Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #07

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the devastating impact of substance abuse on youth, particularly children who take drugs and drink alcohol. The history of Islam includes the implementation of Islam's rule of death and the use of the word god to describe its power. The segment provides insight into the importance of feeding animals and human welfare, as well as the use of "arare" and "arare" in the Bible's use. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a product.
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Juice me Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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by Earth now whom Lina Allah is brainy. Salima libido Ahmed sakalava Aleem. So just to recap the note on which we concluded the youth took shelter refuge and amnesty in the cave, asking beseeching, imploring the almighty to make it easy for them and God grant them accomplishment in their goal. And what was the intervention of the Almighty to enable and to assist and to empower these youth for bar robina Allah, Danny him feel can fish in in either that verse number 11. We then cast a veil of sleep over their ears, which was a reflection and it didn't know that the depth of the sleep, it was just not a light sleep, it was just not a snooze. It was just not a power nap. It was a deep sleep

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for three centuries for three centuries. And so Allah subhanaw taala gave them peaceful sleep, and they couldn't hear anything. Nobody knew about their whereabouts they were in deep sleep. And Allah kept them away from all the happenings around and this is the beauty of the intervention of the Almighty. So at the time when Pharaoh had instructed for the killing of children, Allah subhanho wa Taala says when he chose not Allah IE, we're

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gonna have better meaning. And I had gassed this beauty on you almost i'd cast this beauty that as much as federal was a murder of innocent children. But when you look at Musa alayhis salaam, he was just exceptionally beautiful, adorable and irresistible. And as soon as this beauty in the heart for someone, it just becomes a blockage to inflict any harm on that person. So Allah subhanaw taala gave them deep sleep. Then verse number 12, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, so my birth now one, then we revive them, then we revive them. From that sleep of this, Lena allameh has been a Salima lobby through ama da to see meaning to reveal and to express Lena Alam a real mother worin to make it

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known to others because Allah knows everything. From the inception. Allah knows it Allah has really met as Ellie really met Kadeem as we would say in academic language, the knowledge of Allah is permanent and Allah knows everything in advance of what will occur and what has occurred jamoma banner ad him one Mahalo for whom Allah knows the past and the future. So wherever Allah says Lina Alam, so that we can discover so that we realize so that we know a real motherhood in we make our knowledge known to others. So my birth now whom Lina Allah He will his benei, which out of the two groups have recorded the duration of their sleep correctly, which out of the two groups now what is

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meant by his bond mean in group is mainly meaning due to groups, according to the opinion of Mujahid, and others, which is captured in tafsir Kabir Freudian Razia Rahim, Allah has made mention of it, that the two groups referred to two groups from within their ranks. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala, revive them,

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they withdrew from the group, the nation, the tyranny of the tyrant whose name historically was did their nose and they went into this cave and we spoke about it geographically, etc. And they took refuge and amnesty and then Allah gave them this deep sleep, pure wholesome sleep. And I urge you, my young brother, unfortunately, Today, many youth have succumb to the temptation of substance abuse, and then they pop these pills and take these recreational drugs, to supposedly numb them and give them this long sleep and just swallow and drown all their misery. Look at the pure wholesome sleep that Allah gave these youth, they withdrew from the wrong end device and the idolatry and the

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polytheism and the disbelief that was happening in their community. They took shelter and refuge in the cave, and Subhan Allah, Allah gave them byol some sleep And that's not all. As we will develop further you will see the divine interventions of the Almighty for the protection of these youth. So Allah them revive them, so that to see and make known

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to others, which of the two groups will be more accurate in recording the duration. So when Allah revived them, and then they started speaking amongst themselves, how long have we been sleeping? You know, if you are in deep sleep or you fell off to sleep

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at an airport awaiting a flight, or you know what you have a halt over, and you were just taking a quick nap and then you went into deep sleep, or you're sitting in your car and it's it's lunchtime one to two and because you had a restless night or Insomniac night and then you when you open your eyes and you look at your watch, lo and behold, you know what, everyone around you it's gone and it's no more midday it's the late evening and then now you just trying to gather yourself and find your balance and then you were in a deep dream and there was this as you know different thoughts and emotions and it almost takes you a few moments before you gather yourself. So when they kind of

