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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim hamdulillah here on BT Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraf al Anbiya it will upload l mursaleen Shaffir Atmos Nabi no Habiba Abdullah Al Amin Muhammad in Salawat Robbie was Allahu alayhi wa early he also had to help by you being about hearing in Al Hamdulillah. Muhammad who who was there you know who want to start funeral who in a study when I was a biller who ensure all the unforeseen I will say, Alina mejor de la Hotel La medulla Alma yodeling fella ha de Allah, wa shadow Allah illallah wa hola Sharika who ana Muhammadan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Agha who are also a MOBA for in us doccle Hadith Akita Allah wa Hiral Howdy, how do you Mohammed in Salallahu

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Alaihe Salam, in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah. We bear witness that no one is worthy of worship but Allah And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his final messenger. The best of speech is a book of Allah. The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. May Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who listen to the best of speech, the book of Allah and follow its commandments. And may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who come to know the best of ways the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and make us amongst his followers Allah whom me

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Allah whom I mean Allah whom me your Baba Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Who are they studying Islam our Quran, o su BL cos. Lita Alenia quarry,

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the Quran employs a beautiful tool that is globally humanly recognized as a way of teaching.

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And that is by means of telling stories. So you we are human beings, we love stories, stories Captivate us. In fact, there is a research that indicates that when people are listening to a story, a bigger part in their brain lights up than when they are given a lecture.

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Saudis are engaging.

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They are entertaining. But the Quran does not tell a story to entertain. The Quran tells a story to enlighten people.

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We said before, that outside the messengers of Allah, the most spoken about personality is a sociopath by the name of frown,

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mentioned in the Quran in over 70 different places. And when the Quran repeat a story like this, the chances are, we are potentially going to experience a frown in our life is very possible.

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Sometimes they can be big and sometimes they can be meaningful. But these psychopaths

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are amongst us.

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In fact, again, there is a research within psychology that suggests that psychopaths are about 1% of the population.

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So in one of these instances, or Abona one other fear out of your call me Allah.

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Allah is a human Commissioner waha Hill and hollowtech journeyman Taffy availa Mazoon.

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One time, boastfully around calls amongst his people, makes an announcement amongst his people, my people, he said, Do you not see that I am sovereign over Egypt? That didn't dominion of Egypt belongs to me. We're having a inherited dream integrity. And do you not see how these livers run underneath my feet of an autopsy room? Do you not see that? See when they speak about the traits and the characteristics of a psychopath? They say that a psychopath is somebody who is absolutely wedded to power.

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They love power, chances are they may be addicted to something else. But their biggest addiction is a sense of control and power. They love this idea of control and power.

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So the man calls the people and he balls he said does not the dominion of Egypt Am I not?

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supreme sovereign over Egypt. And do you not see how these rivers run under underneath my feet?

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But wait a minute, why do you claim the river to be yours? You didn't make it. You didn't fill it. You don't control where it comes from. You don't control where it goes. But why do you do that? Idea is power.

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Even when it comes to something like this,

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you know how a few weeks ago

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the psychopaths in Israel ill they decided that the people of Gaza are not worthy of given water, and they cut off the water there. And then it rained. I am present Allah Subhana Allah bless the people, you cut off the water, Allah is going to send water to them. But then people were shocked to know that rain water in Huzar belongs to the Israelites.

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Rainwater that Allah sends in this locality does not belong to you. It belongs to the Israelis. Not only that it is illegal to collect rainwater.

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What are you talking about? What do you mean it's illegal to collect rainwater? See, it's illegal to collect the rainwater because it does not belong to you. He inherited him into it.

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For around is not just a story. Fill out is a representative of a personality that lives amongst us walks amongst us. Sometimes they are easy to detect, and sometimes they are not. But the Quran does tell you Look, if you want to engage with these people, you must know who these people are. You've got to become aware of their traits, their qualities, symptoms that they have. One thing about this, absolutely drunk with power.

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Hill and Hamilton Jr. mentality. These rivers run underneath my feet. Other people say this was him boasting about in all these little streams that you have made to water your vegetation. I can cut them off. He is actually making a threat to them. I can actually damage your livelihood. If we're allowed to pursue.

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Do you not see that? An Anaheim Iran mean her the lady who were Maheen Wallah your car do you be speaking about Musa alayhis salam said, and by the way, do you not see that I remember AI is very important for a psychopath.

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The psychopath are absolutely drunk with the idea of power and control. So what does he say said Do you not see that I am better than him. Referring to Musa alayhis salam. He referred to him as Maheen Dube is a nobody. But somewhere else Allah in the Quran tells us that he is a Kareem. He is novel.

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Your characterization of him is of absolutely no consequences. You can say it, you can repeat it. You can announce it. But it does not make it a reality. You can refer to the people as being animals. It does not make them an animal. But see what happens is that every accusation that fairground makes is actually also a confession at the same time.

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Every accusation, fairground makes is a confession about his own self.

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Maheen one i occurred to you been, he's not even articulate. He does not speak as well. He speaks with an accent. He is not able to articulate he is unable to express himself. Look at them.

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Follow Allah alter your lie as we refer to him.

