Zoubir Bouchikhi – Tafseer Of Surah Al-Baqarah 03

Zoubir Bouchikhi
AI: Summary © The importance of flexibility and knowledge is crucial for success in modern times, as it is crucial for schools to be open and allow students to do things like eat or drink. Learning and wisdom are also crucial for success, as it is crucial for schools to be open and allow students to do things like eat or drink. The speaker emphasizes the need for flexibility and a certain amount of knowledge to convince others to stay with them.
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Brothers, angels, as great as Gemini are saying glory between you we have no knowledge except what You taught us. And one of us

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he may not know even the adept of using the bathroom. You see him so arrogant,

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so pushy of his chest.

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When a person tries to tell him like that Allah says this, a prophet says this, the scholars are saying this. So no, no, I don't need to know that. Or I know I know better than people like that. The actual sense of panic literally.

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We have no knowledge except what You told us. And that's why and how do we lead in in any introduction for a desk? You hear a person say

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Well, we have no knowledge except it's very important. It's very humbling to say that in the Antelope Valley, we Hakeem and then the Allah used to have his attributes. For Allah, you are perfect in knowledge, and you are perfect in wisdom. May Allah give us knowledge and wisdom. Because knowledge by itself is not enough, by the way,

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not invited itself is not enough. You need wisdom besides it.

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knowledge and wisdom. I give you a story to understand this.

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There was a young man

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who went to study from a chef and he lived with him for many, many years. To the extent that anything, Allah

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taught that great scholar, except that he gave it to him, he has hidden nothing.

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So that man was clone, cloning in terms of knowledge, not physically, here.

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He passed on every knowledge that Allah gave him to that man, so he quizzed him, he

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asked him questions, and he found him very good. Everything. He asked me God,

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and the kid after the shift said to him, now you can do it. He said, okay, Shay, I need to go home.

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I miss my family. I've spent years with you. I'm going back to my family.

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The chef's has not yet

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knowledge. You need something else. Stay with me. six more months. is a no shame. I'm sorry. It is. So forgive me, I need to go. I miss my mother. I miss my father. She said you need six months.

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Anyway, somehow, the students for this the sheriff

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the sheriff said nothing. He let him know he said okay, my son is 111 Bless you. I'm very happy that the luck with whatever he put in my heart and mind in your heart and mind God

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is Enos is strong is Shabaab, you know, youth.

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He entered a city before he arrived to the city and it was Juma. So we had to pray Juma. He stopped by the masjid. He prayed to His mercy. And he was listening to this update, or standing here. And people were listening. And the thing was saying everything wrong.

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everything wrong that nothing was saying

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that, you know, is ultra, ultra. Ultra is a poet.

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But because he's famous, he was saying

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he has never seen the Prophet he died before the Prophet slicin.

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And people sell the allotment.

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You know, people didn't know of I mean they have

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and then

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he's saying everything wrong. The kid couldn't figure out how to make these and people nobody correct him. So the

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every winner, he was doing everything wrong. And people were like,

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that kid couldn't skip Why? Because if you know something, if you know something wrong, and you'd be quiet on it, you're wrong. And all your responsibility

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is to that and he said

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he stood up in the middle of the museum.

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And he told how to

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not be bitter when big stick looks they really like real scholar. And they thought if your brother What you're saying is wrong.

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Look at his buddies. He said take good care of the kid.

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Be Awesome.

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For the hotel, thank you to the masses.

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They taught him a lesson. They beat him up.

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I just tried to correct you I'm beating being beaten. Yes. He went back to the Shea Shea. Nobody had done to me bruises everywhere. Everyone

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told him Didn't I tell you my son.

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That's a humbling that you are amply qualified knowledge wise, that you need wisdom and told you to stay associate now. I should have listened to it says okay, stay with me six months, the shape of focus now on the wisdom, how to change things, how to speak against injustice, how to do things, okay.

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Six months,

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the same students went deliberately to that village where he was.

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he described himself this time. He said

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the same thing, the same people.

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The same hottie who

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he said was this time, almost all the member is saying even ship and suddenly

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the student job Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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The people said, what what what? He said, I found him finally. So who is it this? How do you know this? Because they are involved. They don't know. He who takes one hair from his beard,

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one piece of cloth with an agenda.

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And that's what they have.

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He'll, he will manage to take one hair one here. If you take one hair from that person, you will answer better than

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the people. That's what they want.

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And they have as they start pulling his hair.

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They got rid of him. Now who's supposed to be that the most knowledgeable and the most knowledgeable, was the student. So he started standing up and teaching people and he brought them to the center of the profits.

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Meaning the story goes that knowledge in itself is not enough. There is a wisdom of changing things. We don't agree with

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the way he did it anyway. But it's a it's a way.

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It's a way of changing the world.

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For his own, you may know a lot, a lot of things, but you're actually saying the truth.

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in a certain manner men break. For example, a wedding, a manager manager is a problem between husband and wife. And they are about to break.

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Not anything the wife says about her husband and not anything the husband says about his wife during the house thing you say? No.

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You may break everything.

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There are certain things you you focus on and something you don't even mention. Just so that you keep the peace and harmony just

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for example, he never touched me that this is the wisdom he was teaching in the convenience what wonders of God right? Did he touch the idols of Polish?

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They touch them. No at all at him. He came back victorious when there was no reason now for these idols to stay there.

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And what have you seen destroy them and destroy them once for all that said, it's never going to be back. That idols will be inside the cabinet cabinet forever.

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When some of the companies used to tell him or messenger of Allah allow us to fight back.

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Used to even get mad said no, no, no.

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It's not wise. Because it's in Mecca.

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Once you leave Mecca that's different.

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Once you become strong, only becomes powerful

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once you have an army

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when you are just when you can do that.

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So these are things brothers, that I just want to highlight the example of wisdom.

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A WISE WISE when he tells us to do something not only knows it is wise

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he's wise

Sheikh Zoubir cover some more of the first verses of Surah Al-Baqarah

May 2009

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