And his son passed the right judgment. Is he going to be arrogant and not accept that from his son? No, he was had the humility to accept that his son knew better. So Panama and he accepted the decree of Solomon. And that was how, you know that was his test and he passed that

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

test, so they might not need some tests.

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

was not of difficulty. He wasn't put in the fire. So they might not have such tests was at the you know, Pokemon wildeman was siochana, Moto G Bell, he was

00:40:11--> 00:41:03

given the, the birds and the mountains and birds, you should celebrate our praises with David. And we had the power to do this. And we taught him the making of coats of meal to protect them in battle. So they managed Islam had the the test of extreme power and extreme dominance. He had stormy winds under his control the gdb emri in other nativa, or could not be Felicia Dolly mean, among many other things. And that included control over the devils who would dive in the sea to perform tasks for him dive in the sea to fetch pearls and perform tasks for him. The test of the OED was of being tested by he made a mistake, and his son corrected him. And he had the test, he had the humility to

00:41:03--> 00:41:46

accept and that was his test. And that's how he passed it. So the Muslim had the test of power and dominance. And he was tested that we are going to be feared and you're going to be thankful. And he was fair. And he was extremely thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for all that he had bestowed upon him, that was awesome, also had a lot of beautiful voice. And he would recite the Psalms, the board, and the birds and the mountains would you know, sleep sing with him. And that was like a test. Like, you know, beauty is a test. And being admired is a test and he passed that test. In fact, like the problem says, that was that Islam, the best fast of all fast is the fast of those who would fast one

00:41:46--> 00:42:30

day and not fast the other day, fast one day, not fast the other day. And that was how he expressed his gratitude to Allah, Allah. And the best tahajjud was that the 100 of those who would pray at night, you know, and he would sleep a little bit, then wake up in the third of the night, pray a little bit, and then sleep a little bit and then get up for fudger. So you see how these profits were tested, not all the same way. Some with difficulty, some with ease, some with, you know, harsh trials, some with access, and luxury, and all of them pass their test of life and that for us is the lesson that life is going to be an up and down situation. And our test is to navigate those ups and

00:42:30--> 00:42:43

downs, the downs with patience, the ups with gratitude, and thankfulness as demonstrated by these prophets, the Quran and speaks the surah speaks about the dual prophets. The next few prophets mentioned here are you and

00:42:45--> 00:43:37

and and Eunice and Islam and Zakaria Are you well, Islam is mentioned as the one who was hurt by job he was hurt. Many was paralyzed. He was extremely sick, but he was never ungrateful. He was never for a minute. She never for a minute doubted that Allah is the most merciful, never for a minute question the wisdom of Allah. He said aneema Sonny adore, I've been afflicted by great stress and all you're the most merciful or those who have mercy. And so Allah responded to his da and removed his, his his, uh, his, his, what ailed him is suffering, restored his family and that is how Allah responds when he responds to do as he responds, you know, in a manner is like a, it's like a pouring

00:43:37--> 00:44:21

of rain, so much goodness comes, right. And that is the response of you. We have the noon, Jonah made the mistake of walking away in anger. Again, we are as humans very, very human. Again, the idea is profits, we're also human beings, so they're not immune to emotions here. And he the emotion of anger over took units is a lamb. And then he, you know, departed his people before he was told to depart his people. And Subhanallah as that happened, he was punished and eventually ended up in the belly of a whale in the depths of the ocean and at that point for another full blue mat in the darkness he cried out La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah mean there is no data but you Allah glory

00:44:21--> 00:44:32

with you I was indeed wrong. And then Allah answered his door out do all of you before to all of us second, Allah answered his door and delivered him from sorrow.

00:44:34--> 00:44:59

The third prophet Zakaria, who cried out to his Lord, rugby, that is only for them. Don't leave me airless. Oh Lord, and you're the best of ears. You're the best of those who take care of people and their families. You know, generation after generation and his daughter Allah answered him for such a vanilla who, even though it took a long time for his daughter to be answered, but Allah answered it. Are you bizarre

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

took a while for it to be answered. But Allah answered you undecided times throughout. It was in the moment of like his lowest moment, but Allah answered it, right. And that's the thing that was teaching us about this that the prophets do as they taught us how to make dua. Okay. They would make La Jolla de Runa Rahman rojava. They used to hate them to do good, right? They used to hasten to do good. That is step before Dora tawassul Bill armel. alive to seek Allah's help by doing good. That is actually the step before then there is the door. The door is here the rule Nana Robin, we're Ahava to ask a lot in hope and fear the two together hoping that Allah will give us the best. In

