No Excuses Part 3

Zohra Sarwari


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Why are we not taking responsibilities for our children? Tell me why we have these beautiful kids martial law. And we give them everything in the world except what they need most, which is our presence, and a great Islamic Foundation. The next three that I will be sharing with you will tell you how many of us feel that we are raising our kids in a good Islamic setting. But really, we are not. I want to tell you a story about a sister who was almost 30 years old, she had three kids a great career, working on two doctorate degrees, share three houses, two nannies living the American dream, right for those in America. Many of you may be that person or think that sounds like a great

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life. Well, the problem was she was empty, empty of what? She had it all according to society. She was living the life right. I mean, she had a lot even by the western standards. I tell you, my sisters and brothers, this sister was raised in America from the age of six, and due to not having a good Islamic upbringing, she was lost for almost 30 years of her life. As a mom, the sister was ashamed when she first registered her five year old daughter in Islamic school, because she barely knew anything about Islam. Yet she knew she wanted to learn it, even if it was from her little daughter. She was a shame that she was 30 years old and working on to doctorate degrees. Yet she had

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no clue how to read the Quran and Arabic upon Allah, many people would have died for her status, married woman with three kids having all of it, yet she felt a big hole in her heart. She felt depressed, sad and empty. She realized that she needed a slum to make it full. She needed to obey Allah subhanaw taala no matter how hard it was,

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my dear sisters and brothers, I tell you this only that you can see that it is never too late to change and become the person that you want to be. It is never too late. When this sister first came close to last month Allah and decided to obey his commands. She even scared her own Muslim family. Everyone freaked out and thought she was going crazy. But she wasn't going crazy. She was finding who she wanted to be, which was an obedient servant to Allah subhanaw taala. She eventually gave up the houses because of the interest. She gave up the nannies. And she began to homeschool her three kids, even though financially, it was better for her if she had worked. Some of you may ask

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yourself, How do I know the sister so well? And how can I tell her inner thoughts? Well, I'm here to tell you that that sister was me.

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Don't have your children's from this, my sisters and brothers, I beg you to give them the rights that I wish had been given to me by giving them the proper knowledge so that they will rise to be great Muslims one day that they will make the right decisions, whether you're looking or not, God fearing Muslims who know right from wrong, not just follow the leaders who are taking the wrong path, that they'll have the courage to become great leaders and learn from the example of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and the habit of the law, one who

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show them who the greatest role models are show them. You see, I realized that my kids will not become who I wanted them to be unless I did it myself. I love knows best that I would be held responsible on the Day of Judgment. And all I could think about is what would my answer be to Allah subhanaw taala that is what my motivation is to make a change to make a difference. That is what wakes me up at five o'clock or sometimes four in the morning and makes me go to sleep late. That is what made me write nine books in two years, Mashallah. I realized I don't have much time on this earth. And unless I did something to leave a legacy where I will get good deeds when I passed away.

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What would be if me and the day of judgment? My dear sisters and brothers, I want you to ask yourself the same questions we will not get it from. We will not get it from every day wake up. We're one day closer to meeting a loss of $1. And I want you to tell me what have you saved up for that day? We all know that no one is promised Jenna. But we also know that our role models worked extremely hard for it. Even though they were promised to Pamela imaginable buckle acidic, that the Lahontan American Alfa Barbara de la Han, and many more who still strive for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, even though they were guaranteed Jenna, my dear sisters and brothers, it is time for us to

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rise again. And it is time for us to take responsibility and make a difference for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala by taking responsibility, I mean, we must first work on ourselves and make our demand strong, and then help our families, communities and the rest of the world. And the best way to truly show what Islam is, is by our actions. The best way to learn those actions is from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It is from his example that we should follow. So everyone out there who has not read

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Biography, that life story, the CETA of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam isn't the time that you did. And if you don't want to read it, then listen to it on a CD. And if you don't want to listen to it on CD, then watch it on DVD. There are many great scholars out there who have talked about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ala Salah, make it a priority, and listen to them inshallah. And one of the best ways to start helping your kids and making a change is by buying your children great books, Mashallah they will read it if you find the time and buy it for them. shallot, I tell you this as a fact, for I try to buy as many good Islamic books for my kids, every couple of

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months, I realized the value of this one night, when my daughter came up to me and said,

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I was washing the dishes. She said, Mom, can I read the story to you while you're washing the dishes? And I said no, at first because I was so tired. And I just wanted to do this while I wash the dishes. But she insisted. So I finally said, okay, read it. She began reading and I could feel my heart becoming happy and light as each story had a great lesson to be learned. And when she read through the story called The right of neighbors, I stood there and I said, Please put that story on my desk. In fact, that story made such an impact on me that I felt obligated to put it in this very talk so that others can learn from it as well inshallah. So today, I will share that story with you.

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I want you to stop everything that you're doing. And I want you to give me your full attention for a couple of minutes. And there's a powerful story that we can all benefit younger old. It's called the right of neighbors. In Golan, There once lived a very pious man called chef Abdulkadir. Chef Abdulkadir was a very patient and pie man, he needed to have a very cool and calm temperament because his next door neighbor was a Jew who liked to play practical jokes. who's about to have this chiggers person, this neighbor, and whenever the shifts that his prayer, he played music to disturb him, this would have made any other person angry, and they could have been many arguments, but not

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what should have doka dear. Instead, he bought all the disturbances, all the mischievious pranks of his neighbor patiently. He never complained to the Jew about the noise. Nor did he let anyone else stop his neighbor from playing his music. But one day the Jew was arrested by police in Golan and he was put in jail. Of course with his neighbor in jail. The share had no one to disturb his parents. He was able to pray quietly without noise or disturbance. And the chef was rather relieved not to be disturbed. But then he remembered that he had not seen the Jew for several days, or was he had he gone away on a journey? Was he L. Chef Abdulkadir decided to find out what was the matter. He has

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some of his neighbors about it, and was very shocked to hear what they have to say, your neighbor, the Jew, he's in jail, they told him what for ask the chef. What is he done? nobody seemed to know for certain. One neighbor says something about the police not being able to prove that you have committed a crime. But even this was not sure about

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this is dreadful set the show. I cannot stand by and do nothing when my neighbor has been arrested. I didn't even know about it. And Islam. A Muslim takes care of his neighbor as he does his own family, remembering this should hurry to the courthouse and Golan to see the local judge. The sheriff told the judge about his neighbor's arrest and offered to help him if my neighbor can be free by paying some fine, the chef said, I'm ready to pay for it. But I've heard that no crime has been proved against him. If you would, please look up his file and the police record of his arrest and that perhaps you can find out the truth whether he can be free. Well, the judge knew the chef

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very well. And by very highly I've had I will look at the records as you request, said the judge, and then I will let you know what I have found. The judge acted straightaway. He sets out for the Jews record and study they carefully Then he told the shear. You're quite right. The Jews are guilty of any crime. The judge then sent in a very cross voice. Really this is too bad why this man was put in jail. When he was innocent. He must be freed at once.