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gathered themselves and then they said hey, how long have we been sleeping? So one said lobbies now Yeoman Oba and biome lobbyists now young woman Obama young, I don't know was it half a day or probably a de ba Lu Robuchon, lm ob, ma Elizabeth DME, while the others responded and said, No, no, you know what, let's not discuss in debate how long we slept. Surely Allah knows how long we slept. And that's the reference given in the idea that while neither of the two could specify the absolute detail of the duration of the sleep, but the correct answer implied is those who handed it over to Allah, those who said Rob bolcom Allah mo Bhima Elizabeth stone, surely Allah knows how long you

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slept. And another point of reflection my brother, my sister, my listener, my viewer,

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is at this point Allah gave them such a long sleep, yet Allah subhanahu wa taala made it appear to them, that it was a half a day or one day, this is this is amazing, that outside in the world, yours are passing centuries are turning and for these use within the gave, you know what almost is a how to time that after rising after three centuries, they assume we need to be only a day or half a day or one day Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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In the third Jews of the Quran in surah baqarah second chapter, verse 259. Allah speaks about the tale in the narrative of Rosanna alayhis salam as expounded by the scholars of the Sea of Galilee, Mara Allah Korea de

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la Rosa, of course, Ocala the the ad is on the verses that preceded it all like the person Mara who passed Allah Korea a locality. Where are we at in the other room Sheila a Sati putana Allah Ruchi ha, which had overturned on its rooftops Carla and you're in Harvey hillam about the motel ha, and or their Ali Salaam just looks at the debris, and looks at the ruin, and looks at the rubble. And he's like, I'm just wondering, in which manner of course he has absolute conviction on the strength and the power and the grandeur and the magnanimity of Allah. In which manner will Allah revive all of this and you're in love with the mo de la fermata Hello me and da min a verse of the Quran and

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that's our belief in it that with absolute conviction and yet in Allah gave him death for a century. Allah gave them death for a century and in row holobiont it is mentioned I read, I'm Allahu avasarala. nz. Well, Jeannie, what do you read was seaberry Allah gave him death on that spot, and Allah than veiled him from the vision of humans and Gene and animals and predators and birds and vultures. So he called lamps at that point, and Allah gave him a sleep for a century. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala, veiled everyone you know that this is it, when we say the power, the kodra, the mind the grandia of Allah, that it is just in finite, it is just in finite, Allah has absolute total

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power over everything at Mullah Bishara, Lindsey well genuine to you he was Seba, and so, for one sanctuary he rests on his place. And he his donkey also dies which was his mode of transport. And and after a century, so my Bahasa Allah revive them, and then he's asked him lavista How long did you sleep? Tyler lobbies to Yeoman. Oh Barbara yom. I think probably a day or half a day and many

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scholars say is because he went to sleep in the morning and when he got up it was towards the evening so he thought it was the evening of the same day it was the evening of the same day and then it was so those to him Bell Labs with Tommy utter amin, Bell Labs with Tommy utter Amin. Oh Rosa, you've been resting for one century. One daughter Ella. Hi Marika. Well in Niger I like Lynas and you're sleeping and subsequent revival is a reflection on of how resurrection will take place. And now look at your mule and donkey. Wonder Ellen. Hi, Mary. Kay, Fernanda. She's so Monique, sue her LACMA, how we will assemble the bones and then we will clear it with flesh. And that's precisely

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what happened. And you seen how the bones came together and it was covered and clouded with flesh. And then Allah gave it live. And he mounted back onto that conveyance Karla Allah and Allah Allah good Alicia in Padilla, I absolutely have Yachty in and conviction without an iota of doubt that Allah has power over everything. So I like gave them the sleep is the one thing but then the second thing is the notion for them to feel. Now I have a flash of another verse Allahu Akbar. So in the 10th Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about better the campaign of better and Allah refers to it as yo Mel farrakhan, the day where truth and falsehood was separated. The Quran is referred to as

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for upon as well shahara Rama bond Allah, the Salafi Hill Kuru and orderliness. verbena, Minal Buddha. Well, farrakhan well, farrakhan right there are clear signs in the Quran and it separates truth from falsehood.