00:45:46--> 00:46:28

fact, knowing Allah will give us the best and having that hope in his mercy and fearing the punishment of Allah and asking protection from the punishment of a look. You're the owner Robin Robin bukanlah horseshoeing being humble at all times, being patient in the door is not answered immediately. Zachary Ellison didn't stop stop making door after a few days. He may do it for decades, you will assume didn't stop making door after like a few days of sickness, he continued to make the law for years. And that is what the prophets are teaching us of how the law is to be made. So how the law it is to be made with humbleness, humility, fearing Allah hoping in his mercy and not

00:46:28--> 00:47:08

ever doubting that Allah will guarantee or a level grant the answer, it may take some time. But that is the test of the one making the drop. Can they be patient enough while they're making the law speaks about of course Madame nslm astronaut for Jihad The one who get awarded her chastity so you breathe hers our spirit into her and made her and her son is signed for all people. The point of all these stories of the prophets one of the points that is very critical here about the prophets is they were one nation in the house he oma to come home Ottawa, Canada, they were all one nation, one community and and are comfortable doing I am the Lord so worship me. A last part Allah makes that

00:47:08--> 00:47:51

point that ties it beautifully together how that was a topic in the very beginning. All the prophets were sent with the same message and lost circles back to that point towards the very end here and says all of them were one nation concludes the sutra concludes by talking about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when Allah says about the Prophet, Amma sanaka Allah Ramadan, Al amin, Ayah 107, we have sent you for as a mercy to all mankind or Prophet Solomon, the prophets of Salaam is coming to show us what it means to be a mercy. Right, not just to himself or not just to like the believers, but all of mankind. And that is who he was some lahardee of Salaam, say I in nama, you

00:47:51--> 00:48:38

have Elijah, it has been revealed to me that your God is but one God and two Muslim own Will you submit to Him? If so, this is a beautiful message of the surah the prophets, their message, particularly how they were tested and their patience, and we learn from their their tests. Patience, in, you know, tough times, gratitude in good times, do are in tough times. And in good times. And being patient while not seeing the response to the DA that was the theme of sort of ambia we go to Surah Al Hajj surah. After that it speaks about Hajj, how Hajj is a beautiful, it's a pillar of Islam, and how it's a beautiful celebration of the legacy of our father Abraham and Salah. It

00:48:38--> 00:49:20

reminds us of the Day of Judgment, because there's so many people who don't like to go for Hajj. You see people everywhere, everywhere you look, there's people, people people, they ask a lot to open up the domain for us so we can go for online. Meaning I mean, it begins by talking about the Day of Judgment. Yeah, you and ask people for your Lord, the catastrophe of the last hour shall be terrible indeed. That day when it comes you will see things that are extraordinary things that will not happen normally, things that are just unfathomable normally, what is that the owner doesn't have a clue about every nursing mother will leave her baby. You know, nursing, whether this is like the

00:49:20--> 00:49:59

most precious thing that she has her baby that she's caught holding her close, or holding the baby close to her on the Day of Judgment. The thing is so, so severe, it is so devastating that the nursing mother wouldn't care about her baby she would not be caring about herself only okay. Or what about Okuda? t Hamlin hamler her every pregnant woman will have a miscarriage or will deliver because of the stress but are NASA tsuchiura people will look like they're intoxicated Well, my homie Saqqara, but they're not intoxicated. They're just walking around as if they are you know, like this don't know what's happening. There is no direction is this

00:50:00--> 00:50:30

Chaos. All of that is a glimpse of the day of judgment because when I can Narada below he should eat the severity of the punishment of a lot. The stress of it is what causes these things. So panela they asked a loss protection on that day. And that's partly what gives us an a beautiful example of resurrection. If you have doubt about resurrection, a lot addresses that include tomb fi Raven mineral bath via Uranus, the surah By the way, via Uranus is in the very beginning, and at the very end as well there is yet a Uranus

