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My Iftar at Sh. Abdur Razzaq ibn Abdul Muhsin Abbad’s house

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Tahir Wyatt

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Talk is that you talk all the way up until

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and that's very common North Stars. And they went oh bro you

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need to get the salon then when you get the salon

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every second

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every second. I remember

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the first time I experienced was a brother visiting from from

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MIT and, and champers

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invite us over to his house 27 nine.

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Okay. So as we're breaking the facts

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I mean because they break fast in the family news as myself

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as the breaking the fast they got massage

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but they were trying they did not want to waste one second. And we embracing fads in Muslim countries is a little different than what

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dates. Warren is something that gets you through is something that gives you some yogurt and bread like this. And he goes to the bestie and you pray mother

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may come back and

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visit the whole time. It was just like that was a lesson to say that these moments are priceless. You don't want