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So Allah referred to as the old malformed, carny, young woman,

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that they have forgotten when the two armies met. And then Allah said that remember that time you colloquium fee or uni him that way if you recall, if you re como whom he built a titan V or Unicom kalila, what your political my word, my word, and remember the time when Allah Subhana, who would the Allah reduce reduced the image and the numbers of your opponent in your eyes? So in reality, their numbers were more, their numbers were more more than double than the believers. And automatically when you're going to see your opponent is more than you more well equal, it's going to create a psychological weakness and feebleness in you What if you re como whom he will try etom fi

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or unicam kalila.

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So Allah made the opponent appear less in the eyes of the companions that said, their numbers remained the same, their numbers remained the same, but in the eyes of the Sahaba. Allah made them appear less so that it can give strength and courage and confidence to the companions that no no they not much. They you know what we will have carried and strength. The point I'm saying is, the numbers can be large, Allah can reduce them in your eye. You can sleep for centuries, Allah can make you feel you're only slept for a period of time we move on Allah subhanho wa Taala then says in verse 13, nano Namco soheila nano narco soheila, Canada, Bill hug in a room 50 atone men obiora beam

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was a dinner Buddha. So in verse nine, there was a brief and a Jamali, Introduction to the narrative. Have you heard about the people of the cave and retain inscription or the mountain or the locality, etc? Do you think that they were unique from our science? Now in verse 13, Allah formally formally opens up the discussion about these youth and what does Allah say?

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Na Na Casa La cannabis, Bill hug, nano we and of course, we ought to know this, wherever Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the expression of plural, it is to denote authority, Majesty, greatness, magnanimity, and it does not suggest dual or multiple, and this can be understood in through Arabic poetry, so many places in the Arabic language, where multiple you know a plural expression denotes authority, a plural expression denotes authority nanoweb nakasu. narrate to you I lay upon your own Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam never own their tail there. Instead of

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Their happenings bill half day. What absolute truth, Bill hearty is to refute all the other things. Some would say that some would say this. Yep. Sometimes when they're, you know what rumors circulating, or there's 10 different versions, then you get an eyewitness and he comes forward or she comes forward. And he says, You know what, let me tell it to you from the horse's mouth. mean family Hassan Minh familia Hassan from the horse's mouth, one on one, I seen it with my naked eye. Well, nobody can give you more accurate details of anything other than as Allah subhanho wa Taala gives it to you. Because of course, Allah is the knower of everything. So never assume their story

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that they will be happy with absolute truth. What does Allah say? Verse 13, in a warm, tone, manual, again, again, my respected young boy, my respected young girl, Allah subhanaw taala focuses and magnifies the point of youth in a woman faith. Surely they will use they will use they were young, they were young.

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Someone said, four qualities are amazing if anybody possess it, but in four particular categories have it, it just enhances the beauty. Number one, I do frequently insert in Hassan, like in filipo, bati acen. Justice is great. It's wonderful if I executed if you implemented, but there's nothing better than a just ruler, a ruler, a governor in power in authority and he executes justice. That's the best thing. Number two asakawa two Min alvernia. He has a non lack in film for Karachi Asad. generosity is wonderful in the wealthy. But if a poor man despite his meager income, if he can spend from that, then that is just amazing. Ma vamos sadaqa Jo doll motel. Ma vamos sadaqa Jo Don Miguel,