00:50:31--> 00:51:16

or people if you're in doubt about resurrection, remember that we first created you from dust for enough Allah komentar up this is a reference to our father Abraham alesana. Okay, so mommy not for and then from a droppers firm, this is the rest of us right all the other people who are born naturally Of course, they are created from a drop of sperm domina halaqa and then that sperm drop turns into a closet. Then it becomes a closet, form of blood through Mammon Mandala. Mahalo, mahalo aka, a lump of flesh was shaped and unshaped, Lino by either Lancome so that we may manifest to you our power by neutrophils or hammy Manisha because what we will to stay in the womb for an appointed

00:51:16--> 00:51:21

time some local NGO come in as a Muslim Samatha monopoly

00:51:22--> 00:51:37

and then we bring you forth as infants right conception and the birth Somali who should take them and then you because you to grow and reach full growth you become a full adult. Okay

00:51:38--> 00:52:22

well men come in Utah for some of you pass away early in life while they're adults or kids or men Kuma you run to Isla De La Romana and others live out to live to become old and they come become old and they become so old. They become senile. Michaela Yeah, I mean Burundian mencegah starts to forget something or forgets anything. Ah, Pinilla so that they will know nothing of what they once knew. This is Example number one, Allah is giving us an example. He's like, Look, if you think Allah sparkler cannot bring you back to life. Consider example, number one, he made you from nothing a drop of sperm, if and before that drops from you will not even there. But then the drop of sperm

00:52:22--> 00:53:08

from that you were created. And this amazing process of creation that Allah describes here. In each step, it is a difficult, you know, it's the probability of a child being born is very low of a child surviving is very low, yet all across these steps allow us to make sure that he's there to protect us. And then he brings us into life brings us into the world, the delivery, the delivery is one of the most difficult journeys of a human beings life. And as the child is born, they're born knowing nothing, they can't even do the cavemen burn themselves, right, you have to feed the baby and you have to burp the baby. Otherwise, the baby will just, you know, cough and cry because they can burp

00:53:08--> 00:53:58

themselves. We don't even think we know literally nothing, then Allah causes us to become a full grown adult, we acquire knowledge we learn, we grow, become strong, become wise, hopefully what is the challah? All of those things are we acquired by the faculties that Allah has given us. And then after the peak, we go decline again, to the point where you are like a child at the end of your life. Okay, you need the help of others, to perform basic tasks, you start to forget, and to the point where it's like the knowledge of like a really old person, and maybe even their behavior is exactly like a child. So Pamela, Allah is saying, Look at the lifecycle that I have made for you

00:53:58--> 00:54:14

look at this, if you think like, Don't think that you are dominant, and and then in control, I am in control, because I have made this lifecycle for you. If you don't think I can create you again.

00:54:16--> 00:54:59

That so if you have doubts, excuse me, that I can create you again, look at how I made you the first time in the document or optimum minutes for some Amidala so that's example number one. Example number two, what are our baja Middleton, you see the earth dead and barren ham either it is like lifeless for either under gnarly hammer, but no sooner do we send down rain upon it. It does that what about it starts to stir with activity and begins to swell and produce every kind of luxuriant vegetation. This is a place that nobody irrigated nobody has tilled the soil or planted the seed or taking care of that seed. No, it is

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

By the natural process of Allah sending the rain, but the idea of dead Earth being brought to life, as it happens naturally in front of our eyes, by the power and Command of Allah, that's example number two, and vanliga we anila will have because God is the truth, and it is he who gives life to the dead, and he has the power to do anything. And then the Day of Judgment is close is bound to come, nowaday Buffy, there is no doubt about it. And the Lucha bartleman Award, just like a love brings a person into the world, he can bring them back into the world, on the day of judgment, just like the example number two, the dead Earth was brought back to life, that people will be brought

00:55:43--> 00:56:23

back to life just as easily for Allah. Allah Subhana Allah This is the reminder he mentioned about the legacy of our father Ibrahim in Assam is number 26. He mentioned what it what an early Ibrahima can elevate we assigned to Abraham the site of the house seen a lot to Shrek Misha, number one do not associate anything with me because the schilke is the you know that that's a rotten theology. You cannot build anything on it. What I hated Beatty and purify my house for those who serve circumambulate it off around the garba and those who stand upright meaning for Salah, and those who bow and

