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The Secret behind Dr ’s Memory

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Zakir Naik

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the respective Dr. Zakir Naik

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sir I am Moza Hussain, city of rampurhat, West Bengal, India. Do you have any trick for memorizing from different verses of the Quran or books of the same thing? a similar question as maybe the faheem from Kashmir from Pakistan, do you have a photographic memory? What is the reason behind your phenomenal memory? And again the answer is the same what I give earlier that first is Allah help, second is struggling and striving. And third is technique. There are various techniques for memory which you get when you do MBA courses, which is called as mapping and all the others. And believe me, all these techniques have good limitations. The best is help of Allah.

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Certain things are there that when you memorize something, after about 20 minutes, again the asset again Yes, after two hours, again after few hours, the more you rehearse it and revise it, the more chance it will be part of you. Then next day, the more you use it, the more it becomes part of memory and once it goes into a permanent memory, then even if you don't revise it will be in your memory for example, for a fattier, almost all the Muslims all the Muslims also referred to even you get a firm asleep when they ask you to decide who can decide because that is gone in the permanent memory.

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So the more you revise, the more you practice, it becomes part of memory. I don't consider myself that I've got photogenic memory. What I do is I strive after keep on revising. I know that if this lecture was about 100 150 quotations from Quran and Hadith, if I don't revise maybe I miss a 90%. If I revise I may be able to say 99% so before every lecture I try and revise as much as possible, so that it is closer to the accuracy. So the more you strive, the more you struggle, the more you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala inshallah will be more successful.