Zohra Sarwari – Last 10 Days of Ramadan

Zohra Sarwari
AI: Summary © The importance of learning from experiences and staying at night is emphasized, along with the need to focus on one's work and not rush to finish. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding one's own path and making decisions based on what is in one's own songs, reciting everything in the last few nights, and evaluating oneself and making small changes to one's life for a great life. The speaker also encourages individuals to create a plan for their future and to strive to be good for themselves for the whole year.
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and then how many Alhamdulillah

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Allah Himanshu Dorian fusina woman say at the Mr. Lena mariappa Hello Paula Mandala. Oh my goodness Allah howdy Allah, Masha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Masha Allah Mohammed

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that the bishop is solely as suddenly, in the middle of sunny Africa who colita visiting the ALMA, Annie,

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and the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most magnificent. All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the universe. We praise Him and we seek His help and his forgiveness, and we seek its protection from that curse Satan, whomever Allah guides will never be misguided, and whomever here lastly misguided will never be guided. I bear witness that there's no dating worthy of worship except Allah who is one alone and has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger May the blessings of Allah be upon him his family, his companions, and the righteous will follow them until the Day of Judgment I mean,

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I would like to start off by saying Ramadan Mubarak to all of you beautiful sisters out there listening and who have tuned into this great day. So I'd like to say Ramadan Mubarak and I'm glad to be asked to sort of semi again,

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I like to do more of these talks, but timing does prevent me from doing a lot of stuff, you know, having kids martial law studying and other stuff to do. It's really it gets challenging. So as much as I love work, you know, being on this platform and helping out it gets crazy busy, so I don't have as much time, but inshallah inshallah hopefully in the future, we could do more just bear with me as time progresses make blood lipids robotic in our time. And so with that being said, tonight, I wanted to let you know really quick that I'm here, really tonight doing this talk for a very selfish reason. And the reason I'm really doing this talk bar and why I wanted to do it in the first place

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was so that I could plan my 10 days of Ramadan my last 10 days as well Shall I technically usually do it. But while you know when you're preparing for a talk, and when you're doing research, and when you're looking things up, what happens is you yourself are learning much more. And so I when when I wanted to talk to a lot of times it pushes me to research and look at things that I really want to learn about and have been putting off for a while. And so the talk itself, it motivates and inspires me. So I am being a little selfish. I'm doing this for myself as well as my own family and then all of you as well so bear with me as I'm doing this tonight and know that this topic is a really

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beautiful topic and I can't do it justice with 30 minutes. So it's a very beautiful topic and a lot more can be said about it. And I've definitely recommend listening to other scholars and Chef talk about this because I am a student of knowledge and I'm going to tell you guys from my perspective, which is inspiring and motivating perspective inshallah.

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inshallah So, with that being said, we're going to get started and if you guys have any questions, honestly, I was telling the sister, I probably will not have time to take much questions. So if you have any questions, I might stick around for about five minutes beyond that I'm going to have to leave so you know, please Ms. It's really important, a really good question to ask other than that and she'll let you know, don't like waste everyone's time to show this way. So we can just focus to it and just get it done inshallah inshallah. Alright, so last Monterrey, we'll get started inshallah, and I want to start off with the ayat of the Quran. When the last month Allah talks to us

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about the native power label covered, and it's described in the Quran as better than 1000 months. And this is in chapter number 97, verse number three, it's better than 1000 months. My dear sisters, I want you to think about this Subhanallah What does it mean to better than 1000 months, it's better than 83 years of our life 83 years. Now, I want you guys all to think about how old you are right now. They from the youngest to the oldest. I'm thinking that none of us will probably live at three years. You know, depending on how old we are. Even with technology

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youngest being 1213 years old at three years is a long time. So, knowing that

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that should really give us a lot of hope and inspiration that this like Eliza gel is giving us so much so much Baraka by giving us this one night that's going to be better than any three years I mean, what are the sacrifices that mean right what is the investment back shader that mean? So this means that for us, we need to work hard and last night inshallah in order to observe later to cover because two things two reasons one it's obviously better than a three years Mashallah and we don't even know if we'll live another eight years and two is to think about what if we are not here next Ramadan? What if we're not here next door

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right, and I'll go into that in a little bit, explaining that but let's talk about what how the

