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Hey, what can I take you to Hammersmith? Hammersmith? Okay, it shouldn't take too long.

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You have an accent there. You're not from these pots. No. Well, like I've been here for a while. But from Paris from Paris. Oh, come over. Yeah.

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Good. Good. Have you ever been there? I haven't. No. There was an incident in Paris a few weeks ago. How was it now? You know, given the family that it's a bit it's a bit tough. It's, it's been 10 cent? Yeah, that's the right word. Ah, yeah, shame. What happened is way better. Yeah, I know, it's a lot of different a lot of violence that's going on right now. It's quite bad. Yeah.

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What do you think about it? Well, you know, it's, it's very unfortunate that, you know,

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you know, in Paris and, and other places around the world where, you know, people don't feel safe and always very, very sad.

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And it's, it's unnecessary.

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When you and it's unfortunate, you know, because it's done in

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western in the name of Islam. And, you know, Islam is very far from that's got nothing to do with that. But do you know much about Islam? Well, I'm a Muslim myself. You are? Yeah.

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About the ability to study a little bit if you like,

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you probably know a lot more than me. Yeah. But many people, you know, they misunderstand Islam, they look at the actions of people. And they think that's what Islam is. Yeah. So anything to do with Islam is like, you know, shock horror. You know, this is something dangerous and something that we, you know, we need to stay away from when in fact, Islam is not like that at all. And people are hijacking, you know, the, the message or word, or the religion itself to serve their own

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their own causes.

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It's not new. It's not new. It's something that people have done, you know, throughout many centuries in different religions and different ideologies. They use something to try and push and push another shot. And there are a message I said,

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Fine. I know a little bit about the Prophet Muhammad. And a bit of the history and I know, I don't know if you could answer my questions, but

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doesn't it? Isn't it that he participated in a couple of wars himself?

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He did. Yeah. Yes, he did.

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so how is violence? How is violence looked upon? Yep. And violence? Yes. It was part of Muhammad's life. How is it?

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How does it participate? Yeah, sure, is a participant in modern life as well. You know, when, when I was studying the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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I looked at from a number of different perspectives, I looked at from an Islamic perspective, I Muslim writers and Muslim historians, and how they documented his life. And there's also non Muslims, you know, they have no vested interest into that they're not Muslims to praise the Prophet Muhammad. And there's a number of

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autobiographies written, one of them written by Karen Armstrong, actually, and it's very, very good. It's about the life of the prophet Muhammad. And it explains from a very kind of

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neutral position, about really his message, and what he propagated, and yes, he was involved in some wars. But the wars weren't there, you know, on a kind of expansion, kind of taking over lands purpose, that wasn't the objective. Many of the times it was self defense, that the fact that the Muslims were attacked, in the cities that they were in. And whenever they went out to

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call people to Islam,

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the option was given there to invite them to Islam, you know, peace, no war, and so many when people refused, and people took took up arms against Muslims, then, in fact, violence was,

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you know, that took place. On top of that, whenever there was, if you'd like a war, they're very, very strict regulations, very strict guidelines as to how Muslims are to interact with the opponent. Things like, you know, you're not allowed to how many women how many children to hire many religious clergy from the opposite

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religion if you'd like not to cut down any trees not to harm any of the environment, very, very strict regulations. And this is something which

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only in the 1940s when the UN the late 1940s, when the UN was established, that laws like this, and the declaration of the human rights, yeah, but they started to implement laws like that, where Islam had these things prior to this more than 1400 years and a lot of people know them. Another thing I understand about Islam is essentially it

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Message of Peace. That's right to give. Give yourself that's right. For the peace of the world. My right. Yes, Islam wants to bring about peace. He doesn't want to bring about warfare. And it's, uh, you know, the famous false statement that Islam was spread by the sword is it couldn't be any more wrong. Yeah, you know, if you go to Malaysia, or Indonesia, which Indonesia is the biggest, or the largest populated Muslim country in the world, more than 100 million Muslims that they embraced Islam, because of business transactions from the people of Yemen, there was no sword at all. They just saw the integrity, the good behavior of Muslims, and they used to question them as to use it,

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why don't you never cheat? Why do you never deceive, and that they will inform them and say that we're Muslims. And we are bound by the word that we give to people. Our word is our bond. And we know that we will be judged ultimately, by God, in the transactions we do. So we need to be very honest. So the people of those areas were impressed as to the How truthful Muslims were, and their business transactions. And now, of course, you find there's millions and millions of Muslims in that area. So the fact that you know, or the notion that Islam was spread by the sword is completely false. And all you need to do is just barely scratched the surface, just look a little bit, and you

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will find it, you will find the truth here you find because it's easy just to throw in a very simple statements. And that's what what people remember, when you look at the newspaper, or you read a news caption, that's what stays in your mind. But is it true? Only when you start studying these things? Do you think you know, that's not the case at all?

