The Quran Describes the Creation of the Universe “The Big Bang” 1400 years ago

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In the field of astronomy,

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in 1973, there were a couple of scientists who got the Nobel Prize. And these couple of scientists, they described the creation of the universe. And they called it the Big Bang.

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And they said that initially, our universe, it was a primary nebula.

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Then there was a big bang, there was a secondary separation,

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which gave rise to galaxies, the stars, the planets, the sun, the moon, and the earth on which we live. This they call as the Big Bang. The Glorious Quran

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mentions this in a nutshell 1400 years ago, in Saudi Arabia, chapter number 21, was the machete the I started my talk with, and it says, Avila, Mira, Xena do not the unbeliever See, and the summer what do you what are the

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Noma that the heavens and the earth were joined together, and we closed them asunder. This was of the Glorious Quran speaks about the Big Bang in a nutshell 1400 years ago, which science has discovered essentially, hardly 30 years back 35 years back.

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The Glorious Quran says

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in Surah forcella, chapter number 41, verse number 11. Moreover, he comprehended in his design the sky, when it was smoke,

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and set to it,

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and the earth come together willingly or unwillingly, and they said, We come in willing obedience. Allah smart Allah says

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that he said to the sky, where it was smoke coming together, along with the earth, willingly or unwillingly, and they said, We come together and willing obedience. Today, the scientists they tell us

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that initially the celestial matter

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of the universe, it was in the form of gas.

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And that'll be covered used in this verse of Surah forcella. Chapter 41 was the 11th is to con. The con does not merely mean gas, it specifically means smoke. And today, scientists say that smoke is a more closer and more scientific as compared to gas because that time it was hot. Imagine the Quran mentioned 14 years ago, which we discovered recently, that the initial celestial matter of the universe, it was in the form of smoke