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sun just used to exert himself and devotion during the last 10 days to a greater extent than any other time. And this is a Muslim and he said wellness means to make it the calf which means he's asleep in the mustard for the last two nights. My dear sisters, this is called dedication. And the prophet SAW Allah has another example teaching us that you know now while all of us sisters might not have a chance to sleep at the masjid because you know, we've got our kids and all these other duties or responsibilities, we're sure could do a lot more evolved from our own homes inshallah, I know I don't have the luxury or opportunity to sleep at the muster but I do highly recommend my

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husband to do it and I support him. And I highly recommend for all of the sisters out there to support your husbands are recommended to them and let them go and experience this and you at the same time

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experiences from your own home and show to the best of your ability. And then it should be Lohan Hi, she says she said that the popsicle from said look for later covered on an odd numbered night during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And there's another book of the hottie. So we have to be searching for it on the odd numbers which is most likely one of those five nights so again Subhan Allah is starting to look like also Pamela I know it's 10 nights of worship but the odd numbers who should worship more but I mean I recommend all 10 nights you know personally to do the most you can and listen to the most you can do the good you are blahs, Salah anything you can reciting Quran

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listening to Quran with the meaning. And you know,

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the best part of this heavy you know, the next Hadith that the Prophet Mohammed Abdullah has told us that the apostle Samson, whoever prays whoever prays during the night of clinical cover with faith with faith and hope that it's reward, it's with hope from a laser job that it's in the reward will be having all of the previous sins forgiven and inshallah that will happen for them.

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But here's the thing is that, you know, we have to remember that we have to stay awake and we have to be you know, fully loaded and

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during a bother not staying awake watching movies, talking doing a medalist, you know, on the phone chatting with friends, no, we want to be staying awake to doing a bada which is the good reciting chrome listening to Chrome, listen to lectures, I mean anything we're we're learning, observing, remembering Allah, and asking for forgiveness, and we're getting closer to him, Mashallah. And, you know,

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the beautiful part of this is, is the part when we think of, out of faith and and hope of earning the reward out of faith and, and hope of burning, which means that we must, might give us this you must believe in a less promise of reward for this, that Allah has promised us this. And so we must believe in that. And we have to seek for that reward. With no other aim or purpose. In our mind. We cannot be thinking, we're doing this tomorrow morning, because hey, guess what, I stayed up all night and we're showing off to our friends or family or kids or anything. We're not doing it for that we're doing it simply. And only for Allison Bella's promise, and we're looking for the reward

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from him. And so for doing that, we will have to make sure that our intention on Nia is only for Allah and Allah will know, right, he will know what our intention our needs for so we have to make sure of that. So with that being said, let's start by saying

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how we're gonna do this and shala how we're gonna observe local color and shallot how each one of us is going to do inshallah, and I'd say the first thing each one of us needs to do is to take some time off of work, including housework, and everything else that's on our plates. We need to put everything else aside for these next 10 nights and shut up alone is the mass tonight the Ramadan, and we need to focus on only Eliza Joe, if you can, even your schoolwork. I mean literally, I'll tell you this, I would literally talk to

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My teachers, and say that these templates is so important to me. So please let me turn in my papers or take my exams after this timeframe unless at this moment classes, unless it's a, and if you do this early in your semesters, then you can do the teacher there kind of a workaround with you. I know that during Ramadan, Subhan, Allah, one would have finals or exams, and my sister and I would be the same class. And it would be like a class of 400 students. And it would be right that exam time and I would tell my teacher, look at 730 exam, start at seven. Let's look at 730 we're gonna leave the exam room, we're gonna break her fast, cuz we're fasting, we're gonna pray. And then we're

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done, we're gonna come back. And we're gonna take our exam. And you can have some monitors if you want. I will say this to my teachers. And my, you know, honestly, somehow I've never had a teacher say no, and they would never even send a monitor with us and me and my sister in the same class. So it could have totally been cheating. But obviously, that wasn't our intention. And so we'd walk out with go do our prayer with, you know, just started into our prayer, and then come back in. And so I want you to know that people are flexible, if you explain to them and you let them know. And it was kindness and gentleness, as always, you know, the rate of profit or loss of debt. But beyond that,

