Zakir Naik – What does the Bible say about the Shape of the Earth and its Rotation?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various false claims made during a video interview with Dr. Campbell, including false facts about the shape of the Earth and the length of time it takes to see the Earth. They also mention Dr. William Campbell's use of the word "has stabilized the Earth" in Dr. Campbell's comments, and the importance of understanding the difference between the Earth and the planet.
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Dr. Campbell did first attempt to bring up suppose it false facts pertaining to the Quranic views on the universe and you did refute these accusations. However, it was not addressed what the Bible says about the shape of the Earth and its other aspects.

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This was a question that I did not address regarding what the Bible says about the shape of the lack of time, I can find out under the 100 points lack of time. Anyhow system wants to know what is the Bible speak about the shape of the Earth is mentioned.

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In the Bible, in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number four was the merit. It says, the same reference with Dr. William Campbell use of attempting, the devil took him that God has placed upon him to an exceedingly high mountain and showed him all the kingdom of the earth and his glory. Gospel of Luke, chapter number four was number five, the devil took him to a high mountain, and showed him the glory of all the kingdoms of the earth.

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Now, even if you go to the tallest mountain, the highest mountain in the world, that Mount Everest, and supposedly you have a very good vision, and can see for 1000s of miles together yet, you will not be able to see all 16 of the world because today we know the earth is spherical, you will not be able to see the kingdom of the opposite side of the world, you only were able to see if the Earth was flat, that the description what the Bible gives, the earth is flat. Furthermore, the same description repeated in the book of Daniel's chapter number four was number 1011. It says, In a dream that the tree grew up into the heavens. And then when the tree grew up into the heaven, it

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grew up so much, that everyone from all the ends of the earth, they could see the tree. This is only possible if the shape of the Earth was flat. If a tree is very long, and the shape of the Earth was flat, it's possible.

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Today, it's a universal fact that the world is spherical, you will never be able to see the tree, however much longer it is from the opposite side of the spherical shape of the Earth. Furthermore, if you read, it's mentioned in

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the first Chronicles, chapter number 16, was number 30, that the Earth does not move. The same is repeated in the book of Psalms, step number 93, verse number one, that Almighty God he has stabilized the earth. That means the Earth does not move, and in the new international voice and it faith that God have established and stopped the movement of the Earth as though one minute the earth is one minute left, one minute, one minute left.

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For me to wait for one minute.

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Regarding Dr. William Campbell, he said that Jesus Christ said in the Bible in several places that He was God, you can refer to my video cassette concept of god image or religion, which gives all the references and the answers I'll only give you the references of what decoded and my father of one is from John chapter number 10 was the Marathi and in the beginning was the word from John chapter number one was number one. You go to the context and we'll come to know Jesus Christ peace be upon never claimed immunity. You can take mica said whichever when the fire outside concept of God and major religion and similarities between Islam and Christianity, which give the details that Jesus

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can pick up on our claim divinity time. Thank you

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