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what is the greatest form of charity, that meager donation of the person who's just having basic amount, he barely has anything. I have a flash of that incident when it hasn't rather your loved one who's seen the slave abon and he was busy eating a slice of bread and he was feeding the dog until it came to it you know that there was now just one slice left and everything else was depleted. Illa and Shah Baba who Allah and Shah para kalba so Hassan Rolando observed that this slave got that slice of bread in half. It's a beggar eating. It's a poor humble man. Cut that slice of bread in half gave half to the dog and ate it. When Satan has seen this tears welled up in his eyes. He said

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ma Hi my laka Allah and Sha turtle kalba Maha Malacca Allah and Sha. Sha Patel kalba. What made you give the dog half the slice and you ate half slice? I mean, you know what you hungry? That's all you have. Why did you divide that slice of bread? He said, it's the heart. I mean, I in a *, who I simply could not swallow that bread down my throat, knowing that there's a hungry animal next to me. And I asked myself a tough question. You're my brother. And you can ask yourself that same question. I don't want to trample your feet. You can make the call in yourself. How many of us eat a meal not only an animal or a creature, but humans around us and I'm not trivializing the need of feeding

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animals. We need to feed every Alana Phil baja in May and June, Atlanta, Phil baja me a drone. Today we talk about animal welfare and animal rights. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about it 14 centuries ago. only be of Allah will we be rewarded if we show kindness to animals? And he said feed any living creature I'm paraphrasing, feed any living creature and your reward is guaranteed.

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For kabu Sally Hatton what truco has Sally Horton, when you dismount, leave that animal in a good state. When you mount onto it, put that animal in good state don't abuse it, don't exploit it in any way. They undulations in beta when they hire under the chapter of mergesort, where certain animals came and complained to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about any form of ill treatment that was done towards them. So abandon the slave said, I didn't have the courage to swallow that and seen a dog hungry, of course hasn't brought the olana was hustle

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Brother your loved one who hasn't brother your loved one who was his son, brother, Alonzo. Oh, my brother who carries the name hasn't today revived the legacy of the man after whom you were named. Her son was the grandson of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Ebony, say yes yet in napanee ha da se yet, while I lulla au slay Javi Bane Fei Dany are the madain in meenal Muslim in this youngster the son of minds does grandchild of mines is a leader and surely Allah will make him a means of uniting two factions of this oma asunder the Alanna goes and purchases the servant and the slave and the orchard and gifts it to that individual gifts it to that individual. That's the

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reality. That is that is selflessness anyway, no no passarella can never be

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in a room 50 atone may no be robbing him was a dinner Buddha. I said Allah is focusing and magnifying the aspect fit Yeah, and we were speaking about those four categories. That one is justice is good from everyone but even greater from the governor and the ruler. And then generosity is wonderful from the wealthy but nothing better from the poor person like this person that I just spoke about. And then I'll hire Oh Mina Nisa a has an L higher omega rage Ali Hassan lack in fitness. He accent modesty and bashfulness is a beautiful quality. Right? He said a lolly was seldom said that either vertical hyah if you lose modesty, then first not man shit. First now, Mr. Obama

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haba as the scholars of Heidi's will tell us, if you've lost modesty, then you are prone to do anything because guilt. modesty embarrassment is a natural deterrent, which Mother Nature has instilled in us to shield us against wrong, I feel guilty I feel ashamed, I feel embarrassed. But if you have violated modesty in you, then nothing is to stop you. There's no barriers. So modesty is great if everyone has it, like infini sorry accent, but there is nothing better than a modest woman. modesty in woman just has a different beauty to it. modesty in men is great modesty in woman is just exceptionally different. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Denzel of Paradise, v v in

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costlier auto barf car so your auto, Allah says they gazes will be lowered, they will be modest in their approach, hi Ratan is on a hierarchal Allah is an overdue sublime in their character stunning in their appearance. And the last out of the for Adobe to me in a shape outside on luck in fish shall be absent. Repentance is wonderful from an elderly man, an old person who has aged who's weak, who's frail, who's senile, who's close to death by his time and his age, lurking fish shabby accent, but a young man in his youth in his prime in his, you know, adventure in his curiosity, when everything is happening for him at that time, to give up a life of sin and vice, a life of

