99 Names of Allah #04 – Al-Malik – The King + Dua for Forgiveness

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Today we start with our fourth name, which is Al Malik, meaning the King of all kings meaning al Malik and we go to the Quran idea, which is an surah Harsha which says Hola, hola de la ilaha IL who el Malecon Kudo, Salah moodlemoot minalima himeno, Lizzie's or Jabbar or Mata Kabir, Subhana. Allah He usually Khun, that Allah. Besides the hem there is no Allah, Allah is the king, the most pure, the giver of peace, the giver of security, the vigilant, the mighty, the overpowering the glorious, he is pure from whatever, as in partners, they the mushrikeen ascribe to him, no one can compare with his being attributes or actions. Allah has made

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it clear that he has an molekule kudos Allah is the King of all kings. Allah is the one who, who made the who made the earth Allah is the one who made the seventh heaven Allah is the one who made the sun, the moon, the stars, the human, the human race, the animals the food, Allah is the one who controls the weather, the climate, Allah is in charge of everything. So Allah is Al Malik. So this is the, this is the fourth name that we should remember that is the fundamental aspect of our religion to understand that everything lies under the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala being al Malik, just as you know, that in certain countries where kings and queens exist, that in that area,

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the power that the ideology, the the the structure of that country runs by whoever's in charge of that country, just as the whole world is owned by Allah subhanho wa Taala al Malik, Allah is the King of all kings again. And we see that calling upon Allah for this name, calling upon Allah, the right re citation of Yama, Malik 120 times a day, you could say at the time of the wall will bring purification of the heart or bring honor, and an assemblage of enlightenment and prosperity will be attained by invoking this name of Allah. So you'll be molokhia molokhia Malik, and then you can add to it, I'll molecule could also Salam or minalima, himeno, and so on, you can go on like that. But

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I'll Malik to understand that you're saying to Allah, that we know that Allah that You are the King of all kings, nothing can happen without your permission. So we understand that Allah is the king, and with this, that we turn to Allah for all of our problems. And then you see that the chef here has attributed the art to this name, which is Subhana Allah who might be harmed Han deca, La Ilaha, in under a stock firaga wa tubu like the meaning of this dwyers Glory be to the O Allah, with his praise, I bear witness that there is absolutely no object of worship except Hey Allah, I beseech to thee for forgiveness and attend to the with repentance, because we know that no, and you could say

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satisfaction to mankind will ever be attained by going to anybody to go into any king of the world, other than al Malik, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us ability to understand his status has a role and who he is, he is the King of all kings. And may Allah is one that gives the ability to remember his name and go forward to the next name. And we finish off by saying the law of Allah is applicable to everyone, the law of Allah, because Allah is alemannic and when Allah has Allah, we all have to abide by zachman law. hiren Watson jezza Hey,