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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My dear brothers and sisters

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I want to mention to you a very beautiful Hadith a very important Hadith, which is in the sahih of enamel Buhari. And is the hadith of Jabil Radi Allahu taala, in which he narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would teach them the dua of Al istikhara. Just as that they would be taught a chapter from the Quran, three a marina Kulina in all of our affairs. This goes to show the importance of this particular day in the life of every Muslim, but the question is now, what are some of those rulings and some important points regarding salatu is the hara or the dua of St. Hara. So in the Hadith mentions, that jabber Radi Allahu Allah said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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salam taught us this particular dua, and that it should be offered, ie this dua is offered when a person offers to raka that is not from the obligatory press. So the person offers to nothing, or to voluntary rocker, and then makes the drop. The question is now that this particular drop, which is quite a long drop, and I would recommend my brothers and sisters, to if they don't understand the Arabic, to go to the Arabic one, find a translation of it, so they can understand the supplication that they are making.

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So this particular Hadith mentions that this dua is to be made at the end of the prayer. Now, is this while you are in a sitting position, ie that you're still in your prayer, you have not said a Salam aleykum and that this is the time for you to make the dura or is it that you make to raka you complete, you make taslim and then you make the DUA, afterwards,

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from the outset, we will say that both are permissible, it is allowed for you to make this particular dua while in the Salah, just before you make to Salim and it is also permitted for you to do that when you have completed these two Raka and then you make the DUA afterwards, she quickly celebrity multimedia like him a whole lotta fall in line with many of their odema they state that it is probably better to make the DUA while you are actually in the prayer while in that sitting position, just as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would do regularly while in that sitting position is to make lots and lots of data. So this is the first thing in shadow data when to make

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this particular draft and we said that both are valid. Okay, and above a couple of issues Inshallah, to Allah, what is the purpose of salata, istikhara or the director of listening Farah, we should first of all realize that I'm seeking Allah subhanaw taala guidance on the matter, but what is recommended as Imam and now we got a hammer Hola, he mentions that you make an SD Shara capital istikhara is that you consult people before you actually offer this draft. And what we mean by to consult others is that speak to somebody who you believe can give you a beneficial advice about a matter which you are not sure what choice to make. Now, these matters are not in volved with word

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uebert obligatory matters or to do with haram because you have to fulfill that matter there is no istikhara and wajib or for example, in something which is haram, there is no choice in the matter in the Haram you have to stay away from it, or mcru hurt or things which are disliked you have to work, at least you should stay away from it. At least the horror is done in matters of Alaba those matters which are allowed for you. Okay, and that you're not sure what is better for you, should you should you do this? Or should you do that, or even you may have more than two matters to make a choice over. So it is important for you to consult with somebody who can give you a beneficial advice about

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the matter, not for them to make the choice for you. This is very important when you consult you're not asking people to make that decision for you. Ultimately, the decision must be yours. So you consult before you make the STR once you have consulted one or two or maybe three trusted people. It is not as I want to consult as many people as I can because that may create confusion. But you ask one or two people whom that you see feel that you can benefit from and then after that, you make the DUA in the prep.

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Another important matter for us to discuss is for our sisters, but there are certain two

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times of the month, where they are not offering their Salah due to the cycle that they have. What did they do in this situation is allowed for them just to make the DUA alone without the Salah, knowing that they cannot pray. Absolutely they can in shadow to Allah. So it is allowed for the woman who is on a monthly cycle just to make the DUA alone. Do outisde Hora concerning that matter which she is not sure about and remembering brothers and sisters, this is not to do with matters which is an obligation or haram or something which is disliked. We're talking about matters which are just permitted for you and you're not sure what to do.

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Now the DUA itself can be found in the fortress of the Muslim and I would recommend you all inshallah to Allah to go through it with its meanings and this is the dua.

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Okay, brothers, sisters, this being the draw, remembering that you understand what it means that you're seeking Allah subhanaw taala as guidance in that matter, once the decision has been made, but you have no regret after that. You shouldn't be saying to yourself, if I had done this, or if I had done that, you consulted you may do Allah to Allah subhanaw taala you made the decision. And this was the best and the plan of Allah subhanaw taala is always the best. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us to that what is best mean? was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.