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indulgence and opulence, and to adopt a life of modesty and humility. There's nothing better than that. And remember when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam looked at most Abner made the young boy who gave up his opulence and I urge you my brother,

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my young man, that youth of yours is an Amana from Allah. The least you can do is not use what Allah gave you against Allah. Because when Allah strikes and when Allah snatchers that neither that wealth will remain nor that fame will remain nor that health will remain, nor those faculties will remain. The messenger sallallahu wasallam looked at Musab even Ahmed Luttrell ayto masaba na womma be Makita fatten an arm or in the other way human who la taraka Delica Allah who have been Lila he will he rosu Lee. I remember this Musab he would walk in Makkah he would be dressed with the most fine clothing. He would be the most fragrant young man but today he

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gave up all that opulence and all that luxury and flamboyance for the pleasure of Allah. And remember the companion say it was regarding him and his likes that the verse in Surah Al Azhar in the 21st chapter in the 21st jewels of the Quran, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, main Alamo Amir Nina Rachel main alma amini nereda lon sada toma de la la. among the believers are those who honor the covenant to Allah firmino men Ba Ba Ba, some those who gave their lives were mean to me and others and others in the queue waiting to give their lives. They used to say it is the likes of most Abner made to whom the Quran has paid tribute and homage in this lavish praise. In no one fit

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yet on armano verse number 13 of the 110 verses. Allah says in the home fit Yeah, they were youth amanu they brought a man on Allah. Now, the last portion of verse number 13 in Surah tolka have I want to touch on briefly was the the now warm? Hoda.

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Allah said we increase them in goodness. So they took the leap, and then we amplified it. We increased it. We, you know, gave it momentum. We optimized it. We magnified it. The point I'm saying is you got to take the bold step was it the na mo da we will increase y z de la levy na da Oh Buddha. And Allah says I continue increasing the guided ones in guidance. Coleman Ghana Viva la la folium de de la hora. hamano muda. say unto them, the one who opts for deviation, then Allah allows them to go deeper in deviation. The person who walked the journey of sin, never thought he'll end up with or never even plan ending up where he ended up when he started speak to a person who

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unfortunately has the habit of substance abuse. And these analogies come up simply because I deal with it often. Or Allah forbid someone who has a * addiction. He never assumed his addiction will read such an evil level speak to someone who is unfortunately has a gambling addiction. They talk of compulsive gamblers who wear adult diapers when they plain Yes, I read an article compulsive gamblers where adult diapers, so while they consumed and playing on the machine, and there is the urge or the need for the call of nature, they they would relieve themselves that this is compulsive gambling. Even at the point you started, you never thought I'll end up there. I'm just taking it

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recreationally. And you know what, I am one of those addicts who can be productive in life. So I regulate myself. I'm not this is not on top of me. That's why I don't need to help. But gradually, systematically, the devil takes you deeper and deeper. While you're moved to La Liga habla he extends the road and he draws you in Pullman Carnival Balala. folium de la hora, ruffman nomada the one who up for deviation Allah takes him leaves him to go deeper. And the famous idea in Surah, two Lael, Allah subhanho wa Taala says for a moment Ah, what was that database?

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Zero Julio tsra. If you bring him on and you do good, we will help you in it. What a member fail you withhold in your minds, we're starting out and you think you're arrogant and self sufficient? What can the Bible host now and you deny the truth for senoia zero hula rooster Ah, then sin will become easy for you because that's the road. The point I'm saying is, even the pious cannot imagine the feat that they accomplished. When they look back It is only Allah that makes it possible. So what do you have to do my brother You have to make the step now, what do you have to do my sister You have to take the stop the step now delete that wrong from your life. Now shut that haram account,

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terminate that engagement totally. whatever type of interaction of haram and ask Allah Allah have taken the physical step towards you. You give me the strength. The Hadith says about it. And I leave you on this glad tidings man at any young che at a to whom Allah you inch towards me and I will leap towards you. Or sallallahu wasallam Allah Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edmontonian well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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