How Did Shirk Begin in Earth

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You buy in Adam one of our sushi Ashu Harun 10 centuries, let's say 1000 years Kula Humala

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all of them are what on the head? No, she was a nurse only the killing adultery all these major sins whether he can so

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if you want unity you need what

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all of mankind or what one what

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one oma because they were worshipping who

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fakarava della Phu they started separating how when what then show on Yahoo, Yahoo when

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different gods suck tell us

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why why we parted our ways this one is going to say I'm going to worship Jesus. This one is going to say I'm going to worship the cow. This one is going to say I'm going to worship the three This one is because that's when we start.

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Now, when this happens, Allah sends messengers, Fatah for law will Naveen

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after Adam passed away

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the one who took over

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the prophethood from him.

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someone by the name of sheath

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that's one of the children of Adam.

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After she

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came Idris

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or guru Phil Tita V is in moussaka Nelson de Pon de

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la makan and

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he was actually one of the first people who would dry on the sand for the people

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he would write for the people in the sand

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know is one of the offspring of Idris

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now what happened and be very much attention because of harmala this subject happens to be very relevant to Christmas and what we're going through here

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and I will connect it

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one of the children of Idris This is before the birth of Luke now

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his name is what

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what color Katana

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what that you know what the meaning of what is with help his name is

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ill would deliver a

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modem and have been Lord Allah

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Subhana Allah this man was so righteous and pious, so righteous, so out of this world.

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Masha Allah

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enjoining Good for you. That is why the people ended up

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loving him and they call them what hope

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ma Allah Subhana Allah look at it in alladhina amanu

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Lulu moonwalk man would,

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indeed those who believe and act righteously. Allah will place the love in the hearts of the believers. But the people loved him, loved him.

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loved him so much.

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He had four children.

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yeah, oh, one extra

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Look, a sign of righteousness and piety that you also leave behind your righteous children. His children came after him and they took on

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you know, guiding the children of Adam, that people love them dearly. Now when the five of them passed away, that people miss them.

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Man, I missed what

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we saw.

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What is the whole I missed them so much. They were so righteous and pious.

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Look how shavon comes into play now.

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Guys, I can help you actually came to them in a form of a human being.

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I can help you.

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I can shape them while they are doing these acts of worship for you in different positions. So that when you see them like they will achieve what then why his brain. They will chip Swan while he is giving sadaqa so that when you see them, you're encouraged to do what

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to do.

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them look at how shaitan comes in

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the shape on do not follow the footsteps of shaitan

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they said great idea. So he ended up shaving what then Swan Yarmuth? Why? Oh, NASA in different positions of worship acts of worship while they are performing acts of worship. So when the person sees what doing this on the picture on the shape on the idol, he would do like him.

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One generation passed by another generation key, the shaitaan came to them and he said, Listen, Allah is not going to accept what you're doing unless you ask them to intercede

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and that's how I the warship was introduced to humanity.

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That's how mankind started worshipping idols.

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What was the reason a

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excessive love

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for a creative being

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what do they call it mean outside of deity.

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Lu fil a for the

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one of the greatest or one of the widest, that's the literal translation of the words the widest gate to falsehood that you exaggerate in loving somebody or giving them a status more than what they deserve.

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And who did this to

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the Christians.

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The Christians love Jesus. They love them.

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Yeah, it's you, you can they do love him,

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but that ended him ended them to do what to make him What?

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Likewise that he would have known, they loved what they loved. So, this is the type of shakey

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Shiro cool muhabba.

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Ship returning to loving somebody and this is by the way, the hardest type of ship the hardest type of policy is in that a person will not leave

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because your heart loves. Look at the verse or meenan see simi Taki boomin nila he and the Yoshi buena hunka. Hope

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they love them more than they love a law or like the love of Allah.

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They use a machine

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and that's what happened. Excessive love towards so Panama.

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These five individuals, what dense were on Yahoo's Peninsula, which led them to end up bull*ting them. Emerging profit New Orleans alayhis salam spending 950 years asking them to leave the worship of those five at the end what was the report submitted to Allah? What did he say?