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It's way too many

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of us were to mean

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that Oh Jay.

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you not see that. He does not have any bracelets of kingship to indicate his importance. He doesn't have any of this and why is he not accompanied by the angels?

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So one thing about psychopaths Subhan Allah when you get to see this Allah number one they say psychopath never answered a question directly.

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They are very good in diverting away

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Wait from the main point number three they speak Hola. But they say nothing.

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Wait a minute.

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None of this most Ali Salam was not boastful. nobody questioned your puppet why? Why are you talking about things that people never never brought up?

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What is wrong with you? Why can't you keep a conversation straight?

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In addition to that, a great sense of cruelty Subhanak AR A B C when the Quran tells us about Quran the Quran does not come and directly say her own was a cruel man. But the Quran gives you hints that through which you can tell a man this this this dude is absolutely cruel. His wife finds a baby by the riverbank

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holds the baby. And what did she say? She says what every sane human being says

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try this my brothers and sisters. You hold the baby. What's the first thing that everybody almost everybody does naturally. You smile. You smile. You hold the baby and you immediately you smile. Not only that, but you can sense joy in your eyes over to name Lea Wallach you sense the joy in your own eyes. You just be holding up smiling talking to the baby. Knowing that the baby does not until you talk to the baby cobra training Lee Wallach account for to your eye my and then she makes the weirdest request. Absolutely the weirdest request. Let's talk to you.

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Later Dr. Liu.

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Don't kill him? Who would think of it? Who would think of it that this woman after saying this has been a joy to my eye and potentially to your eye? And then immediately she says, let up to don't kill a baby. You know, when you have to convince somebody not to kill a baby? Do you know how cruel that person has to be? Do you know how mind boggling it is to speak to an adult and let them know that killing babies is wrong?

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See, the Quran doesn't tell you frown is bad. But the Quran gives you every indication if you read the story, man, please don't kill the baby. Why are you even saying this? Why are you even saying this? Like an adult should know that you just don't kill babies.

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sociopath that we saw in New York, that used to be in the administration, working for the State Department all seen him walk in finding a Muslim of street vendor. What does he say with a smile smirk on his face? And what does he say? Killing 4000 babies is not enough

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at a sociopath right there. They are amongst us. Like the title of the article said snakes in the grass. You don't see them. But every now and then they make these statements.

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And then what happens?

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Then the Quran tells us as the people are listening, strange announcement comes

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that's the half bakoma Who for alcohol.

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You know, the Quran was talking about Iran saying all this nonsense. So in all this nonsense about how much Dominion he has in the sovereignty he hasn't the power that he controls and how he is better than Musa alayhis salam and Musa lacks basic indications that he is of importance does not have bracelets of kingship, he is not articulate, not able to speak. And then the Quran said the impact on the listeners has been first the half Acoma home.

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The man has made fools of his people. So they obeyed Him and they just followed along. Tyranny can only exist with ignorance.

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Tyranny is only possible when the masses are ignorant.

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And that is why in dictatorship, one thing that dictators do over and over and over again, is to keep the people ignorant.

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Because the more ignorant people are, the easier it is to manipulate them.

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The easier it is to manipulate them. People who don't know anything about anything, they have no

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based on what

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do you know?

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That all the countries in the world, straw eel is the biggest recipient? That's why they refer to it as the Queen of welfare recipients, over $150 billion, given so far, at least of what we know. Do you know despite the fact that they are the biggest recipients of welfare, do you know that of all the countries around the world, the country that spies most on the United States is not Russia?

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Is not Iran, not a country from within the Middle East, the country that spies most on this country is Israel.

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But a our biggest ally?

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So this idea of withholding information from people, keeping people ignorant, what do you end up with masses, who are just able, who are easily manipulated to follow.

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But the good news is, it is changing.

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It is changing, man. Hey, see young people.

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And you see this idea of social media and I have a confession to make. I've never liked social media. But now that you see, when social media is put to a good use, the consequences of what can happen.

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These people are scared, man. They're scared. They're talking about what is it about the Palestinian man? What is it about the people of Gaza? Why are they so resilient? Why is it despite the fact that this country is so powerful? How is it that they're fighting back?

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People are actually admiring? How is it that a man is able to run on to one of the most complicated the best tanks in the world and be able to just run and just make that thing explode?

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Where do they get that courage from? Everybody's rough man, it's Islam man. It is the Quran, man. It is the book that they read. So as a consequence, what's happening now? People are really interested in the Quran. I love the way that the people fight. Why are they fighting like this? They read the Quran I need to read me somewhere. I need to read me some of the Quran.

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As somebody wants said it, he said, My favorite name of Allah is and meet. My favorite name of Allah, he said is a movie The one who deals death.

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It is one of the names of Allah. But why is it the most beautiful, your favorite name? He said, man, every time I see wrong, I speak against it. Because I know that only Allah can take my life away.

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As beautiful man, that is power right there. That is your claim. That is certainty right there. So we see this, man, it's beautiful. And as we all know, there is a ceasefire in place now. May Allah subhanaw taala keep all the people of us to say if you're a problem, you know, people are excited. We are genuinely excited that man, one peaceful night. No more dying, even if it'd be just for a few hours for a few days. You know, who was opposing the ceasefire?