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you shouldn't be worried about cooking so much. You shouldn't be worried about all these other things, I want you to be able to take a good power nap during the day so that you're powered up for the evenings, you're powered up for the evenings, and that you're able to stay up longer. And to remember Allah read the tough seedbox anything, we just have a books, read a Sudoku puzzle, fun, and just saying of humbling us upon Allah, as we're learning, and we're remembering the law, and we're asking him for forgiveness. And so if you can, if possible, and if you're working outside, try to work half days. I mean, all year long, we should be preparing for Ramadan Subhanallah by asking our

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bosses to have the last 10 days off if you can, if you can't have it off, work half days, and stay up at nighttime and sleep like a couple hours during the day and then work in the evening half days until again, you work your schedule that way for the next 10 days. And my dear sisters, please do this for yourself. Take the time out and focus one Eliza gel, you know, this is the time this is the time we all need to get closer to our Lord. You know, I tell you I cannot I cannot ask Allah but I cannot ask a lot of wonderla in make the offer to him to do something for me when I know that I've disobeyed him. When each one of us knows that we've done something wrong, and we've disobeyed Our

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Lord, how hard is it? How hard is it to ask him to do something for us? It's like a child hits parents, right? A child, you know, goes and is the parent says Honey, can you do this honey? Can you name a new and they're being rude and disrespectful? You think that child and five minutes from now can go the parents say, Mommy, can you please do this for me? However the mother feel that terrible is almost ashamed and embarrassed to ask his or her parents because he knows he was doing something wrong. And so to me, I feel the same way. If we are doing something wrong, then how can we ask Allah? How can we ask our Lord for forgiveness, for mercy for change how. So in order for this to

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happen, you guys need to start with the last nightmare to start with change. Like don't listen to music, don't watch your movies, don't watch the garbage that's out there. Don't read garbage newspapers or garbage magazines. Don't be around people who are cursing and who are disrespectful and rude. change yourself these last 10 nights, my dear sisters, change yourself. Because if you want a love mercy, and you want them to forgive you for all of your past sins, and you want him to take accept this, and for over a three month at three years of your life this month, this night is better than eight years of your life, then you need to start with some change inside of you. And

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that change starts now My dear sisters now. So what is the phrase staying up at night mean? What does this mean to us? This Well, the private citizen would stay up some of the night you do get his boy his Quran and then pray and then he would take probably a nap and wake back up again. He'll be going on and off. Now. Not only did he do that, what else did he do? He would wake up his entire family, his wife to break down with him. So what does that mean? That means that each one of us should be waking up our husbands should be waking up our kids Oh, you know and getting everyone involved and having them be part of this. I mean, for me inshallah, this year one of the things I

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like to do is if Allah wills is I would like to have it where I can, you know, everyone can be waking off, on and off and staying up and then just taking a short nap and waking back up. And this includes my kids Mashallah I want them to this three part of their life to be up and doing Vicodin praying extra, and then think okay, let's take a three hour two hour nap and then wake back up and continue doing this. You know, and

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This is what it means, you know, to motivate yourself. And of course, I don't expect my kids to be up all night, but I'm saying whatever they could do Subhanallah, I will support them. And kids love to stay up when there's stuff like fun stuff to do, right? So make this fun, make it you know, different things to do. Like, I mean, one of the things I would love to do with my kids is do the current challenge, the junior Grand Challenge, they get to play even the games was all about the corona shala they get to learn and we're all asking questions, inshallah. And so think about that, I want you to think about the How can you make this not only productive for yourself, but get your

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family involved, and also make it enjoyable for everyone. And so this is something really, really enjoyable for us.

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And so, you know, I'm

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gonna take you to the next point, inshallah. The next point is what you should have ready for this last 10 nights, and you should actually have this ready as soon as possible, is I want you to make a blog list. I want you to make a blog post and ask a light soldier, every single thing that you want from him, whatever you want from him, I want you to ask him inshallah. And I want you to say, yeah, Robbie, you know, if it's, if it's not just them in forgiveness by yarby, please give me patience. Perseverance helped me get through this trial that I'm facing right now. Your A, B, please help my husband be more patient with me. Yeah, I'd be pleased raised my children helped me raise my children

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to be righteous, Muslim, whatever it is that you want from a laser asked him. And by making a dwellest you're pouring your heart out to Allah subhanaw taala. You're writing everything you want. Because what happens when we start writing, we have so much more to say, with so many more details. And that's why I want you to type it up, write it out, have it ready for yourself, Mashallah, and ask for what you want. And ask a lot, not just for yourself, but for your family, for your parents, for your sisters, and your brothers and for everyone, including the online.

