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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives an amazing lecture on the tree of Iman that reaps numerous fruits and benefits.

Important fruits and benefits of Iman:

  • Entry into Paradise (Jannah) – Allah has explicitly conveyed to us the message that Jannah is only for Muslims and not for the Kafir.
  • Protection from Hell (Jahannam) – whoever passes the bare minimum of Iman, he shall bypass Jahannam.
  • Good deeds rewarded in Hereafter – this is not the same for the Muslim who was only interested in worldly affairs. He didn’t ask for the rewards in the hereafter and hence, his good deeds will be granted in this life only and will be left high and dry in the hereafter.
  • Forgiveness of sins – having firm Iman is a catalyst to forgive our sins and misdeeds.
  • Allah will defend us if we ensure we are blessed with a strong interest in Iman.
  • Fearing nobody except Allah – courage – having Iman blesses us with courage and fortitude that makes us fear no one.
  • Finding comfort in one’s faith (Islam) – faith is synonymous with calming the psyche, battling negativity in our lives in the face of trouble and calamity and the with it comes the comfort of religion and also the belief that there is no soothing mechanism better than this.
  • A winner in every situation (never a loser in any situation) – when mankind is blessed with good, he thanks Allah and when he is in the face of a calamity, he maintains Sabr and shows perseverance.
  • Finding a way out in every difficulty .
  • Raises a person’s rank in this world and Hereafter.

May Allah keep us steadfast in our goals towards reaffirmation of Faith.

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Welcome the Rila

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Monastery who wanna tell Pharaoh when I will Himanshu Rory and fusina. Woman say, Dr. Marina Maria de la, da da da

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da da da

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da da da da wa sharika why shadow? Mohammed Abu ora sudo Yeah, you have a dinner

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party while at the moon in

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the moon.

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Yeah, Johan suta hora, Bakula. De holla poco. Me Neptune wahida will further enhance our Java. What does that mean? humare john and Kathy wrong one is West LA LA de Luna v one or ham in LA How can I de como la Kiba? Yeah. Nina Amanita la wafu. Colin says NIDA useless

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woman user illa hawara Sula, who

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are women

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in the ticket of law, well, hiren Hadji Hadji Mohammed in follow la vida He will send them whichever the more the more data you have wakulla Martinez invigor wakulla redaktion bodalla wakulla Valentina.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, lm Tara k sobre la who methoden Kadima Ebert and Kesha

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do not see how Allah Subhana horchata gives the example of the kennametal Forgiver of a beautiful phrase meaning that the law

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is the law is the kennametal the basis of a man how Allah gives the example of this a man can Sheraton Puja, like a beautiful majestic tree of aloha sabots. its roots are firmly established, were thought to have its center and its branches are high up in the sky.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the example of the tree of Eamon and he says that the roots of this tree are firmly established in the ground.

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And its branches are high up in the sky that's a majestic, tall glorious tree.

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De Okuda. Kula is never behind this tree, it gives us fruit. It gives us blessings at all times, by the permission of its Lord. And this is how Allah gives the example for mankind so that they can ponder over this example. So in this verse, Allah Subhana, wa Taala paints for us, a parable, an example of a man

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and he says that a man has firm roots, its roots are firm of fluid fabric. And this is how a man is in the hearts of the believer. Once a man enters the hearts, it can never exit after that. And that is why you find that people they can convert from and to all religions and ideologies, communism, Christian, Christianity, socialism, atheism, whatever you want Buddhism, Hinduism, they will come and go come and go, but for the Muslim, once he comes in, he is in Islam. He doesn't exist from it after that.

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Islam is a one way traffic traffic if you like you go in but you don't come out. This is how it is look at the earth around you. Yes, the Muslim might do deeds that he knows how long but if you were to ask him, are you Muslim? Of course I'm a Muslim. But this is not the case with any other religion. Why? Have you heard his foundation is firm. And this is why he Iraqi is when he quizzed when he questioned a whistle gun. And he asked him one of the questions he asked him when the Muslim he accepts the religion of Mohammed for the longest, and then he was offered at that time, as was Abu sufian. When the Muslim accepts the religion of Mohammed, Does he ever leave that religion? Abu

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sufian said no, even though bukan was a confident that I'm here to tell the truth, and he said No, he doesn't leave after he has accepted Islam. So heraclius responded, and this is how he man is, once it enters into the heart. Once it enters the essence of the heart, it can never exit after that also has

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to have its sum up. its branches are higher, tall, majestic, towering over everything else, you can see the tree of the mind. If someone has email you will be able to see it in his actions and deeds. It is apparent it is not hidden.

