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Women Around the Prophet(SAW)

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My dear sisters and brothers, we are now on module one B. And we're still talking about Asma bint Abu Bakar Masha at the bar, who is an amazing, amazing Sahaba yet, companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then we'll get started.

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In Alhamdulillah, Hina Hamada, who wanna stay in Hoonah stuff at all, well, not all the bIllahi min, Shruti and fusina women say at their Molina, Maya they laugh along with Allah. Oh my god, Lil fella had yella or shadow and La Ilaha illa Allah wa the hula Shalida or shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah wrestling unmad Rubbish. Rackley Saturday. Well, yeah, certainly widely looked at the middle Hasani, you have Coco Lee rugby, Sydney, in Miami. In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the most magnificent, all praises due to Allah, Lord of the universe. We praise Him and we seek His help and his forgiveness, and we seek His protection from the curse Satan. Whomever Allah guides will never

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be misguided, and whoever he allows through mascara will never be guided.

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I've ever witnessed that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah who's one alone and has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is a servant and messenger May the blessings of Allah be upon him his family's companions, and the righteous who follow them until the Day of Judgment. Me mean me, me.

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Alright, Bismillah. Let's get started. Now, we know that Asma was a person of great sensitivity and devotion. She and her husband both worked extremely hard together until their situation of poverty gradually changed. At times, however, as the way they treated her harshly once she went to her father Abu Bakr Siddiq, and she complained to him about this and this was Abu Bakr Siddiq reply to her, he said my daughter have several patients, for for a woman has a righteous husband, and he dies and she does not marry after him. There'll be bought together again in paradise, as the way that the Allahu Anhu eventually became one of the richest men amongst the sahaba. But asthma did not allow

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this to crop her principles. Her son

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once said her an elegant dress from Iraq made a fine and costly material. Asthma by this time was blind. She felt the material and said it's awful take it back to him. And this was her son, Al when the head and when the head it wasn't her other son. This was a month ahead. And so she said it's awful take you back to him. On Monday, he was upset and said Mother, it was not transparent. It may not be transparent, she returned, but it's too tight fitting and shows the contours of the body. Now Alamanda had bought another dress that met with her approval, and she accepted it. If the above incidents and aspects of asthmas life may easily be forgotten that her final meeting with her son

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Abdullah must remain one of the most unforgettable moments in the early Muslim history. At that meeting, she demonstrated the keenness of her intelligence, her resoluteness and the strength of her faith. Abdullah was running for the caliphate okay again, Abdullah was running was in the running for the Khalifa after the death of us even more Alia the hijas in Egypt, Iraq, Hassan and much of Syria, they were favorable to him and they acknowledged him as the Halevi. Now that omega is however, they continue to contest the Hollyford and to field a massive army under the command of Allah hijab avenues of attack Kofi retinas, battles were fought between the two sides during which

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Abdullah ibn Zubaydah displayed great acts of courage and heroism. Many of his supporters, however, could not withstand the continuous strain of battle, and gradually began to desert him. Finally, he sought refuge in the sacred mosque and Makkah. It was then that he went to his mother who is now a blind old woman, and he said, Peace be upon your mother and the mercy and the mercy and blessings of Allah. On Tubi peace, Abdullah, she replied, What is it that brings you here at this hour, while boulders from her judges capitalists are raining down on soldiers in the Haram and shaking the houses of Mecca? I came to seek her advice he said, to seek my advice. She said in astonishment

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about what the people have deserted me

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out of fear of hijacked or being tempted by what he has to offer. Even my children my family have left me there's only a small group of men with me now and however strong and steadfast They are, they can only resist for an hour or two more messengers of the battle omega omega are now negotiating with me, offering to give me whatever worldly possessions I want. Should I lay down my arms and swear allegiance tub, Abdulmalik, even Marwan? What do you think? raising her voice your plight? It's your affair, Abdullah and you know yourself better. If, however, you think that you're right and you're standing up for the truth and persevere and fight on as your companions who are

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killed under your flag and show perseverance. If however, you desire the world, what a miserable wretch you are.

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You would have destroyed yourself and you would have destroyed your man. But I will be killed today. There's no doubt about it. That is better for you than you should surrender yourself to Hajaj voluntary. And that's the minions of men who may or should play with your head. I do not fear death. I'm only afraid that they will mutilate me. There is nothing after death that men should be afraid of. Skinning does not cause any pain to be slaughtered to the slaughter of the sheep. Abdullah's face beamed as he said, What a blessed mother. Blessed be Your noble qualities. I've come to you at this hour to hear what I've heard. God knows that I have not weakened or despaired. He is the

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witness over me that I have not stood up for what I have out of this love for this world and the attractions but only out of anger for the sake of God. His limits have transgressed. Here I am, I'm going to, I'm going to what is pleasing to you. So if I'm killed, do not grieve for me and command and commend me to God, I shall grieve for you, she said, the aging but resolute asthma, only if you're killed in vain in ingest cause, be assured that your son has not supported an unjust cause no committed any detestable deed, nor than any injustice to a Muslim, or demean a non Muslim under the protection of the Islamic government, upon them, taxes are levied and that there is nothing better

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in the sight than the pleasure of Allah, the mighty the great. I do not say this to exonerate myself. Allah knows that I've only said it to make your heart firm and steadfast.