00:56:24--> 00:56:26

and and and prostrate verruca as

00:56:28--> 00:56:31

well as the Infinity bill Hodge

00:56:33--> 00:57:15

call mankind to the pilgrimage they will come to you on foot on every kind of lien camel, but every distant track leash huduma nafi Allah home so that they may witness what's its benefit for them. And on the appointed days they may Utter the Name of God over the cattle that he has provided for them that eat their flesh and feed the distressed and the needy. This is Elan. Aha, this is the other half that we sacrifice these animals. Those weren't hard sacrifices that Hajj. And those were not hard sacrifices outside of Hajj as a celebration of the legacy of Ibrahim al Islam of the sacrifice of Ibrahim, and that animals that we sacrifice, whose life we take it we take its life in the name

00:57:15--> 00:57:59

of the one who gave it its life, and then we eat from it. And then we feed Alba isn't fulfilled the distressed and the needy from that. So however this ayah will have been financed he will have when Ibrahima Sam built the Kaaba, Allah squatters told him call the people to hedge Abraham and Sam said there's nobody to call for hedge. Right? A lot of boxes for your job is to call and our job is to make sure people respond. So Brian Wilson stood up on macabre him and call people for Hajj. Allah, Allah cause the angels and the souls of those who weren't even born, if because their souls were made by Allah before you know, the their bodies were made, and all the souls of the of the people

00:57:59--> 00:58:40

who are already in existence. Those were brought together. And they all responded to the call of Abraham by saying love, bake. Allahumma love bake. That's where the lbr comes from. And that is what this ayah is referring to Subhan Allah that Ibrahim alayhi salam, look at this. He did the most difficult things in life, as a boy tossed into that fire, as a man going through all these sacrifices, is asked to leave his wife in the desert when he has a child, we'll learn later he had to sacrifice that child. And now in his old age, he has to make the garba and ask people to come to Hajj every single test Allah put it through, he passed. And now when he makes the event for hug, he

00:58:40--> 00:59:28

calls people for hudge a law makes sure people respond, even if they're not even in existence yet. And that for us is the lesson of when we are tested and we try our best. A loss partner will make sure he'll do the rest. And here he see we see that from the example of Ibrahim, this this beautiful example of a Salaam this Hajj is a man second it is appointed right of sacrifice, every nation had it. And for us it is the Hajj that Ibrahim alayhis salam had initiated so they may pronounce the name of God over the cattle that which he has provided for them. And what Allahu Allahu wa for us the mu fella who has the machinery machinery within your God is one God surrender yourself to Him

00:59:28--> 00:59:59

and give good news to the humble Who are these people are living either dakila whose hearts are filled with all a dimension of God who endure adversity with fortitude. What elite was saw Marina alhama Saba, when difficult stuff happens, adversity strikes, they have patience to you know, remain calm, to have the fortitude to not become irrational or act irrationally or say things regrettably. One more theme is Sala

01:00:00--> 01:00:24

And they say their prayers regularly and the spend from what we have given them again, the characteristics of the believer, the one who is doing the rituals that seem very, very simple, like sacrificing an animal or paying someone to sacrifice an animal. The idea is that, oh Bashir must be 18, it should create in us, the ritual is spirit is to become humble.

01:00:25--> 01:01:02

A lot is actually like a valley that is lowered, it's like, you know, like, if there's like a mountain pass, there's a two mountains, the lower part of that valley is hot, like that part is the same root of this word movement. So the believer, their rituals, don't make them arrogant or mindless, they're just doing it because it's a habit, in the ritual reminds them to, you know, improve their internal state, which is humility and humbleness. And that is expressed, that event allows a name is mentioned, or the I mentioned, they are,

01:01:04--> 01:01:18

you know, they they have humility, their hearts are tremble with that it's expressed in the way they respond to adversity. You know, humility and humbleness mean nothing if you can even be patient, right in the,

01:01:19--> 01:02:08

in the face of difficult situations. And then the habits of Salah the habits of spending, all those are beautiful examples of how rituals the spirit of the ritual is this, Allah mentions also that the spirit of the ritual is Leah Nan. Aloha, mahalo, mahalo Allah, the Maha their flesh and blood do not reach God. It's not about the the sheep or the miskeen cow, right it's not about the blood but what what it what it's about is when lackey and Luca Taka min come, what reaches a law is the piety, the devotion, that's the severity, the humility that the one was offering that that is what Allah is looking for. That's the objective, because I think a Sahara holla can be to come to LA Halima,

01:02:08--> 01:02:29

documenta, sia subjected the animals to us so you can fulfill the rights of Hajj and fulfill the rights of God here, as well. But she really need and give good news to those who are doing good if I can just take a minute to finish up the last example, please. JazakAllah felon, I know it's running at the very end of our time here, in fact, a little bit past the time.

