Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 25

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So I want to lay over cut.

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Some learn from the love salatu salam ala rasulillah salam

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Romano Allah.

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We stopped yesterday at a story

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of a man

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who's a very righteous person

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and the whole village or the whole city where he lives.

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Allah subhanaw taala has written that they will be destroyed because they have deviated from the main path and they were disobedient to Allah Spano.

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And we said

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that that punishment normally allowed since the prerelease Salaam, and he will carry the whole city on the tip of one of his wings. And we said he had 600 wings. One wing

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is enough to block the vision between the East and the West.

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So he went down, he went down to destroy them.

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But Jebel Ali Salam found a man who was in a state of servitude, and he was crying, and it was making

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so jabril Allah ceram went back to Allah as if he's appealing. He said, Yeah, Allah, in a fee martica for land sajit barricade there.

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Amongst them. There's a man who's instead of subdued and is crying is making it

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as if he is interceding for those people that allow me to delay the punishment.

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But he was amazed by the fact that I said, Be from the start with him in Hola, neotoma our watch?

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fee. He did not even feel embarrassed, his face did not turn red, meaning he did not get angry for the sake of Allah because of what's happening around him.

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What's the message here? The message is, it's not enough to be righteous.

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Because this is something for you and this is something between you and Allah. I gave you a homework yesterday. I said go home and study I add 1363169 in Surat Al aarav. So number seven.

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What Allah Subhana Allah tells us the story of Betty Israel.

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And I have 163 we said 1632169163 Allah Subhana Allah

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is addressing prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say to him was aluminum Korean Allah tea cannot hotter Alba. Oh Mohammed asked them

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about the village or the city because the word Korea doesn't mean village literally in the Quran. Sometimes it could mean City.

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In the afternoon after submit

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it to him return home Sora is up to him. Meaning these people ask the last panatela for a day, that will be a holy day. They cannot work during the day. So law said Saturday

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it's forbidden for you to work. And this these people they used to live very close to the sea. So the main source of living for them was fishing.

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So now they are the ones who ask for a day to be forbidden for them to work.

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So last part that I wanted to test them

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so I said on Saturday, they want to fish but they cannot because it's forbidden. So on Saturday when they go to the sea and look at the shore, they find the fish everywhere. teasing them. We're here Can you catch us?

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And after certain day, for the rest of the week, they have to go deep inside the sea and come back with a fish have to Saturday comes. They go there and the fishes everywhere. Everywhere. teasing them. Okay, well here, we do something. So people in that community were divided into three types how many times I want to hear you three times. first group of people. They said we have to do something about this fish.

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We need to trick the fish. We need to find a way.

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So what was it? They said we're going to have the nets. We're going to set them up Friday night.

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And these fishes that are teasing us Saturday, they're going to come go into the net Sunday morning, we pulled them out.

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This is the first group. So they wanted to disobey Allah subhanaw taala in a tricky way.

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second group of people, like most people, most of the time, I call them, the passive people.

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Let's go away, let's be silent, say anything.

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third group of people,

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they are the proactive people.

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They said, No, this is haraam. Don't do this. So what are these people? These are the people who

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will mouth when they say it's good.

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If it's good, and if it's bad, they say it's bad. So they came to them and said stop this. Because this is haram. Subhan Allah who talks back to them?

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The passive people

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they said to them, Lima,

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what do you remind them? Why do you admonish them? A loss of America will destroy them? That's in the dunya

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Allah will come

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in the ashra Allah into lots of punishment and torture.

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What was the reaction of the people who enjoy them what's right? They said, Paloma.

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We have done our part. We reminded them we enjoy what's right.

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you never know. Maybe when you admonish someone when you remind someone, you might have a good ear and an open heart and they will listen.

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What happened at the end?

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The DGM people, they got the next set them up. Friday night.

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The fish game, Sunday morning people them

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so Allah subhanaw taala said, this is the result and this is the story. And this is the moral from the story. fella man so my the

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people who are trying to remind them Don't do this. Stop doing this. This is wrong. Allah smartasset and Jane and Latina and how not. So the only people that were saved are those who enjoy what's right.

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What hadn't been available, there either been as a lost person and we put those who were transgressors, those who asked for there to be holiday and they ended up going to work on that day. Because of the test Allah throw them this way.

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So in this dunya today, do we have so many fishes teasing us? Hello, smile.

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Do we trick them?

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Do we try? Don't say no. We said no. Take his name. Mohammed take his name.

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Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala mentioned two categories. What are the two categories? Allah mentioned the first one. Those who enjoy what sweat they were saved.

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And Allah said those threats versus Allah, punish them. Some scores petition, Allah subhana wa Taala. When it comes to the passive people, ignore them completely, because they will destroy it with the ones withdrawn. Because a second shaitan occurs if you see something wrong, and they keep silent, as if you are a silent shaitan as if you are condoning what's wrong.

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So the moral of the lesson is, it's not enough to be righteous. But it's very important that your righteousness should

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be shared with everyone should extend to the old community. And this is why Allah subhana wa Taala

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said in so number three

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and number 110

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is the best oma look at the verb Allah use this region, as if Alice Potter like kept us to the end of time I said, Now it's your turn, go out and do the job of profits because there is no prophet after Prophet promiseland who

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courageous enough to do what you're alone morona will Morrow if you enjoy what's right, what an honor and in Moncure and you stop what's wrong with manana Bella, we're supposed to be believers was the meaning of tuna Bella, don't be happy with your living of a man because your level of demand go up. And how is your level of demand in the last 10 nights of Ramadan?

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What's going to happen after Ramadan?

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Okay, keep it up, right? Yeah, because one of the signs that are like slipped in your heart of the work in Ramadan, is that you continue with the spirit of Ramadan. I'm not gonna say inshallah you pray to have children taraweeh at least continue with something I would like us to read, adjust. Everyday Ramadan, read at least one page after another. This is a sign the law accepted your good work in Ramadan in sha Allah. And here's the cliffhanger before we have the

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almost there.

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Some people might get this message today I'm going to say yes, I'm going to go out and I'm going to enjoy what's right. And what's wrong.

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There are rules when it comes to that.

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Okay, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the Hadith, ma wynncom minimum current value.

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But the recent failed

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failed me as

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well as about the Delica many men have battle hardened. Meaning if you see something wrong, the problem said stored by the hand. But then he said Stata Can everybody change by hand? Is it allowed for everyone to change by hand? Yes, you're allowed to change by hand at home, what do you have authority?

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But if I am to change when it comes to community, is this my authority? No, this is the authority of the ruler.

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And then the person said that it will come a time when he cannot change by hand. He said for inlandia Stata so if there is a lot that if you cannot move to the next level, which is change

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by the tongue, what's the meaning of change by the tongue?

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Would you like to know? Okay, we will watch inshallah the skit and we'll continue this tomorrow, inshallah.