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So the Okuda Hakuna when it gives the tree of email, it gives its fruits at all times on all occasions.

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This is not like the trees are our Earth. Because the trees of our Earth they give their fruits once a year once every two years twice a year at max, but the tree of Eman you can taste the fruits of this tree at all times and at every single occasion.

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So what are some of the fruits and blessings of this tree of human?

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Today in sha Allah, we will talk about some of the more important fruits and blessings of this tree the tree of a man without a doubt one of the sweetest fruits

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One of the greatest fruits of a man is that he man is a condition for you to enter gender. Only the most men will enter gender. As for the COVID, he will not enter gender. Allah subhana wa tada says, In the levena, amen want me to follow your heart he counted the home gender to theodosian lucilla, the one that has emerged and does good deeds, he will enter not just any gender, gender to fill those and that will be his place to stay the highest chin, because it's human and good deeds,

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and of the fruit and blessings of a man is that he man prevents a person from going to the fire of hell. If a person has perfected his Eman, he will not go to the fire of hell as all. And if a person has not perfected his email, but he has some basis of email, then it is possible that Allah Subhana Allah will punish him in the fire of hell, but because of his email, he will be removed eventually from the fire of hell. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no collusion meaning now that a group of people will be taken out of the fire of health, who have imagined the size of a coin, small size, then after that, a group of people will be taken out of the hell out of the fire of health lot

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imagine the size of a leaf or the weight of a leaf. Then after that, there will be another group taken out of the fire of health and they have imagined the size of an act and then the size of a mustard seed and then as an as an as an as a smallest, smallest, smallest amount of email. They will be taken out of the firehouse until only the people that have no email in their hearts will be left permanently in the fire of health. And this too is of the fruits and blessings of humans.

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Have the fruits and blessings of this tree of man is that if you do a good deed, Allah will only accept it from me. As for the comfort of Allah will not accept any good deeds of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, men are a woman or are the opposite of whoever desires the hereafter. What's the Allah has said? he strives for it, he does the good deeds wahoo Meanwhile, he is a believer.

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The good deeds will only be accepted what will movement he has a man who like a connoisseur you must call these people they will be rewarded for their sacrifices struggle. As for the coffin, as for the disbeliever then he will see his good deeds like a mirage in the desert. He thinks that his water he thinks he's going to meet his good deeds on the Day of Judgment. But when he is resurrected, he will find that all of his good deeds will have disappeared and vanished. Just like the traveler when he reaches the Mirage that he sees he finds nothing there. So Eman is a precondition in order for any good deed to be accepted. And this is of the fruits and blessings of a man of the fruits and

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blessings of Eman Is that the one that has emailed ALLAH forgive him his sins.

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Allah says Islam and Kava Lynette wamena Amazon Pali accept you who repents after he does a good evil deed. he repents and he has he man, what am I gonna? What am I gonna I'm gonna follow up and he does good deeds after he has done the evil for these people. But without EGA you bet the love to him has not a lower exchange, Allah will transform the evil that they have done into a good ally. We reward them for the evil that they have done because of their Toba and email and good deeds after that. And this is of the fruits and blessings

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of the fruits and blessings of Eman Is that the one that has a man will come under the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we liar he will become one of the odr of Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah in Odia alone without hope without even without, verily the ODM of Allah, the friends and protectors of Allah, they will have no reason to worry or to fear.