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This administration was opposing the ceasefire. One thing that they were afraid of is man, if you put a ceasefire, this journalist go back. Now we're going to be looking bad man.

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We're going to look bad. Remember, they're not feeling sad, and sorry for the people who died. They're worried about their own image. People are going what are people gonna say about us? Build you're gonna find out all these dead people. And sadly, we are finding out that there is so much disaster and catastrophe happening in that place. As people are walking back, and they've seen dead people on the street,

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around the hospital,

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as they're pulling out, the Israelis made sure that they kill as many people as possible May Allah destroy them Europa, Allah, Allah He May Allah destroy them out of the island, but these people are cruel man. They are heartless as Allah subhanaw taala has described many of them.

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And remember, we say the word many, not all. Please remember, and we repeat this not because we are afraid, not because we want to be politically correct one law here we mean it. Some of these Jewish men and women have had a better standing than a lot of Muslims.

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Their courage. Their sense of justice is just being brilliant. Just being brilliant. They speak and they articulate and they defend the Palestinians, the people of Gaza better than most Muslims have been will love these people may Allah bless them Europa Alameen wa Allah He may Allah bless them. Because remember, not every Jew is a Zionist.

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And not every Zionist, is Jewish.

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So we see this, we want the peace to continue.

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We all want the peace to continue. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam taught that at a man who

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do not pray to meet your enemy in the battlefield don't wish to meet the enemy in the battlefield, some Allah Allah Alfia ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to resolve this through peaceful means. But if they don't, you better put up a fight. You better put up a fight. If they don't. May Allah Subhana Allah bless the people of Orissa May Allah Allah help the people of Gaza? May Allah Subhana Allah prolong this peace Yara Alameen Akula commonly heard about stuff hula hula we're looking for stuff through who who who will afford Rahim?

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hamdulillah haka, salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. Mustafa Barlaam and the earth are helped Hepta you know, the more you get to know what is going on. Some people you just absolutely absolutely love. This is just an example. Think I told the story before about this doctor in rasa whom Mr. Liu

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he was the only nephrologist in the residence. That is the only nephrologist for the entire over 2 million people in Russia. And he was asked why you're not leaving him. I ducked him and I'm here to save people. I don't leave my patients behind, sending my family but I'm staying back. I don't leave people behind. I didn't go to medical school to make money. I went to medical school so I can sit. I'm not leaving my patients behind. He did not leave his patients behind. He was martyred along with his patients. May Allah subhanaw taala bless his soul, Dr. Paul Allen, you've got to love this type of carried in on our deen a Shahid is somebody that gives their life away so that somebody else's

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life can be better.

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As beautiful. Shahid is somebody who gives their own life away, so that somebody else's life can be better.

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what we've been told is that people of Gaza are allowed to receive aid that in itself is bothersome. What do you mean? How have they been living for the past month

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or so now you can give them food.

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You've seen people, children who have been receiving stitches with no anesthesia, people who are getting amputated with no anesthesia. Doctors were using the light the flashlights on their phone to operate. And the world knew about it, the world knew about this and somehow they allowed it to happen. Now that Insha Allah we have an opportunity to help the people in Gaza, we want to make sure that we we help out. So inshallah we are going to hold a quick fundraiser after this. And basically what we have is the just looking this year, what we have is the the Palestinian Association of Medical Doctors. And what they are doing is they are trying to help the people in HERSA as much as

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possible, along with the people who are doing this type of work. We also want to help the people who are doing advocacy.

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One of the idea of making people aware, once people become enlightened, that's very telling, that is when you can expect the real change to come when people know when people are aware that is very important. So along with the relief work, we also want to help in the people who are doing the the the advocacy work that would be places like care, places like European Institute and Muslim legal fund, so inshallah after salah I think that the majority of us are off, please stick around. Don't get up and leave. Even if you do not plan to give anything. The idea that you just sat through it is a way of support. Once again, may Allah subhanaw taala

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Of the people of Gaza. May Allah Subhana Allah make the people of Gaza victorious. May Allah subhanho wa Taala destroy all the people who wish ill for them Yoruba al Amin, may Allah Subhana Allah heal those who are struck amongst them. May Allah Subhana Allah reunite them with their loved ones Yarrabah al Amin, may Allah Subhana Allah accept the debt amongst them as martyrs, may their abode be the highest place in January honorable Alameen May Allah subhanaw taala once again destroy the enemy sharable Alameen wa ala carte Allah help those who are helping them and make us amongst them. May Allah disgraced those who have let them down and not make us amongst them Europa Alameen

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Allahu in the classroom to help with alpha one. Allahu McQuillan as lubaina was stolen or uban Okafor Anna so you know what often I'm abroad Robina Artina dunya hasenhuttl Clara has anything to mattina Agha, not about Allah and Allah help motivate

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why are inherently fracture I will move

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on to the Coronavirus kulula is critical which guru Haddenham he is it commodity Kula Akbar Allahu Allah Moto snowpine Salaat