Yasir Qadhi – Eid Al-Fitr 1442 AH

Yasir Qadhi
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Luckily, in either mettam and obasan, who fell in love up bill I usually in China, he alone Moodle kamisha had you to her due

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said I want to come on Savoy Baraka to Edo komagata toppled Amina masala Amman Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we thank Allah azza wa jal for gathering us here today. The aids Salah is of course, something that we're all familiar with, but just a brief refresher, it is every toorak, our standard tilaka but in the first rocker, we will do seven tech bureaux total, so you can count seven. And if you want, you can raise your hands and say that tech beer and then in the second record, when we come up, we will do six tech beer odd total. That includes the one that is that tech beer that we stand up with. So you say Allahu Akbar and then you add five more after this. After the two Raka I

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will give a short, very short, very, very, very short quote but insha Allah who to Allah, the shortest hoba insha Allah Allah that you've ever heard for, I will try my best to do it within 10 minutes vanilla heated up. So if you're able to just be patient and remain, that would be great. If you must leave for some work or something then please try your best to not disturb the others. The read sada doesn't have any other or a farmer, we simply stand up still do.

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Alhamdulillah here have been me in a rush now rusnano rahane na linki Omid Ding, he cannot avoid or he cannot stowing Dino sled autonomous stopping slid on

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him while

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sabay smell Bob beacon

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LLC. All first one lady.

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One lady

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Sano Cody, aka

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SAP in sha Allah who in

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one oh yes siru can in use further kid in Nevada it

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says that girl named

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Jen ash or Allah de Aslan, Cobra

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moon jiofi

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or there

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was a girl I smell a B he felt

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better to see a room.

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dunia was

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feel so healthy.

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So healthy, it all

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semi Allahu naman hamidah

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Allah o

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or rusnano Rahimi Maliki a woman Dini he cannot avoid

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Ghana's dying. He did not slip it off on the email send it off.

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And him why he didn't love

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him more than

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me mean.

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What one Laney is sajama

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kameen Oh Allah one so far you're only gonna

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allow me a JDK team.

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Huawei jedec

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why why j Dec

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Melia Jima. Oh *

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enough. Jen how

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dis. Oh, whoa, whoa kaboom

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semi Allahu naman. hamidah

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Oh, come on.

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Oh, come on.

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Send out more.

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I said

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Allahu Akbar, Allah. Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Okay. Well, hamdulillah he can heal up whatsover han Allah He bukata tanwar Sina. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah is indeed great. Allah is indeed majestic. Allah is indeed merciful. Allah is indeed generous. What a noble and blessed Lord that we have an hamdulillah we thank Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Are we thank Allah for having gathered us here today after a year of absence after a long time of many trials and tribulations, my sermon today dear brothers and sisters centers on three simple lines, I asked you to memorize them, first and foremost, be thankful for what you have. Secondly, be patient when you are tested. And thirdly, be consistent in your rituals and worship. This is my entire sermon. First and foremost, be thankful for what you have a lower tells us in the Quran, that in Shackleton, the Z Danna, come, if you thank me, I shall give you even more, we should appreciate all the blessings that we have. And this last year and a half with the COVID crisis has caused us to

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truly appreciate that which we took for granted this month of fasting has caused us to appreciate our food and our drink. Every single blessing that we have, we should thank Allah azza wa jal and a part of showing thanks is to appreciate what Allah has given us in our heart and to praise Allah with our tongues and then to use what Allah has blessed us in our actions in order to show that we are thankful. So if Allah gives us wealth, being thankful means being generous if Allah has given us health, being thankful as we physically help people out so be thankful for all that we have and do not take the blessings of Allah for granted. Number two, we are all being tested. Every human being

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is tested the purpose of life is to be tested. No human being will live agenda on this earth. Jenna is for the next life. And when we want to attain Jenna and earn Jenna, one of the most effective ways to do so is to be patient for all the tests and trials that come upon us. And being patient means that in our heart, we understand that Allah azza wa jal SCADA is effective. We accept Allah other even as we work to change it. We do not complain to Allah except to Allah directly. We say to Allah directly, Oh Allah change the situation we are in. And we do not grow and are mumbled to other people about our grievances. We try our best to be dignified in the summer, and we work effectively

