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Allah says whatever you donate, it will be returned to you Indonesia.

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Remember that my sisters what what motivates us to keep donating? You know, donating is one one of the most difficult thing to do in life to keep donating Leila to Allah. It's not easy I'm telling you now, remember in the DD there was deception. We said that when you want to play or fast or or go to Hajj or Umrah only one shaytan comes and tell you no but when you want to donate 70 shamans because they know the importance of 70 Aryan come and try to stop you

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try to help an orphanage

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they will try to tell you everything

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70 shaytan works on us. So Allah says donate and it will come back to you so one motivation is that whatever amount of money you give Lila hits Allah it will be paid back in this dunya many for later on in Africa Mashallah. You find mountains of good deeds. Mountains literally mountains.

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Too much. You used to give setup. That's it. We made it big for you.

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Okay, yeah, this is the

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easy one the reward? Like you know,

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it's not that easy.

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He seems like

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it's good to think like that, but it's not correct. It's good. It's good. Yeah. I just want to do it for your sake, for his sake is that he pays you back in donia. So if we want to

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Allah, very good. If for example, if you give sadaqa to a poor and he forgets to say just

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say Why don't you say just

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let us know. I don't

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know. If he says it. You feel good? If he doesn't you feel good? Because you know, Allah took it from you. Because remember, the moment you intend to give sadaqa It is Allah who takes literally, that's why he called the law now what was she doing?

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She puts perfume on the money she gets. How many of us put some money here?

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Yes, I want a lot to give me back. What is the problem? He's the most generous

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hustler. Y'all give me here on that? Here's some money y'all I'm giving the sport please give me more no problem. Don't yell at him. Yes. What do

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you want them to

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ah very good. Excellent. No. Okay. It is also for Allah when you make someone happy

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even when you forget you completely free but you are giving to make that person happy You made him happy you may not happy also losses himself if you make anyone happy on what he's happy if you will send and someone

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is angry.

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So it's okay.

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But always say late Allah. I am giving actually that's good. Why? Because as long as you don't show off you're fine.

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Hey guys, look at me I'm going to give some money that is very bad. Although it's for Allah sake.

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That *

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you associated the donation to Allah with I want some mentioned me or look at me. recognize me?

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That is that but to give you you completely forgot. Actually you didn't forget about Allah. It's just you didn't think of him at that moment. But I wanted to help to bring smile to that person and it gives you're supposed to give.

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is it? Is it okay to like this cause that you want to get set up? Maybe you can't afford so much every day you just be a bit. Yeah, can you call it? And then No, no, don't do that. Very good. I go to y shape I may ask you to keep collecting for one cause right? And then you die. So you wish I wish I gave on at least one ringgit every day. give as much as you can every day and collect some money for a good cause. Do that the same time?

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If I can give one day per day, let me do it and say inshallah I wouldn't give a whole tree full of dates. Next year. You might not live till next week. Yeah, just do do good as much as you can. My sisters Yes.

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If the Amiga is to, it depends on this year, maybe they are not really showing off at all.

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And maybe they are showing off. So it depends on them. If they mean for example, I as a corporate person, I am doing this and my Nia is to encourage other CEOs to do the same and have a good cause Let it be, let it be no problem, because there are four types of data. Public

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during the day and during that

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Allah says Allah Lena Yokota abuela, whom Simran Weiland learned the lady one those who donate sick publicly secretly during the day and during the night. Earlier the alarm I know when this area was revealed, he donated one dinar, golden dinar in front of everybody in front of everybody. He went and donated. And then he donated one secretly only once a hobby saw him.

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And then he donated one during the daytime. And one during the night when they asked him why you didn't give for one. He said I wanted to, to practice this area to be one of those Allah revealed this was upon them. Those who donate and try to do that. Donate publicly to encourage others.

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Let people know you are donating. Not to say that how much you're giving but it's okay to give in public as long as your need is to encourage others. Number two, secretly only one, no one knows. And sometimes donate during daytime between federal and moderate. And sometimes after Monday until until Federal

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Ministry of Commerce recently shut up some

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And I always encourage you to donate even when you have nothing donate. And donation doesn't mean only money sisters. It's also the way you come here you give mine to all the sisters