Why does the Quran create Enmity between Muslims & Jews?

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Assalamualaikum My name is vidovic bernia I am French non Muslim and I am travelling eight months in India. I am 18 years old I compile my 12 in June and so

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inshallah, if you agree I will meet you in private but now I just would like to ask you

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about the Jews.

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Maybe if I am not wrong you said that

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it is written the Quran that Jews and byens

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strength, strong enemies of believers, Muslim believers Muslim and

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I would like to know always use verse can February's is in

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human gain

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when we see the traverse between Palestine Israel,

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our some Muslim and some Jews can

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cannot be cannot misunderstand this verse, because maybe it can

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provoked you can provoke some

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misinterpretation if it's literally that Jews and Muslim have to be enemies.

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Without good question that he said I said in my speech and I quoted the verse of the Quran of from Isaiah chapter five verse 82. He says that strongest in enmity to the Muslims would be the Jews and the pagans. And the closest in love would be the Christians to if they wanted create enmity when they say that the Jews and the Muslims should fight. The Quran doesn't say Jews and the Muslims should fight. The Quran says strongest in enemity. To the Muslims to the believers will be Jews. It does not say that Muslims should fight with the Jews. It doesn't say that. But it says that the Jews by nature as a whole

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they'll be against Muslims, and a total manager. There are many Jews who accept Islam, there are many Jews or Muslims. But as a whole,

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as a whole, if you take Jews as a whole, and the Krishna the whole, the Christians are closer than the Jews as a whole. This is a fact.

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For example, the Quran says that the Jews are intelligent also. That's a fact. If the intelligence intelligent, that doesn't mean that it hides the fact. And the Quran also says that they will be as the whole staunchest enemy. So this is one of the falsifications that today, if you want to prove the Koran wrong, if the Jews, the Jews get together all of them, and they decide, let's put the Quran wrong. At least for three, four years, we will be better than the Christians. Let's stop the war of Palestine. And of the Palestinians. The Jews were kicked out by Hitler. Hitler incinerated 6 million Jews, he kicked them out of Germany,

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the Arabs, the Palestinians, they do al anon silent, come with open arms.

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After a few years, they're kicked out of the home.

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Imagine someone gives a traveler his home to live. And the traveler kicked him out of his home. And he shouting that he has taken my house and you're calling them terrorists. So what you have to do is, let's get together and solve this problem. What are the problem is not forever? Few years.

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For values only. And the problem is, so we aren't telling the Muslim to fight the Jews. In fact, the Quran says even if your enemy won free surpluses, even if they come to fight you, it's mentioned for you and fall in the battle if they want to give it to them. So Quran is always for peace.

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Quran is always encouraging a bird. If a person does not want peace to prevail, what can we do? Islam is the religion of peace. It wants peace, but even mentioned facts. That means we have to be careful of the Jews. Not that you have to fight them unless they come and fight with you as a different thing. Imagine what's happening Palestine what's happening other parts of the world. So brother for peace to prevail, you have to follow the guidance of the Quran and live harmoniously rather than be enemies. So Quran doesn't say the Jews should be enemies, but they will be the same problems. The question