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And Allah subhana wa tada says that these Olia alladhina amanu they had a man, what can we call like a law says a law when he you live in harmony? Allah is the Protector of the one that has a man

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of the fruits and blessings of Eman is that because the law is your protector, he will fight on your behalf. He will fight on your behalf if you have a man. Allah says in the law how you davvero any Latina Ahmed, Allah will fight and defend on behalf of those that have emerged and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah says, Whoever shows enmity to my daddy, my daddy was a young father, then to whom will help whoever shows enmity to one of my worries that I have declared war against him and this is Allah speaking. What more do you want? This is of the fruits and blessings of Allah and of the fruits and blessings of a man

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is that Allah subhana wa tada will guide those that have a man in the Latina arm and what I mean as far as the idea of boom be Imani. Those that have a man and do good deeds, Allah will guide them because of their email because they have a man and they want to have more email Allah will guide for them.

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You will make it easy for them to worship Him and to enter into Jonah He will guide them to the straight path and this is of the fruits and blessings of

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of the fruits and blessings of a man is that he man is what the men turns to

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At times of distress, at times of frustration, at times of fear, when there is nowhere else to turn to, he turns to Emacs and he finds an email, comfort, solace to the heart. He, Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah de la Cala Luna. So inland gnathopod agenda, Allah confession, the moroccon came to the Sahaba. And they tried to scare them that there's an army going to attack you fear that there was an army waiting to attack the Sahaba. And what are the battles? What did what happened to the Sahaba? For sure whom, for whom their Eman went up? What are the high school a lot when you're in middle camp, they said Allah is sufficient for us and what a great protector he is. So they turned to their

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Eman when they had no other place to turn to. And because of that, the man went up there peace went up, their comfort went up and the law protected them. And this is of the fruits and blessings of of the fruits and blessings of a man

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is that whatever happens to the believer is for his good and this is only for the believer that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if something good happens to the believer, then he is thankful and this is good for him. Whereas if something bad happens to him, then he is patient. And this too is good for him. So he wins no matter what side of the coin is flipped good or bad. The believers The movement is always the winner. Because imagine Allah subhana wa tada Oh the fruits and blessings of a man is that the khilafah on this earth will be given to those that have a man why the Lord will Latina amen when to why me the soil the catalyst of Allah has promised those that have Eman and do

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good deeds, that he will give them the hereafter on this earth. And this is a correction to those groups that try to gain the alpha, but they don't have the basic knowledge of trophies and if you want the pillar for you must go through human intervenes in order to achieve it. And this is of the fruits and blessings of human of the fruits and blessings of a man is that he man is the way out from all of your worries and problems, financial problems, social problems, family problems, society problems, whatever it is. If a person has a man alone find a way out for a woman you have

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Maharajah whoever has the taqwa of Allah, Allah will find for him away out of his problem. And Allah will bless him from a source that he did not expect this blessing from and this is of the fruits and blessings of

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of the fruits and blessings of humanity that Allah subhana wa tada raises the believers in this life and the hereafter. The other fact is our hula Deena Armando minco. ballerina. Raja, Allah will raise the ranks of those that have emerged and those that have knowledge many degrees in this world and the heroes

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of the fruits and blessings of Eman is that the angels themselves will come down army upon army hordes upon the horse at the time of the person's death, and they will give him constellation and peace. Allah says in the arena por la buena, la those that say a lot of our Lord, and they are firm in this statement that the angels come down one after the other

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at the time of their death, alas, a half will attest No, don't be scared. And don't worry. Don't be scared of what is going to happen in the future. Because you are of the people that have a man. And don't worry about what will happen to your family after your death, because you are the people that have human. So this is one of the fruits and blessings of Mr. Levin will push you off in higher to dunya. In this life, they are given the glad tidings of gender before they die. At the time of their deathbed when the Angel of Death comes, the angels will come and they will give him consolation and peace that you are of the people of gender. And this is of the fruits and blessings of even of the

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fruits of blessings of Eman is that the only way a person will achieve a beautiful life in this life. Much less in the Hereafter is through a man. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Man Amira Farley has been suckered in a one stop wahoo mineral, fair enough in Ohio, whoever does good, whether he is male or female, and he has he man, then this person we will grant him a good life. This person will give him a good life in this world before the hereafter. So if you want peace and happiness, the way to achieve it is through email. And this is of the fruits and blessings of some of the fruits and blessings of a man

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is that a man protects a person from falling into sin and evil. Like the prophets of the law. Why do we send them dead lion is Danny Caine is

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a person that has a man he will not be able to visit or while he has a man, he will not be able to have illicit intercourse while he has human. He will not be able to steal while he has a man. He will not be able to do any evil deeds and his humanity is in his heart because the man will act as a protection as a barrier from falling into more sense of the fruits and blessings of Eman is that the believers are helpers of one another and they love the other believers.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in moon, those that have emerged they are the true brothers.