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Ask Eliza gel. And

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especially I want you to include this blog. I want you to include this law, when I should have the lohana as a prophet, Silla lesson or messenger of Allah. If I know what night is the night of uncovered, what should I say during it, and he's still a lawless say, online, you're the most forgiving and you left to forgive, so please forgive me.

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See, Oh Allah, you are the most forgiving and you love to forgive. So please forgive me. So here's the thing. We should have these words written out and every few seconds looking at them and asking Allah because we don't know which night it'll be. But continuously say this and ask Allah and ask him during the day and at night, ask him as often as you can, you know, and that leads to the next point, which is what, when is the best time to make draw my dearest This is one of the best time to make bla

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bla Han said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, when the last one third of the night remains, our Lord, the glorious, the one he descends down towards the heavens of the earth and proclaims, Who is that? Who supplicates to me, and I grant his supplication? Who is that who begs for me, who begs me for anything, and I grant it to him and who is that who seeks my forgiveness? And I forgive him and this in the book of Muslim and Bahati.

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So, knowing that, knowing that this is the best time to make the law, my dear sister, wake up a few minutes before so who, and pray to the courts, and make what your Lord wake up before so who and pray to the courts to the courts, and then sit there mid watch your Lord and ask him because you're praying for him and you're asking him and while we know this, you know, we all know that the bra is a weapon of a believer. It is not guns and you know tanks and nuclear weapons it is raw, it is simply supplication that is the weapon of a believer. supplication. And why is this? Why is this? Because a laser drill is there to answer a dwarf. He's told us to supplicate. And he's told us that

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he asked Him and He will give us a shot, right? Ask him and he'll give us a shot. But here's the second part that blah, blah, blah is the weapon of the believers and we should constantly be asking the last one fella we should also remember as a believer that we need to do our part. What is that part in the Quran in chapter number eight verse 53 says that is so because a lot of never change a grace which is bestowed on people until they change what is in their own songs and barely alive they all hear that. So unless you have to do your part, you have to try we have to try to change ourselves and then ask a lot to help us. We cannot sit there say Jambi give me patience, where we

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ourselves do nothing about it. Or say get a B be helped me stay awake while we're self do nothing about it like taking a power nap earlier, eating some healthy fruits and vegetables and doing other stuff. Well, we're asking about

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To help us What are we doing to help ourselves at the same time?

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This I am praying that this makes sense to all of you guys in sha Allah, and to remember this, that sometimes I will have sisters making these bloodless, Mashallah, and these long lists are like, you know, I mean, they're long, Mashallah, and this is exactly what should be long. But each dollar that you're making, are you thinking about how you can also interact with that.

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And so First, you must ask Allah to give us those things, wherever we're watching them. And second, to think about what actions we need to do, what actions we need to make, to help those blocks also come through and work on them. And the third thing, we actually Yes, my sisters, I'm going to actually actually ask all of you to do is develop a plan and try to achieve the thing that you're asking a lot for, what is your plan? What is your plan? You're saying out of B? Give me Jennifer for the mouse? That is a great one, we should all ask for it. But what is our plan? What are we doing to try to earn * that have asked from Eliza gel? What are we doing? What are we doing to show a

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lesson about that we want it that bad. So we have to have a plan for whatever it is we're asking a lot for. So with that being said, so the first thing was broth, right? You're dualist think about how we're going to work on it and work on a plan to make it come true. The next thing we need to do is every single evening that you're awake for these last night and we should be doing this entire month of Ramadan, but I'm focusing on these last two nights every single evening, you should be reciting as much Quran as you know. And the foods that you know that you've learned recite them, and the ones you don't know, listen to them being recited by the chef and cron explorer calm has

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obviously much a beautiful Chef reciving go cron explore.com, and listen to the chef, recite it, and guess and then read the meaning as they're reciting in martial law, you know, reflect on the meaning. And then think deeply about their meaning and how it affects your personal life right there. How is it affecting your life? What is the Les Paul of Allah telling you?