01:02:30--> 01:03:12

This is the surah circles back and talks about people began with talking about people or people if you have any doubt of a resurrection, now circles back and says oh people here is another example for you Bodie by methadone for Sammy Rila who is number 73. Here is an example listen to it carefully. Okay, those that you worship or invoke other than God lanius lu Baba and while I wish the Marula cannot even create a fly, even if they were to all combined to do it. And if if fly was to snatch something away from them, they cannot recover it and this is a very beautiful thing because a fly dissolves his food before it sucks it in. It's kind of disgusting, but it's what it does. And

01:03:14--> 01:03:55

that the food that the fly has taken from a person has now been chemically modified like the chemical reactions already taken place before the flight stock setup. So panela so literally you cannot recover what the flight has taken from you when he has no hormones no Babu Shea and lions and people who mean who you cannot snatch it away from them. What is the point of this example? Well, for tolerable Wilma mutlu, both are indeed weak, the seeker and the sought meaning if a person is worshiping other than Allah, the thing you are worshiping is weak, and you are also weak as a human being. Mercado de la haka. Did he not know just estimate have they made of Allah surely God is

01:03:55--> 01:04:24

powerful and mighty, right. Hello, yes. Luffy Medina, malignity Rasul, Allah selects messengers from both angels and for mankind. He is all hearing and seeing, he knows what lies ahead of them and what's behind them, and all things shall return to God. Concluding passage, the way of your father Ibrahim, such a beautiful passage, listen to it, please. Yeah, you are letting me know. All you who believe. Yeah, are you letting the hamanako kneel prostrate. Or

01:04:25--> 01:04:59

it'll Kuru make ruco bow down was to do prostrate yourselves make such that what I will do back home. worship your Lord will follow Hira and do good works law law come to fly home so that you make succeed Look at this beautiful thing, doing good. That is, you know, a generic thing and worshipping a lot that is like the rituals are more specific. And then another more specific ritual is this ritual of such that and the ritual of ruku which is solid

01:05:00--> 01:05:38

So it's like a lot starts with like the specific thing think of like these like, cascading like circles. Or like you know those Russian dolls. He starts with the inner one first little girl was to do the act of worshiping Allah, which is really cool and then the next one above that is all acts of ritual worship, sacrificing or Hajj. Then above that, including all that is all acts of goodness. If I don't hire Subhana Allah, that is what the life of the believer is landlocked to fulfill that you may succeed. Our journey through filler he has he had him strive for the cause of God.

01:05:42--> 01:06:15

It is as is the the as is the right of God who was tobacco he chose you and has made no burden no thing nothing difficult. In the matter of your religion min letter A be calm Ibrahim, the fate of your father Abraham in the way of your father Ibrahim, that legacy of your father Ibrahim, in this he who was Amal Kumar muslimeen. He has given you the name of Muslims chosen by Allah chosen by are given to us by Ibrahim al Salam.

01:06:16--> 01:07:00

He has sliac una rasuluh shahidullah alaikum so that the messenger may be a witness over you. And you may be witnesses over mankind, the messengers witness that he has committed this message. And now it's your job to convey this message to all of mankind by practicing it and by preaching it for our key masala to the God never pray Say your prayers regularly and pay your Zakat and hold on fast to God. He is your Lord, your master for nierman Mola one nierman narsil an excellent master and an excellent helper does everybody for sticking around to the end? Sister my sister mother is asking question of there's two such as in the surah correct. There's one such that here. And there's one

01:07:00--> 01:07:06

before that and this is the only shirt that has two sisters in it. And

01:07:07--> 01:07:09

it would be

01:07:10--> 01:07:47

the one of the reasons of it would be because the surah speaks about Hajj and Ibrahim al Islam his legacy and that like such that and bowing down and being humbled and lowering ourselves is what the legacy Ibrahim on Islam is. So we ask a lot to give us a topic to make such the physically and also metaphorically in its true meaning that we humble ourselves and lower ourselves or coffee COVID shoutouts you tomorrow Same time, same place. So Hanukkah llama hamburger Michel de la ilaha illa Anta Stouffer Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

01:07:50--> 01:07:51

What does that come with you