How To Welcome Ramadhaan The Prophets (pbuh) Way

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What did the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam do? In order to welcome Ramadan? What was his preparation for Ramadan? Did I need to just mention in say Buhari? ROM number three book of fasting? How did number 1969, the wife of the prophet Elijah, Malibu pizza, she says that the Prophet, he never fasted any month completely, except the month of Ramadan. And in no month, Didi fast as many days as He fasted in the month of Shabbat. So from this hadith we come to know that Prophet Muhammad Allah salam, in order to welcome the month of Ramadan, he is to start his to prepare himself and fast more in the previous month, that is the month of Shabbat. That was his way, how is to prepare

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for the month of Ramadan, and further afield to say headed in Timothy, chapter number 50. Added number 3451 we save that Allah, may Allah be pleased with him. He said on the authority of his father, that his father, that is his grandfather, he said, whenever the prophet SAW the new moon is to always pray to Allah subhanaw taala and say, Oh Allah, bless us in this month, and is to mention the name of that month, and then say that please keep us steadfast in faith in this month. This was his way the Prophet always up to Allah subhanaw taala whenever he saw a new moon, it wasn't specifically only for the new moon of the month of Ramadan, but it was for all numerals whenever is

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to see and his special way of welcoming the month of Ramadan was that he used to mention about the coming of this blessed month to the people.

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And it's mentioned in Muslim emod ROM number two, page number two and rent it added number 7148 way performance last column is the people that all people this month is approaching you.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala has ordained for you that you fast in this month. And the gates of heaven will be opening this month

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and the gates of hell will be closed and the devils will be chained

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and in this month, there is a night which is better than 1000 months.

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And if anyone is deprived of Allah subhanaw taala blessing in this month, he is truly a deprived person.

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So you have come to know that this is how prophet masala Sallam used to welcome this month and he used to tell the good news of the blessing month to come to all the people Mashallah