99 Names of Allah #05 – Al-Quddus + Dua for Protection against an Enemy

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Today we start our fifth Name of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is unconducive.

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Allah Kudu also

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in simple words means the Holy One, meaning that Allah is holy, meaning that Allah is free from imperfections, shortcomings or need and he is the one who are attributed all good and old, the beautiful names as we started in the beginning, that all the beautiful names are attributed to Allah. Allah is the holiest Allah is pure. Allah is on knowing and so on. And this refers to Allah subhanho wa Taala as Mr. Kudo. So the chef here has mentioned that if you want your enemy to become your friend, one should read your could do so 300 or times or as many times as you can, and keep on reading this. And insha Allah, Allah subhana wa Allah will make his enemies become his friends, or

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at least they will the enemies will back off if you want to see, then these are the IR that goes with this which is you know feeding your enemy taking away the fear of your enemy, which would be Allahumma in naj, Abu caffee in a hurry him when our old will be coming sure all right him meaning that Oh Allah we certainly seek refuge with the against the evil actions and we defend ourselves against them through the only as in through you only the reward of this is the above mentioned to our should be invoked to overcome the fear of an enemy attacking you. And nowadays in today's society, enemies are everywhere, enemies are amongst your home. Enemies are amongst your friends,

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they're amongst your society, they're amongst the people who sit with you. And there are people who that can be far, far, far away from you. So reading though as to protect yourself from the evil eye to evil people evil intentions. You have to remember keep calling Allah Jaco Jaco, the Holy One. You know, imagine your your calling Allah, Allah the Holy One, you are the one that is perfect from everything you are, you know, less free from any imperfection. Allah is all of the shortcomings are need. Allah doesn't need nothing. Allah is free from everything Allah is Allah, Allah is Alka Deuce, Allah is the holy one. So we should try our best to turn to Allah subhana wa Taala and ask Allah

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that will allow you the Holy One and call upon we proclaim our praise and call and call your holy and your holy right. So then we see actions carried out an absolute sincerity and solely for his sake, are accepted by the Holy Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhanaw taala give you an opportunity to learn the name of Allah kudos, understand this meaning, meaning that Allah is pure. Allah is free from all the imperfections remember this always that Allah is in need of nothing. Allah doesn't need nothing. Allah is wide. Allah is is free from everything. And the fact that Allah is free from everything that Allah is the one you call upon. And when you call upon with Allah with

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these names, this is what this name can be used for. And may Allah smotrich of his ability to learn it by heart inshallah. Yasaka mala hiren Arsenal, just Jessa Hey,