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But so,

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what do you do you think the truth of Islam has developed a bit or? Or how,

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apart from media or, or whatever, how, like, the the truth, or what the belief truth of this violence is coming from? Yeah, you know, example, like, what is the modern significance of like a jihad or Yeah, or what is their? Their comparison? What are they're trying to say? Because I agree with you, like, I already know that violence is not really part of the religion or like, it's right. It's, it's not to like, give violence. That's why I mean, another false statement that religion brings about war, it doesn't, you know, it doesn't bring about war, whether that's kind of that's kind of a weird one, because there's been a lot of wars.

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And if you look, if you look, well, that's true, I mean, to some extent, but if you look over the past, the 20th century, for example, that's how many wars were actually

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were based upon religion, World War One, World War Two were not religiously based. Okay, the Vietnam War, okay, the Korean War, all of these wars, the Cold War, it's not religious based. In fact, this is politically motivated politics. It's about countries expanding their lands got nothing to do with religion. So it's a false claim to say that, you know, religion is the cause of wars, if you just look at the 20th century, where more people died in this century, more than any other century, in the history of mankind. None of those wars were based upon religion. Rather, they were based upon political interests, whether it was democracy versus communism, or the like. Now, what you mentioned

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about jihad, you know, Islam is a great civilization. It's not just something exists in in mosques, few mosques around the world, you is one of the great civilizations that exists on this earth. So therefore, like any great civilization, it is a nation of people, that they have guidelines about how they will live and how they will exist. You know, there were civilizations that existed before like the Persians or the Romans, or even the Greeks, for them to remain here as a civilization. They had terms and conditions, and how they would interact with other nations. There were times how would you behave with people in times of peace? How would you deal with other nations that times of war.

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Similarly, Islam, being a great civilization has terms and conditions, how you will deal with other nations at times of peace, that you will have agreements, you will have times when you will have trade and so on and so forth in a peaceful way. And then, of course, there are Trump's times when

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when there's war,

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when the nation is maybe attacking you how you're going to deal with that. This, if you like, is called a jihad. It's called a struggle, because the word jihad means a struggle. How is it that we're going to defend ourselves? We have a civilization we have the right to exist. We have our own borders, if you like, We're a nation that exists. We have rights and you know, and hope and regulations that we want to uphold.

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So with the jihad, it's not just, you know, these.

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Sometimes these mad mullahs, you know, with sword, some horseback running around trying to cut the heads of people. As far from the truth, it's got nothing to do with that. It's a form of engagement with another people if they're aggressive towards Muslims, and then you have the internal struggle. A jihad is to, you know, to overcome your own lowly desires, about doing things which are displeasing to God, this is an internal struggle, which is the greatest struggle in some sense that will always remain with you. Because if you're not involved in a war that you made, you know, that kind of jihad you may never face. But every single one of us is facing a daily struggle, a daily

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jihad against against evil. So again, it's not a topic, which we can just discuss in two or three minutes. I think we know it, it's very important that you have a very nuanced and deep understanding concerning these very important topics, which affects so many people.

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So if it's about like, a struggle or

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not defending oneself when,

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when your religion is oppressed, or when you're oppressing the oppressed. How is it? I don't know. I mean, I know, you know, quite a violent, but like, I don't know how to justify or how do these people correlate with the religion when so and so Jihad ease that act upon violence? For example, going?

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Yeah, bring violence to innocent people. Yeah. And then they just become regular criminals? You know? No, I agree. It's very important that I think a lot of people misunderstand. Or people think that there is an actual link between the religion and your right acts of violence, where that's the mistake. That's the mistake. Yeah. And it's easy to make that distinction on non distinction, I should say, in that here it is, quote, unquote, the Muslims, and they're doing this act in the name of Islam, that, surely, then this is what Islam must teach. You know, people will make that assumption, when, in fact, what is going on? Now, you know, with this, what do you how do you think

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we is a solution, a solution? I think the solution is in different ways. If you're talking about this, ISIS exists at the moment and dealing with it head on. That's one. That's one problem. Also, I think, which we're all part of, is to

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educate the masses, educate people about the reality of what Islam teaches, and how that this particular movement is very far from Islamic teachings. And you have to make a distinction between what Islam and true Muslims what they stand for, and what this particular movement, how far away from Islam it is, and what they're calling to, and how they're behaving and interact with people how far that is from a true Muslim.

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So the fact is, I can have a conversation with you now here. Yeah. You know, we can chat about him, we learn about things, you know, you start to learn about and you say, you know, having a conversation with somebody. Yeah, that's why I got to know that you know, what's going on in these countries. That's got nothing to do with Muslims. That's got nothing to do with Islam. But it's easy for people just to see if they've got any of these, you know, things in their minds pre

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release thoughts which already existed there that you know, this is Islam. They're not willing to ask any questions. They're not willing to engage with the situation just as simply absorb what the newspapers say what the news says. If that's what they say, it must be true, when in fact, it may not be the case. Boom, boom,

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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.