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of the fruits and blessings of a man is that those that have Eman, Allah will love them and the angels will love them and the people of this earth will love them. They will be loved everywhere they go.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the amen warmness are the hottest, a more rational than those that have emerged and do good deeds. Allah will bless them with love, that Allah will love them, and the angels will love them, and the people of the skies will love them and the people of the earth will love them. And all of this is of the fruits and blessings

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of the fruits of blessings of Eman is that on the day of judgment? When Allah subhanho wa Taala will shut off all the lights when everyone will be in darkness and he must find his own way to gender. Where do you think this light will come from? It will come from a person's own email, whatever email you will have in this life, that is what will become a light on that time. So the stronger a person a man was in this life, the stronger that life will be in the architect to guide him to gender and the weaker Person A man was, the weaker that life will be so that you will have a difficult time finding gender so much so that the monastic won't because they had no Eman they will have no light

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and they will fall into the fire of your money. No one would mean it Yes, neuron by Navy will be a money that day you will see the believing men and women their light is racing for it is shining strong in front of them are on the right hand side, which Rocco Yamashina today, you will be given the glad tidings of gender because of their email.

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There are many fruits and blessings of email. In fact, it can be said that every single fruit in this life, every single blessing in this life and the hereafter, that is sweet, that is pure, that is holy, that does not have any evil side effects, then it is just one of the infinite blessings of email. There is no blessing except that it is due and because of and fully because of email. But you know the greatest blessing that will be given to the people that have

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the greatest blessing as Allah subhana wa tada says, little lady in Susannah was the other those that do good, they will have the FISMA which is gender in this first and the other more than that, they will have more than gender. Do you know what this more than gender is? the profits of a Walmart he said I've explained it. And he said that this is the beauty and the sweetness that will be granted to the believers to look at the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the article. And as for the cafe, as for the disbeliever that has no email can be him Yama is in the marriage.

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This is a punishment for them, that those people that don't have Emacs there will be a curtain between them and Allah they will not be able to see Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is the greatest blessing and the sweetest fruit of the fruits of Eman barakallahu li walakum Super honored Alvin whenever anyone here could see him and it was declared Hakeem otomatis morona was done for him it would have

00:17:51--> 00:17:57

hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was the woman while

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we have talked a little bit about the fruits of a man about the blessings of a man and before we conclude this quarter, it is essential that we understand the essence of a man the tree itself we talked about the fruits we talked about the blessing, but what is this tree of the man that we must have no almost 10 brothers that this tree of Eman is not the same in all of us inshallah, all of us have this tree of human but the size of this tree, the strength of the streets, the beauty of the streets, the fruits of this tree are different in all of us. The man of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not like the mind.

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And the man Abu Bakar is not like the amount of one of us. Eman is different sizes, different strengths in the people's.

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One of the ways in fact, the primary way that we can increase our Eman

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is to do good deeds for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, the definition of a man according to the Muslim is that a man consists of belief in the heart, statements on the tongues and actions of the limbs. This is in contrast to for example, the Christians. If you ask the Christian what is the man who will say I must believe in Jesus Christ that's it. There is no actions followed by that. All he has to do is a theoretical conceptual belief and nothing has to be followed after that. This is not the case for the Muslim

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with the Quran, read the Quran from first to last. I asked you anywhere in the Quran does Allah praise Eman? And that's it for stop in the Latino or Latina woman? Or is there something followed up after that?

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In the Latina Amen. Oh,

00:19:39--> 00:19:42

well let me know what I mean. Sorry. Hi. What are the lovely

00:19:44--> 00:19:59

4050 6070 verses in the Quran? They have Emma and I would have thought it put together never just on phrase Amir Eamon a mere belief a conceptual belief that is not followed up by actions and in fact that is why

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The man is described as a majestic tree. A glorious treat when a person has a man in his heart, while while you can see it in his actions.

