No Excuses Part 4

Zohra Sarwari


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The Jew who had been astounded to find himself arrested for no apparent reason was just a surprise when suddenly a policeman came at the door of this his cell and to let him out, and what is going on? So the Jew, one moment you put me in jail and the next to set me free, how has this all come about?

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The policeman told him what had happened, and how she Abdulkadir had pleaded with a judge on his behalf, and obtained his release. The Jew felt rather shame for having been such a nuisance and caused all this trouble for the chef. He went straight from the jail to the chef's house and apologized to him. All chefs have the juice, I've always been a bother to you, I kept disturbing you while you were saying your parents and making a lot of noise. On the other hand, you've been very good to me and have taken so much trouble on my behalf. You are truly a good man, please forgive me, I promise I'll never annoy you or disturb you again.

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I haven't done anything special neighbor, the chef told the Jew, I haven't done you any particular favor. I have just done my duty as a Muslim. It is my duty as a Muslim to help my neighbor, particularly when he's in trouble as you were. In fact, I'm sorry that I could not have been more of help to you. The Jew was greatly touched by the chef's words, it was a wonderful thing to have such a neighbor. He said to the chef, I see now that Islam is the true religion. It is a good religion that makes mankind to one another, and teaches them to help and protect their fellow human beings. I want to become a Muslim. And so he did. He recited the Shahada and adopted Islam as his religion.

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And afterwards he strove to be a great Muslim. My dear sisters and brothers, are we behaving this way with our neighbors? Are we do we care that much for them? Do they even know who we are? Everyone wants to do our but that will begins closest to you now begins with your actions as a Muslim, our action towards all of those around us, starting with our families, our neighbors, our communities, and then the world shallow Bala.

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I will leave you all with this final story to think about and reflect and how two different people can be in the same situation yet have a different outcome. Two salesmen were sent to Africa to sell shoes, one salesman called the head office and said, Oh my god, this is crazy. We can't sell shoes here. No one wears them. They're looking at me like I'm crazy. I need to come back home as soon as possible. About an hour later, the other salesman called the head office and said, Wow, this is unbelievable. Send me all the shoes that you can and all the sizes. Sounds mounted, just shocked. Ask them. Why did he think that because he just had a phone call from his partner saying the

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opposite. He said because nobody has shoes, which means we can have major sales. We also have no competition. This is a great opportunity. This is a story to remind us that two people can go into the exact same situation, but have different results from it. The only reason that they have a different result is because I think the way they see their situation is because the way they look at it. You can look at things optimistically. Or you can look at them and negatively, and those who look at them optimistically and saying Hamdulillah, those will always be happy no matter what happens.

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Mr. I've been helping you pain. The degree to which a person is helped and aided by a lot depends on the degree of his intention. His drive, aim and hope, help from a lot comes to people in proportion to their drive, intention, hopes and fears and failure comes to them in a similar manner. Eliza just says in the Quran, in chapter number two, verse number 152.

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Elijah tells us therefore remember me by praying and glorifying, and I will remember you and be grateful to me for my countless papers on you, and never being grateful to me. My dear sisters and brothers, it is a lies of a job that we should remember most, so that he may remember us. Ask him for what is it that you seek, but what help that you need in your life and for what sorrows that you want to get rid of. However, after you ask him, make a list of actions that you will take to make these things happen, inshallah, now that I've given you a recipe to change is up to you to take advantage of it. And I pray that this talk has inspired you to see that you can do it and that

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you're gifted with a special gift, and that you need to discover that gift and then maximise on it inshallah, and I pray that you learn the most important thing to do is ask Eliza watch out for that help and guidance first and foremost. And I also hope that you've learned one thing from the talk is that you cannot make any excuses.

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The formula for success is it's your intention plus one plus action that equals change. Again, that is

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your intention, plus blah plus action, that equals change. And I want you to remember that always. Lastly, remember that you need to help yourself first, then help others. The first thing that they tell us when we bought an airplane is that in case of an emergency is to put our mask on first, and then to help kids and other people. So you too must, You too must do the same thing by helping yourself first and then helping others inshallah Allah. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah forgives us and makes our image stronger, and helps us through our tough times, and increases our knowledge so that we may better serve our Creator. Me. hope that all of you have enjoyed this talk. If this

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talk has inspired and motivated you, please No, I cannot doing these three every month. That's right. Every month, I will give a new talk on my website, www dot Muslims that spelled So please go and check it out and sign up for free. And listen to the talks I've already posted there. And remember that every month inshallah we'll have one new talk out for you to listen to and be motivated and inspired by it'll be an mp3 form, so that you may listen to the talks on your computer or download it or burn it on a CD will be inspiring and motivating. To make you want to take action and begin to start achieving your destiny shall have the law please

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feel free and go to the website and listen to the free talks and then burn it on CD and give it to your family and friends and let them also benefit from it. And

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also, I want to let you know that on that website. We'll be letting you where I'm touring next inshallah. I have a four city tour planned so far in the month of June 2010. I'll be going to Chicago, New York, Houston and San Francisco and I pray to hit Canada and the UK next inshallah. So please check out the dates and come see me live inshallah. baccala Heiden and I pray that Allah azza wa jal helps you achieve your destiny and that you are rewarded in this life and the hereafter. And salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah America, Allah.

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Allah is the one who loves them.

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He is a creator. He is a system and he is the one who has power over