The real reason behind Turkey’s fires

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The potential danger of the severe wildfires in Turkey, which is spreading across the country, is discussed. The Turkish government has warned about the danger of war and the return of Islam, and the return of Islam may bring peace. The Turkish economy is being hit by the upcoming war, and the Turkish president has warned about the potential loss of Turkey's people if the war continues. The extreme heat and extreme cold are also discussed, and the speakers mention various narratives and tests as reminders of the reality of the hellfire. attendees are encouraged to register for courses on the topic.

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Santa Monica, Monica Tula. All of us have seen the severe wildfires that are spreading throughout Turkey. And it's something that's very alarming and very concerning for all of us. Because Turkey has a very special place in the hearts of all the Muslims around the world. But is this just, you know, a natural disaster? Or is it something much deeper than that? When you look at some of the news reports, some, some are just saying that, you know, did the high, the very hot weather, you know, people outside barbecuing, maybe they left some, their, their charcoal, and the coals and the fires just spread. But other people are saying perhaps it's arson. Someone meant to do this, to

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cause harm to Turkey. And this also is very possible. When you look at many of the Western, even Eastern governments, unfortunately, many of them are against Turkey, when you see Turkey now has become a powerhouse, and they want to get rid of or the gun, they don't want him to be the president anymore. They don't want Turkey to be this powerhouses self sufficient not depending on any other countries, they really any what they become, it's absolutely amazing. So they don't want Turkey to have this status. They want any Muslim country to have this type of status and this type of power. And that's why Biden was very clear when he said that he will remove or the gun from power. And they

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realized obviously, you know how he came to power one of the ways is making the Turkish economy very strong, so they want to attack their economy. This is a political thing. But these are some of the theories that are being mentioned out there saying especially and this I want you to pay attention to the saying especially because if you see where the fires are happening, most of it it's around the resorts and the tourist area, for example and Antalya. So they're saying that these areas, you know, it's gonna make the tourists in the ones who are there, make them leave Wait, the ones that are coming not come. Therefore it harms the Turkish economy. So therefore, they say someone might

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might be behind it. And this is very possible, as we said, however, as Muslims were always taught, we look into the Quran and the Sunnah the teachings of our beloved Prophet SAW Selim, the verses in the Quran, were taught to reflect and to look into these events even deeper

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and ask,

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is it just a natural disaster? Is it someone trying to attack the Turkish economy? Or is it a message from Allah subhanaw taala not just to the Turks, but to all of the Muslims around the world to return to Allah. The fact that it's near these resorts, like we mentioned, and Talia, who are the people coming to the these resorts, it's the place of the Germans and the Russians, who lay on the beaches naked, getting drunk day and night. Is this something that's pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada and a Muslim country. Just like what happened to the Muslims in Indonesia, what Allah sent the tsunami and destroyed, places like Bali weren't evil things were happening as well. These types of

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events, what's meant by it is for the Muslims to be reminded, and to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to give examples from everyday life, to remind his companions of the hereafter. He asked him about the fire of this life. He said, You think the fire of this life is anything like the fire of the hereafter? He said that it's a shed this solid metal card he said that it's more black than elkaar meaning, you know, like the Torah that we use to put down on the Sol on the streets, and he said that it's only a portion in the fire of this life. It's only a portion of the fire of the Hereafter which is 60 plus times more another narration as we

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all know, 70 times more all throughout the Quran and the Sunnah. Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us about the hellfire, Allah told us in Surah Al Lail to volto canal on Televisa, that I have warned you about the blazing Fire. And Allah told us and assaulted him with death in verses 35 to 38 in hell, then Kubo that indeed it the fire is one of the greatest afflictions. Now the only real Bashara that it is a warning to mankind. Lehman share I mean come a card, oh, we call that whoever chooses from you to go forward meaning going forward doing good deeds are yet to occur, that he remains behind any committing since and then Allah subhana wa

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Tada said in the verse which comes after that, good Luna FCMB Marchesa Tara Hina, that every soul will have that which is retained, meaning that it will be responsible for everything that it's done, even this extreme heatwave that we're going through all around the world. This is also a reminder from

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Hello subhanho wa Taala about the Hellfire we're in the studio now and it's very, very hot. I can tell you everyone is complaining about the heat. But this is a reminder about the heat of not of Jahannam this came in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which was narrated in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that the nouns that fire the Hellfire complained to its Lord, that parts of the firework consuming each other and the Arabic Yakubu Baba, they're eating each other in the fire. It's that's how intense it is. So Allah gave the fire permission to exhale twice, once in this in the winter, and once in the summer. So what then twice a year, once in the winter, and once

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in the summer, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So he said, what you find from the extreme heat, this is from what is coming from jahannam. And what you find from the extreme cold, this is dizem hairier, the extreme cold that you're finding which is coming from Jahannam as well. So the extreme heat, just like the extreme cold. All of these are tests from Allah subhanaw taala, and they are reminders for us to return to Him. And one of our upcoming courses, we're going to go into detail, and the topic that no one wants to talk about, which is the description of the Hellfire. And before that we're going to mention what happens at the time of death. What happens to the rule, what

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happens to the soul? What happens when we put into our grave, the description of Jenna and then the description of the Hellfire. If anyone's interested in registering in this course or the other courses that we have coming up in shallow and sign up, you can send us an email and the email listed in the description box below. These fires as we see in the videos and the pictures that are spreading and the people in are running from their resorts running for safety running for cover that reminds us of the reality of the fire of the hereafter. It reminds us the reality of how all the people will be gathered in one spot to be judged.