00:20:09--> 00:20:32

If a person has a man in his heart, how can his actions disprove what his heart has? When a person has a mind? How can you leave the prayer when the person has in mind? How can you not want to move on? When a person has a man? How can you not pay the cost when a person has imagined how can you commit dinner and eat liver and do things that are heroin from the coroner sooner? Such a person when he falls into how long he doesn't have even

00:20:33--> 00:20:53

imagined? is not something abstract, something conceptual? Something you cannot understand? No. Eman consists of your beliefs and statements and actions. The more you pray, the more you fast the lessons you do, the more image you have. And the less you pray. The less you fight the less you give in charity. And the more things you do, then the less demand you It's as simple as that.

00:20:55--> 00:21:30

Email is dependent on our on our own actions and deeds. So the question arises, how can we increase our email, we can increase our demand by reading the Quran the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala we can increase our image by learning Allah's names and attributes, we can increase our demand by reading the sooner the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we can increase our minds by employment by by applying that sooner in our daily lives, we can increase our demand by increasing our knowledge of the religion. We can increase our demand by doing any good deeds, reading the Quran, doing Vicar making, praying extra, any good deed, any deed that we do will increase our email.

00:21:31--> 00:21:58

How do we decrease our email? How is demand decreased? Very simple by following our desires and by letting doubts get to us our desires of doing things that we shouldn't do SharePoint comes to us our evil soul whispers us to do things. If we follow it, this will decrease our email. Likewise doubts that come to us sources from other than the Koran as soon as they try to inflict Delta part of religion. If we listen to these doubts and we follow them, this will decrease our email.

00:21:59--> 00:22:21

The progress of the long run He will send them said the performance man the person has tasted the sweetness of faith who Monrovia Villa here Robin Islami Dina Ali Mohammed residence of the law while you send them Evian, water Sula, three things, who will face the sweetness of faith. You wish to taste the sweetness of the fruits of this tree of Eman. You must protect this tree.

00:22:23--> 00:23:01

You must protect this tree. You must water it with your good deeds. You must show in the light of your sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Taala you must protect it from the scavengers of evil deeds, then and only then, if you show this tree of image your efforts and fruits, then you will taste the fruits of this tree. And if you leave this tree of Eman and you don't care about it, then how do you expect to taste the fruits of this tree? That is why the profitsystem says that the person will taste the sweetness of face when he has three things in him. If he is content with Allah says Lord, Monrovia Villa Hirata, if he is content with Islam as his way of life, and if he is content with the

00:23:01--> 00:23:05

Prophet Mohammed civil law while he was selling them as his messenger and Prophet,

00:23:06--> 00:23:36

if you are content with Allah as your Lord, then everything that you do will be because of Allah, your love, your fear, your hope, your expectations, your drops your stage that everything will be directed to Allah. If you are content with the Prophet as your messenger, so the longer it was send them, then everything that you do will be in accordance with his sooner, you will not take a step except that you will ask did the Prophet system do this? Did he allow for this to be done? If you are content with Islam as a religion, then you will mold your life around the religion of Islam and not more than Islam around your way of life?

00:23:38--> 00:24:18

If you are content with Allah and Islam and the process of allowing them then and only then will you taste the sweetness of the fruits of the mind, it's that simple. Aloma in the middle. A lot of molasses and energy has a mechanism been in love with a hangman Illa for Raja Roger. What are they in an elevator? Well, I'm the real one in Russia, along with one another Musashi and he called him McCann along Mossad Allahu Mansour who fishy Shan Wolfie casemiro he avani Stan was he clearly McCann, Lama? fildena What is one in an arena said upon having a man What are such as people moving out hills and in the arena, Armando robina in Nicaragua, Rahim about the law in the law can be

00:24:19--> 00:24:41

enough to where San Jose father has them employed in a law firm at the equatorial saloon and the Navy. Yeah, even Latina, hamano Sondra he was sending me to Lima. In the law here I'm gonna be telling you about when you will monkey with the lander consider Kuru Kuru la cama wash guru Yes. What is it realizada la

00:24:43--> 00:24:43