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Allah no follow up be in massone what lamea z Duma lu lu

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lu said to Allah O Allah dia de disobeyed me and they followed they followed those will see rich people their wealth and their children

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send them astray took them astray

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was called they said well

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we're not gonna leave the warship of this

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world well

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done well

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they should know

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that's a Lulu

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with xo Pamela Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us against this letter Tony gamma rottenness all of

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the people would come to the professor

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and say

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you are our masters.

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What Nusa yeading

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and you are this and and all over colico

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say as you please. In NEMA Anna Abdullah he was

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and the slave of Allah and His message. He blocked he blood. You know, the son of the son of the prophet SAW Salem whose name is Ibrahim

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when he passed away

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What happened? who see physicians

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The sun clips.

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So a rumor circulated in Medina hosts effetti Shams William o t. Brahim.

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The sun was

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clips. This is the right English clips right the sun clips the eclipse because of the death of Ibrahim

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Tokuda bobbitt and he said toto

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in a sham Sowell Kamara. I attend even a tiny Minaya Tila. Indeed the sun and the moon are two signs of Allah, Lucifer nilima with Dr. Heidi mana hayati. They do not clips because of the death of somebody or any that's something that happened to happen. Don't say that.

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This is the issue.

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This is the issue.

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I hope

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imagine when he is on the ball, but can you tell me now

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this is Phil Buhari. And Edwin enter salatu salam ala rasulillah messenger of Allah ha la casa rhodora

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the animals are dying the visitations of Dr. Because there is no

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brain standing on the moment you're up

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when you're on the ball, but you make

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water as your

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anus swears by Allah we did not leave the masjid and killed the rain came down like down pouring

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to the extent that each one of us his beard was what wet because you know that they didn't have the ceilings, right? They had what the ceiling was made out of.

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So the water is gonna come through

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and it keeps doing this for a whole week.

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The next Juma is on the bottle with that same big one and you're rasulillah we're drowning

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Rasul Allah Salah Malian standing aloha mahalo, Li now Allah,

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Allah O Allah make it rain around us, but not enough. And as waves he did not come down until we saw the sun.

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Now this may invite some people to think that also Salam has what

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he looks at his companions

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or Shido law and Nia Abdullah am the slave of Allah.

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Don't ever do this?

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Don't assume anything. Our Mauer takes to you know, you know, there is a line I hate to say it, but I got it from one of the pictures. It takes two to tango, they tell you, like the righteous people, you have to be careful to mama when you have righteousness and piety and that people look at you being righteous and pious. Be careful now don't

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go into Baraka in tomorrow, tomorrow. How do you know um Baraka? Baraka, you're a blessing now, I don't know if Baraka comes from who Yes, Allah May blaze the Baraka in me. But how do you know?

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How do you want to dedicate while we were banned from braising?

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We will not suppose even when you bring somebody you do with actually to give him his right.

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He's wrong, and that people are wrong in Atlanta, this product did this and you're not praising him, but you're trying to work to bring justice to him. That's the only time that you're allowed to talk positive about somebody when you see people are rolling him. Then you come on brothers, this brother did this and this and this and but you go to somebody, oh, these you are you are no. say if you see somebody doing this takes and then what?

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Why? Because that could lead to a

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Why a person who claims that he knows the unseen is about why.

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By the way, I know what's going to happen to you tomorrow.

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Why? Because you're going to assume that I have what?

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I told you the story again, and I tell it now,

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because of the context of it for you to understand the point I'm trying to make how the people ended up deriving these things. Because what then Swanee are very righteous people. They have nothing to do with the people like Jesus. You think Jesus told the people to do this? In the day of judgment? Allah subhana wa Taala will ask him in front of humanity. What if he said no more Yama and upholstery, Nancy?

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Allah, Allah, Allah will ask him Did you tell Asia Did you tell the people to take you and your mother as to God's beside Allah, Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah

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Mr. Sullivan I can say something I have no right to say such a thing. macula homie llama. Mr. Tan Ed, I only informed them told them conveyed to them what you commanded me to convey to them

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that they are innocent but the people who end up making up these stories about them like we read about the key journey. We read about lol Gilani, we read about these are righteous people which extreme souf is actually appoint them and give them certain powers in the universe. They feel that they are at the top, they are corners of this world of this universe. Nothing happens without luck. But if you go and check the bibliography of these individuals, you'll find them extremely

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righteous and pious, and they never invited people to do this. Here's the story maybe we can close with this today.