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Praise be to Allah who has made you act according to what he likes. And according to what I like, come close to me my son, but I may smell and feel your body for this might be the last meeting with you. Abdullah knelt before her. She hugged them, smothered his head, his face and his neck with kisses. Her hands began to squeeze his body when suddenly she would do them and ask, what is it that you're wearing Abdullah, this is my armor plate. This my son is not the dress of the One who desires Martin martyrdom. Take it off, that will make your movements lighter and quicker, where instead as Sir wall, a long undergarments so that you killed your our private parts will not be exposed.

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Abdullah took off his armor plate. And he put on the Sidwell as he left for the harem, the holy sanctuary, the near Land of the Kaaba, to join the fighting. He said my mother, don't deprive me of your DUA.

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Don't deprive me of your DUA

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raising her hands to heaven. She said, Oh Allah have mercy on his staying up for long hours and his loud crying in the darkness of the night while people slept. Oh Allah have mercy on his hunger and his thirst and his journeys from Medina and Mecca while he fasted,

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oh Allah bless his righteousness to his mother and his father, Oh Allah, I commend him to your cause. And I'm pleased with whatever you decree for him. I grant for me, his sake the reward of those who are patient and who persevere.

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By sunset Abdullah was there. Just over 10 days later, his mother joined him. She was 100 years old.

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However, age had not blunted her the keenness of her mind.

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This was a small

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spa, my dear sisters or brothers, this was her strength. This was who she was.

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And Spamalot. She had an amazing, amazing, amazing

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and how she was connected to Allah swamper. She had a habit of long Salah has us not always pray to Allah spend our full concentration. Her husband Zubaydah been a one that the law one related that when he came home one day, he saw us Mother didn't she was praying and she was crying. And she kept repeating these words from the Quran again and again. But Allah has been gracious to us and has saved us from the torment of the Fire sutra to Ryan number 27. Wins the based on her loss in her prayer to Allah subhanaw taala he left

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he left the house and he went to the market when he read the alarm and came back much later. He found her still lost and her Salah Subhan Allah where are we with our Salas do we pray like this? Reconnect to Allah subhanaw taala like this do we focus like this? And this is how she would this is how HRSA laws work as a power law you know,

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as Maria de la Hannah had an amazing sharp memory Masha particular like her sister, it should have been of you Bacara Dylon if you heard anything, even once, she would never forget it. And

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like I ation on Selma and asthma. Cynthia Z. Asthma Dylon had many had this attributed to her many companions and 30 Ian's would come to

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her for guidance and verifications of Hadith Subhan Allah

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and I mean, her bravery with the death of her son, I think, was the most amazing thing to me. And then obviously her bravery to stand up in front of her judgment, you know, use of the, the tyrant as well as her bravery standing up in front of, you know, Abuja Hall to tyrants. She stood up in front of spies. It's amazing. And I talk about these two stories at different times. I won't bring them up now again, but it's amazing. And then, obviously, she was also in the battle. She was in the battle via Moog and she was regarded as one of the most, you know,

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this was the battle which the Muslims were hugely outnumbered by Romans. And because as many other habits were there, the women were there and the young boys were there. They were able by with the help of Allah azza wa jal, all by the blessings and the help of Allah, they were able to drive the Roman Empire out of Syria, Syria, as mother took part in this battle, and she fought bravely amongst them, you know, with the Muslim warriors, mashallah Baraka.

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Now, her death when she passed away in Makkah, and 73 h after he died few days after she buried her son, she was almost 100 years old, my dear sisters and brothers, she was almost 100 years old. But even at her old age, she had a full set of teeth and a sharp memory, amazingly intelligent as Pamela. And

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honestly, like, you know, where are we today with us? Do we take care of our teeth properly? Do we take care of our mind properly, and one of the reason that's the habit, and it's the hub yet that sharp memory, my dear sister and brothers was because they were always reading the Quran, and they were connected to Allah, and they were reading, you know, the books of the dean and they were always trying to do good deeds, and they were looking at the hereafter, way more than this dunya and this is how they have this connection. Subhanallah so I'm going to ask you guys now like Spatola where are we with this? Where are we with this? Are we of those people that can be connected to Allah

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subhanaw taala like that. So if we were to live at 100 We are strong and we're still going and we're still walking and we're doing the best. Yes, Allah azza wa jal took her eyesight away. But it didn't take her mind away. That's upon Allah. We're so long as we are connected to ALLAH SubhanA we have our mind than anything else can be achieved. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to make a sharp and intelligent and connected to him and make Our image strong. And let us have a good death. I mean, I mean, I mean, with that being said, this is the story of a semana de la Juana in a nutshell and one A and one B. This was actually one v. So one A and one B is done. Module One is done. Masha does aka

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la Hidin. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Subhanak. Allah Allah will be having a shadow under law. stuff with regard to Blue Lake, how perfect you are, oh Allah and I praise you. None has a right to be worshipped except you. I seek your forgiveness and turn in repentance to you