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How is this related to you at this point of your life? Believe me, my dear sisters, as I'm reading the meaning of the suitors, and many times I feel like a laser Adele is telling it to me directly. It's my situation and he's telling me the why you're doing this wrong or why you need to do this right or so I focus on this. And Subhanallah like I this is exactly what I think is talking to me Subhan Allah and then I reflected, okay, how can I implement them my life? How can I implement them my life so I want you guys to really, really think about it like that in sha Allah.

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Okay, with that being said, I want you guys to also think

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that this might be our last chance of getting our sins deleted.

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None of us is promised tomorrow My dear sisters, April 9 2011, my brother in law and his nine year old daughter were killed by a car hitting their bikes. They're riding their bikes Saturday morning.

00:22:58 --> 00:23:02

Going to going back home they're about a block away from home.

00:23:03 --> 00:23:43

a block away from on the sidewalk, everything's fine. And a car comes on the sidewalk and hits them and kills my brother man, his nine year old daughter his 12 year old daughter still who is with them is alive and humbler to allow the loan into a loan return and it was the color of a mother he and his nine year old daughter died that morning the way that they did it was a cut of a loan or a decreed for them and Allah forgive them and give them general so the house I mean, but my question to you my dear sisters is do you think the next time you get in your car when you walk to the park? Or you're doing anything Do you think that that's your last moment? Do you think right now as we're

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sitting here you think about this

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do you think that he thought my dad my brother in law the last ramadan ramadan Do you think that he thought that I don't think so?

00:23:55 --> 00:24:08

I don't think so. We hardly think that this might be our last Ramadan we think okay, this is Ramadan Mashallah, let's do it. We think we're gonna make next Ramadan better than this one inshallah. We don't think that this might be our last chance

00:24:09 --> 00:24:25

upon Allah This is how quick death comes to each one of us My dear sisters, do not do not let this opportunity pass you by my dear sisters. Were your sins couldn't be deleted all of them inshallah, and where you may not live for another Ramadan.

00:24:27 --> 00:24:55

Don't let this up. It's an opportunity. My dear sisters, it's an opportunity. And an opportunities comes once in a lifetime, right? We hear it all the time. And if this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I asked you all to reflect on this reflect on listen to take it and take it seriously and to make these last 10 nights of those that will bring benefit inshallah, to ask Allah for help and ask Allah for help and ask Allah for help throw it

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

upon Allah with that, would that be

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Let's move on to what I will hide in the law firm said he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salat the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam

00:25:08 --> 00:25:54

Salaam on Rahim Let's do that again. He said that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said, Whoever stands in prayer and let the label covered while nourishing his fate with self evaluation, expecting reward from Allah will have his previous sins forgiven, and it's in the book of behati Muslim. Look at look at how he said self evaluation. That was we reflect on our own sin, we reflect on our own wrongdoing, we reflect on everything. I mean, we are all full of mistake and full of sins, all of us and we need to reflect on it and evaluate ourselves and see how we want to change ourselves and then ask Allah for his help and expect that Allah will help us inshallah, regardless of how bad we how

00:25:54 --> 00:26:06

many sins we've committed are horrible, regardless of how bad our past is, evaluate yourself, admit it, ask for forgiveness and expect that alone will reward you inshallah.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:32

And so, make a list of things My dear sisters make a list of things that you will do the last 10 nights inshallah so that you may avoid wasting time on the phone, on the internet on chatting and everything else, make a list of things, you know, write down I will read Quran for 30 minutes at this time, Mashallah. Then I'll read some of the seed of the prophets, Allah Lhasa, listened to this lecture about the last 10 nights and then I'll do some daycare, and then I'll do this

00:26:33 --> 00:26:41

reflect, change things, have another sister or your own children, family involved in it so that you guys can do it together.

00:26:43 --> 00:27:08

And then also, if you can, if you no longer students, read them during your salon. And if you do not know what they mean, read their meanings beforehand. So this way you can focus on your salon and upon a latte take out like RSA Mashallah the kids are learning longer students have them recite it, this is the best time this is the best time to take out your Quran, and to read your students. And to do that.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:34

My next point, my dear sisters, is that we must be kind kind kind, kind kind, kind to everyone, especially to our parents, our kids, our siblings, our family, friends in our community, we must we must we must, we sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that we want to do so many things that we forget to be gentle and kind and respectful, that we forget to be courteous.