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Rasul Allah Allah Allah, Allah de esto de Muslim.

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He said, Ashraf born Buta murrini Metformin bill.

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Lo Oksana Allah Allah Allah Allah

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look at this now look at the condition of this person. You may see somebody who is what dusted he doesn't look at

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his clothes as what is really

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mature and beloved we know you know what that means. If he goes

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Knock Knock on somebody's openness or opens a door. Oh you get out of here.

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What do you want get

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my phone bill Avaya Basilica status in the sight of Allah.

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If he takes an oath of Allah, Allah will fulfill his oath.

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That's a status in the sight of Oksana Allah Allahu Allah Allah. You see this is what invited

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some people in the Muslim world to look at these people who walk around in that

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shape to be what well He is waiting that green thing and he's winning the tone clovers. Oh that wish that I knew that we

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that's not what is meant by the hurry. Look.

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Outside of Muslim he said we're in a min human era of nomadic.

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And one of those people.

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His name is Dylan Bara of nomadic the brother of ns. A blue half brother of Ennis

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who heard the studies.

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Few people handful.

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Look at this. He is later Rasulullah saw someone passed away. During the time of

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their country in Virginia.

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They came across a fortress in a place called toaster.

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It wasn't on assura. See.

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And they've been trying for two, three months

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to go through it. And they can't.

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They tried every little thing. So one of the people who heard this Hadith, notice that the borrower is in the army.

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So he came to the middle of the army and he said Why are we going through hardship?

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I heard the messenger Salallahu alaihe salam say that

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if this man can take an oath of Allah,

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we can conquer.

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We can when

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you're getting the point, right. So basically, they wanted to meet

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that they would invade

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and conquer.

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So the leader of the army called wl Barra

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and he said please make your offers there's no signal I'm not gonna do it.

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No, I'm not gonna do it actually after him for three days. And he refuses. Why is he refusing?

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Because it kurama you know, this is karma. You're not karma is some some power that Allah gives to you. And if people know about it, it may invite them to believe in what? That you have some divinity in you.

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And he's afraid of them.

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So finally under pressure,

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he makes the door

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00:19:41--> 00:19:50

arena Hurrah in Nevada, let us see the backs of our enemies tomorrow. But look, look, look what was funny shahida

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and it's time for me to die.

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I wonder

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because of that.

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Because of that he's he's a righteous person a lot giving him that column with a case where the scholars differentiate between kurama and Mirza, the kurama of the value, a law, a person who is not a prophet or a messenger and the miracle of the Prophet, the prophet is supposed to disclose his miracle, but he should not walk.

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He should hide it

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and run with nasai

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he had the disease that he could not even go to the bathroom.

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he said this when he was dying, that I used to have angels come and take my hand to help me go to the bathroom.

00:20:49--> 00:20:50

But he said this when when he was

00:20:52--> 00:20:54

dying, he didn't say it when he was what

00:20:55--> 00:20:57

I like because again

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this is something

00:21:01--> 00:21:04

bizarre movie is this a movie fishery and said do

00:21:05--> 00:21:07

you blocked the way

00:21:08--> 00:21:19

that you're very careful, if the person is a messenger or has a status or known of His righteousness and piety, make sure that you do not invite people to assume that you have somewhat

00:21:21--> 00:21:30

some divinity and this is extremely important. This is why Rasul Allah Allah Salama companion tells him if Allah wills in you,

00:21:31--> 00:21:32

he tells him what

00:21:35--> 00:21:38

what's wrong with you, you making me equal to Allah.

00:21:40--> 00:21:42

say if Allah wills venue,

00:21:43--> 00:21:45

not and you venue,

00:21:47--> 00:21:58

this one letter, but again, this is to block the way for any greater, greater evil, which is

00:21:59--> 00:22:16

shaped in a way for those individuals who Pamela they ended up worshiping what then so are on Yahoo opana surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala send them prophet No, Allah is Allah in order to bring them back to the Hey