The Quran Describes the Water Cycle in Great Detail 1400 Years Ago

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In the field,

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we learn in the school about the water cycle.

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How the water evaporates from the ocean forms into clouds more than the interior falls down as rain and the workability punished. This was first described by Sir Bernard palissy in the year 1500. At the Quran to the water cycle in great detail 1400 years ago, the Quran says thought evaporate from the ocean forms into clouds, the clouds Join the movement to the interior, they fall down as rain and the water table is replenished and the cycle is completed. The Quran speaks about the water cycle in great detail in several places. in Surrey Azuma chapter number 39. was number 21. Is room chapter number 30. was number 24. In chapter number 23, was number 18. So, chapter number 15. was

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number 22. In three new chapter number 24, was number 43. Instead of chapter number seven was 257. Is railroad chapter 13, verse number 17, instead of full current chapter number 25, worse than 48 and 49, and so forth in chapter 35, was the main in three is in chapter number 36 was number 34. In sorry, Joshua, Chapter 45 was number five, instead of that number 50 was the meat and nine in Slovakia chapter number 56 was number 68 to 70. In surah, Chapter 16 was converted to interatomic chapter six verse number 11. I can go on and on giving references only in the Quran of the several verses, which speak about what cycle in great detail