00:27:36 --> 00:28:17

And you have to remember that the small act of kindness is better than a big act of worship. What good is all this worship if we cannot be kind and gentle, respectful to one another. I mean, every single one of us is probably guilty for this, we need to slow down and have that best character first and then add on the deeds. If we cannot do the little things, my dear sister, the what? What good is our big ones gonna do? So we need to as you're going through these last night inshallah, remember, Be kind, be gentle, stop, slow down. It's okay if you don't finish the entire journey when you finish half. But because you were there, and you were being kind and gentle, and taking the time

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out to do that.

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So slow down, reflect on that. And obviously, the last point I want to go through right now is the point that I talked just touched on a little earlier is to evaluate yourself. Ask yourself the questions that you need to ask yourself do an evaluation of where you are and where you're going. left this evaluation that you have of yourself. Let this evaluation of your past beat for repentance and forgiveness and for your future to be happiness and enjoyment and contentment. And it is the future that is going to be the one that we're going to work on and sincerely being sincere in how we're asking Allah for forgiveness in the bra and what are we doing to work on it after you've done

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this evaluation like I said earlier, you need to make that plan and remain with that plan throughout the entire year inshallah what changes are you constantly work on inshallah and they don't have to be big changes my dearest sister they could be small changes as and such as I will not lie anymore

00:29:21 --> 00:29:25

and will not backbite anymore and will not yell anymore.

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These are all they seem like large changes to us which they are but really they're smaller changes inshallah, and we need to work on them. And so in constant need to do this for yourself for the entire year, and maybe have a chart every month and reflect the end of the month. How How are you? Where are you? Like let's just say you started off with your tu tu tu tu and then you go the next month. Oh my Shall I did better this month I'm on. I've made two three. And then in a few months. Oh hamdulillah. Now I'm a five. Reflect on it, monitor it and try

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herself as shala and ended with

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you know, if we continue the rest of the year with the way we've committed how we committed ourselves in Ramadan then we know that inshallah Allah Allah azza wa jal will help us and accept our fast and our good deeds inshallah. Because Ramadan is not just merely for abstaining from food and evil for this one month, it is to train ourselves My dears to train ourselves to better ourselves in every single way for the entire year shala for the entire year shala

00:30:30 --> 00:30:55

Okay, and so we should strive to continue to be good to have Ramadan that the entire year and I'll end with a story in shallotte It's a man came to his house, a man came home to his poor wife and he said Assalamu alaykum honey You'll never believe what happened to me today. I just made the best decision for our future Sheila I invested the last $1,000 we had and I bought a gold bar she said what

00:30:57 --> 00:31:30

a gold bar he said Ron the future it'll be worth a lot of money. Mashallah. So how do we even know how long we will live? You spent all we had on a gold bar Subhan Allah we don't have enough to eat or take care of our family and you think that you did the right thing? She said honey, this is an investment in the future this gold bar in five years it could be worth $20,000 Won't that be great? 1000 worth 20,000 will then not be green honey. She just sighed and all she could think about was today and now

00:31:31 --> 00:31:43

what do you see many people give all they have to invest in to make more money my dear sisters to have the luxurious lifestyle that they so desire the big houses the nice cars the nice furnitures they have all of that

00:31:45 --> 00:32:06

are you willing to do that? Well if I told you if I told you right now that all you needed to do was work hard these last two nights and shallot that is a big possibility for you that all your all of your past sins will be forgiven inshallah and that you may have a residence and Jenna inshallah will be worth it tonight

00:32:07 --> 00:32:42

for a different lifestyle for all of your sins forgiven, and possibly house in general from the light is original. It's upon a lot Think about it, my dear sister, what little efforts are we putting in for a great deal of reward for eternity? For eternity? That don't lose out on the reward My dear sisters, do your best for these next tonight inshallah and inshallah Allah will reward you but that being said disciple Hayden, and sister Mira I don't know if you want to open the floor for questions. Just a few quick questions inshallah and then we can wrap it up, inshallah.

How to make the most of the last 10 days of Ramadan – Sisters

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