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with our actions to change. Accepting does not mean that we are happy. It means in our hearts, we understand this as a test and trial, and we accept the decision but we work to change it and we ask Allah to change it. So sober means that our hearts accept and then in our actions, we work to change the situation for the better. And we expect a lot to reward us for every single trial and every calamity and every grief and anguish. This is what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that no trial befalls us except that if we are patient, Allah shall reward us. So we are patient during trials. And then the third thing dear brothers and sisters maintain consistency in our actions of

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worship, and the bare minimum is the five are kind of Islam after the Shahada, the prayers and the fasting of Ramadan, and the giving of Zakat, and then once in a lifetime going for Hajj. This is the bare minimum, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said O Messenger of Allah give me a comprehensive advice that I don't need any more advice after this give me a sentence that I can follow and that's all our Profit System responded say I believe in a law and then maintain consistency through must stop him say I'm a believer and then maintain consistency Alhamdulillah this month, we have fasted we have prayed, we have come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now that

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we have done so much, let us not revert back to our previous lifestyles, let us maintain some consistency that is better than when the month began. That is better than before Ramadan began. And if we do these three things, then in sha Allah who to Allah life is going to be something that is blessing for us dear Muslims before I conclude it is not appropriate for us to have this read celebration without making special to up and remembering all the Muslims around the globe that are suffering that are in pain that are in persecution and cannot have these types of read or even if they do their aid is accompanied with grief there it is accompanied with worry and stress. Dear

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Muslims, the oma is one body when one part of it is in pain the whole body suffers How can we not see what is happening in Philistine what is happening in China with a weaker brothers and sisters, what is happening in Kashmir, what is happening in Somalia, what is happening in Syria, what is happening in Burma and across the Muslim world. And then nothing happens in our lifestyles, do Muslims what is happening over there might happen in other places as well. So we thank Allah for our blessings. We are patient for whatever trials have come and then we maintain the consistency in our worship. That is the least that we can

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Do given all the calamities around us dear Muslims today is the day of read, make it special celebrate but the real celebration will be those who will be rewarded today in the eyes of Allah. So do not convert eat to a day of evil, do that which is permissible and celebrate with family and friends and ask Allah to reward you for your previous month of fasting and ask Allah to give you consistency dear Muslims, today is the day of he makes sure your children understand and appreciate showered them with love and gifts. Because this is one of the main pillars of our religion. One of the main Sha it of our Dean is to celebrate the day of read, and we want our children to have

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positive memories. On this day. Our Prophet system allowed some merriment on this day the habit Shall we play inside of the masjid so we as well should do something extra special for our family and I conclude with a sincere do up Raise your hands up to Allah subhana wa Tada. Oh Allah, we ask you You're a man yo Rahim. yarrabah sama wa t Well, we asked you a lot to accept our month of fasting and to accept our month of standing and to accept our recitation of the Quran. We ask you a lot to make today a real read and read not just of our bodies of our souls and read what we have been forgiven of all of our sins and aid where our names have been written amongst those who will be

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saved from the punishment of the Fire of * of Allah grant us the good of this world and the good of the next world of Allah grant for us progeny and spouses that are a comfort of our soul and a healing to our eyes. Or Allah give us every head and Baraka that we want that is beneficial for us and avert from us tragedies and calamities that we cannot bear. Oh Allah help the Muslims or Philistine. Oh Allah free follow Steen for our brothers and sisters. Oh Allah free must you do lochsa from under the yoke of Zionist oppression. Oh Allah help our Uighur brothers and sisters from the oppressions they are facing. Oh Allah help the refugees across the globe in Syria and Burma and

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everywhere they are Oh Allah help them Muslims that are being persecuted anywhere and everywhere Oh Allah for you are our Rob and they are Rob and they have no molar and we have no molar other than you are benna artina for dunya has set up within our authority has worked in either but now what so Lola who was sending him about a karate Mohammedan why the Adi he was so happy Germaine Taka but Allah who may know him income sada Amman Kuma kuhmo you may stand up and greet one another but keep your social distancing and say said I'm why they come May Allah accept from all of us saramonic Muhammad sallahu wa barakato

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he can


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