Yasir Qadhi – Fruits And Benefits of Iman

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives an amazing lecture on the tree of Iman that reaps numerous fruits and benefits.

Important fruits and benefits of Iman:

  • Entry into Paradise (Jannah) – Allah has explicitly conveyed to us the message that Jannah is only for Muslims and not for the Kafir.
  • Protection from Hell (Jahannam) – whoever passes the bare minimum of Iman, he shall bypass Jahannam.
  • Good deeds rewarded in Hereafter – this is not the same for the Muslim who was only interested in worldly affairs. He didn’t ask for the rewards in the hereafter and hence, his good deeds will be granted in this life only and will be left high and dry in the hereafter.
  • Forgiveness of sins – having firm Iman is a catalyst to forgive our sins and misdeeds.
  • Allah will defend us if we ensure we are blessed with a strong interest in Iman.
  • Fearing nobody except Allah – courage – having Iman blesses us with courage and fortitude that makes us fear no one.
  • Finding comfort in one’s faith (Islam) – faith is synonymous with calming the psyche, battling negativity in our lives in the face of trouble and calamity and the with it comes the comfort of religion and also the belief that there is no soothing mechanism better than this.
  • A winner in every situation (never a loser in any situation) – when mankind is blessed with good, he thanks Allah and when he is in the face of a calamity, he maintains Sabr and shows perseverance.
  • Finding a way out in every difficulty .
  • Raises a person’s rank in this world and Hereafter.

May Allah keep us steadfast in our goals towards reaffirmation of Faith.