Why do the Muslims want to Convert the Non-Muslims to Islam?

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Do we have any non Muslims on any of the mics of the sisters? Okay, we have one in the right hand side. Go ahead sister.

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Salaam Alaikum je

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I'm a Hindu

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Amata Ramiz. I'm a diploma engineering sorry to asking this question Hindu Bally's, their religion, Muslim believes their religion, but when both are meeting Hindu will not trying to convert in Hindu, but the Muslims Why do they are trying to convert in Muslims

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sister if I understood your question correctly when Hindus meet Muslim they don't try and convert the Muslim to Hinduism correct yeah but when the Muslim meet the Hindus they can convert the Hindus to Muslim correct

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sister It is like giving an example. There is a student who goes to school

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maybe then the seven standard or a standard ns student who goes to postgraduate college, postgraduate college may be doing your masters. Now when they meet

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with the school student try and teach the postgraduate or the postgraduate will teach the school student

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sister will visit school going student T the postgraduate student or the postgraduate student at the school going to

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asked you a simple question or a difficult question.

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Just answer my question. Yeah. So will a student going to school will teach a student going to a senior college postgraduate college or will a student going to postgraduate college will teach a student going to the school

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first graduated only correct. So in comparison when the Muslims what we believe we are postgraduates.

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So when we meet

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our younger brother, when school it's our duty to share knowledge we don't want to be selfish.

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I don't want to be selfish.

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You know those are selfish. Yeah, the person should not be a graduate you know, let him suffer. Let him be in school only. If he comes to college postgraduate, he may take my job away. Those are selfish people. We Masha Allah we are selfless. It's our duty to spread the message of truth. So when we meet a non Muslim whether Hindu whether the Christian whether Buddhists, we Delta Allah will Academy them survive by an American come to common terms, and we try and educate them. We don't want to degrade them. We can educate them so that they can become a postgraduate

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and both of us will get a good job. The good job is going to Jenna.

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So we don't alone want to go to Jana. We want to take our brothers and sisters to Jenna.

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Sister. Do you want to go to Jenna? Do you want to go to Paradise?

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Jenna, do you want to go to Paradise? No.

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Do you want to go to Paradise? Yes or no?

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I want to go to heaven. Only heaven. Yes. Have another name for heaven is paradise.

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There are some rules and regulations to go to heaven. As I mentioned in my earlier answer, according to the Hindu scripture, according to the Quran, according to the Bible, if you want to go to heaven you have to believe there is one God you have to believe he has got no images he got no photograph he has got no idols

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sister Do you believe in one God yeah I believe in the only you believe in Hindu god

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do you believe that God has got it is no God is not ideal to do you believe in idol worship.

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Ideal version I'm believing also believe in evolution. Yes. Well, God doesn't have idol. Why are you worshiping idol? And you're going against her in the scriptures.

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Your Hindu Scripture says in synthesizer Oh Punisher chapter for summer 19 and digitigrade chapter 30 verse number three Natasa with the majesty of that God, there is no image there is no photograph. There is no painting. There is no statue, there is no sculpture there is no idle. So do you want to follow your English scriptures? I don't want to follow you in the scriptures. No, I want to follow my culture only Hindu culture not your religion. My religion is Hindu only I want to follow what your Hindu religion is based on Vedas.

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Have you

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Did the visa sister

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know? Even your duty have to read the Vedas?

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When will you read it?

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I don't know. I will try. I request your sister read the Vedas tonight. No,

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no, nobody can read in nine degrees at night sister no problem with an groundhog any day any night no problem. My request to you sister Go home. Go on the internet type. The references I gave the other way chapter 30 verse number three, so does a thorough Punisher chapter four verse number 19. You know in kishanganj, I gave a talk in kishanganj, just two weeks back, and it was a three day program. First day it was a talk second open question or session only third there was talk in question on second day, and the deadline in India is 10 o'clock old Supreme Court. But when 10 o'clock was over, one intellectual Hindu came and told, you know, a lot of arcade water trying to

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do, you're talking about communal harmony, we're trying to convert and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I believe in. I only believe in Bhagavad Gita. I don't believe in VEDA. I wanted to answer him, but the time was up. So I told him when you come tomorrow, inshallah I will give you the first chance.

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The next day, when I give him the first time to ask the question, he said full night, I did research. I found the scholars of Hinduism, the pundits, and I was shocked that they said that whatever you told 100% was correct.

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In Hinduism, there is one God. Hindu Scriptures speak about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He said, I could not sleep the whole night.

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So he made my job easier. So I'm requesting you, sister, that tonight you go home.

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If you don't have any pundit to ask, you can google you know, shake Google with a Google

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a pundit, Google, go there, type all the references.

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Try and find out and tomorrow you can come and ask the question again, sister, inshallah. Thank you.