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In this short Tafseer, Shaykh Ismail Kamdar answers the question regarding whether having fun is haram.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. In this short reminder, I want to speak about a very important section from the goal and focusing on HANA. And this

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part of the unfolding surah is actually two verses, verses 32 and 33 are sort of deals with the very definition of what is halal, what is wrong. It's very important because growing up in my society, we kind of had this idea that everything is everything fun is wrong. And besides doing acts of worship, everything else seemed to be off the off the menu. And we actually started studying Islam and studying the Quran and studying Hadees and studying the books of fic. I learned that that's not the case. The case is that everything is halal, unless the Quran or the Hadith of the US or Egypt or any of the principles of lead to the conclusion of it being wrong. And so, this gives the whole new

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mindset to understanding how and this entire concept is based on this to these two verses from the Quran, right, this is in Surah verses 32 and 33. Unless you have a handle that says, I want to be a regime, cool, say to the people, Manohar Rama Zina de la isla de Roger de vida de what Peggy Bertie mean a risk, see to the people who has made her arm that which Allah has brought forward for his slaves and the pure risk the pure sustenance of this world. Cool say to the people here little arena, man up the hierarchy, Jr. Call this little Yama, Yama, gallica no person will

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say to the people, that these things, the good things of this world are for the believers for the hierarchy dunya in this dunya in this world, the life and only for them in the afterlife. Not Allah says that the good things of this world are for the believers in this life and only for them in the after. Like this, I have explained my Signs for those people who know

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Allah handler continues and he says full say in namaha Rama Rob bl For ye Shama in our butter, my lord has only made her on all forms of immorality, that which is secret and that which is open?

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Well, it was Bob, and sin and acts of transition well above below ad hoc acts of transgression without any right. Well, I'm to Shri COVID lahemaa lm universal behavioral data, and that you ascribe anyone as partners to Allah without evidence, well under Ooh la la la he my luck. And that you say about Allah dat which you do not know.

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These two verses of the Quran are so powerful. The first verse informs us that in this world, the things of this world and not just halaal but Allah made them for us to enjoy that in the afterlife, we will be the only ones together for those who believe and those who do righteous deeds and those who manage to get the gentlemen Allah make us love from them, will be the only ones the believers will be the only ones to benefit from the halau things in the afterlife. In this world believe and this believer like use it for Allah, I made it for the believers, meaning all the allowed one things out there in the world. Allah made it for you. He created it for you.

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So who is making it Herat Allah who made it, allegedly make it wrong? So why are you making

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a loss of $100 in the next verse, He tells us exactly what he has made

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a loss in that he has only made around in morality, sin, transgression, shirk, and speaking about Allah without damage. So all of these things in this world fit into one of these five categories. First, Allah speaks about immorality. And he speaks about two types of immorality that which is done secretly and that which is that open?

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Now, nowadays, you know, people tend to treat these two as separate issues, that if someone's doing something immoral, private people think oh, it's fine. Nobody, you know, getting hurt. Why Marshall Hagler says that both of it is whether your immorality is that secret, or whether it's an open the boat is now in morality that publicly is even worse. Why? It's even worse, because it encourages others to be immoral. Look at many countries around the world today. We are pornography

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Addressing in immoral ways have become a norm.

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As a result, more and more people are encouraged to do so. And people feel discouraged from being modest. So therefore Allah has prohibited us. Allah says that only sins are prohibited. So anything which is listed as a sin in the Quran or Hadith is prohibited, and transgression without any rights, meaning killing or hurting someone without the right to do so. So what would be the right to do so, if someone is trying to kill you, and you defend yourself that's the right to do so. So if you don't have any right to have to fight someone, General Nami Islamophobia people of peace we only fight when we have the right to do so when it is against transgression.

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And then shirk, which we all know to be the greatest of sins. And finally, very importantly, the verse mentioned that Allah has prohibited speaking about Allah speaking about his religion speaking about Islam without knowledge. Notice that speaking about Islam without knowledge is mentioned aftershock, it is a major set. It is from the Kabbalah. So for someone

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looking in the context of these two words together for someone to be speaking about the deen and saying Allah made this Hara and he has no evidence from the Quran or the Hadith, or the principles of fear that that thing is haram. For him to call him Haram, this is speaking without knowledge. And this is a major sin. And therefore, we need to be very careful about using the word power. If there is no evidence of something being wrong, we cannot just go around calling the power up. I mean, there are people out there who call almost anything of the dunya as wrong. And that's wrong. You can see I don't like it. You can see I think it's wrong. You can see I'm not comfortable with it. You

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can see, I think it might be something prohibited I need to check it out. But you can't just call it haram without evidence to say that something is wrong, you must have evidence from the Quran, or any of the principles Okay, so therefore brother and sister understand Allah subhana wa tada has created the hell out things of this world for us to enjoy. The majority of things you see in this world are hella as long as he does not fall into the category of sin or transgression against somebody else's rights or any form of morality. Anything which is outside of that is Hello. So you can enjoy doing things of this dunya which do not fall into the category of Iran with the exports with its other

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forms of technological entertainment. Whether it's spending time with your family or friends, whatever it is, as long as it does not contain elements of power, it is fine to do and as long as he does not cause you to neglect your duties as being evil. Allah Subhana Allah has created for us a very practical religion a very practical way of life and the laws he has revealed a very practical is only made around that which is harmful, and everything else he has lived for. So hope you benefited from this reminder to Safa, Pharaoh Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh